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Time Wave

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Summary: Clark is hit by a mysterious wave of energy which gives him knowledge of the future and how to prevent a dark future from befalling him and those around him.

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Smallville > Non-BtVS/AtS StoriesRazialFR152989,34073344,7075 Jun 1022 Oct 13No

Chapter 23


Lex looked around the room he was currently in, looking for any sign of the last stone of power or the person who was hiding it. His guards were close by just in case they were attacked. He stopped suddenly as a man entered with a smirk plastered on his face and three guards flanking him. Lex noted each of the men were quite tall and seemed somewhat blank in their expressions, but then to him it meant they were experienced bodyguards or killers, people he might hire if needed.

“Welcome Lex,” J'onn said as he stopped just in front of the man, wondering how Jor-El’s creations would perform, but he didn’t doubt his old friend’s skill.

“So we meet at last, the man who had the balls to not only attack my manor, but my father as well,” Lex mused with a confident smirk of his own. “As well as launching an attack on an airborne plane, mind telling me how you did it?” he asked.

“Not really Luthor,” J'onn responded. “Your manor was easy to get into and your father was an exposed target which we could have killed had we wanted to, but he is an annoyance to you and so we let him live,” he added, keeping in character.

“And what do you have against me?” Lex asked, as he sized up the man in front of him and wishing he had brought more men.

“Everyone has something against you Lex, even your own father which everyone knows full well,” J'onn shot back, noting he was getting Lex angry. “Even the one person who did like you, Clark Kent, has finally seen the light to what you truly are, after you threw away his friendship in your obsession with the stones and his girlfriend, which we know you just tried to attack and capture,” he continued, almost smiling at Lex’s enraged face. “We keep a close watch on everyone linked to the stones and you,” he explained.

“Clark wasn’t my friend. He was just using me,” Lex snarled in anger, clenching his fists wishing to wipe the smirk of the man’s face. “I finally saw through his lies and as for Lana I’m just trying to protect her from him,” he added as his own guards moved forward ready to fight, so their boss could escape from what was obviously a dangerous situation.

“I don’t know what is more pathetic Luthor,” J'onn baited him, “that you said that or that you actually believe it,” he continued, ready to counter any attack and was not surprised when Lex screamed in rage and launched himself forward with his guards following a few seconds later.


(Kent Farm)

Isobel watched as the sheriff continued to question them about what had happened including what had led up to this event. She knew from Lana that the sheriff was good at her job and would follow through as Martha appeared looking slightly better than she had straight after the attack. The sheriff was a bit more easy with her questions to Martha, not that she was too surprised, but she was beginning to get a little annoyed with how long this was taking and she could tell Lana wanted nothing more than to see how Clark and Raya were, but they couldn’t just leave.

“I think that is enough for now Mr. and Mrs. Kent,” the sheriff finally said after a couple more questions. “I will talk to Lionel Luthor today and then, if he confirms the attack on him, I will bring Lex in for questioning when he gets back from his latest trip,” she added as she finished writing down the answers she had been given.

“Thank you sheriff,” Jonathan said with a nod and a tired smile. “I need to get started on fixing this mess,” he continued as he looked at the broken door and window.

“Then I will let you get to it, but I would advise you Mr. Kent that when Clark does get back you better keep him away from Lex, especially before I question him,” the sheriff stated with a stare.

“I understand sheriff and I will,” Jonathan agreed, although inwardly he had no idea how he was going to be able to do that, especially if he placed the red kryptonite ring on and became Kal as this attack will have stoked his anger, but he would try.

“Good then I will bid you goodbye and get to work. Something tells me this is going to be a big problem that won’t be easily sorted out,” she added.

“Bloody hell, what happened here Mr. Kent?” a new voice asked and they all turned to find Lois Lane standing in the broken door way. “Is everyone okay?” she added.

“We’re a little shaken up Lois, but we are okay,” Martha finally spoke up with a smile at the girl. “Please come in and sit down,” she added, noting Lois looked a little pissed off.

“I would advise you Miss Lane against taking any action once you learn what went on here. That is my job and it goes double for your friend Clark,” she warned her before leaving.

“What happened?” Lois asked again noting the serious looks on everyone’s faces as they heard the sheriff pull way with the last of her people.

“Lex sent a group of people to capture Lana and take Clark out,” Chloe answered with a shiver. “Clark and Raya were injured because the bullets were coated in green kryptonite, but we managed to get them out and they are now at the fortress recovering,” she explained. “Luckily for us Isobel took control of Lana and took them down hard,” she added with a small smile which everyone could tell was forced.

“Damn,” Lois spat concerned, not that she would admit it, for Clark and his friend. She was still getting used to the fact that her friend was an alien from another world as were some of his friends. When she had been brought into this group she had at first thought it was a big joke only to see no one was laughing and then she had been shown the crystal with the memories on it which shook her to the core. Her first instinct was to go to her father and report what she had learned to him, but Clark had reminded her no one would believe what they said and all that would happen would be that they would end up locked up most likely in a nut house and Lex could go about his business without any interference.

So far she had not had much to offer them, but it was clear they could use all the help they could get. Some of the stuff she had been told would happen in the future surprised her, like becoming a reporter like her cousin always wanted to be and Clark’s partner at work to boot. Then there was the subject of having a relationship with first Arthur Curry, then Oliver Queen and finally with Kyle Rayner. It seemed she had used her position to get any dirt on Lex and his followers only to end up captured and killed four years into the war. That had really had shaken her and she had noted her death had affected Clark, while Chloe had outright cried at the news which Clark had obviously not yet told them.

Lex had obviously now begun to move against them and she was sure the League would strike back, but with Clark and Raya out of action she wondered who would lead this fight back.

“What are we going to do?” she finally asked breaking her train of thought.

“First you, Chloe and Lana are going to the fortress to check on Clark and Raya, while I fix this mess,” Jonathan replied. “Then come back and help, something tells me it wouldn’t be a good thing if we all disappear right now. Also tell Lionel he needs to head home and confirm he was attacked as well as the change in Lex’s behavior when the sheriff comes to talk to him later on today,” he stated.

“You got it Mr. Kent,” Lois said with a nod, noting Chloe came over to join her with her crystal to the fortress in her hand.

“I should stay Jonathan Kent,” Isobel spoke up. “In case they send more men to attack you. It would be very bad for Kal-El if something happened to you,” she added. “Lana agrees with me in this, we will see Clark later,” she stated.

“Are you sure that is what Lana wants?” Martha asked.

“It is Mrs. Kent,” Lana replied as Isobel let go of the control of her body. “If something happens to either of you Clark would lose it just as badly as if something happens to me, Raya or Diana and then we would have even bigger problems to deal with,” she continued with a shake of head. “I can wait,” she added.

Lois and Chloe nodded and then touched the crystal and vanished, while Jonathan went to see how badly the damage to the house was. Martha went to make some tea, still shaky but getting better and Isobel resumed control of Lana in case of an attack.



J'onn easily dodged the attack by Lex with a smile as the cyborgs Jor-El had made countered his bodyguards and the fight spread throughout the room. He countered with a weak punch as he knew he was not supposed to win this and Lex was supposed to end up with the last fake stone. Lex blocked his punch and lashed out with a kick to his side which he turned into and then managed to land a blow to his chest forcing him backwards before he rallied and began a combination attack which forced him back towards the door.

“You aren’t so tough now are you?” Lex taunted him with a cruel look in his eyes as he thought of ways to make his enemy pay for daring to attack him.

J'onn didn’t bother to respond and lashed out, catching Lex in the side and followed it up with a kick to his knees and then a right hook to his head which Lex managed to block before retaliating with a quick strike to his midriff and then a kick to his side and an attempt at his kneecap which he jumped out of the way off. Lex, J'onn decided, wasn’t a good fighter especially compared to some of the criminals he had taken down over the long years for Jor-El and he was nothing compared to a white Martian.

They began to trade blows, while Lex’s bodyguards tried to overpower their opponents, unaware they were actually cyborgs and they were not even really trying to take them down. Finally J'onn managed to land a decent blow to Lex’s face and knock him to the ground. He reached into his pocket and withdrew the fake stone.

“Is this what you want so badly Luthor?” he taunted. “Do you really believe you are worthy of its power?” he asked stepping a little closer on purpose and Lex did not disappoint as he suddenly lashed out with an upwards palm out strike which he allowed to hit him and knock him backwards while dropping the stone.

He watched as Lex quickly grabbed the stone and ran out of the room followed by his bodyguards who quickly broke off their fights and followed their boss. He shook his head in amusement at how easy Lex was to manipulate before ordering the cyborgs to return to the fortress, before he followed in a red streak of speed.

Back in his limo Lex breathed a sigh of relief as they pulled away from the meeting point and drove off at top speed. He finally had the last stone of power and now he could join them together and receive their power and knowledge. He could hardly wait. ‘But first he had to find and take care of Jason or at least make him watch him achieve what he and his deceased mother had wanted so badly before killing him,’ he thought with a cruel smile as he fixed himself a drink and then reached for his phone and phoned Jackson for a report on the men he had sent to capture Lana and kill Clark.

His fist tightened on the phone as he heard they had somehow been subdued and arrested by the sheriff. He was also angered to learn he had been implicated in the whole thing after one of them talked for some reason Jackson had not determined yet. He ordered Jackson to send some of his enslaved meteor freaks to attack the jail and either free the men or kill them before hanging up and wondering how they had been taken down. He shook his head and leaned back in his seat and then looked at the last stone in wonder.
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