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Time Wave

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Summary: Clark is hit by a mysterious wave of energy which gives him knowledge of the future and how to prevent a dark future from befalling him and those around him.

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Smallville > Non-BtVS/AtS StoriesRazialFR152989,34073344,7065 Jun 1022 Oct 13No

Chapter 16

Chapter 16

(Themyscira, Island of the Amazons)

Clark was as nervous as he had been when he had finally told Lana the whole truth about his origins when this whole thing had begun. Facing the Amazons especially Diana would bring a whole lot of emotion to the surface. Not just because of the connection his future self had formed with Diana, but because his future self had fought in the battle to protect them and failed. Luthor's army had destroyed the island and killed many of the Amazons. He had stayed lost in a sea of hate and anger fighting onwards until Diana had finally convinced him to leave. The surviving Amazons had moved to the League's safe heaven and joined the war as there was no other choice, considering Luthor's intentions.

As he landed and let Lana go he immediately knelt knowing he had to make a good impression on Diana and her mother the queen Hippolyta. Lana, Chloe and Raya looked confused to what he was doing, but he shook his head and told them to stay standing. It didn't take long for a group of Amazons to surround them and for Diana and her sister Donna to arrive looking surprised by their presence on the island.

"Who are you and what are you doing here?" Diana demanded to know as she looked the four newcomers over, before resting on the male who seemed to be trying to show respect to them by kneeling.

"My name is Kal-El of Krypton Princess Diana. My companions are Raya, also of Krypton, and Lana and Chloe of Earth," Clark spoke up, but kept his tone even. "We have come to ask for your help. A great darkness is close and if we fail to stop it everything including your island will be destroyed and your people scattered," he added, doing everything he could not to allow his emotions to take control.

Diana didn't know what the man was trying to elude to, by trying to make it seem he and the older woman were from somewhere other than Earth, but she could sense no lie when he mentioned an approaching evil. He seemed very tense and he also seemed to know a lot about her and her people, whilst his companions were looking around in surprise and in one case a little awe.

"Summon my mother," Diana ordered, knowing this was something she would have to decide before turning back from the guard who was now running back to the palace. "How do you know of us Kal-El?" she asked.

"It's a long story and one you would find hard to believe, but it is the truth. I know of you because I met you in the future," Clark replied. "A future I'm trying very hard to avoid," he added his eyes showing the darkness he had seen and Diana had no trouble believing some of what he said.

"So you are saying you have been here before on this island?" Donna inquired, very uneasy by the presence of the newcomers and about how they had found them.

"Yes, many times and the last time has been at the battle of Themyscira, where we were defeated in defending the island from the enemy who will destroy the world," Clark said. "I fought not for myself, but for you and your people," he added.

"That is a tall claim," a new voice said and they all looked as a new woman arrived, surrounded by four warriors. "No man would serve us," she said. "No man would bend his knee to us," she went on as she came to a stop between Diana and Donna.

"And yet Clark is kneeling in front of you to show respect," Lana said, just stopping herself from growling a little annoyed by the woman's statement. "We have seen the proof of his claims and he will show them to you as well, if you will listen. If you don't you are going to be responsible for the destruction of your people," she added.

"You have strength," Hippolyta noted a little amused, as she could see the younger woman was annoyed with what she had said. "Very well, we will hear and see this proof. You friend will be wrapped in the Lasso of truth so we know he speaks no lie. Follow me," she said, before turning and walking away, followed by her guards and finally Diana and Donna, who stayed close to them as they walked.


(33.1 Lab)

Lex walked into the lab wondering why he suddenly had new ideas in his head about how to increase his research into the meteor rocks and what they could do to people. He had woken up from a long rest and had been filled with things he knew were not his and yet they showed such promise. He had come here to set a few more plans in motion, which would if they worked help him create an army of meteor freaks that would be loyal to him and him alone. He always had wanted power and now somehow he had a way of attaining that power.

He was also beginning to think of creating a crime syndicate for some reason, all of his previous good intentions seemed to be falling away in his search for the stones and power to rule and he could barely hear the whispers of his inner self, which continued to try and turn him from his new path. He smiled at the idea of the power he could have if he pulled together people like himself who wanted power and money. He would look into that later, first he had to set the beginnings of his army into motion. He could barely contain his eagerness to begin. He would however have to be careful how he did this and he would have to make sure his father never found out about this.


(Fortress of Solitude)

Dax-Ur looked up from his work as a crystal began to flash red and he realized it was a monitor of the time line and it was alerting him to changes in the time line. He quickly had Jor-El to bring up the date and he frowned as he looked it over.

"Brainiac is continuing to change things at a fast pace, but it should not be long before the time ripple destroys the present he is currently in and stop him," Jor-El told him. "Still we run the danger of him having time to give him the location of the fortress," he added.

"True, but it does seem he is concentrating in pushing Luthor onto the path that led him to wage war and ignoring anything to do with us," Dax-Ur responded as he continued to read the data. "You should keep an eye on it, I will put the fortress's defenses on full alert, so even if he does have the location it will take him some time to reach us," he added before he went back to his work on finding a way to give Kara back her memories that Zor-El had erased.


(Themyscira, Island of the Amazons)

The questioning had been long and Lana and Chloe were both showing signs of losing their tempers. Clark had told his tale and then answered every question the queen had and yet she was still showing signs of doubt and asking more questions. It seemed even with Clark bound with the Lasso of Truth she was very distrustful of men. Raya remained calm and kept her eyes on Diana, watching to see what she made of it all and she had noted that she seemed to believe him, while her sister Donna seemed to be torn about it. Finally they showed the three women the laptop they had brought with them and placed one of the data crystals next to it. They allowed them to watch it play Clark's future memories for them, including the destruction of their island. By the end of it they all looked uneasy and somewhat angry by the destruction they had seen.

"By the gods," Diana said. "How can we prevent this?" she asked.

"As I said I have already begun trying to stop it, but I need help. I can't do this alone," Clark told her, making sure to keep eye contact with Diana. "In the future you were a great help to us. Not just in fighting, but also planning and giving advice. I need you," he added, his emotions breaking through before he could stop them and he knew he had given away something he had not meant to, as Diana now looked surprised and somewhat confused.

"We were close?" she asked, stepping forward and kneeling in front of him, as he was also on his knees and had been throughout the whole thing.

"Yes, at the end you were the only thing keeping me from finding a way to die," Clark reluctantly admitted. "You were my best friend, my lifeline and the last bit of light in a world of darkness but there was no relationship Diana as I wouldn't allow myself to freely admit I that I loved you. I had already lost too much to risk it," he said, looking down as the memories surfaced, this time more powerfully.

Diana was confused by everything she had heard today, but this especially. She knew one day she would look for a mate so that she could have a child, but this showed she might have found something more in this future of his, only for it to be held back out of fear. She didn't know this man and yet she could tell he felt greatly for her. She looked to his companions and noted that each of them was watching her closely. So they must have known about this before they came here.

She stood again and walked back to her mother's side. Noting she was deep in thought as was her sister she waited, watching Kal-El as he fought to regain control of himself. As the Lasso was removed from him, he was allowed to stand.

"I will allow Diana to help you. If only to stop the destruction of our island and the slaying of my people," Hippolyta finally said. "I can't ignore what has been said while under the Lasso of Truth. I place her in your care Kal-El and I expect my daughter to return unharmed. Is that understood?" she demanded to know.

Clark dropped back to his knees and bowed. "Very clear, I pledge myself to helping you in any way I can and I will make sure nothing happens to Diana, you have my word," he stated.

"She will meet you at the end of week when you plan to meet the rest of your allies and she will be fully prepared to aid you," Hippolyta said not wanting her daughter to leave, but seeing no other way to protect their people. She was truly disturbed by what she had seen and heard could happen in the future and she wanted to stop it before it began.

"May I and Lana speak to you in private, Diana?" Raya finally spoke up, seeing a golden opportunity in gaining her help to keep Kal-El safe and smiled as Diana nodded and led her and Lana to her private chambers, so that they could talk, leaving Chloe and Clark where they were.

Chloe began hesitantly to ask about the history of the Amazons and was soon listening to Hippolyta's story of her people, while Clark sat cross legged and began to try and meditate before Donna led him to a secluded garden where it would be easier and even though he was watched by two guards and Donna he easily slipped away into his own thoughts and began to try to gain control of himself.


(Fortress of Solitude)

Dax-Ur smiled as he finally came up with the solution to help Kara. He quickly began to construct a device he would need using the technology of the fortress. He turned as he heard someone else arrive and he turned to see Jor-El's vessel come up behind him. "How did your trip go?" he inquired, as he went back to work.

"It took some time to convince Patricia Swan of the whole truth, but we were successful in convincing her to stay away from Lex Luthor, as well as hiding the key somewhere no one can find it," Lionel said, as he resumed control of his body. "We also obtained the diary as Clark asked us to and she wishes to meet him when he has the time," he added.

"That is not surprise giving everything she grew up learning from her father," Dax-ur responded, having learned much more of the tale from Jor-El while they had been working. "I am sure Kal-El will meet with her, when he believes that he has reached a point that he is succeeding in changing the future," he continued. "I have finally found a way to give Kara back her memories," he said, moving on to other matters.

"That should please Clark. I could tell he has been missing his cousin, even though technically he has never even met her," Lionel said with a smile. "Jor-El is also almost finished creating the new stones so they can be imbued with some energy and information to throw Lex and the Teague's off our trail," he added as he listened to Jor-El's voice inside his mind.

"It may not be enough as there has been an increase in the changes Brainiac is making from the future," Dax-Ur shot back, looking up from his work. "Thankfully so far he is just making sure Luthor takes the path that leads to war and not giving him information about us, also he has not yet contacted his past self in the black ship," he informed him.

"He doesn't have much time before the time ripple destroys his present, so we will have to keep an eye on that, as I believe he will alert the black ship and sent it to Earth soon," Jor-El said from the Fortress, leaving Lionel in control of his body.

"And we still have no way of stopping his interference in this time frame?" Lionel inquired.

"No, unfortunately we do not," Jor-El answered. "So we must move as fast as we can. The stones will be ready by tomorrow so we should come up with some plan of making sure Luthor and the Teague's find them," he continued.

"I'll come up with something using my contacts or maybe with a little help from J'onn," Lionel volunteered before he exited the Fortress leaving the Kryptonian's to their work.


(Themyscira, Island of the Amazons)

Diana headed to where she had been told Kal-El was thinking over what she had learned from Raya and Lana. It would seem there were more problems in changing the future than had been stated, especially if, like Raya and Lana feared, Kal-El was overcome by his future memories and emotions. They had asked for her help in keeping him in control, especially if they were not there with him. They had told her he had seemed to have gained certain emotional connections to certain people from his future self. Which included Raya and now her and while she was unsure how to feel about that, she had agreed to help them, knowing it was the best way to make sure the future was changed for the better.

She came to a stop next to her sister who was watching Kal-El meditate. He seemed peaceful and relaxed. A far cry to how he had been since he had arrived and she wondered what it truly was like to have such horrors suddenly transferred to your mind. She looked to her sister who seemed to be still thinking over what they had learned, while the two guards just kept an eye on Kal-El. She had been impressed by some of the things she had seen her future self do and she was determined to do even better this time. Then she walked over to collect Kal-El.

"Is it time to go?" he asked before she got to close to him, surprising her a bit.

"Yes, now that everything has been agreed to it is time for you to go," Diana said. "I will meet you at your home at the end of the week as you have agreed with your other allies. I am already planning my human disguise along the lines of what you showed us in your memories," she informed him.

"Good, this will be a long and dangerous path Diana, but it will be worth it to stop the madness I saw my future self go through. The death and the destruction were beyond anything I could imagine," Clark said, as he stood and faced her. "I wish we could have met under different circumstances as before," he said with a sigh.

"So do I, however we must deal with what is and not what we wish to be," Diana said in return. "I will see you soon Kal-El," as he left with Donna and the guards behind him, she sat where Kal-El had been and began to plan how to help advert the darkness to come.

Clark met up with Chloe, Lana and Raya at the shore where they had arrived and silently left the island, pleased they had gained the help of another ally.


(Kent Farm)

Martha and Jonathan looked up as Clark and the others returned just behind Lionel who had wanted to go over what had happened and what he had learned. Clark seemed somewhat calm yet conflicted while the others seemed fine and happy. The Kents wondered what had happened on their trip. They all sat down at the table and began to go through the day's events so far. Clark battled with his feelings and those of his future self as he began believe things would go bad before they were ready to act if the Brainiac from the future continued to push Lex onto the path he had taken that had led to the war.

"I'll go and see Dax-Ur with Raya after a rest and then we will pick up Kara," he told them after they had finished. "The rest of you can do what you want for a bit," he added before he stood and went upstairs to his bedroom, followed by Raya and Lana who were intent on making sure he was okay.

Chloe decided to go into town and get some dinner, while J'onn headed back to Luthor mansion to resume spying on Luthor. Lionel also returned to the mansion to see if he could find what else his son was up to. Martha and Jonathan began to worry about the stress their son was under and what would happen to him, should he fail to stop the war from coming again.
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