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Time Wave

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Summary: Clark is hit by a mysterious wave of energy which gives him knowledge of the future and how to prevent a dark future from befalling him and those around him.

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Smallville > Non-BtVS/AtS StoriesRazialFR152989,34073344,7235 Jun 1022 Oct 13No

Chapter 4-0

Time Wave Chapter 4

(Luthor Lab)

Lex sat behind his desk going over the report the head scientist of the project had given him with a smile. Things were at last coming along. First he was pleased to know that somehow his father had fallen into a coma which removed him as a threat for the stones as well as leave him in charge of Luthor Corp.

As for the project itself they had finally begun to put together designs for a detector which should allow them to find other meteor infected people and he knew the first person he was going to try it on and that was his friend Clark Kent. He was sure the detector would show him that Clark was indeed infected and have powers which allowed him to do the strange things he believed he did.

"This is good news doctor," he finally spoke. "When do you believe you'll be able to start putting it together?" he inquired as he leaned back into his chair.

"Three to four months Mr. Luthor," the head scientist said a little nervously. "This is such a new area of research sir, that we are still unsure exactly how the meteors have such effects on people, but we are making progress on that and should soon have an answer," he added.

"I can understand that doctor, just make sure you do not let up and keep working until you have the answer and as soon as you can start putting the detector together do so. I'll want to test it as soon as possible," Lex responded with a grin. "Now if you will excuse me, I have to pay a visit to Belle Reve to see how my father is doing," he added, his grin growing wider before he got up and left, leaving the head scientist to slowly take a deep breath and leave the office glad to know he had not angered his boss during his report.


(Fortress of Solitude)

Lana sat next to the Kent's and Chloe as they waited for Clark to return from the Phantom Zone, hopefully with Raya, she was thinking about the things which were to come, although she knew Clark had not told them everything. There was much more for them to go through, she was sure, especially concerning her. She remembered how he had looked at her when he had awoken from the time blast. There was such a deep longing in his eyes as well as awe and hope that it had taken her breath away to see it. What had happened in the future apart from her allowing herself to be duped by Lex into a relationship? What else had Clark seen in that future which had made him look at her like that? She vowed to find out once he got back.

"You all need rest," Jor-El suddenly spoke. "I suggest returning to Smallville. Kal-El may need a while," he added.

"He has a point," Martha said reluctantly. "We don't know how long this is going to take and we all have other things we need to do," she added.

The others all nodded, even if none of them looked happy about it. They all got up and began to prepare to head back to the caves.

"Jonathan Kent, do not forget to remove the key from the platform in the second chamber. It would do us no good to allow it to fall into the hands of our enemies," Jor-El reminded him.

"I'll remember," Jonathan said, as he headed back to where they had appeared and closed his eyes as he felt the same strange sensation as when they had arrived wash over him.

(Kawatche Caves)

Jonathan looked around, as he removed the key from the very strange platform, knowing his son had other means to get back to the farm. They left the caves to find it was night time.

"Lana, Chloe if you want you can sleep over at the farm, until Clark gets back," Martha offered. "You both look exhausted and won't let either of you driving to far like that," she added.

Both girls nodded and smiled in gratitude at the offer, before following the Kent's to their truck. They were barely able to keep their eyes open, yet both still worried Clark would not make it out of the Zone and be trapped there forever, even after learning just what their friend was truly capable off did not stop their worrying.

They both knew there was so much to do if they were to stop what Clark said was coming and they both knew Clark would have to take many risks in the future, as would they and those who Clark would bring into this and they both hoped they were up to the challenge.


(Phantom Zone)

Clark hid as he changed his clothes for the rags he had managed to find. It would do him no good to walk anywhere in the zone with his own clothes, all it would do would be to bring attention to him especially from Zod and his followers. Luckily he remembered a lot from his future memories concerning the zone, as he had been sent here more than once by his enemies, so he remembered where he could find things that would make him look like he had been in the zone for some time.

He was finally ready after smearing dirt and sand over his face and hands and prayed it was enough to avoid gaining any attention from any of the other prisoners. He began to head to where he remembered Raya was living, knowing he had to be careful how he introduced himself to her as without his powers he was very vulnerable, even to someone he was here to help, who would suspect him to be a threat.

As he walked to Raya's camp he began to replay the memories from his future-self of his time with the young woman. He knew time worked differently in the zone and so Raya was still very young by Kryptonian standards. He remembered the few days they had together on Earth before Baern, one of the prisoners who had escaped the zone killed her. He closed his eyes as he felt a pain at seeing that fatal moment once again.

He stopped and sat down as he tried to figure out why he was so affected by this. Why he was so drawn to Raya as his future-self had been? He did not want to jeopardize his repaired relationship with Lana, but he could not deny a certain attraction to the woman, even if he himself had never met her.

He wondered what the hell was going on, his future self had never really thought about it, due to the pressure of dealing with the escaped zoners. He had a reason to ignore it and escape it, but Clark knew he would have to deal with it this time, if he wanted to keep his relationship with Lana going. He would talk to Jor-El about it, once he returned and had a moment alone. He sighed, before getting back up and continued towards where he knew Raya was.


(Luthor Mansion)

Lex sat behind his desk, drinking his whiskey and was thinking over the strange occurrence that had befallen his father. What had happened to put him into a coma? No matter how he truly felt about his father, he needed to know what had happened to him, especially if this was the result of an attack by the Teague's or someone else who was interested in the stones, he did not yet know about.

The doors to his living room opened to admit Jason Teague, who looked even more frustrated than he had the last time he had seen him. He frowned, as he wondered if he knew anything about what had happened to his father.

"Lex, I just got off the phone with a contact from china. He believed that he had located one of the stones hiding place, but it's gone and the site has been dug up," Jason told him with a frown, as he made his own drink, having already been chewed out by his mother for this and he did not want to go through it with Lex

"Did he say anything else like who may have taken the stone?" Lex inquired, frowning even more at this news.

"Just that he was somewhat young and maybe had brown or black hair, that's it," Jason replied, as he drunk the whiskey in one go, before facing the man. "Someone else is after the stones, someone we don't know about," he added.

"Maybe," Lex responded, frowning even more as he thought about the description, even if it was not a very good one. Young with black hair was a dead giveaway for Clark, but how could he have got to China so fast and then back again? That is if it was him.

"Lex, we have to find the last stone quickly, that way we may be able to draw out whoever has the other two," Jason stated.

"My father is in a coma Jason, whoever is after these stones are dangerous, so we have to be careful and not make any rash moves," Lex replied as he stood up. "There is something we are missing here and I think it's time I had a little chat in the morning with Lana and Clark to see if they know anything more about this," he told him with a smirk. "I think they are more involved in this than we know and considering that she suddenly broke up with you for no reason, I am guessing she's decided to work with Clark to recover the stones," he continued smirking, even more when Jason growled at this.

"Why Kent?" Jason asked, hating even thinking about the other man's name.

"I still have not been able to find what attracts Lana to Clark so much or vice versa, but it's been there ever since I met them," Lex answered. "But still you can try and get Lana back later, let's focus on finding the stones first," he added, to which Jason nodded in agreement, even as he had a brief daydream of beating Clark to a stupor.


(Phantom Zone)

Clark paused before quickly diving behind a dune, as two zoners ran past him, obviously trying to get away from someone and considering how close he now was to Raya's camp, he suspected that was who they were running away from.

He did not recognize either prisoner and for that he was grateful, as he did not want to come face to face with Zod or the prisoner who would become Bizarro. The memories of those two were very painful and disturbing. His weakness and foolishness were truly exposed during his future fights with them and he vowed to do much better this time.

Finally the area was clear and he ran to the nearby tent, which served as Raya's home and he prayed this meeting would go well. He came to a halt, as he entered the tent and saw Raya for the first time in this time frame and was almost blown away by the powerful wave of emotions he felt, at seeing here alive and well instead of being in her last moments in his memories.

She was exactly as his future memories showed him, with longish blond hair and startling hazel eyes. He doubted that he was in love with this woman because it was so different than what he felt for Lana and there was the fact he did not even really knew this woman yet.

"Who are you?" Raya demanded to know, a little unsure why she suddenly felt so strange. She felt almost as if a powerful longing was trying to overtake her, but why?

"Easy Raya, I am not a threat to you, in fact I am here to save you," Clark responded, stepping closer as much as he dared. "I can't say much here Raya, but I am a friend and I have risked much to come here for you. I need you to trust me for a little while and once we are out of the zone I promise I will tell you everything," he added.

Raya stared at the stranger, her feeling of confusion was mounting and yet she felt she could trust this person, she just did not know why, and how did he plan to escape from the zone?

She knew of only one way and to open that portal you had to have the blood of the family of El. Suddenly her breath hitched, as her mind jumped to the solution and she stared long and hard at the young man before her, barely daring to hope her sudden realization was true.

Was it even possible, that the son of her mentor was here, but how could he have known about her? There was so much that was unclear, but he had promised her answers once they were gone and so she decided to put her questions to one side and concentrate on getting out of here without being seen.

"Very well, I will trust you for now," Raya said. "If we are heading to where I think we are, we will have to be very careful not to be followed by Zod or any of the other prisoners," she stated as she gathered the few things she had brought with her from Krypton, especially her crystal, the last gift Jor-El had given her and the only reason she had survived this long in the zone

"I know, one thing I do not need right now is Zod getting out of here," Clark said with a shake of his head. "Hopefully, if we take the southern route, we should not attract much attention as so few prisoners reside there," he added, using the memories of his future self to plan the best way to escape this place.

"How do you know that? You sound as if you have been here before, but that is impossible if you are who I think you are," Raya inquired, a little surprised by his suggestion.

"It's a long and complicated story Raya, I promise once we are out of here you will hear it all, but we have to move as quickly as possible," Clark responded, hoping they would not encounter too much trouble on the way to the portal.

"Agreed," Raya said, knowing he spoke the truth before she led him out of the tent and began to run south, followed by her new friend.
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