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Time Wave

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Summary: Clark is hit by a mysterious wave of energy which gives him knowledge of the future and how to prevent a dark future from befalling him and those around him.

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Chapter 20

Chapter 20

(Kent Farm)

Clark bolted upright from the nightmare he just had. He breathed deeply and wiped the sweat from his face. He shivered as he recalled the horrors of the war in the future. Talking about it to the others had brought it all back to the surface and made him remember more of the battles his future self had fought.

He looked down and noted Lana was still asleep before getting up and quickly going to the bathroom before heading for the kitchen and making himself some coffee. They were at a crossroads right now and he knew that soon the fighting would break out once more, only this time the stakes would be higher than ever before. He would be willing to do anything he had to stop the madness his future self had seen, but he didn't know if it would be enough, even with everything he had done and the worst thing was that the black ship containing Brainiac and the two followers of Zod were getting closer.

He closed his eyes and wished the time ripple had wiped out the future before Brainiac could interfere in the Leagues last gamble, but he knew it was a waste of time. He almost winced as he again saw the deaths of his friends and loved ones and each one caused him more pain than he had ever felt before. He collapsed to his knees just as Raya entered the kitchen. Raya quickly walked over and knelt next to Kal-El, noting the pain in his eyes and she understood he was overwhelmed by his future memories again. She did the only thing she could think off and kissed him as hard as she could, hoping to drown out the memories by creating newer more positive ones.

The kiss quickly became deeper as they lost themselves in the new sensations they were creating. Clark's hands worked themselves under Raya's t-shirt she was using to sleep in, causing her to moan in response as they got more and more lost in each other. A cough from behind them caused them to break apart and turn to find Lana behind them with a curious look on her face

"Sorry Lana, we kinda got lost in each other after I had a nightmare and was overwhelmed by my future memories again," Clark apologized, although a part of him was not too angry about what had just happened as it left him feeling very happy instead of depressed as he had been.

"I am not angry Clark. I suspected this might happen after I agreed to share you," Lana replied and she was truthful with him, she wasn't angry, after having come to terms with this possibility after a few talks with Isobel. "Was the nightmare really that bad?" she asked as she led them both back to their bedroom, being as quite as they could so they would not wake Martha and Jonathan.

"Yes, the talk tonight brought back a lot of things I seemed to have blocked out," Clark replied as he was pushed back onto the bed by Lana and Raya. "I saw more of the battles we fought and I saw the deaths of you and the others more clearly than ever. I just want this done with as quickly as we can, but I know we can't rush it," he continued placing his head in his hands and sighed.

"No Kal-El, we cannot rush this," Raya agreed, taking on one off his hands in hers, while Lana took the other. "To do so would be to invite failure and may bring about harm to those you are trying so hard to protect. Moving slowly is the best option we have at the moment," she told him gently. "You must fight to stay in control of yourself until this is over and we can remove the memories from you, but until that time you have to be strong," she added leaning her head against his.

"Raya is right Clark. We need you to be strong until this is over and Lex and his followers are dealt with," Lana said from the other side. "Moving slowly may be hard, but if we rush in we could get hurt or worse killed and that is not something we want at all. We are close to making our move, but we cannot jump the mark until everything is ready," she added, leaned in and kissed him gently.

Clark sighed as he began to relax as the two girls he loved talked him through his distress. This may never have been in his future self's original plan, but he was not going to complain at how things were turning out in his personal life right now as he returned Lana's kiss. Soon all three lost themselves in each other as they erased the nightmares and memories that were troubling Clark. Raya and Lana worked in tandem to draw out Clark's more passionate side, neither been bothered by the presence of the other, although Lana had to be calmed a little by Isobel at the start. The kissing and groping continued for another half hour before all three succumbed to sleep with Raya and Lana curling up against Clark who went back to sleep with much more pleasant things to dream about.


(Gotham City, Batcave under Wayne Manor)

Bruce Wayne went over the files he was preparing for the League members, making sure they were all up to date. He was also gathering files on those who he knew thanks to his future self's personal message may end up involved in this if they could not stop the war from starting at all. The more information everyone had the better off they would all be if it came to war. He paused as the phone next to him went off and he picked it up and listened as Alfred reported that both Talia and her father had turned up with some important information. He smiled and told his friend to send them down. Talia had only left a few hours ago but he missed her all the same.

"We have bad news detective," Ra said as he came into view.

Bruce wondered what had gone wrong now, even as he returned the hug and kiss Talia gave him.

"What is it Ra?" he inquired. "What has happened?" he added.

"Genevieve Teague was murdered less than an hour ago. Her body was found with three bullets in it. From what has been reported it looks like one of her own guards did it. But if we consider what we know I found this hard to believe," Ra reported as he handed over what information he had managed to get from his sources in so short a time.

"Damn, things are picking up even faster than Clark feared," Bruce cursed as he read over the reports before pausing as he noted the looks Ra and Talia exchanged. "What else is wrong?" he asked.

"Nyssa has surfaced finally and she is with Luthor's other thugs," Ra admitted with a sigh, wishing he had not allowed his second daughter to become so corrupted before he realized his old ways were not the best ways for the world. "Her presence ups the stakes for us greatly," he added.

Bruce was not surprised by the sudden surge of anger he felt as he heard Ra's reply as he remembered his future self's message stating Nysssa had helped Joker kill Talia and their unborn child in the future and now events seemed to be playing out once again. This time he swore no harm would come to Talia, even if it cost him his own life. He turned and headed for his desk and picked up his phone and rang Clark's number, waiting only a few seconds before it was picked up.

"Clark listen Genevieve Teague is dead, most likely killed on Luthor's orders and Nyssa has also joined up with him. We have to start planning to cut their numbers down instead of reacting," he told his new friend, before listening to the response. "Yes, I know we can't rush it, but still we can't stay on the bench anymore. We'll be there tomorrow at twelve o clock, goodnight Clark," he added as he agreed on their next League meeting before turning back to his guests. "Clark has set a meeting for twelve tomorrow to start planning some attacks. You are welcome to stay here tonight," he told them.

"Thank you detective, I am quite tired," Ra said with a nod and followed Alfred up while Talia lingered and followed Bruce to his own room knowing he was concerned by Nyssa's presence in Luthor's army.


(Kent Farm)

Clark looked at his phone for a few moments as Lana and Raya watched him and waited for him to speak, they were both concerned how badly the memories and emotions were beginning to affect him, although they seemed to be able to help him regain control for which they were thankful, but each time something happened along the line of his future memories it worsened his control.

"Jason's mother was murdered tonight and Bruce thinks it is highly likely she was killed on Lex's order," Clark stated tiredly. "Lana do you still have Jason's number?" he asked.

"Yes I do, but he won't listen," Lana replied, even as she reached for her phone and brought up the number.

"I think he will, Lana. He isn't stupid and he knows how dangerous Lex can be," Clark responded with a tight smile. "He'll take the warning to heart and hopefully run. If he does it might keep Lex distracted while searching for him for a while, while we plan our attacks on his organization," he explained his reasoning for his belief.

"If Luthor is behind this murder it means there is nothing left of your former friend and there is no way of redeeming him Kal-El," Raya said as she sat up on his left side.

"I know Raya," Clark admitted. "I gave up any chance of that once I received my future self's memories. All this does is confirm he is once again my deadliest enemy and has to be stopped at all costs," he added with determination before dialing Jason's number.


(Hotel, Japan)

Jason jerked awake as his mobile went off and he cursed wondering who it was. He didn't recognize the number, but it had to be someone he knew or maybe someone his mother knew. "Hello?" he said, while rubbing his eyes as he sat up and turned on the bedside lamp.

He listened as the familiar voice of Clark Kent came back and while he was instantly filled with anger at hearing the voice of the man who had taken Lana from him he soon pushed it aside as he listened to what the man was saying. At first he wanted to push it aside as some kind of sick joke, but he knew Clark was not that kind of person and he seemed very concerned by this twist in what he believed to be a power play for the stones he was after.

He swallowed hard as he knew Clark was correct in that Lex had become much darker than he had been a week ago and considering some of his comments lately he began to believe Clark was right and Lex had his mother killed, so that he could be removed as well once they had recovered the last stone without fearing any retaliation. He banged his head against the headboard as he listened to Clark tell him to get out and head to a church in Spain where he would find someone who could help him, although he wouldn't say who or how he knew this before hanging up.

He stood up and quickly got dressed. While he no longer liked Clark he did trust him to know a bad thing when he saw it and Lex was real bad, which is why Clark and Lana had distanced themselves from the man. He also owed Clark for saving his life back when he was still employed by Smallville High and so he decided now was the time for a little trust. He crept out of the room, making sure not to make any noise that could wake Lex or his bodyguard before legging it and throwing away his phone so he could not be tracked as Clark had pointed out to him.
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