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Time Wave

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Summary: Clark is hit by a mysterious wave of energy which gives him knowledge of the future and how to prevent a dark future from befalling him and those around him.

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Smallville > Non-BtVS/AtS StoriesRazialFR152989,34073344,6985 Jun 1022 Oct 13No

Chapter 22

(Japan Airport)

Jason kept a close look around for any of Luthor's men or Lex himself as he booked a ticket to Spain, hoping Clark was right that there was someone who could help him, although what he would be doing in a church made him curious until he came upon the idea he could be hiding.

He was tired, but determined to get out of this country before Lex got the final stone and turned back to finding him, so that he could remove him permanently. He vowed that he would get even with Lex if he had any connection to his mother's death. He paused as his thoughts turned to his mother and while he was upset about her death he found he was not devastated. He realized he was free from her manipulations now and could do whatever he wanted and what he wanted was the power to get his revenge and that meant somehow getting a hold of the stones of power.

Ten miles away Lex was in his Limo heading for the final location of the stones, wondering what would happen when he arrived and if this supposed leader of the now broken third party would try and stop him from getting his hands on it. He decided once he had his hands on the stones he would track down Jason and remove him once and for all from the equation so he did not have to fear any reprisals. He pulled his phone out as it rung and listened as Jackson reported they had lost contact with the men they had sent to kidnap Lana and remove Clark.

He frowned at this news before telling Jackson to keep an eye on the situation, but not to act until he found out what had happened to their men and he came up with a new plan. He was not surprised by this news as he knew Clark could be very tricky when he wanted to be, as had been proven in the years he had known him many times and this just added to the mystery of what his former friend was hiding. ‘How did he take down ten heavily armed men?' he asked himself.

"Mr. Luthor, we are nearing the location you gave me," his driver's voice broke him out of his thoughts. "It looks crowded sir," he added.

Lex looked out the window and noted it was indeed crowded with people and he wondered what the hell was going on. Anyone of these people could be a part of this third party. According to the man who had sold him the second stone the leader had been trying to rebuild his organization.

"Park out front and then Jenson can have a look around. Make sure you pay close attention to the people around you Jenson," Lex ordered as he turned to his bodyguard who nodded his head in understanding.

J'onn watched from across the street as Luthor finally arrived and he knew he would have to be careful how he played this. So far the plan to distract Lex with the fake stones had been going well, but things were heating up. The call he had gotten a few seconds ago had confirmed that and he wanted to get this over with so he could check in and see if Kal-El and Raya were alright.


(Kent Farm)

Jonathan Kent watched as the sheriff and her men finally arrived and he stepped outside with his shotgun still in hand. Isobel was off to the side still in control of Lana just in case some more of Luthor's men attacked. Watching her interrogate the men had been a frightening experience and it reminded him how dangerous she and Kal could be if they ever lost control and he knew there was a chance once Clark put on the red kryptonite ring that Kal might decided to strike out in revenge for this. He and Raya had been taken to the fortress by Jor-El using Lionel's body and Dax-Ur after they had contacted them so they could be seen to after they had pulled out the kryptonite bullets from both. He recalled how Martha had cried out as she saw what had injured their son and one of his lovers.

"Mr. Kent?" the sheriff's call brought him out of his review and he focused on her with a tight look.

"Sheriff, thanks for coming so quickly," he responded. "These men attacked us without reason and I suspect they were sent by Lex Luthor," he added.

"And what makes you suspect that?" the sheriff inquired as she looked around the area, wondering where the Kent boy was, usually when there was trouble he was around, then she noted Miss Lang's presence as well as Miss Sullivan's who stood next to her.

"One of them talked," Jonathan replied. "They were after Lana who Lex is obsessed with. A week ago he tried to convince Lana to move in with him for her own protection with some story about how some people are after her, as well as him and his father, who he told us was attacked," he explained, frowning as he knew Lex would get out of this easily, but it may distract him until Clark and Raya were back on their feet.

"I have no report on Mr. Luthor being attacked, but I will be checking into it, let me assure you of that. If I find out this was set up by Lex Luthor I don't care whose son he is. I'll have him in a cell," the sheriff told him. "Take them all into custody," she ordered her people who nodded and began to do just that. "I'll need statements from all of you," she added.

"Of course, however my wife is lying down right now as she is in shock from the attack. I will bring her in later once she has calmed down, if that is okay?" Jonathan responded and this was not a lie, the whole thing had really shaken Martha.

"That will be fine Mr. Kent. I was just wondering where is Clark?" she replied. "Usually I can't keep him away from these kind of scenes," she added with a dry smile.

"He is in Metropolis at the moment, running an errand for me. I dread to think what would have happened had he been here, as Lex's attitude towards my son has become alarming," Jonathan replied easily.

"Oh in what way?" the sheriff asked as Mr. Kent led her inside the house and they all sat down at the table.


(Fortress of Solitude)

Bruce looked around as first Bart, then Oliver and finally the rest of the League showed up after being summoned. They were two hours earlier than expected. He was surprised to see Dax-Ur monitoring Clark and Raya who were in separate beds obviously wounded.
"What has happened Jor-El?" he asked, noting the body of Lionel Luthor nearby.

"My son and his family were attacked today by Luthor's troops," Jor-El replied with an angry voice. "They were using bullets coated in green kryptonite which wounded both Kal-El and Raya before they could react. Jonathan Kent managed to remove the bullets, but it will take at least a day for them both to recover fully," he explained. "According to what Isobel reported the men were ordered to kidnap Lana and remove Clark," he continued.

"So Lex has knowledge on how to wound or maybe kill your people?" Bart inquired, worried by this development as he knew how sick the green rocks made Clark.

"Yes, it does indeed seem that Brainiac gave him more than we first thought before the time ripple wiped out the future this all started from," Jor-El nodded in agreement. "Kara, this means in any fight we are going to have to be more on guard just in case they have more of these bullets or even swords coated in it," he cautioned his niece.

"I understand Jor-El," Kara said, shuddering a little at the thought of been wounded with green kryptonite and yet she was very angry at her cousin being attacked. "What are we going to do in response, Uncle?" she asked.

"J'onn has checked in and reported Luthor is at the final location of the fake stones and he is obviously expecting some kind of attack, so I believe we should make sure he gets one, but no one is to try and kill him is that clear?" Jor-El answered thoughtfully.

"Why not?" Oliver asked. "Lex is a madman and he is trying to start a war we know has already destroyed the world once already so why not remove him now?" he demanded to know.

"Because he has already brought his group together and we know what he is planning. Remove him Oliver and they become more unpredictable and more dangerous, especially if someone like Bane or Joker take charge," Jor-El pointed out.

“He has got a point Oliver,” Jade spoke up. “We know what Lex is planning thanks to Clark’s foreknowledge, but if we remove Lex, who is the mastermind of this whole thing, we lose the advantage and things become even more dangerous,” she added.

“Don’t let your own feelings for Luthor get in the way Oliver,” Diana said as she passed him to check on Kal-El. “We need to act without anger clouding our judgment,” she added.

“You’re right,” Oliver sighed as he sat down and ran a hand through his hair. He was letting his anger control him and that would not do them any good, especially with Clark and Raya who were out of action for now. He knew what anger and hate could do to a person and he had no desire to let himself been consumed by it.

“So we attack him and his guards, but allow him to get the stone,” Bruce finally spoke up. “I think we should only use three of us for this, myself, Kyle and Todd. We’ll hit them hard and then get out, but we won’t be wearing our normal costumes,” he added.

“Actually none of you will be attacking them,” Jor-El interrupted Bruce. “I have built three kyrtonian cyborgs and placed a holographic device on them so they appear human. They will attack Luthor and his men. This should keep our presence a secret until it is necessary to expose ourselves,” he added with a smile as the cyborgs came into view.

“Very cool,” Jade said in awe as she looked them over. “Just how advanced were the Kryptonians?” she inquired.

“We were one of the most advanced races in the known twenty eight galaxies, but as you know we were not perfect or otherwise we wouldn’t have destroyed ourselves,” Jor-El responded with a shake of his head.

“What else can this fortress build?” Zatanna asked, being very impressed by the cyborgs in front of them.

“Anything we require, however it does have its limits,” was all Jor-El would say on the matter. “While this is going on I believe it will benefit us if you hit two of the 33.1 labs Luthor has already put online to sow even more confusion with him,” he suggested.

“Good idea, okay we’ll split up into two teams,” Bruce said while he nodded in agreement. “I’ll hit the lab on the outskirts of town with Kara, Diana, Jade, Nightwing and Zatanna. Kyle will hit the lab in the abandoned factory complex with Obsidian, Flash, Donna, Green Arrow and the Huntress,” Bruce laid out the plan. “I want you all to be careful as it is clear Luthor and his allies have some tricks up their selves we don’t know about yet,” he cautioned them all. “Hopefully we can pull this off without confronting any of his more dangerous allies before we are ready for them. Okay let’s get to it,” he added as he pulled his mask on before turning around and returning the deep kiss Talia gave him as she wished him luck before he and the rest of the team vanished from the fortress.

“Do you think they will be okay?” Talia asked her father.

“The detective is more than able to look after himself Talia, as we well know and his new allies seem very capable as well,” Ra responded, even though he understood why his daughter had asked in the first place. “Yes things had happened we didn’t expect, but we still have a very big advantage,” he pointed out with a small smile.

“Don’t be too concerned, I doubt Joker or any of Luthor’s other allies will be in the labs at this time,” Dax-Ur said as he finally came over. “They will be busy preparing the plans for the army he wants to build. That is when things will truly get dangerous if he manages to build it before we can act.” As they watched Jor-El send the cyborgs to Japan each was lost in their own thoughts.

“Yes I agree,” Ra nodded in agreement. “Each one of the people Luthor has allied with could do great damage to the world with an army of meteor affected people or super villains with powers. The most dangerous is Luthor himself, Joker, Bane and sadly Nyssa,” he stated. “They have the scope and the resources to bring the world to its knees and if we fail to stop them, that is what will happen,” he added.

“Bruce and Clark will die before they let that happen father,” Talia said with complete confidence. “As will the others,” she continued with a fierce look.

“Sadly it may come to that or at least some sacrifices may be needed to stop the approaching storm,” Jor-El cautioned them all as he rejoined them with a dark look on his face. “We stand on the pre-dawn of chaos,” he added to which the others had no reply as they now began the wait for the return of their allies.
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