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Time Wave

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Summary: Clark is hit by a mysterious wave of energy which gives him knowledge of the future and how to prevent a dark future from befalling him and those around him.

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Chapter 3

Time Wave Chapter 3

(Kent Farm)

Clark went over his new memories from his future self and his eyes widened when he remembered Kara was also on Earth in her ship, which was buried under the nearby dam. He also recalled John the Martian, who had helped him against Zod and the numerous escapee's from the phantom zone, as well as other threats alongside the Justice League members.

It would seem the more he concentrated the more he remembered from the future, who he had met and what had happened to them. He had made many friends, who like him had dedicated themselves to keep the innocent safe and stood side by side with him against Luthor and his army of meteor freaks and villains. Then the thought of Raya came back to him and he knew he could not leave her in the zone, not after she had sacrificed herself for him twice. He would have to go after her once he got the fortress up and running, which meant he needed to find the stones as fast as possible and the sooner he did that the better. He knew how to do it, but first he had to talk to Jor-El at the caves and so he stood and headed for the door. Lana was asleep, as were his parents.


(Kawatche Caves)

Clark walked straight into the caves making sure that no one was around, like Lex or his father, before he headed to the wall which held the symbol of his house.

"Father, I need to talk to you," he said raising the key and pointing it at the wall. "This is important," he added, hoping his father would answer. "I need your counsel, things have changed father and I no longer intend to ignore you," he continued.

"I hear you my son," Jor-El finally replied. "I know what has happened to you and how it has changed things," he went on. "Speak and tell me what help I can be?" he commanded.

"I know the future father and I am confused about how to go about averting certain things," Clark responded. "Whilst making sure some things do happen," he added with a sigh.

"Time travel always brings with it a very heavy price, as well as the responsibility to use what you learnt wisely Kal-El," Jor-El informed him. "What is your primary concern at this time?" he asked.

"Lionel Luthor has the stone of transference, however in the future when Isobel kills Jason's mother with the other stone it activates the other and somehow transform Lionel into a vessel, you will use to aid and advise me. It also keeps him from being a threat to me," Clark explained. "I need to know how to make that happen without killing anyone?" he asked.

"Gather the crystal of air and stone and activate both, it and the crystal of fire stone you already have and it will activate the crystal of water stone, as long as Lionel Luthor has it on his person it should be enough to trigger the transformation my son," Jor-El responded. "Is there anything else?" he asked.

"Much father, how do I summon the Martian Manhunter?" he inquired. "I will need his help to stop the darkness that engulfed us in the future and his advice," he added.

"You would need the fortress for that Kal-El and for that you need all three stones," Jor-El told him. "There is no other way and J'onn will not come unless your life is in peril," he explained.

"Very well father, there is one more thing I need to discuss with you tonight, concerning our family," Clark said knowing this subject was going to be hard, but it had to be discussed.

"How so?" Jor-el asked, not seeing what his son could need to talk to him about concerning their family.

"Kara Zor-El, my cousin, is on this planet father. She was sent here by your brother to survive the destruction of Krypton. She is trapped under the dam in her ship," he explained. "Her father has given her a blue crystal which holds clones of my mother and himself," he continued. "I need to release Kara and show her the truth that her father was evil and obsessed, with my mother help like last time if that is possible."

"This is troubling Kal-El, my brother was a very great danger," Jor-El said with a sigh. "I need access to your memories to see what exactly happened, but we need the fortress first. Concentrate on that first my son and then we will see what can be done for Kara," Jor-El promised.

"Very well father, I will need my full abilities to do this quickly," Clark said knowing he was taking the first step on the road to his destiny, even if it was much bigger than before.

"This will hurt my son," Jor-El said before a blast of energy came out of the wall and hit Clark, causing him to scream in agony as he felt the energy wash over him.

Finally after five minutes the energy blast stopped and Clark dropped to his knees, feeling drained.

"Go home Kal-El and sleep, when you awake you will have full access to all of your abilities," Jor-El told him. "I am pleased to see how you have changed and decided to take your destiny seriously," he added, before he went silent leaving Clark to pull himself to his feet and speed home, after putting the key back in his pocket.


(Luthor Mansion)

As Lex woke for the new day he wondered yet again where his search for the crystals would lead him and what kind of power they would give him. The small voice in the back of his head which told him they would bring nothing but trouble was ignored by him as it usually was. He had to be strong when dealing with these things, no matter what it cost him.

He was soon showered and on his way to his desk, only to find his father already there and reading a newspaper with a small grin on his face.

"Good morning son," Lionel said looking up at him for a minute before going back to the paper.

"Dad, to what do I owe the pleasure?" Lex asked with a sigh, wondering what game his father had up his sleeve now, as he walked over to his drink cabinet and prepared himself a small whiskey knowing he was going to need it.

"I came to warn you son," Lionel responded. "Genevieve Teague is back in town and she does not look happy. She is going to be a problem we have to deal with," he added. "Whatever deal you made with Jason will not keep him from obeying whatever his mother orders him to do, so be on your guard," he warned his son looking at him again as he sat at his desk .

Lex closed his eyes, knowing his father was correct in this, but hating to acknowledge it in any way. Jason and his mother were indeed a threat, especially when it came to recovering the stones and it had been clear to him that Genevieve Teague did not like Lana in any way.

"What do you think should be done dad?" he finally spoke wondering if his father had something up his sleeve.

"Keep an eye on them Lex, a very close eye," Lionel replied with a smile. Pleased that his son had asked "And should one come to talk to you do not turn your back on them, even for a moment," he added before closing the paper and walking out of the room leaving Lex to his thoughts.


(Kent Farm)

When Clark awoke he felt better than he ever had before and he quickly super sped to get ready for the day, finally coming down to the kitchen to find his parents and Lana already up and waiting for him.

"Hey," he said as he sat at the table.

"Clark, where did you go last night?" Jonathan asked, having come down to check on his son the night before, only to find him missing.

"I needed to talk to Jor-El on a few points, as well as get access to all off my abilities, so that I can find the stones quickly," Clark replied, knowing his parents would not like the idea of him trusting Jor-El.

"Are you sure it is wise to listen to him? Considering what he has done in the past?" Martha asked worried, as she always was when Jor-El's name came up.

"Yes mom," Clark replied with a smile. "All he wants is for me to be ready to save this planet, but I was so blind to it before and I refused to listen and it will cost us dearly," he explained to this parents and Lana who was listening closely. "In the future I saw I wasted years before I became what I was destined to be and because of that we were not ready to react when the war came," he continued as the memories surfaced, "I lost so many good friends or my future self did, including Chloe," suddenly Clark stopped, as he remembered another important fact. "Talking of Chloe, she knows about me," he said.

"How is that possible?" Lana inquired, wondering how her friend had found out and why she kept it to herself before shaking her head knowing exactly why. Chloe was very loyal to Clark and would not expose him, because it would be a betrayal of their friendship.

"Alicia showed her after setting me up. She was hoping Chloe would expose me so we could be together without hiding from everyone what we were," Clark answered. "But it backfired and all it did was giving Chloe a chance to prove how good a friend she really is. She kept the secret and finally told me she knew during the second meteor shower and afterwards she helped me anyway she could. I owe her a lot," he continued.

His parents and Lana looked between themselves as they took this information in. They were pleased to know Chloe could be trusted to keep the secret, but still uneasy that the knowledge could fall into the wrong hands somehow.

"I'm going after the third crystal. I'll be back soon," Clark finally said as he stood. "Now that I can fly it shouldn't take me too long to get to china and back," he added. "Lana can you go and see Chloe and bring her here?" he asked.

"No problem Clark," Lana said with a nod as she walked out followed by the Kent's, as Clark seemed to launch himself into the air and vanished very fast.

"Wow" she said, awed by Clark's powers before looking at the Kent's, who also looked awed. "Has he ever flown before?" she asked.

"Only once and at that time he was Kal," Martha replied, looking back at Lana. "Jonathan was in the hospital so he couldn't see it, but I did," she added with a small smile.

"I'll be back soon with Chloe," Lana said, as she grabbed her jacket and car keys and headed for her jeep, wondering what Clark was going to say to their friend when he got back.


(Teague House)

Jason watched his mother walk up and down his living room, berating him yet again for his failure to keep Lana and through her Isobel close and under control. He knew his mother had a temper, but this was beginning to get on his nerves and finally he snapped.

"Mother instead of shouting at me, why don't we just track the stones ourselves instead of using Lana?" he shouted at her, almost causing a look of shock to appear on her face.

"We have been trying that for years Jason, as you well know," his mother hissed. "The Luthor's have the map which leads to one of the stones, although they still cannot understand it and I am sure they have at least one of the stones in their possession," she told him with a glare. "When you go back to the mansion I want you to see what you can find. Is that understood?" she ordered.

"Yes mother," Jason said through gritted teeth as he watched his mother storm out


(Kent Farm)

Chloe sat with Lana and Clark's parents, wondering what was going on and why she had been asked to come here if Clark was not around. Something told her it was important, but she had no idea what it was. Suddenly the door opened and Clark walked in looking quite pleased with himself.

"I did it, I got the stone," he said as he walked over. "Hi Chloe, thanks for coming and don't worry I'll explain what's going on in minute," he added, as he noticed his blond haired friend before making himself some juice and then joined them at the table.

"So Clark, what can I do for you?" Chloe asked beginning to feel a little nervous.

"I'm different Chloe and I know you know that, thanks to Alicia," Clark told her while looking her dead in the eye. "I know you'll keep the secret Chloe, because you did before" he added.

"What do you mean by that Clark?" Chloe asked, a little confused how he knew and what his other comment meant.

She listened as Clark began to explain what had been going on the last day or two, as well as learning the full truth of her friend's existence. It was a huge shock to learn that, unlike the meteor infected people in Smallville, Clark was actually an alien from another world. Which when she thought about it she found to be really cool. She also learnt why he had tried so hard to keep people from learning the truth, as it was never a matter of trust, but more to keep them safe from people like the Luthor's and Teague's and she let go of the little piece of her that had been really annoyed he had not told her the truth.

What really blew her mind though, was listening to Clark tell her future events and actions she had not done yet. Just how far she would go to help him and those others he called the Justice League to keep the world safe, although according to him they failed due to too many mistakes. When he finally stopped, she looked around and noted the Kent's were smiling at her, whilst Lana was just watching Clark which was no surprise, as Lana had already told her she had dumped Jason and gotten back together with Clark when she had come and got her.

"This is so big," she finally said. "Clark, how do we avoid what you know is to come?" she asked.

"By being very careful Chloe," Clark replied with a sign. "I know it's not going to be easy, especially because of Lex's obsession with me, the caves and the stones, but it can be done, my future self was sure of it," he informed them all. "We're not alone in this Chloe. Once I've gotten the fortress up and running I will begin rounding up those League members who are already active, as well as rescue my cousin and Raya," he continued.

Lana again sensed the undercurrent of emotion in Clark's voice when he mentioned Raya and she couldn't help but think there was an emotional attachment there, that Clark either did not realize was there or was trying to hide from her. Considering how honest he had been with her since this had all started she guessed it was the first option and she wondered what would happen should he succeed in rescuing this Raya from the zone which scared her considering what Clark had said about it.

"Clark, do you think it's worth the risk of allowing Zod and the other prisoners to escape?" she asked as gently as she could.

"Yes I do. Raya died to save me twice Lana. I owe her this and she deserves a life outside of the zone," Clark shot back, a little anger coming through in is voice. "I am not going into this blind believe me. I have a plan to get in without attracting too much attention and get out again," he told them. "You just have to trust me," he said with a little smile.

"And if those prisoners do escape Clark?" Jonathan asked, torn somewhat with this as on one hand he was proud of his son's determination to save this Raya, whilst on the other he was afraid something would go wrong and he would end up trapped in the zone.

"I can deal with them dad, as I did before and even if Zod escapes, as long as we have the crystal Raya has, we can stop him and return him and them to the zone," he answered. "Now I have to go to the caves and activate the two stones I have and hope Lionel has the third one on him so Jor-El can take control of him," he stated, before getting up and leaving the house before anyone else could say anything.

"Is it me or when he talks about this Raya is there some other emotion in his voice?" Martha asked.

"It's not just you Mrs. Kent, I hear it too," Lana responded. "I don't know what it is exactly, but I think he has some deeper feelings for her than he realizes," she added.

"It could be because she is a fellow Kryptonian and something in their DNA attracts them to each other," Chloe speculated. "Plus they are some of the last known survivors of their world, so it maybe some kind of obligation written in their DNA to try and repopulate their species and he can't do that with his cousin can he?" she went on.

"What are you going to do Lana?" Martha asked, worried that if what Chloe had said was true, it would harm Lana's and Clark's relationship which had only just got back on track.

"I don't know yet, but I can't get in the way of them wanting to save their species, but I am not willing to give up Clark completely," Lana responded. "We'll just have to wait and see what happens when he rescues Raya," she added, before going quite and she thought over what she had just said.


(Kawatche Caves)

Clark stood in the secret chamber, within the caves, looking down on the platform which held the crystal stone of fire whilst in his hand he held the crystal stone of air. He knew what he was about to do was risky, but things would be better off with Lionel Luthor under the influence of Jor-El, especially with what was coming. He placed the stone in its supposed holding and joined the crystals together and quickly backed off as both lit up with a bright light before he super sped towards the Luthor mansion, hoping to recover the crystal stone before anyone else saw it once the transformation of Lionel was complete.


(Luthor Mansion)

Lionel Luthor was looking out of the window of the mansion's living room, wondering what move to make next when he felt a spasm go up his spine before he cried out in pain and the last thing he saw was a white light from his jacket pocket before he blacked out and fell to the floor. No one in the mansion saw Clark, as he broke in using his super speed to help disable the electronics which powered the cameras and alarms before entering the living room and finding Lionel on the floor unconscious near the window. He knew he did not have much time so he quickly walked over and searched Lionel's pockets until he found the crystal stone of water and transference before super speeding out of the room, just as the far door opened and two security guards came in to find their boss's father out cold on the floor and calling for an ambulance.


(Kawatche Caves)

Clark reentered the cave's secret chamber with the last stone and hoped he had given it enough time to work on Lionel before he removed the stone, but he had not wanted to run the risk of Lex coming back to find it on his father where Lex then could hide it somewhere that he could never find it in time, especially as he had stolen the fire crystal stone from him when he had been transformed into Kal by Jor-El. He placed the crystal beside the other two and watched as they again all shone with the white light before they all floated into the air before joining together to form a new blue crystal. He knew it was the crystal stone of knowledge and the one thing he needed to create the fortress of solitude. He took a deep breath before grabbing the crystal, knowing what would happen next.



Clark looked around the familiar landscape before he threw the stone of knowledge as hard as he could and waited until the crystal stone seemed to come to a dead stop and ploughed into the snow. A few minutes later a deep rumbling began and he watched as the fortress began to build itself, just as he remembered from his future memories. He was smiling as he felt he had taken a step in the right direction.


(Kent Farm)

Clark reentered the house smiling and noted the others were still at the table discussing what he had told them. He didn't mind, he'd take any advice he could to avoid making a mistake which could lead to the dark future his future self had lived.

"The fortress is up and running," he told them. "That's the biggest step done," he added, as he sat back down. "Now we'll visit and see what Jor-El can come up with, to help me free Kara and Raya," he said, noting his parents didn't look too happy about being anywhere near Jor-El.

"Where exactly is the fortress, Clark?" Martha inquired.

"Same place as before, the arctic, although why it picked there I don't know," he answered. "Maybe because it's out of the way or because it was programmed into the crystals," he said almost to himself as he thought it over.

"Guess we should get some decent coats then," Jonathan mused wondering exactly what they were going to see and what this fortress actually was like.

"That's okay dad, the fortress regulates its own temperature and I've already told Jor-El to warm the place up for when we go," Clark responded with a smile. "Let's go," he said and whilst he quickly got up and left the others shared some unsure looks.


(Luthor Lab)

Lex looked into the room which held three of the meteor infected people, his people had so far located. One of them could jump twice his own height, one could light fire from his hands and the last could make people do what he wanted, which he had used to help himself gamble. He was looking for more, believing the more he studied them the more ways he could learn to fight them, as well as maybe unlocking the secret that was his friend Clark Kent. He turned and exited the corridor, looking for his head scientist wondering what news he had on their experiments.


(Fortress of Solitude)

Clark watched in amusement, as his parents, Chloe and Lana looked around the fortress in awe and surprise. He could remember events from his future self, where these people had visited the fortress bar his dad and the one that gave him the greatest pain was the day that happened twice and Lana died, only for him to turn back time and save her, only to lose his father instead. He closed his eyes and blocked the images of that day out as much as he could, before opening them again. Privately swearing he would do everything possible to stop that day from coming true.

"This is amazing Clark," Lana said, still in shock at seeing such a lovely structure which was like nothing else on Earth. "Is this really what you're homeworld was like?" she asked.

"Not all of it," Jor-El was the one who answered, finally speaking up. "We had great lakes like yours and gardens and forests," he added. "I welcome you all. I know, to the Kent's I have not exactly been helpful, but things have changed and we are no longer at cross purposes," he continued.

"We'll see, Jor-El," Jonathan responded, not exactly willing to trust the spirit so easily.

"Father, I would like to introduce my best friend Chloe and my girlfriend Lana," Clark said, hoping his parents and Jor-El could learn to get along in the future.

"I am pleased to meet you both, having viewed Clark's implanted memories of the future I know both of you will be of great help in averting the destruction that may yet still come," Jor-El responded. "Your loyalty to my son is pleasing and I know his mother would have been very pleased to know he had such good friends," he added, causing both Lana and Chloe to smile, pleased by this.

"Father, have you worked out a way to show Kara the truth about Zor-El?" Clark asked, hoping to rescue his cousin as quickly as possible.

"I am afraid not yet, Kal-El, but I am working on it, now that I know the circumstances surrounding her," Jor-El answered. "My main concern Kal-El is the ease with which you used the blue crystal, once you heard your mother's voice and I am wondering if Zor-El placed some kind of device which lowers your defenses on it," he added. "He was very smart and he would have done anything to ensure the crystal was activated," he warned his son.

The others all stayed silent, having already listened to Clark explain the events surrounding his cousin, his uncle and mother and none of them knew how to help, so they just listened.

"Then I will leave you to work on it, but we can summon J'onn now and I want to enter the zone to rescue Raya," Clark said, knowing eventually his father would think of something to help Kara.

"Kal-El entering the zone at this time is very dangerous, especially as you will be powerless," Jor-El said in response.

"I have to agree Clark," Jonathan said, still not liking this, but knowing in his heart that nothing would stop his son from entering the zone.

"I know, believe me I know the dangers," Clark said. "But I have to get Raya out of the zone. She deserves no less than my best effort after what she did for me last time," he added heatedly.

Lana and Chloe both shared a look at this, seeing once again the change in Clark when he spoke about Raya. They wondered what would happen if Clark was successful in rescuing Raya.

"Very well Kal-El, if you are determined to rescue Raya I will open the portal, but be very careful my son, this will not be easy especially as Zod himself is in there," Jor-El relented.

Lana quickly walked over and kissed Clark, knowing there was a slim chance she may not see him again. She smiled at him, as a portal opened to their left engulfed in a purple light. Clark took a deep breath before charging into the portal, which vanished a few seconds later.

"Do you think he will make it?" Chloe asked fearfully.

"Kal-El knows what to expect in the zone, thanks to the memories he has from his future self. He also knows where Raya is located within the zone, that should give him a good chance," Jor-El stated. "We must have faith that he will succeed," he added, to which the others nodded.
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