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Time Wave

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Summary: Clark is hit by a mysterious wave of energy which gives him knowledge of the future and how to prevent a dark future from befalling him and those around him.

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Chapter 21

Chapter 21

(Kent Farm)

Clark actually felt a little better having hopefully saved Jason Teague's life. He knew from his future memories that Jason had died in the second meteor shower at the end of this year after taking his parents hostage while trying to find the stones as he had been ordered by his mother, not realizing she had been killed by Isobel. If he could prevent the young man's death and maybe reunite him with his father it was something done right. Maybe together the two Teagues could save each other from their destructive paths even if Edward Teague was following a path he believed would help him.

He put his phone away, kissed both Lana and Raya before settling back down smiling a little as Lana and Raya cuddled into him. Changing the past was harder than his future self had envisioned, but it was possible. Lana reached up and kissed him again and he began to lose himself in the sensations until she pulled away and Raya took over. It seemed like both women wanted to strengthen their relationships with him and he didn't mind in the least.


(Fortress of Solitude)

Dax-Ur wiped tiredly over his eyes as he continued to work on a program to shut down and wipe Brainiac's system, so that he could be reprogrammed to be a source of help in the coming struggles. It wasn't an easy task because Brainiac was the pinnacle of Kryptonian technology and he had to complete this before the black ship arrived. He sighed as he checked the status of the ship and noted it was still three days away. He again wondered why it was moving so slowly and the only reason he could come up with was it was assimilating all the data from its future counterpart before the time ripple wiped that future out altogether.

If this was why it was moving so slowly then it meant Brainiac would be even more dangerous than before, as it would know exactly what Kal-El and his friends were attempting to do and how to stop them and maybe making things even worse than they had been in the original time line, which was a chilling thought.

"Dax-Ur, you need rest," Jor-El spoke from the control console as his avatar was back at the mansion right now under the control of Lionel Luthor. "We still have plenty of time to counter Brainiac, but you will do no one any good if you collapse having worked yourself to hard," he continued. "I can understand your desire to finish this old friend, but this is not the way to change things for the better. Go home spend time with your family and return refreshed tomorrow," he advised.

"You are correct Jor-El," Dax-Ur admitted yawning. "I just do not want to see the same destruction visited on Earth as we saw on Krypton," he added as he saved his progress before getting ready to leave.

"I understand Dax-Ur, I truly do," Jor-El told him. "This planet has become a home to what is left of our people, even more so to Kal-El, as he was raised here and for you as well as half of your life was spent here," he continued. "If we fail to protect it from what could be, then the lessons we learned on Krypton would have been wasted and more innocent lives will have been spent for nothing," he sighed.

"That is truly a terrible thought," Dax-Ur said. "I sometimes wonder what would have happened if I had never left our world to come here, but somehow I doubt I could have stopped its destruction," he admitted, running a hand through his graying hair.

"If the council had not been so blind to Zod's evil then we could have saved Krypton and our people, but sadly they did not wish to see the truth until things were already rushing to their destructive conclusion and we didn't uncover Zor-El's traitorous actions until it was too late," Jor-El stated. "To think one of the El's could be so evil greatly saddens me, even more so that it was my own brother. At least Kara has none of his evil in her and is true to the El name," he added.

"I have noticed Kal-El treats her more like a sister than a cousin," Dax-Ur pointed out with a smile. "And since we recovered her, he has been more easy going and less stressed out," he said.

"I have noticed this and having seen the memories from Kal-El's future self I can understand his reactions and to be honest Lara always thought of Kara as her own no matter what. I could not begrudge her this, as I too had a soft spot for her which I am sad to say my future self seemed to have forgotten when we learned of her presence on Earth in the future," Jor-El agreed. "They are the last two children of the house of El and hopefully they will help bring our people back from the brink of extinction," he added hopefully.

"How though, there is only four of us and I am too old to father any more children and even if I was not I could not do it with Kara. She is too young for me," Dax-Ur said.

"One of the biggest secrets Kal-El holds is the fact a part of our world still exists. The city of Kandor survived along with its entire population. It is encased in a huge protective dome which helped it survive the breakup of our world," Jor-El admitted. "In the future Kara traveled to the stars, after having been rescued from the Phantom Zone, to see if she could find any surviving members of our race and she discovered Kandor. She could do nothing to bring it to Earth without help and so she returned only to be caught up in the war and finally being killed by Brainiac, saving the lives of millions in the process," he explained to his old friend. "She is a true daughter of the house of El," Jor-El said proudly.

"This is truly amazing," Dax-Ur said amazed. "I take it the reason why he has not mentioned it, is because he needs everyone focused on the threat at hand?" he inquired, feeling more alive than he had in years bar where it came to his family. The destruction of his world had waged heavily on him for years and to now know a large piece of it survived brought him great joy.

"That is exactly the reason he had withheld this information and I would ask you to keep it until Luthor and his followers have been dealt with. We need everyone focused and ready to act," Jor-El requested.

"You have my word Jor-El," Dax-Ur agreed with a nod. "Have a good night," he added before he turned and super sped out of the fortress wishing to feel wind as he thought of seeing Kandor intact once Luthor, Brainiac and the rest had been dealt with."

Jor-El knew Dax-Ur wouldn't break his promise and so was content to reveal that information and it would do the old scientist well to know their world was not entirely gone and neither were their people. Of course once Kandor was located and brought into Earth's orbit Kal-El would have to learn how to be master of the house of El. That would be a challenge in on itself, but an amusing one he thought before he went back to monitoring the black ship and processing new equipment the fortress factories could build for the future.


(Hotel, Japan Next day)

Lex woke from a rather nice and restful sleep where he had dreamed of being the ruler of the whole world with every one of his enemies dead and buried and Lana ruling by his side. He smiled almost insanely at the mere thought of it coming true before getting up to prepare for the day. After a relaxing shower and shave he went to see if Jason was up yet nodding at his bodyguard as he exited his room. After knocking and getting no response he ordered his guard in and followed a few moments later to find the room deserted.

He cursed loudly, wondering what Teague was up to and why he had chosen now to run away before pausing and wondering if he was going to try and get the final stone on his own and use it as some kind of bargaining chip to get the two he now processed. He looked around for Jason's phone, but noted it was missing which meant he might be able to track him. He pulled his phone out and dialed one of his people to trace the phone as he left the room and looked around the surrounding area. His phone soon went off and he took it and was surprised to find Jason's phone was only a few hundred feet from where he was standing. He headed over and soon found it.

He picked it up and looked at the recent calls it had received and was angered when he recognized Clark's number. Suddenly everything became a little clearer to him why Jason had run. Clark must have heard about Genevieve Teague being killed and called Jason who would believe he or his father had done it to get rid of her so she would not be a problem once they had all the stones. He cursed Clark before deciding to put one of his more dangerous plans into motion.

"Jackson I want the plan we discussed to be set up for ten. I want Lana Lang kidnapped and Kent out of the picture and use the special bullets I had made," he ordered after phoning one of his better security guards and smiled as the man replied.

He was unsure where the idea for the new bullets had come from, but he knew they would help him secure Lana and hopefully remove Clark from the game for the foreseeable future. A week ago he would not have gone with such a risky plan, but now he felt nothing for Clark but anger and hatred for always being in his way. He turned and headed for his Limo as he had a meeting to get too and the last stone of power to get a hold of. He could have some of his new allies track Teague down and finish him off he decided.


(Kent Farm)

Clark smiled as he cooked breakfast for the family having woken up surprisingly refreshed and happy and he guessed it was because of Lana and Raya. Sharing the same bed together had been a new experience and one he knew his father wouldn't exactly approve off, but what he didn't know couldn't hurt him he thought. They had done some pretty heavy snogging and groping until finally falling into a deep sleep. He was surprised by Lana's lack of fear in letting Raya get so close to him and vice versa, but he guessed she loved him enough to really share him as well as take whatever Isobel had taught her into account.

He looked up as first Raya and Lana came down before being joined by his parents and Chloe who had again stayed for the night. He quickly began setting out the food when the front door was blown of its hinches, surprising them all before ten men dressed in SWAT uniforms stormed into the hours and opened fired before Clark could even react. He screamed in pain and surprise as he was hit three times, once in the chest, once in the shoulder and once in the arm before he fell. Raya was hit twice in the shoulder while the others just managed to jump into cover as they had been on the other side of the kitchen at the time.

Lana's eyes flashed purple as Isobel quickly assumed control as she knew Lana was in too much shock to act before standing and unleashing her powers sending three of the men flying back out of the door and one through the nearby window. She stumbled as she was hit by something. She looked down and noted a dart sticking out of her, which increased her anger and she again lashed out with her powers while also sending the knives on the table flying at them. Two more men were flung aside while the knives hit two more in the chest sending them sprawling to the ground in pain.

The last two men dived for cover before shooting more darts at their target, which Isobel managed to deflect although she stumbled a bit as the drugs from the first dart began to take effect. She knew whatever those bullets contained had actually wounded Raya and Clark and this thankfully fueled her rage and she lashed out again as one of the men broke cover to fire and was flung back into the wall knocking him unconscious before she turned and just managed to drop the last man as he fired, catching her in the side.

She stumbled backwards and Martha finally made it to the phone to call the sheriff and Jonathan reached for his shotgun, while telling Chloe to get some ropes. They tied all the men up and removed their weapons before rushing to check on Raya and Clark who were both bleeding and unconscious, while Isobel began to purge Lana's body of the drugs in her system even as she felt Lana's desire to check on Clark and Raya, but it was important she was not rendered unconscious in case more attackers arrived.
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