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Time Wave

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Summary: Clark is hit by a mysterious wave of energy which gives him knowledge of the future and how to prevent a dark future from befalling him and those around him.

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Smallville > Non-BtVS/AtS StoriesRazialFR152989,34073344,7075 Jun 1022 Oct 13No

Chapter 26

Note: My thanks again to Hawklan for helping out. By the way… you really should visit his author page. He has quite a few fics of his own you should check out.

Chapter 26

(Lex’s Jet)

Brainiac observed Lex as he went about his plans unaware he was been watched. He almost laughed at how easy it had been to trick Kal-El and whatever allies he had pulled together that they were still in the black ship allowing him and Zod’s two soldiers to come to Earth and begin to plot how to bring Zod back. It wasn’t time to strike just yet, but soon very soon General Zod would return and this human would help make it happen.


(Madrid, Spain)

Jason entered the church with his nerves slightly frayed after everything he had been through in the last two days, but he was sure things would turn in his favor soon enough.

“Hello son,” a voice said from behind him. He spun around to stare in stunned silence at seeing his father who he had been told was dead, killed in a car crash.

“It this some kind of trick?” Jason asked, rubbing his eyes and was wondering what he had done to deserve this kind of shock.

“No trick Jason. I didn’t expect you,” Edward Teague replied. “Why are you here and what exactly brought you to this church?” he asked, stepping closer to his son.

“Mother was murdered on the orders of Lex Luthor. I was warned by Clark Kent, a former friend, to get away from him and he told me to come here, where I would find someone who could help me, but I had no idea it was you,” Jason answered as his father sighed and sat down at the news.

“And what were you doing with Luthor’s son?” Edward inquired, saddened no matter what had come between him and his late wife by her death.

“We were searching for the stones of power like mother told me to do. Lex has them all now I’m sure,” Jason answered just stopping himself from shouting.

“I told her that her quest for those stones would be her undoing and it seems I was correct,” Edward said with a shake of his head. “So what help do you require?” he asked.

“A place to stay and rest while I try and figure out what I’m going to do,” Jason replied, keeping any hint of wanting revenge hidden.

“Very well and then you can tell me all about it and this Clark Kent who seemed to know where I was even though I’m supposed to be dead,” Edward said and relented as finally his curiosity got the better of him and he led his son to the rooms upstairs after locking the church up.


(Lex’s Jet)

Lex smirked as the plane began its landing run. He was pleased that he would soon be able to remove Jason as a threat to his plans. Jason had money and power now thanks to his mother’s death, which meant he could hire contract killers to try and take him out and he wanted to stop that. He hid the container with the stones in his safe before getting ready to leave, finally the plane came to a halt and the door was opened and he departed with his guards.

Brainiac formed from the wall where he had been watching and walked over to the safe and quickly opened it. The locking mechanism was easily broken by him and he removed the box and looked inside and was not surprised to find three fake stones inside. So Kal-El must already have them, no matter these stones were going to help him take control of Luthor’s goals even more and he began to rewrite their coding adding his own. When Luthor merged these stones they would infuse him with the knowledge of how to find the fortress and access the portal to the phantom zone as well as make him trust Brainiac and Zod’s two disciples. It would also make him want to release General Zod who he would be made to believe would help him gain control of the world, which he knew Lex wanted.

He also added a real burning desire to start a war of conquest with his allies and the growing number of meteor freaks he had. Finally when he was done he put the box back into the safe and sealed it before he reformed into the wall to wait, knowing he was about to set things back onto the path which led to his future.


(Fortress of Solitude)

Kal-El stood in front of the control panel of the fortress going over what his past self-had managed to do once again. He was looking at certain changed Clark had put into effect such as the new costumes they were wearing as well as not only confessing everything to Lana and restarting their relationship, but he had also fallen for Raya. Something he knew he had once thought of trying before her death and now Diana. According to Raya his emotional ties to certain people had come back through the transfer as well as his memories, effecting Clark all the more. He had never believed such a thing was possible and yet the evidence was right in front of him, but at the moment it was not his main focus.

Brainiac was here on Earth and he knew with that information the war was closer than ever before. The world really did stand on the knife’s edge, only years earlier than it should have. The original thinking behind the plan had been that once the transfer was complete the time ripples would destroy the future before Brainiac could stop them. They had been wrong and now the world may pay the price of their mistake. He now knew why Clark had pushed him into being. He didn’t believe he could take on Brainiac and stop him in time before he did something that brought the war ever closer.

His past self-had done much, but he still retained a lot of innocence and a lack of killer instinct. The same instinct he had lacked when he had been told to kill Lex when he had been possessed by Zod. Clark was most likely afraid it would come down to that once more and like he himself had failed he feared failing as well. He could understand how the attack had brought all this to a head creating him, but he worried that by being here he may tip things far too much towards the war as well. He was a solider used to killing used to fighting to the last. He no longer had the hope of stopping the war like Clark and the others had. He stood and walked over towards Diana, Raya and Lana to discuss this with them as he believed they would have to keep closer watch on his actions.

Dax-Ur and Jor-El worked side by side to speed up work on the chip they hoped would stop Brainiac, both were very concerned by the realization they had been tricked by the A.I they had created, but they were not surprised by how smart it has been. They cursed the day they ever came up with the idea. At the time it had seemed to be the best solution to many problems on Krypton they just had not foreseen Zod corrupting the program into what it was today.

Kara was talking with Donna, she found the subject of the hidden Amazon nation fascinating and she was enjoying learning about their culture. However she could see Donna was troubled, most likely by the knowledge her island and most of her people were destroyed in the future and that they hadn’t been able to stop Luthor and his army.

She could understand this as she had seen many of her own people with the same look before she left Krypton, including her uncle and Lara. She missed Lara and she wished she could ask if there was a way to bring her replica online without freeing her father, but she knew they had bigger problems to deal with now and so she kept silent.

Jonathan and Martha were off to the side with Lois and were watching as events progressed, hoping their son regained control of himself soon, but Jonathan suspected that until this reached a conclusion Kal-El would remain in charge of his son’s body. He was in two minds about this as on one hand Clark would not have to take a life to stop the war from coming, but on the other Kal-El seemed to have few connections to him, Martha, Lana and the others he considered dead. Diana was the only one he seemed to fully connect with. Martha was deeply upset about all this, but he had assured her once Luthor and his allies had been dealt with that their Clark would return.

Talia remained by Bruce’s side as he recovered from been stabbed by Bane. She had listened as Bruce cursed his own foolishness in getting carried away and she was beginning to see how much Bruce had been affected by the message from his future self and what he had learned from Clark. She prayed he would not loose himself even more. They had a chance at a wonderful future if they could deal with Lex and his forces, but she wanted and needed Bruce to be there for that future to be realized.

Her father was off to one side talking with Lionel, Oliver and Arthur about their next targets, she worried about him as she knew he died in the future and she feared what would happen when they came face to face with her sister Nyssa.


(Madrid Spain)

Jason sat down as his father stood off to the side taking in everything he had said to him, a lot of old wounds had been reopened, but they both seemed to have come to an understanding somewhat. Jason didn’t think his father would do anything to avenge his wife’s death especially considering he seemed to have become a priest and if he was not it was a very good act he had to admit.

He was perplexed by his father’s interest in Clark and how he had known where he was, it was the same kind of obsession he had seen in Lex and Lionel Luthor and he wondered why everyone including Lana seemed so interested in a small town farm boy. When he met Lana she seemed anything, but a small town girl and yet when he had come to Smallville she had seemed different than when he had met her. He had watched as she tried to stay away from Clark almost as if she was afraid to be tempted being near him. He should have guessed it was only a matter of time before she gave in and went back to Clark, but he had allowed himself to be blinded by his feelings and hopes. Well he would gain his revenge on her as well as it became clear she had used him as a distraction from Clark.

Before he could speak again the door to the back of the church was kicked in and he was shocked to see Lex enter with his bodyguards. How the hell had Lex tracked him down then cursed himself for failing to realize Lex had a lot of resources to call on.

“It was not polite of you Jason to run, it made me delay some of my plans while I tracked you down,” Lex said. He looked over the man with Jason and was about to allow the priest to leave when he realized he had seen this man before, even more he had believed he was dead. “Edward Teague, I’m surprised to see you still alive, my father believes he killed you,” he added.

“Yes, that was the point,” Edward replied as he realized his hopes to see the traveler were finished as he doubted Luthor would now kill them both. “You’re not welcome here Luthor leave,” he ordered.

“No, I don’t think so. I came here to kill Jason, but now I have to also kill you and finish this problem once and for all,” Lex responded with a smirk. “But before you die Jason know I have all the stones and when you are dead I will unite them and become all powerful and I will gain the knowledge they contain,” he added.

“Those stones will bring you nothing but empty promises Luthor,” Edward spat in disdain. “You are a fool like many others who believe those stones are meant for them,” he added.

“And who are they meant for Teague?” Lex inquired, annoyed at the slight to his character.

“You’ll never know Luthor,” was all that Edward would say, determined to take his secrets to the grave to protect the future savior of the world.

Lex quickly grew bored of the conversation and he didn’t believe either Teague had any information that could be useful to him or his plans and so he nodded to his guards and watched with no small bit of satisfaction as they shot both Teague’s through the heart and then planted evidence to make it look like both of them were murdered for money before turning and leaving the church, confident he was now close to realizing his goals.

He got in his car and headed back to his plane intent of returning to Smallville and turning his attention to finally dealing with Clark. He phoned Jackson for an update and was incensed to learn three more of his 33.1 labs had been destroyed. He wanted to know who was responsible for this and how they knew where the labs were. He was shocked to learn that Bane had reported Batman was a part of the force that had attacked one of the labs and somewhat pleased to hear he had managed to stab the hero, although he doubted he had been killed as Batman was notorious for surviving things he shouldn’t.

This put a whole new picture on things and he wondered what in the hell he had done to attract the attention of Gotham City’s most famous vigilante. Bane also stated other costumed heroes had been there and he began to suspect they somehow knew what he planned and he knew of only one person who could and would have alerted them to his actions and that was Clark. This intensified the anger and hate he had begun to nurse against his former friend and he was determined that ones he got a hold of him he was going to make Clark suffer before he killed him and part of that torture was going to be make him watch as he took Lana from him as he was sure he could convince the girl that is was truly in her best interest to be with him.

He smirked at the idea, confident in his ability to manipulate the girl into believing his way of thinking, confident that he could make her turn on Clark if he gave her enough power and expensive gifts to forget her low born past. As they arrived at the airport he began to make his next few moves, with all these new players he would have to be careful and he would have to dodge the sheriff who wanted to arrest him, even though the people who had fingered him as the one who ordered the attack on Clark were now dead. He knew the sheriff wasn’t one to let things slide by her and even more she wasn’t awed by his money and power. She barely even liked him and wouldn’t let this go until she was satisfied.

He boarded the plane and headed for his safe, no longer willing to wait to merge the stones and he quickly opened the box as he felt the plane take off. He looked over the stones before he placed them next to one another and watched as they all began to shine with a bright light which intensified as the seconds passed by before three stones turned into one and he grabbed it not even waiting to check it for any type of traps, his lust for power was pushing him forward.

Brainiac watched not surprised in the least with Luthor’s lack of inspection of the stone.

Lex stood holding the stone and was now bathed in light as the knowledge Brainiac had downloaded into it went into his mind. He had also made sure the stone would give Lex a boost in strength and speed and help in the eventual possession by Zod so his body wouldn’t burn out so fast.

Finally it was over and Lex allowed the stone to fall from his hand infused with new power and new knowledge and he smiled as he saw Brainiac appear before him. He hadn’t known he was watched, but he knew he could trust this person who wanted to help him gain power.

“How do we take the fortress?” he asked, using the knowledge he now had to press forward.

“We wait for the right moment. Clark is most likely helping these new enemies in attacking your labs, so I suggest you move them to a new one and I mean a complete new one,” Brainiac answered. “Build your strength and when they attack one of your other labs strike the fortress. We only need to hold it long enough to free Zod. Then we can leave and they will be facing utter defeat,” he continued with a smile of his own.

“I like it,” Lex said before grabbing his phone to contact Jackson and put the plans into motion, pleased to have some more help.
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