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Time Wave

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Summary: Clark is hit by a mysterious wave of energy which gives him knowledge of the future and how to prevent a dark future from befalling him and those around him.

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Chapter One

Time Wave

Beta: Hawklan

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters of Smallville or Superman they belong to the people who created them at the time the other characters belong to their respective creators.

Pairing: Clark/Lana/Raya


Set during season Four, Clark is hit by a mysterious wave of energy which gives him knowledge of the future and how to prevent a dark future from befalling him and those around him. He decides to act on the knowledge especially concerning Lana.


Chapter 1

(Kent Farm)

Clark sighed as he looked over the pictures from the caves and again thought about everything that had happened lately. He had lost Lana to Jason Teague and he had no idea how to get her back. He also had to deal with the mission Jor-El, his biological father, had given him regarding the stones of power and he was trying to get over Alicia's death, also. He walked over to the open shutters and looked out of them and wondered where everything was heading.

He looked down, as a red jeep pulled into the farm. Once he recognized it as Lana's, he wondered what she was doing here, considering the cold shoulder she had been giving him after the events concerning Alicia. He waited until Lana started to climb the stairs to the top before speaking, "Lana, this is a surprise," he stated as he walked over to the banister and looked down at her and drank in her features.

"I know, I've helped to strain our friendship even more when you started seeing Alicia again," Lana replied, feeling somewhat nervous, "I just couldn't understand how you could date her again, after she almost killed us both Clark," she added walking closer to her former lover and was trying to ignore the increase in her heart rate at been so close to him again.

"She was cured Lana. That was why she was released and I liked her," Clark tried to explain. "I can understand why you weren't willing to give her another chance, but you know me. I always try and see the good in people," he continued. "She may have been misguided and forceful but she wasn't afraid to express her feelings and act on them. I was beginning to feel alone and isolated from everyone since you've barely said much to me since you got back. It's like you've tried to cut me out of your life and it was killing me," he added. "I wanted to feel something other than pain," he finished as he turned away from her and walked over to the shutters and looked out.

Lana just looked at his back. She was almost crushed under the weight of his confession. She had never heard Clark being so honest about his feelings before and she couldn't help but feel his pain. No matter how much she had tried to shut away the love she felt for Clark, it remained within her and at the moment it was striving to break through and assure him he wasn't alone. She hadn't realized how much she had cut herself off from Clark since she had returned from Paris. Apart from the small stint when Isobel possessed her, she'd had little contact with him and the fact she had also accused him of informing on Jason when everything she knew about Clark should have pointed out that wasn't possible.

She realized she had been treating Clark very badly since she had come back in some half hearted attempt to keep her feelings for him away and all she had done was hurt Clark more than she could have guessed. She had always valued her friendship with Clark and yet when she had come back she had made a strange decision to stay away from him and strained their already rocky friendship. She was about to speak up when she noticed Clark suddenly back away from the shutter and turned to face her, she stopped when she noticed the look of pain on his face.

"Clark, are you okay?" she asked.

She watched as a gust of wind blew through the barn and suddenly she heard Clark scream as lightning and thunder began to arc around them. Lana was confused as to what was going on, but she refused to leave Clark. All she could do was watch as Clark was engulfed in an array of lights and picked him up off the ground. She tried to block out the screams she was hearing and inched forward before she was pushed backwards again. She had to blink when a burst of white light engulfed them both before everything faded. When she looked up again Clark was curled up into a ball before her. She quickly walked over and pulled him into her arms.

"Clark?" she asked scared, more than she liked to admit.

"Lana," Clark finally spoke, but his voice sounded rough and filled with pain.

"It's okay Clark. It's over whatever it was," Lana told him trying not to let on how scared she was about what had happened.

"I'll tell you later what it was, I'm so," Clark started to say before slumping unconscious into her arms.

Lana refused to leave him and sat back against the couch. She just held him and was surprised that he had said he would tell her what had just happened. When she began to doubt that all she would get was another lie she dismissed the thought and began to remember all the good times she and Clark had enjoyed in this barn and she began to regret pushing Clark away from her life since she had gotten back from Paris and she just hoped there was something she could do to fix it. She looked around and noticed a blanket on the couch and using her left hand she pulled it down and threw it around both of them and then settled down hoping Clark would wake up soon.


(Luthor Mansion)

Lex Luthor sat at his desk and was looking once more at the map he had found hidden in the old manuscript he had bought. He still did not understand how to read it, but he knew in time he would have the answers and then he could finally find one of the stones of power and knowledge to replace the one that had been stolen by some unknown person.

He still had no answers to how this person had managed to board the plane whilst it was in mid flight, especially considering the speed they were going at and then there was the fact that the door had been completely torn off the plane as well. He sat back and sighed, wondering just how many people were looking for the stones, not counting the spirit of Isobel, which resided inside of Lana Lang, the Teague family and of course his own father. As far as he knew none of them had the power to catch a plane in mid fight, remove its door and then basically summon the stone to them and vanishing in the blink of the eye.

He wondered if his mysterious friend Clark had any knowledge about the stones. Whilst he was still trying to get his friendship with Clark back on track, he couldn't help but wonder what it was that Clark kept hidden from everyone, even the love of his life. He couldn't understand it. It was because of that mystery that he had strained the friendship they had. Trying to solve that mystery, helped by his father, he had given Clark the key to the room where he kept all of the information, he had gathered on Clark, hidden. He stood and walked to his mini bar, he made himself a brandy and walked over to the window and looked out of it wondering how things would play out.


(Kent Farm)

Lana looked down as she felt Clark finally move, he had been out cold for almost an hour and she was relieved to see him finally showing some live signs. His eyes shot open and he stared at her with such a look of longing and loss that she felt pinned by his stare. Finally she broke away and helped him sit up. She watched as he slowly climbed to his feet just before he crashed onto the couch behind them again.

"Clark, are you okay?" she asked concerned.

"I will be, if we are lucky," he replied while rubbing his eyes.

"What do you mean and what was that?" she asked with a frown. "You told me you would let me know what it was," she reminded him.

"And I will. Just give me a few seconds, it's still a jumble," he said finally looking at her and she could tell by the look in his eyes that he meant it.

She sat back down next to him and watched as he shook his head and rubbed his eyes. It was almost as if he was trying to get over a painful event. She also noticed him shiver once or twice something she hadn't seen him do since he came down with a mysterious virus that had struck his mother before him.

Finally he looked back up and pinned her gaze again. "It's was a signal from the future. It contained memories of a future that hasn't happened yet and one I hope we can avoid," he finally spoke.

"Are you serious?" she asked shocked, as she could not see any sign of deceit from Clark "Who's memories are they?" she asked.

"I am deadly serious Lana," he answered, "And the memories were mine. Somehow I found a way to transfer them back through time to a specific point in my life," he informed her.

"What was so terrible in that future that you would do that?" Lana inquired seeing how serious Clark was. She didn't doubt him for a second, especially in light of all the strange things that had happened in her life.

"I've seen a war that will tear our world apart, helped along by a dangerous artificial intelligence who's master is an alien warmonger," Clark told her. Not even thinking of lying to her in light of what he had learned from his future memories.

Lana just stared at him with wide eyes, as she could still see not one hint of Clark being dishonest with her, which was a huge change for him. She swallowed and decided to see how far Clark was willing to go in giving her information

"Why would an alien be interested in Earth, Clark?" she asked.

"Because the son of his greatest enemy is already on Earth, he arrived during the first meteor shower which signaled the death of their home planet called Krypton," Clark answered. Shocked that he was willing to tell Lana anything she wanted to know as if all his fears had been banished by what he had learned from the future.

Lana again felt her eyes widen at the answer she had been given. Was it even possible for such a thing to have happened and yet no one knew about it? She looked deeply into Clark's eyes and could tell she was about to step into the world he had tried so hard to keep secret from her and she was willing to take that step because it was what she had wanted since the tornado's had hit Smallville.

"How do you know this Clark?" she asked as gently as she could, praying he wouldn't back out now.

"Partly because Professor Swan told me and partly because," Clark started to answer and trailed off as he tried as hard as he could to finish his sentence.

Lana watched as Clark battled with himself to tell her the truth. She could see pain and fear in his eyes as he looked at her. She could tell that he was fearful of how she would react to whatever it was he was trying to tell her and she began to see it had never been a lack of trust, that Clark had never confided in her, but his own fear at her reaction to the truth. It opened her eyes to how stupid she had been at believing Clark had never trusted her with the truth and how her actions had only hurt him by pushing him to face a fear that clearly terrified him.

"Clark, please tell me," she said. "I promise I'm not going to walk out on you," she added.

"You already have once, because I didn't tell you. The only reason I didn't tell you was that because Pete almost got killed by a dirty FBI agent who worked for Lionel Luthor, for the information you want," Clark shot back.

"It scared me to know that I could put you in that position if I told you the truth so I held back. Yet I still came after you at the airport willing to tell you everything until I saw you hugging Lex," he continued, "after I found out about Lex investigating me all that time. He said he was my friend and seeing him hugging you just angered me all the more and I walked away out of blind rage instead of staying and keeping you here with me," he finished.

Lana listened to his answer and she was shocked to learn how Pete's life had been endangered by knowing the truth and it made her reexamine Clark's actions all the times he had told her he was protecting her again. She felt small for doubting him so much when all he had been doing was trying to keep her from harm. It also made her see that Lex and his father could not be trusted, if they could do such things as threaten the life of a teenage boy and stab a friend in the back by investigating him.

"I knew I saw you at the airport Clark and I'm sorry for leaving you. I was running away from my own fears and my own feelings for you because I felt they were too strong," she finally confessed to a truth she had fought acknowledging since she had boarded the plane that had taken her to Paris. "I guess we both messed up," she added with a small smile.

"We did, but not this time Lana," Clark returned. "If we're not careful the future between us will happen just as it did from the memories I received and I cannot allow that," he continued.

Lana forgot all thoughts about Jason and their relationship as she allowed all the love she had buried for Clark come rushing to the surface as she gazed into his eyes. They were on the brink of pulling down the last barrier that had always stood between them. "Tell me what you were going to say Clark, let me in," she whispered.

"I know about the ship that landed in the first meteor shower because I was in it," Clark finally spoke. "My birth name is Kal-El, the last known survivor of the planet Krypton. I was found by mom and dad and was adopted by them. We have kept the secret ever since. Pete only found out the truth because he found my space ship in the corn field after the tornado hit," he added.

Lana leaned back as shock washed through her. He finally told her his secret and yet she felt no fear of him or the truth he had just revealed to her. He was still the same Clark Kent she had always known and loved and suddenly it became clear to her why he had so feared telling her the truth. It was because he had arrived in the meteor shower that had killed her parents and he blamed himself for that fact and knowing that finally broke the damn she had built around her heart, where he was concerned and she reached up and pulled him into a deep kiss, which he returned just as deeply. When she pulled away she saw the fear he had kept buried in his heart fall away and she smiled at him. "You were not responsible for my parent's deaths Clark. You were just a child when that happened and you couldn't have had any control over what happened," she told him as she grasped his hand: "It was just a bad coincident," she finished.

"No it wasn't Lana. The meteor shower was the death toll of my home planet. The green and red meteor rocks are bits of my planet which is why they have such strange effects on people," Clark reminded her.

Lana suddenly understood even more about what had kept Clark from finally opening up to her. She had on more than one occasion stated how things would have been better, had the meteor shower never happened and how the people with powers were dangerous psycho's and she berated herself for not seeing the little clue's Clark had dropped when he spoke of people's fears of being different. She had been unknowingly a part of what kept Clark from telling her the truth.

"I'm so sorry Clark," she said as she fought the tears that threatened to break through. "I should have listened more carefully and seen the look of fear in your eyes and understand the truth, but I was blind to it all," she added feeling like she had failed Clark and herself in not looking deeply enough.

"It's okay. We still have a chance at fixing all the mistakes we made in the past if you're willing to risk everything," Clark whispered to her as he laid his head against hers.

In that moment Lana knew she would indeed be willing to risk everything for the love she and Clark shared, because it dwarfed every other relationship she had including the one she was currently in with Jason.

She gave in to the desires she felt and kissed him as deeply as she could which he returned with fever, "I'm yours now and forever," she whispered in reply when they broke off.

"And I am yours," Clark returned with a small smile as they settled against each other.

"Before we go any further I better break up with Jason," Lana finally spoke after enjoying the short silence.

"Do it by phone Lana. There are things about Jason and his family which you don't know yet, but I will tell you later," Clark told her. "You won't like any of it," he added.

Lana looked him in the eyes and again noted the serious look there and nodded in agreement. She pulled her phone out of her pocket and phoned Jason.


(The Talon)

Jason Teague put his phone down and tried desperately to contain the sudden surge of anger he felt at hearing Lana was breaking up with him. He knew Kent had to have had something to do with this, but it just angered him all the more to know he had lost Lana no matter what plans his mother had for the girl. He had thought he had finally found someone to love him for who he was and not his family name.

He looked around the Talon and growled before standing up and walking out of the place knowing he would have to tell his mother he no longer had access to Lana or through her Isobel. He knew she would not be pleased by this turn of events, even if she would be relieved that Lana's influence would be removed from him and she could continue to guide him.


(Kent Farm)

Lana felt like a weight had been removed from her after telling Jason their relationship was over and she guessed it was because she had always been in love with Clark, even after she ran away from him to Paris and met Jason. She put her phone away and rejoined Clark on the couch and pushed up against him, feeling the same comfort she had always felt around him. She had missed it when she had been in Paris even if she had tried to ignore that fact.

"Clark what do you know about Jason and his family?" she asked as she remembered what he had said before her phone call.

"This is going to hurt Lana, so brace yourself," Clark told her and she nodded in understanding. "You didn't meet Jason by accident Lana, it was set up by his mother because of your relationship to Isobel," he informed her and shocking her into silence. "The Teague family was the one who had burned Isobel at the stake, because they were rivals for the stones of power. Isobel vowed just before she died that she would destroy the Teague family when she returned," he continued. "They arranged for you to get possessed by Isobel's spirit, but they underestimated her and Jason couldn't control or manipulate her when she took you over. Didn't you think it was funny that Jason knew where to find Isobel's spell book?" he asked.

Lana had listened to everything Clark had said and found she was shocked and angry that anyone could do this just for some ancient stones. She didn't doubt anything Clark was telling her, because she could see it in his eyes that he was been truthful with her, "The stones are that important to them?" she asked in return.

"They and the Luthor's think if they unite the stones they will gain infinite power and knowledge. They will be willing to do anything to gain that, including murder and using people for their own aims," Clark told her gently. "Jason may have had feelings for you, but he was under orders from his mother the whole time, to keep you under control and once you found the stones his mother would have killed you to end the threat from Isobel," he continued.

"What about Isobel, what did she wanted the stones for?" she asked.

"Ah, this is the strange thing and one my future self only learned four years after this point in time," Clark informed her. "Originally Isobel was looking for the stones to help protect them as a last favor to her husband, a man who vanished from history. Sadly Isobel was corrupted by a witch under the orders of the Teague family who thought she would obey them and again they underestimated her because Isobel killed one of the family and went after the stones for herself before she has been burned at the stake," he added. "What's really strange is, her husband was not of this Earth, but a Kryptonian as am I and as was my father who fell in love with your aunt Louise. It seems that our families are connected by something stronger than either of us knows," he finished.

Lana's eyes widened when she heard Isobel had originally been a force for good before the Teague's corrupted her, hoping to gain more power. She was also shocked to learn that Isobel and her aunt Louise had fallen in love and in one case married a man from space, "Clark, was Isobel's husband part of your family?" she asked when she went over something he had said near the end.

"Yes he was, which shocked my future self I can tell you," Clark answered.

"It's a shock to me to know the connections between our families go deeper than just us," he told her as he ran his hands over hers.

"I like it," Lana said in reply. "I'm also pleased to hear Isobel was not always so evil," she continued. "Why did her husband have to leave?" she asked.

"He had responsibilities on Krypton just like those that were forcing my father to leave Louise, although she almost convinced him to take her with him and most likely would have had she not died," Clark told her.

"But then he would never have met and fallen in love with your mother right?" Lana shot back. "Which would have meant you would never have been born and we would never have met," she continued. "I guess her death did have a purpose in the end and that was to ensure we could meet and fall in love," she finished.

"Her involvement with my father led to her death, but as you said at the time we learned about it at least they had the courage to follow their hearts and yes if she had gone with him I most likely would not exist, " Clark responded.

"Clark what are these stones really?" Lana asked after a few minutes of silence.

"According to my father, they are the combined knowledge of the twenty eight known galaxies. I was supposed to unite them when I came back from been brainwashed into Kal-El, but my mother stopped me. Using black Kryptonite to undo what Jor-El had done," he informed her. "Sadly I can't ignore their importance, considering they are Kryptonian in nature and what may happen if the Teague's or the Luthor's unite the stones before we do," he finished.

"We?" Lana questioned with a smile, liking the sound of that.

"Yes we, we're together in this right?" Clark asked hesitantly.

"Of course we are Clark, I was just surprised that you actually said it and it makes me happy that you can say it," Lana replied. "I guess we can't turn our backs on this can we, especially if those stones end up in the wrong hands?" Lana stated with a sigh.

"No we can't, but I promise we won't let our search for these stones take over our lives," Clark said with a smile as he kissed her. "Plus if we don't find the stones we'll bring about a second meteor shower down on us as well as some rogue Kryptonian's who will kill a lot of people and help push Lex deeper down the path of hatred that he's on," he told her gently.

"How do the stones connect to the meteor shower and these rogue Kryptonian's?" Lana asked.

"A couple of months down the road you'll end up with one of the stones and will almost be killed by Jason's mother in a big struggle. Isobel will possess you one last time and use the stone to kill her as she vowed to do, but by using the stone she will trigger the meteor shower and awake the rogue Kryptonian's who will come in search for me. Hoping that I will help free their leader from a prison my father created. I refused and ended up fighting them and sending them to the zone, but the damage they caused and the death toll was huge and you almost ended up being a part of it," Clark explained.

Lana felt stunned to learn Isobel would use her to kill Jason's mother, although it seemed to be in the act of self-defense, but the repercussions of this action really shocked her. She could barely imagine living through a second meteor shower, let alone facing people who had the same abilities as Clark, but who were more interested in killing than saving people.

"There is something else about Isobel you should know Lana," Clark told her as he let her digest what he had said.

"What is it?" Lana asked.

"Isobel's magic can hurt and most likely kill me and any other Kryptonian's which means she's a good asset to have on our side if we can remove the taint the Teague's placed in her soul," Clark told her.

"Can that be done?" Lana asked, surprised by Clark's piece of information about Isobel's magic being effective against those like Clark.

"Yes, but it won't be easy. It will require the help of my darker half and by bringing him into it we risk losing us, if they both take over at the same time and decide to do their own things," Clark told her with a serious look.

"Your darker half?" Lana asked.

"You've met him a few times, most notably when I ran way to Metropolis. I used the red Kryptonite to do it and basically what it does is strip away my morals and emotions," Clark explained.

"That explains why you've always acted so differently when you had that ring on you and also why you kissed Chloe when we were supposed to go out on a date right?" Lana said, finally happy to understand why he was different at those times.

"That's right, Pete slipped it on when he was infected by those parasites from the caves and it turned me into Kal," Clark agreed. "I really wanted to hit him after that whole episode because it set us back so much," he continued.

"I know," Lana remembered those events quite easily. "But it's all behind us now and we can shape out our own future if we are careful," Lana told him.

"I'm up for trying to remove the taint from Isobel, because if we succeed I won't have to fear of her going out and killing someone," she told him.

"We'll need some help from my parents and some green and red meteor rocks," Clark said as he stood and moved over to the shutters. "Then it's up to Kal to hopefully, for once, do the right thing," he added with a grimace.

"I take it that's what the green rocks are for? To make sure he doesn't do anything stupid?" Lana asked as she walked over and joined him.

"Yes, it's the only guarantee we have to keep him under control," Clark agreed. "We'll do it later as Isobel may try and take you over if she feels threatened by what we are trying to do," he added.

"She can come back?" Lana asked shocked, as this was the first she had heard about it.

"Sorry, I forgot to tell you. Yes she can come back, especially if your life is threatened," Clark replied with an apologetic look on his face.

"That's what happened when Jason's mother tried to kill you. Isobel took over and saved you both," he continued. "She also came back when our future selves went to china in search of one of the stones and your life was threatened at the time," he went on.

"I see. I guess in some way I should be thankful for her help in keeping me alive," Lana said with a strained smile.

"She had her moments, but don't give her too much credit, as that had more to do with keeping her host alive so she could continue to use her to find the stones," Clark reminded her.

"So when do you want to try this?" Lana asked.

"When my parents get back, I know we have both green and red Kryptonite at the house, so we don't have to collect any," Clark replied. "Still it's not going to be easy, especially with Kal involved," he added.

"What else do you know from the future?" Lana inquired.

"Stuff I wish I didn't," Clark replied with a sigh. "Things that will hurt us both, at least we have a chance to avoid those things," he continued.

"It's okay Clark, relax and tell me what you can," Lana said rubbing his arm to comfort him "Remember we are in this together now," she added.

"I know" Clark replied with a smile.
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