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Time Wave

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Summary: Clark is hit by a mysterious wave of energy which gives him knowledge of the future and how to prevent a dark future from befalling him and those around him.

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Chapter 5

Chapter 5

(Kent Farm)

Lana looked around, feeling very confused as she found herself in the Fortress of Solitude, however she did not remember coming back here. She looked around and noted there was a strange purple glow around the entire structure, which looked a little familiar to her. She tensed as she felt someone appear behind her and she quickly turned to find an almost exact duplicate of herself standing behind her, just with longer hair and an air of confidence about her that she did not posses.

"Hello Lana," the woman said with a smile. "It is a pleasure to finally meet you, without the taint within me, controlling me," she added. "I thank you and Kal for freeing me," she continued.

"Isobel?" Lana asked shocked, wondering if this was actually happening or was she dreaming this?

"Yes and you are correct, this is a dream Lana," Isobel responded. "We have talked before, but sadly I was not myself. The taint placed in me by my enemies caused me to torment you in those moments, but that is all changed now, thanks to you and Kal," she explained.

"His name is Clark," Lana pointed out, unsure how to proceed, this was so unreal.

"That is his human half Lana, how he was raised, but he is a Kryptonian and that is what Kal represents," Isobel responded. "He will have to find a balance between the two in the future and you will help him, as I helped his ancestor, my husband all those years ago," she continued.

Lana remembered what Clark had told her about Isobel being married to his ancestor and that he had been forced to leave her, due to his responsibilities back on Krypton. She wondered what her ancestor had learned in her time, together with Clark's ancestor.

"I learned much from him Lana," Isobel said and suddenly Lana realized Isobel could read her thoughts, but as she went to say something she realized as they were sharing the same body that was not really surprising. "His name was Xan-El, although I did not learn that until after we fell in love. He called himself Alexander before that," she explained. "We had two years together, they were the best times of my life and after he was forced to leave I took it upon myself to protect the stones of power, sadly I failed," she said and Lana watched as her face conveyed the pain that thought brought her.

"It wasn't your fault Isobel. You couldn't have known others knew of the stones presence on Earth," Lana tried to reassure her. "I am sure Xan-El would have warned you of the dangers before he left," she added, going of what she knew of Clark and what he had told her about Jor-El during his time with her aunt Louise

"He did warn me many times of the dangers of being with him, as well as the fact that he could not stay, but I did not care, I loved him and that was all that mattered," Isobel answered. "Xan-El is a lot like Kal-El, especially his constant worry about helping people and the ones he loves," she told her with a gentle smile. "But unlike Kal-El he was raised to follow in the footsteps of his family. Kal or Clark if you prefer, does not know much about his real home or his people and that will change. You just have to be strong and stay true to your feelings for him," she advised.

"How did you do it?" Lana asked. "How could you marry him knowing he would leave you?" she asked again.

"Sometimes you can love someone so much you would be willing to do anything for them, even give them up or share them if needed," Isobel responded. "In time you will learn this Lana. I will explain more, when you sleep tomorrow, it is time for you to wake up," she added with a smile, before she the fortress and the purple light vanished.

Lana jerked awake and quickly looked around, noting she was in Clark's bed and she sighed, wondering if what she had dreamed had been real or some kind of wishful thinking. She guessed she would find out tonight, when she went back to sleep. All she could be thankful for was that if it was real that they had removed the taint from Isobel.

She thought over what Isobel had said and wondered at the things she had learned from Xan-El, and her mysterious smile, as she spoke her last words before she woke up. What had she meant by that? She sighed before shaking her head and got up to have a shower, as her mind wondered how Clark was doing.

She quickly shook her head ag6ain before getting ready for the day and joining Chloe and the Kent's, who were already awake and downstairs having breakfast. They all smiled, as she joined them at the table and she returned it, as Martha placed some cereal before her.

"Did you have a good night Lana?" Martha asked, as she drunk her coffee.

"I had a weird night Mrs. Kent," Lana replied, deciding to be honest about what she had experienced the night before. "I met Isobel, somehow she appeared in my dreams, so that we could talk," she explained.

"Are you sure it was real?" Jonathan inquired, looking up from the paper he was reading.

"I think so Mr. Kent," Lana responded. "I'll know tonight, she said she'd appear again," she continued. "We know for a fact that she is still inside me, all we did before was removing the taint within her. I do not believe we have anything to fear from her now. I think she is trying to help us and especially me," she went on.

"How do you mean?" Chloe asked, intrigued by this new development.

"Isobel's last comment seemed to be advice for the future. She told me she learned a lot from her husband about Krypton and I think she is going to teach me about it," Lana explained.

The others all exchanged looks between themselves, wondering what this would entail, but knowing it was Lana's choice to do it and they could all see that she had chosen to do it, just by the look on her face.


(Phantom Zone)

Clark jumped out of the way of the incoming phantom, just as Raya used her crystal to chase it away. He rolled back to his feet and cursed, knowing they had to be faster now, especially if that prisoner told any of the others about them. He looked around before following Raya, as she took off again. He knew they were close to the portal and all they had to do was keep going as quickly as possible.

As they turned the last bend he was relieved to see the portal, just as he remembered it. He looked back, but saw no one. He ran over to where Raya stood before him, next to the panel which stuck out from the portal. He took the knife Raya offered him and as he cut his hand he heard a horrible scream in the distant and knew they had to be quick, because the other prisoners would be coming hard and fast. He placed his cut hand on the panel whilst grabbing Raya with the other and watched as the portal came to life. Raya and he were engulfed in a bright light.

Two hilltops away Zod watched Raya and her companion leave with an angry snarl on his face. His body had long ago decayed, but his spirit remained just like many other prisoners within the zone. Had he known someone new had entered the zone he would have kept an eye on him, but somehow he had managed to avoid being seen by anyone, especially his followers.

He promised himself, that one day he would be free and when he found Raya and her companion he would make them suffer for this indignity, whilst wondering how they had escaped, as none of the prisoners could work out how the portal worked and none of them could capture Raya due to her crystal. He growled again before turning and heading back to his own camp waiting for his followers back in the real world to free him.
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