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Time Wave

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Summary: Clark is hit by a mysterious wave of energy which gives him knowledge of the future and how to prevent a dark future from befalling him and those around him.

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Chapter 9

Chapter 9

(Kent Farm)

Kal could barely keep the grin off his face, as he entered the house. The look Lex had on his face as he kissed Lana in front of him was priceless. He sensed a little hesitation from Lana, because she now knew he was a different version of Clark's personality, but she seemed to have known why he was doing it and obviously wanted to get a shot in at Lex as well, after what she had learned so far of the future.

He noted his mother and father were back, although his father was looking a little off from his operation. He noted Jor-El in Lionel's body also looked weary and he guessed he also had undergone surgery, so that his body could take the strain of having a Kryptonians powers.

When his eyes fell on Raya, he suddenly felt the same pull Clark had been feeling since the future memories had appeared in his head, only he was feeling it ten times worse and he wondered if the red kryptonite had weakened his resolve to be able to fight it.

Before he knew what he was doing he walked over and swept her into a powerful kiss, shocking the others in the room including Raya, he pulled back and shook his head.

"Sorry, I couldn't resist. Ever since Clark and I first saw you in our future memories, we've felt a pull towards you we couldn't explain, but when I saw you just now I couldn't resist kissing you and I think it maybe the red kryptonite, that weakened my resolve to fight the pull," Kal said, feeling he had to not get Clark in any trouble, now that they were working for the same goal.

"It did indeed Kal-El," Jor-El said. "Also as you are in control and are basically absent of Clark's human emotions and upbringing you did what was in your nature as one of the last few Kryptonians in existence," he explained.

"What do you mean?" Lana inquired, fighting off the surge of anger she felt at seeing Clark kiss another woman, as a) It was Kal in control and b) she had suspected something like this would happen eventually.

"Kal-El and Raya are some of the last of our people and it was long written into their DNA that should we ever face extinction certain instincts will activate, drawing them together until they mate, thus ensuring our race's continuation," Jor-El explained, noting the confused looks on some of the people's faces.

"So I was right," Chloe said with a shake of her head. "I guessed that might be the case," when she noted the Kent's looking at her. "They are an advanced race from what Clark told us, so it makes sense that they would do anything to ensure they did not die out, including altering their genetics," she explained.

"Indeed Chloe, it was one of the few plans we put forward, just before the war with Zod, in case the worst should happen," Jor-El said with a nod. "The fact that Clark has an emotional connection to Raya through the memories he gained from his future self, should make this easier for them to accept," he added.

"But what about his relationship with Lana?" Martha asked and glanced concerned at the girl she had long hoped would be her daughter in law someday.

"I knew something like this was coming Mrs. Kent, thanks to Isobel and I think she gave me the best advice on how to handle it," Lana said, after a few moments of silence. "I told Chloe I would not give up Clark, but I would be willing to share him with Raya if it came to that. I just love him that much and don't want to lose him," she added and looked to where the blond woman stood, still looking a little shocked at what had just happened.

Raya had not expected Kal-El to do such a thing, especially in front of everyone and she had not been able to stop herself from responding. Learning that he had been on red kryptonite had been a letdown, but hearing from Jor-El that Kal-El himself had an emotional connection to her lifted her spirits and gave her hope that they could pursue more than a physical relationship in the future.

Listening to Lana say she was willing to share him was a relief as she had not wanted to come between Kal-El and his chosen mate, even with the fact that neither she or Kal-El could hold out long against the pull, which she knew would grow worse as time went on. Knowing it was best to say something she quickly began. "I did not know if you were even aware of these facts of Kryptonian nature," she said. "I am relieved Jor-El explained them to all of you, including Kal-El, as I am sure he was feeling the effects of the pull," she added. "As to what Lana said I have no objections, as I do not want to come between her and Kal-El as it is clear they are deeply in love," she stated with a small smile.

Kal looked between the two women noting them exchange an understanding look and wondered how the hell he and Clark had gotten so damn lucky. He could tell Clark felt relieved to know about what was causing his desire for Raya, even as he admitted Jor-El was correct he had an emotional attachment to her that seemed to have been imprinted on him from his future self.

"I think it's time Kal for you to take that ring off," Jonathan said and shook his head as the twist and turns of his son's life continued to get more and more confusing.

"In a minute, baldy tried to get Lana to move in with him under the guise that she'd be better protected at the mansion," Kal responded with a grin. "More likely he was trying to separate Lana and me, so we would not get even closer than we already are. You should have seen the anger in his eyes when he saw us kiss," he added.

"Did you have to antagonize him?" Martha inquired with a sigh. She wondered where all of this was going to end, considering how dangerous Lex was going to turn out to be.

"He had that and much more coming to him," Kal shot back heatedly. "Remember I have access to the memories of the future as well as Clark and I know what Lex will do. You have only heard part of the story and what you have heard has been the beginning of it," he added. "The war that caused my future self to sent his memories back will show Lex's true colors and he will torture and kill hundreds and order the deaths of thousands more," he continued, his eyes showed the horror of what was to come. "He is truly evil," he stated.

Silence echoed in the room, as they all took in what Kal had told them and apart from the aliens in the group, they had a lot of trouble imagining the future they were been told about. Kal looked around. He was satisfied that he had made his point before he removed the ring knowing Clark would call on him again sometime soon.

Clark shook his head and he was actually surprised Kal had not done more to anger Lex, but it seemed even his darker half knew better than to push the man to far yet. He looked nervously between Lana and Raya and quickly went over what had been said, whilst he had been Kal and was relieved about what had been causing it, whilst he also was shocked that Lana loved him so much she was willing to share him.

"Lex believes there is a new group after the stones and it is they who attacked Lionel and most likely who intercepted his plane and stole the stone he did find at the beginning of the year," Clark said, bringing things back to the present. "I think we should do what we can to make him continue to believe this, whilst we gather our forces," he added as he sat in between Lana and Raya.

"Do you think Jason knows about this as well?" Lana asked and noted that she felt anger stir within her as she thought about the Teague family and she guessed not all of it was hers, but Isobel's as well.

"Like what happened in my future self's memories he and Lex are working together to find the stones, so yes, he most likely does," Clark answered. "I wish there would be a way to throw off their suspicions of us," he said with an annoyed sigh.

"Is there any way to duplicate the stones and make them think they've found them?" Chloe inquired, after a few minutes of thinking it through. "If they believe they have the stones they will stop looking at us and think that we are no longer important right?" she asked when the group looked at her.

"That's not a bad idea Chloe. It will almost certainly get Lex and the Teague's off our backs," Clark said with a smile at his friend. "Is that possible father?" Clark asked while turning to face Jor-EL.

"Maybe Kal-El," Jor-El said. "But it will not be easy," he added. "Kal-El maybe you should visit Dax-Ur and ask for his help," he advised. "I remember you met him in the future. He could be of great help in our cause and if he is reluctant to help, remind him that if the black ship comes to Earth so does Brainiac and then he and his family will be in mortal peril," he added.

"I forgot about him," Clark said with a shake of his head. "I've been trying to repress the memories of that year," he said with a shudder. "Still you are right. Dax-Ur is a brilliant scientist and will be able to help us a lot and I think he will help without to much prodding," he continued.

"I take it Dax-Ur is another Kryptonian who is on Earth?" Chloe inquired, very interested to learn there was another alien on Earth.

"Yeah he came here almost a hundred years ago to atone for what Brainiac did. When he learned of the suns affects on our people he was going to try and save the human race, but he gave it all up for the love of a woman," Clark explained. "Using blue kryptonite he settled down and even had a child," he added, as he allowed the memories of that meeting to finally surface.

"How did he manage that?" Lana asked, very interested in this because she very much wanted to have children with Clark in the future.

"Blue kryptonite basically makes us human Lana. It strips our powers completely and I guess make it possible for us to produce offspring with humans," Clark said while noting the interested look in Lana's eyes and guessed the reason it was there or at least he wished it was the reason.

"Wow that is amazing," Lana said. "Do you think you could get hold of some blue kryptonite, you know for the future?" she asked as confidently as she could. She had not doubts she would still be with Clark when all of this was over and done with and they were ready to start a family.

"I think so," Clark said with a smile of his own. "But that is something we can do for later, also we can use it to fool Lex and anyone else who has suspicions of us that we are just normal," he added, noting his parents exchanged amused looks at Lana's question. "Raya and I will go and visit Dax-Ur. We'll have to pick up his beacon which is buried in a time capsule in the centre of town tonight," he told the group.

"Is there anything else we need to discuss?" Martha asked, wanting to get Jonathan to bed so he could rest some more.

"Not really, I think the rest of you should go and get some rest. We will need it soon," Clark said. "Jor-El should go to the mansion and act like Lionel, so Lex does not become suspicious of him," he added a second later. "We'll be back soon," he added, bended down to kiss Lana, before he and Raya left the house, followed by Jor-El.
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