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Time Wave

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Summary: Clark is hit by a mysterious wave of energy which gives him knowledge of the future and how to prevent a dark future from befalling him and those around him.

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Chapter 18

Chapter 18

(Lex's Limo)

Lex smiled as he placed his mobile back in his pocket, pleased he put his plan to kill Genevieve Teague into motion and once she was dead he could deal with Jason and remove from the competition concerning Lana. He knew Edward Teague was dead having gone missing at the beginning of the year and a body was found a month later. It had been reported as being his and so he knew once Genevieve was gone there was nothing to fear from killing Jason.

Jason exited the motel and walked towards the Limo. He had pretended to need the toilet so he could call and report to his mother who had ordered him to kill Lex once they had collected all three stones before he could do the same to him. Jason had urged his mother to be careful as he had begun to feel uneasy in Lex's presence and his darkening personality, but his mother had just laughed and told him nothing could get past her security, causing him to just shake his head in annoyance. He got back into the Limo and tried to think of a way of killing Lex as quickly as possible, just as Lex was thinking the same thing about him.


(Fortress of Solitude)

Raya watched Kal-El carefully as the discussion continued between the League members. He seemed tired and kept frowning as if he was trying to remember something very important. She looked to where Lana sat next to Diana and noted they were watching him as well as he sat now in a corner of the room isolated.

He had been like that for the last hour ever since Bruce had begun the topic of going through the battles fought by the League in the future war to come. She had watched him slip from the here and now to the memories and emotions of his future self. Lost in the terror of the man he had been, lost in a sea of darkness. There was nothing they could do right now for him as his presence was necessary at this conference. He was the driving force of this team. Lana finally moved to his side, joined a second later by Diana and began to bring him back into the present.

She looked around and noted no one was paying attention as they had all been made aware of the fact Kal-El could be overcome by his memories at any time. She moved over also to see how he was doing and was wondering what new horrors he had recalled from the war. Her idea of enlisting Diana to help them keep Kal-El in line was working well, but it was increasing the emotional attachment between the two. Both she and Lana had noted how comfortable Kal-El was with Diana and how she was beginning to trust him and enjoy his company as well. They were unsure how close the two would become, but they had agreed not to get in the way if they decided to get closer as long as Diana understood she would have to agree to share him with them.

"If we fail to stop Luthor can we expect to fight these same battles?" Bart inquired, silencing everyone and bringing everyone's attention back onto topic.

"Maybe not these precise battles, but something like them. We can expect to fight the same people who were in the future war," Bruce responded to the younger man. "From what Clark has told us and from what we have found out, Lex is recruiting the same people he did in the future," he added.

"So if we can come up with some tactics in dealing with specific people we may help keep the battles to be short and under control," Oliver said while pacing a little

"I think that would help us a lot," Jade spoke up. "Bruce has files on some of these people, right? Considering you've fought them before?" she asked.

"I do and I will copy them so you can all have a look at them," Bruce agreed. "Kyle can prepare us for meeting Sinestro, considering their powers are much the same. For the others I hope Ra can find out as much as he can about them, even those Lex has not contacted yet," he added to which Ra nodded his head in agreement. "The more Intel we have, the better prepared we are to fight," he advised the group.

"Clark, how bad are things going to get, if we do fail to stop Luthor getting control of his army?" Helena inquired, turning to the man who had started all this.

"It will get very bad very quickly Helena," Clark said, shaking off the darkness of his future self. "If he gets the army the war will start for sure all over again and we'll be forced to fight it all over again and hundreds if not thousands will die in result," he added.

"Then we better step up our preparations to strike," Arthur said, not wanting any of what he had heard to happen.

The others all nodded at this and the talk swung to this quickly and Clark pushed himself to focus on this instead of his memories of the future war to come. He knew the group here was new and most were not used to working together, but he was sure they could do the job and help him make a better future.


(Lex's Jet)

Lex leaned back in his seat as he read the report on his laptop from his top scientist, who was reporting that they had finished creating three hundred bullets coated with meteor rock casings. He smiled and was very pleased by this result as it moved his own plans forward and also brought him one step closer to getting Lana all to himself as he was sure once Clark was out of the way she would fall for him, as he used her grief to get close to her.

"Anything new?" Jason asked, breaking into his thoughts.

"Some reports, I had some people do some checking around the area the man told us the last stone was at, but they could see no sign of any traps or people watching," he lied as he signed off and closed the laptop facing his companion.

"Doesn't mean they aren't there or that there will be no traps once we arrive," Jason shot back, getting more and more nervous as they went.

"I am aware of that Jason, believe me," Lex replied, tired of the man, but knowing until his mother was dead he couldn't do anything to get rid of the man. "We will be very careful," he said. "I suggest you get some rest, we won't be there for a while," he added as he stretched out and closed his eyes intent on getting some sleep himself.

Jason stared at the man, thinking this could be a good opportunity to kill him once he was asleep, but then he shook his head as he knew one of Lex's guards was in the plane as well and would be coming in to check on his boss so he sat back and tried to relax.


(New York)

The Joker and Bane looked around the area where the Teague mansion lay and were looking for an easy entrance. They wanted to get this job done so they could get back to more fun things like tracking down Batman and his allies so they could be removed from their plans.

They were still unsure about how this alliance would work, but if it did go badly they would both leave Luthor to face the blame and they would slip away back to Gotham. However if they should succeed then they would continue to support him until such a time when it suited them to remove him from power and take the leadership themselves. Both knew the other to be cold, ruthless and deadly so they trusted the other not to slip up and get them caught as they prepared to kill Genevieve Teague and most likely a lot of her bodyguards.

Finally they found a way underneath the fence through the sewers and back up into the main backyard. Now they waited until night would fall when the element of fear would help them the most. Joker laughed at what he was going to do to his target, even as he dreamed of doing them same thing to Batman one day, while Bane just sat and waited quietly.


(Fortress of Solitude)

"We've made a lot of progress today, but I think we all need a break," Clark said.

They had been at this for most of the day and he could see a few people looked tired and others looked a little frustrated, maybe because they were not ready to move just yet. He wanted to strike and get this out of the way as well, but they had to do it carefully or all would blow up in their faces and people would die.

"I think you're right," Dax-Ur said. "We've got a lot laid down here, but we need clear heads if we are going to be successful in our endeavor," he added.

"We'll break up for today and reconvene tomorrow," Bruce said also feeling a little tired after hours of planning and talking.

"Before you go," Clark said as he super sped to the control console and began pressing certain crystals and soon he was holding nine small crystals which he handed to the League members. "When you are ready to come here hold onto the crystal and speak out the word League and it will transport you here so we can save you the trip and keep our connection hidden from Lex. It is based on the same tech as Dax-Ur's homing beacon," he added. "It will also take you back to your respective homes or bases, all you have to do is say where," he pointed out.

"Cool," Bart said with a grin as he looked the crystal over, as did some of the others. "So what time should we meet tomorrow?" he asked.

"How about ten?" Lana replied, fighting a yawn hoping for a chance to rest and continue her lessons in magic with Isobel.

"Sounds good," Arthur said with a nod which was soon agreed by the others and slowly they vanished as they all spoke into their crystals.

"Well that spares us the task of hiding our meetings from Lex every time we want to come together to plan anything," Chloe said with a smile.

"Kal-El I should go and check on Luthor and Teague. They will soon arrive in Japan to find the last of the forged crystals," J'onn said to which Clark nodded in agreement and the Martian quickly took off, leaving a red blur behind them.

"I am still uneasy about working with him," Kara said with a shiver as she remembered being forced to leave her home on Krypton by the Martian, even though she now knew why it had happened.

Learning her father had been in league with General Zod had been heartbreaking. She had long known her father and uncle didn't get on, but she never would have suspected he would ally himself with their planets worst traitor and help destroy their world.

Meeting her cousin had been a fun experience, somewhat tense when he explained the full truth to her, but now that she had her memories intact she knew he was someone she could trust which is why she had handed over the blue crystal her father had given her. But it would still take time for her to get used to the changes in her life, especially working with J'onn and thinking of Earth as home.

"I know Kara," Clark said. "But in time I'm sure you will become friends. My father trusted him a lot and he is good at what he does," he added. "And remember he is like us an exile from his home which is gone, his people are all but gone," he gently reminded the others.

Kara nodded in agreement to that and that thought hurt as she thought of Krypton and their people all but gone now as well, it was so hard to believe that their home was gone. She shivered and wished Lara was one of the survivors as she always had a reassuring way about her which could always ease her and make her feel safe.

"I think we should head back and prepare dinner," Martha said, pleased to see Clark's plans seemed to be working.

"We'll be along shortly mum," Clark said. "I just want to add some of the tech I think will make these suits more useful to us," he continued as he moved back to the control console and began working, once again joined a few seconds later by Dax-Ur and Raya who he began discussing his ideas with, while Martha and Jonathan headed back to the house with their own crystals. Lana sat back down and watched and Chloe and Lionel discussed what had happened so far.
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