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Time Wave

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Summary: Clark is hit by a mysterious wave of energy which gives him knowledge of the future and how to prevent a dark future from befalling him and those around him.

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Smallville > Non-BtVS/AtS StoriesRazialFR152989,34073344,7065 Jun 1022 Oct 13No

Chapter 25

Note: My thanks again to Hawklan for helping out. By the way… you really should visit his author page. He has quite a few fics of his own you should check out.

Chapter 25

(Airport, Japan)

Lex leaned back in his chair in his private jet and was basking in his victory of finding all three stones of power, he could barely stop himself from joining them and absorbing whatever power they contained and learning what secrets they held. He was heading for Spain where he had learned Jason had booked a ticket too. He wondered why he was going there before shrugging and pushing it from his mind. He would finish off Jason and then he would return to Smallville and finally deal with Clark face to face and take possession of Lana.


(Luthor Mansion)

Lionel smiled as he greeted the sheriff as she entered his study pleased he had managed to get back here on time for her visit. He had decided to cause Lex as much trouble as he could with this, because he knew once Lex got back here with the fake stones he would step up his plans to kill Clark and capture Lana. So he was not only going to tell the sheriff what he was told to, but also remind the sheriff of his sons mental breakdown the year before and make it seem like he was suffering a relapse which should be enough to make her want to arrest him and question him for a while he was sure.

He was also going to give out a few other choice comments which should put the sheriff and her people onto some of the projects Lex had started before all this came about and would make him look even more like a crazed madman.


(Madrid, Spain)

Jason Teague looked around as he headed to the church Clark had told him he would find someone to help him. He was still wondering how Clark knew this, but was willing to trust him on this to get away from Lex until he could sort himself out and deal with the man who had ordered his mother’s death and make him pay.


(Fortress of Solitude)

Kal-El leaned back as he went over everything his father had told him, somewhat amazed his younger self had managed to do so much. Events had changed from what he remembered and yet thanks to the actions of his Brainiac they were still heading for war, he could feel it in his gut when he looked at his friends. Something was bothering him through and that was the slow progress of the black ship, why was Brainiac taking so long to get here now he knew where Earth and the fortress was? ‘No, something isn’t right there,’ he thought.

“Are you okay Kal-El?” Diana inquired from beside him.

“I’m just surprised Clark has managed to do so much, my memory of this time is bad. I made many mistakes and yet he has avoided them and taken events head on,” Kal-El responded.

“Thanks to your and Bruce’s plan, Kal-El,” Raya pointed out. “None of this would be possible if not for that. Yes, he has done much, but he still takes things that go wrong to heart too much,” she informed him.

“That is no surprise Raya,” he said with a smile as he looked at her. “It used to be one of my biggest weaknesses,” he continued. “I thought so much was my fault and it led me to make many mistakes. That changed as I grew thanks to you and others I met like J'onn,” he told her. “Still when I vanish you will have to watch for it in the future as it can be dangerous,” he warned them both to which they nodded.

“How long do you believe you will be here?” Diana asked.

“That depends on Clark and on his determination to use me to fight this war that has not yet happened, then again this attack you mentioned may have triggered all of his repressed fear, anger and hate into something he could not control or understand and created me to protect him until he could regain control of himself,” Kal-El wondered.

“Anything is possible my son,” Jor-El said as he interrupted them. “I think your idea has some merit as to what had happened to cause this,” he added. “However I think it is pointless to continue to speculate on this and focus on other things,” he continued

“Such as father?” Kal-El asked finding it hard to put aside his hatred for his real father, no matter what he had been told.

“Stopping Luthor from building his army, we have caused him large setbacks in destroying two of his labs. Now I suggest we hit some more while he is distracted,” Jor-El answered.

“Agreed father,” Kal-El said before he summoned the rest of the group and began to plan for an assault on three more of the labs, one by just him and Diana, the second led by Bruce and the third by Oliver.

The group was shocked at the military type planning Kal-El was showing before it was rammed home just how much a soldier Clark had become and it showed them all what they too must have become like in the future, it was a sobering thought to them all. As the planning progressed Martha tried to protest when Kal-El put Isobel in one of the teams only to be quieted by Lana who assured her Isobel would not let anything happen to her. Chloe was put on another to hack into the systems and shut down their security. While Chloe was nervous at this she nodded and accepted the order and a part of her was really pleased to be involved.

“Don’t worry Chloe, I’ll watch your back,” Bart promised her with a smile, which caused Chloe to blush.

“As long as that’s all you do Bart, remember this is serious,” Oliver couldn’t help but rub it in and causing a few laughs around the table.

“Okay is everyone clear on the plans?” Kal-El asked and when everyone nodded they all prepared to leave. “Dax-Ur, do us a favor and run an entire sensor sweep of the black ship. I think something is off about it, I just can’t put my finger on it,” he said turning to the scientist.

“I will Kal-El, good luck to you all,” Dax-Ur replied as Talia kissed Bruce for luck just behind him before he and everyone else vanished.


(Lex’s Jet)

Lex listened as Jackson reported that two of his 33.1 labs had been utterly destroyed and all the data in the computers had been fried when the computer core, as well as its backup, was blown up. Lex’s hand went white as he clutched his phone tightly as Jackson went on to say all the security cameras and footage had also been destroyed so they had no idea who had struck them as the guards as well as the meteor freaks they had contained had been arrested or sent to Bellview and he almost screamed in rage. The only thing that calmed him slightly was the fact Jackson had managed to lead the mission to kill the men who had been captured during the attempt to kill Clark and capture Lana and succeeded without tipping off the sheriff that anything was wrong.

His anger was quickly roused again as Jackson reported the sheriff seemed intent on arresting him the minute she saw him after going to see his father and he wondered what the old fool had told her before dismissing it as unimportant before hanging up. Things were quickly heating up, but he was sure he was still in control as he placed his hand on the box that contained the three stones of power, unaware he was watched by something on the plane.


(33.1 lab underneath Smallville)

Diana easily knocked the guard unconscious as he tried to shoot her and she shook her head at how poorly trained these guards seemed to be. She turned to see Kal-El engaged in combat with three meteor infected people who like the ones they had encountered before seemed to be insane from whatever Luthor had done to them. She had decided to stay back and deal with the human guards so Kal-El could work off his anger on the meteor freaks without concern as they were a very real threat. She looked around and located the computer core and quickly destroyed it before going to look for its backup system as well as the security station.

Kal-El wailed on the meteor freaks with all the power he could muster, he had no restraint no desire to stop until these things were dealt with. He lashed out with his heat vision burning through the tallest of the group killing him, while the smallest managed to catch him on the side with a silver spike he seemed to be able to create, but he easily removed it and rammed it into the man’s gut before turning to face the last of them who had stepped back from him before he snarled and charged him. He easily intercepted him and twisted his arm, causing the man to cry out before he grabbed his head and twisted sharply and let him fall dead before walking away.

He watched as Diana came back down the corridor she had previously gone down smiling at him and he found it hard not to stare at her beauty. He had always thought she was a great looking woman, but right now she looked like a goddess and he couldn’t stop himself from moving forward with the intent of finally acting on his feelings for her. His iron will seemed to be absent and he wondered if this being Clark’s body had something to do with his lack of control in this area. He swept Diana to him and kissed her as hard and as forceful as he could. She resisted for a few seconds before she settled against him and began to return the passion of the kiss he had started. When they broke it they stared at one another for a few minutes before breaking apart.

“That wasn’t just me, I think that was Clark as well. I think his feelings towards you combined with mine eroded my control and my will to keep you at a distance,” Kal-El stated with a slightly troubled look.

“You need not keep yourself at a distance Kal-El as in the time I have known you I have learned just what it is that drives you and I find it is just like what drives myself, we are the same no matter what form you maybe in. I’m yours and I will remain yours no matter what and I’m sure had you confessed to my future self she would have told you the same thing,” Diana responded with a gentle smile before darting forward and kissing him again, lost in the emotion of the moment.


(Fortress of Solitude)

Talia was dismayed as she saw Bruce and his team return as he was been supported by Kara and was holding his side. She quickly rushed over to check on him as Dax-Ur had him lie on one of the beds so he could check the wound. Ra noted Lana was looking slightly off most likely Isobel had decided to use this as a way of continuing her training of the girl and Lana was recovering from what she had seen and maybe what she had just done during the fight. He also noted Nightwing and Jade both were sporting cuts, but nothing life threatening.

A few minutes later Oliver and his team returned and they all seemed fine, he noted Chloe was keeping close to the speedster and he wondered what had happened when another flash deposited Kal-El and Diana into the fortress engaged in every deep very loving kiss if Ra wasn’t mistaken, something he found almost amusing. He looked over at where Raya and Lana stood and noted neither seemed angry, in fact they seemed to have been suspecting this to happen.

“How did things go?” Jonathan asked as he tried not to smirk as his son was still locked in a passionate kiss with the Amazon princess.

“They had no idea what hit them once Chloe knocked their systems out,” Donna answered before giggling at the still kissing couple and she couldn’t wait to tell their mother of this development. “We didn’t come across any meteor freaks this time. He was working on something, but I’m not sure what. We copied his computer core before we destroyed it so Jor-El can check it out and see what he was up too,” she added.

“We ran into a bit more trouble,” Nightwing spoke up from his chair.

“What happened?” Dax-Ur asked.

“The initial attack went well and we seemed to be easily taking them down when Bane appeared and attacked us. Bruce engaged him and forced him back, but not before he was knifed in the side,” Nightwing answered with a shake of his head. “After Bane fled we had it easy and quickly destroyed the lab and locked up the meteor freaks they had once they were down,” he continued.

“And you Kal-El?” Jor-El inquired, but his son and Diana didn’t respond and continued to kiss.

“Excuse me sorry for disrupting you, but we are trying to talk to you,” Bart said walking over to the couple and finally after a few seconds they broke apart.

“You said something?” Kal-El asked with a small smile on his face which quickly dropped off when he remembered what had happened to Bart and his friends.

“I asked how things went on your end?” Jor-El repeated his question.

“We destroyed it and I killed the meteor freaks I engaged as they were all insane. There was nothing left of the people they were thanks to Luthor,” Kal-El responded. “Everything in the lab including the computer core and security footage was destroyed as we left,” he added.

“Cool now we are making some progress,” Zatanna said with a smile.

“Yes we are, but we still have to be careful,” Oliver reminded her. “How is Bruce, Dax-Ur?” he asked as he walked over to where Bruce lay with Talia by his side.

“He will recover,” Dax-Ur responded with a smile at Talia who looked very relieved by this news. “The blade didn’t puncture anything vital, all he needs is a day’s rest,” he added before moving away as Ra took his place, relieved to see his daughters chosen wasn’t going to die.

“Dax-Ur did you run that sweep of the black ship?” Kal-El asked as he walked over to him.

“I did and I found it lacked any real power signature, even with Brainiac within the ship or in a less complex form the ship should be showing some kind of power signature which I could read. I don’t understand it,” Dax-Ur informed him with a creased brow.

“Damn it,” Kal-El cursed. “Brainiac is already on Earth as is Nam-Ek and Aethyr. They left the ship and flew here and left it as a ruse to make us relax and take our eye off them,” he told them all. “No way would Brainiac just sit around and give us time to counter him, especially if he has all the knowledge of his future counterpart,” he continued.

“What the hell do we do?” Arthur asked worried how this changed things.

“We have to prepare to fight a war because if Brainiac has his way that is exactly what we will be facing very soon,” Kal-El answered as Raya, Lana and Diana all moved closer to him, while Chloe pushed into Bart until he hugged her and Talia placed her head onto Bruce’s chest and sighed as he ran his hand through her hair.

“I’m almost finished my chip which will reprogram Brainiac, but it will not be finished for at least another week,” Dax-Ur said, gutted by this news and at his failure to see it. “I believe we should move our families to safer harbors before this escalates any further,” he added.

“One question before that if Kal-El is right and Brainiac is here where is he and why hasn’t he attacked us yet?” Kara asked.

“He will be watching Lex, waiting for the time to strike. As for not attacking, he does not want to tip his hand to being on Earth,” Kal-El growled. “Go see to your families. Diana, Donna you best go and place your people on alert, things are going to get dark soon,” he continued. “I think everyone else who doesn’t have family should stay here for now,” he pressed as people vanished, including Nightwing who was going to get Alfred and warn others he and Bruce were close too. “Jor-El, summon Lionel back now. He is vulnerable no matter what and we need his help,” he said turning to the console.

“As you wish my son,” Jor-El replied.
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