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Time Wave

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Summary: Clark is hit by a mysterious wave of energy which gives him knowledge of the future and how to prevent a dark future from befalling him and those around him.

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Chapter 19

Chapter 19

(Gotham City, Batcave)

Bruce sat down and began to copy his files so he could give them to the others at the next meeting. He smiled as Talia took a seat beside him, having decided to stay the night with him and continue to build up their new relationship, while Ra had headed straight back to his base to see what he could find out on the other members of Lex's syndicate future members. Dick and Helena had also gone straight back home to rest up and think over what had been discussed so far. He had to admit he had been impressed by the people he had just met and it gave him hope that they could indeed stop the war from coming and hope was not something he usually felt.

"Master Bruce, would you like some dinner?" Alfred asked as he entered the Batcave.

"Yes please Alfred and some for Talia as well if you don't mind," Bruce responded as he got up and headed to the changing room so he could get out of his suit.

"Of course," Alfred said with a nod and a small smile at the woman who was changing his charge for the better before heading back up into the mansion to prepare their meal.

"So what did you think of Clark's allies, Bruce?" Talia asked as she relaxed into her chair.

"I think they are good people and they maybe exactly what is needed to stop what Clark showed us will happen. They were cool under pressure and some of them were very smart," Bruce replied as he changed. "I knew they were people out there who did the same job I did, but I never thought of allying with them to stop people like the Joker and now I regret that. It makes me wonder what we could have done already," he added as he finally came back out, dressed in jeans and a simple back shirt. He set his computer to continue to work, before he led Talia up to the mansion.

"Do you think our chances and getting rid of Joker and the others are good?" she asked as they rode the elevator up.

"Yes, but some of them will escape capture, they always do," Bruce responded and he kissed Talia gently, which was something they were both getting used to. "I think Clark's idea of banishing them to that Zone he mentioned is the best bet of ever gaining an upper hand and finding some peace for us in the future," he added.

"Jade and Oliver were right though, that will cause us a lot of trouble with the governments of the world," Talia pointed out, liking the fact that Bruce was talking about peace in the future for them.

She knew he was committed to protecting Gotham and now the world, but she had always dreamed of him retiring one day and them raising a family. However slim the chance of that dream becoming true was, but now he was talking as if he wanted such a future as well and that made her feel very warm inside.

"They can complain all they want Talia, in the end it's the people that matter, especially those to come," Bruce replied as they exited the elevator and headed for the dining room.


(Kent Farm)

Martha was just finishing preparing lunch when Clark and the others returned. They were dressed in normal clothes once again and she wondered where their special suits were, before concentrating on putting the food on the table smiling as Lana and Chloe began helping her.

"Your friends are very good people Clark," Jonathan said as he sat at the table. "I was impressed by their willingness to help," he added.

"They are good people dad, the best," Clark responded. "My future self trusted them with his life and one with his soul," he added, his eyes losing some of its fire as he drifted into the memories once again before shaking his head to come out of it again."It is just a shame that some of the other League members who were a part of it in the future aren't here or even active just yet," he said with a shake of his head as he and the others sat down and began to eat.

"How many members were in the League in the future Kal-El?" Raya inquired.

"There was never a set number Raya. It changed a lot, especially once the war started, but at our strongest we had thirty five members and while it may not sound like a lot you have to remember some of these people were the strongest people alive on this planet. We had allies from the normal governments as well, but they were not so effective against people like Deathstroke or Bane," he explained.

"And how many were left before you sent the message containing your memories here?" Chloe couldn't help but ask, noticing the dark look that entered her friends' eyes as she asked her question.

"There were only ten of us left, along with what was left of the resistance from the other governments and people. It was a lost cause, but we knew it was better to go out on our feet than kneel to Luthor and his army," Clark said in response. "The world by that point was nothing but a wasteland. There was nowhere the war hadn't touched it. Can you imagine that?" he asked.

The others bar Raya, Lionel and Kara shook their heads in response to his question. Horrified by the very idea of their world coming to such a state due to one man's lust for power, they could never have believed that Lex could bring about such a thing when they met him and now they would never be able to see him in a different light again.


(New York)

Bane broke the neck of the guard he had just jumped as the Joker brought down the next one with some kind of gas he released from a tube he had in his pocket. The guard began to spasm hard and would have screamed had the Joker not placed his hand over his mouth to keep him silent as he jerked hard one last time before going still.

"What was that? Bane asked.

"Just a surprise I hope to one day use on Batman, only I hope to make sure that it lasts longer on him," Joker replied with a smirk. "Now let us find our target," he added as they entered the mansion. Having not had much of a challenge now that night had fallen, he was a bit bored. The guards were not well equipped for seeing in the dark which made it easy for them to sneak up on them.

They continued to take down the guards as they went on, making sure none of them got off a warning before they heard a woman's voice in one of the rooms up ahead. They both smiled as they realized they had found their target.

Genevieve Teague was just finishing her call to one of her contacts who was watching her son when the door to her room was violently broken open and two men entered. She frowned as one of them looked like the criminal Joker. He smiled at her, which caused a dose of fear to shoot down her spine and she backed up.

"Who are you what do you want?" she demanded to know, wondering where her guards were.

"Lex Luthor sends his regards," Bane said, as he pulled a gun out and before Genevieve could try and barging with them he put two bullets in her chest, killing her instantly.

"Well that was no fun," Joker complained. "Oh well we did the job. Now let us make it seem as if one of her own guards did this," he added. "Luthor wanted no ties to any of us," he reminded his partner who nodded his head as he pulled his mobile out and contacted Lex.


(Lex's jet)

Lex smiled as he listened to Bane's report and looked over to where Jason sat and was watching as the jet came in to land in Japan with no idea that his mother and the reason he had been safe so far was now gone. He would allow Jason to see them collect the last stone, before removing him from the competition.

"Good work, your pay has already been placed into your accounts," he said before hanging up. He leaned back into his seat and was pleased with how his new allies had succeeded.

"Good News?" Jason asked, as he turned to look at Lex and felt a chill sweep down his neck at the look in the other man's eyes.

"Indeed," was all Lex would say as the jet came in for landing and they both turned their thoughts to what might be protecting the last stone.
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