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This You Can Keep

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Summary: Connor moves to Virginia after 'NFA' abandoning the normal life Angel tried to give him. While there he meets the timid FBI agent Spencer Reid and feels an immediate attraction to him... (full summary inside)

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Television > Criminal MindsSlaughterDaughterFR1534,5311225,3605 Jun 1024 Jun 10No

Midnight excursions

Disclaimer: Read chapter one for disclaim. (the only characters I own are Helen, Geoff, and Ava. Oh yeah and Helen's cat, y'know if you wanna count that) =P

Warnings: Again I refer you to chapter one. Oh and did I mention language before? If not I do now.


Connor sighed, satisfied as he shoved the stake through the very last vampires heart. Watching through tired eyes as it burst around the sharpened wood, leaving nothing but ash behind as a barely noticeable reminder that it even existed at all. He was so tired all the time. Between his daytime job at the bookstore, and his nighttime excursions, he was severely lacking in the sleep department and desperately needed to catch up.

Concealing the stake on the inside of his hoddie, he left the dank alley deadest on returning to his apartment. He didn't want to admit it, but one constant reason sleep was evading him was his mind replaying the events of that one Friday night when he met Spencer Reid. He couldn't stop thinking about him. His timid demeanor, his gorgeous brown eyes- his seemingly flawless pale skin, the perfect pink of his lips-

No, he wouldn't think this way about him. Sure he was possibly the most attractive man he'd ever seen in his life, but odds are he would never see him again. And if he did it's not like he could ever be in a relationship with him- even if he did turn out to like guys. He was a normal guy, an FBI agent nonetheless, and he couldn't drag anyone into the fucked up world he lived in.

"So beautiful," Connor heard coming from behind him, the feminine voice startling him slightly. Turning around he saw a tall brunette in a long dark red dress, an old baby doll with curly blonde hair and a dress that matched the woman's, hugged with one arm.

"Excuse me?" Connor asked, arching an eyebrow.

"Such a handsome young boy, Madam Clementine and I always love a beautiful boy," she continued stepping forward, and Connor instinctually stepped back, unnerved by the odd woman.

"I'm sorry, is there something I can help you with, ma'am?" he asked, still taking timid steps away from her.

"Yes," she purred in her English accent, "But you can't give it to me now," she pouted, as Connor felt his back hit a wall and merely stared entranced as the woman cornered him.

"An-and why's that?" he queried, his eyes slightly wide once he realized she wasn't human.

"Such an eager one you are, poppet, but you'll find out in good time," she said, gently brushing her long painted nails along his cheekbone, "And so will daddy," she breathed out in a soft whisper before she retracted her hand and quickly ran away singing softly a lullaby that always sent chills down his spine as a child when his 'mother' would sing it to him, "Ruby lips above the water, blowing bubbles soft and fine, but alas, I was no swimmer, neither was my Clementine," he heard her laugh in the distance before she continued her song, "In a churchyard near the canyon, where myrtle doth entwine, there grow rosies and some posies, fertilized by Clementine,"

The last verse stuck in his head as he watched her disappear. He stood there frozen, his hand raised to touch his cheek where the vampires nails had been only moments ago. He'd never been around a vampire like her before, she seemed familiar somehow. Maybe that's why he didn't try to stake her. He didn't have much of a reason to- she wasn't threatening him, at least not physically, not really anyway. But since when had that ever stopped him before? Vampires were soulless, they didn't feel, or care about anything other than their next feed… well, most vampires that is.

He let out a long breath he didn't know he was holding and pushed himself off of the wall. Walking a little faster this time, he rushed towards his apartment complex, the last three blocks of his walk seemingly lasting forever.


"And your total comes to $20.01," Connor said after scanning the item their most frequent customer had brought up to the register. He collected the twenty dollar bill and the one penny, smiling as he bagged the thick book, putting the receipt in the bag with it. "Do you want me to carry this out to your car for you, Ms Helen?" Connor asked the elderly lady he'd gotten to know very well since he'd begun to work at 'Century's Books and Trinkets'.

"Oh no, Connor, you don't have to do that for me, I am perfectly capable of carrying this one book thank you very much," she said lifting it up like a weight a couple of times to prove her point, making Connor chuckle lightly as she did so, "Besides you look much too tired to do much of anything, are you sleeping alright, honey?"

Connor rolled his eyes at what his self proclaimed adoptive grandmother had said, "I'm sleeping fine," he assured her with a smile.

She narrowed her eyes at him frowning, her wrinkles deepening, "I know when you lie to me, Bluey,"

Connor sighed, how could he possibly lie to her now once she used the nickname she'd given him for his piercing blue eyes, "Yeah I've had some trouble sleeping,"

"Humph, well you should have told me that, let me write down some teas that will help you sleep," digging around in her big bright floral print purse, Ms. Helen finally pulled out a small notepad and a pen, clicking it open she began scribbling various tea names and other foods she seemed to think Connor would like. Grinning warmly she ripped the page out and handed it to him.

"Thanks Ms. Helen," he said as he stuffed the list into his pocket.

"What did I tell you about all this 'Ms.' stuff, hmm? You make me feel like an old hag, I'll have you know that I am not a day over sixty-five, just call me Helen," she finished, hands on her hips in mock annoyance.

Connor fought back laughter, knowing full well that she was nearing her late seventies, "I'm sorry, Helen,"

"Much better," she nodded satisfied, before hugging him over the counter and saying a quick 'goodbye', needing to rush home to feed her beloved kitten; Bunny. Connor watched her leave, his eyes shining with mirth despite the dark circles weighing beneath them.

Grabbing a discarded stack of books, he went to put them back in they're rightful place. He began alphabetizing them when he heard the familiar jingle of the bells above the entrance door indicating that someone had come in. Sticking his head out from behind the shelf, he saw that it was merely Geoff, the other employee.

"Hey, Connor, where are you?" Geoff called out, a coffee in each hand.

"Over here,"

Shoving another book where it belonged, he turned accepting the coffee that was being offered to him with a grateful smile, "Thanks," he said before taking a long sip, quickly drawing back after the scorching hot drink burnt his tongue.

He heard Geoff snicker at him, "Careful, man,"

Connor gave him his best 'duh' look as he asked, "Where have you been for this long anyway? It doesn't take thirty-five minutes to walk half a block to get two coffees,"

Taking the last three books from Connor's left arm, Geoff set his drink down, picking up where Connor left off, "There were some FBI agents asking questions around the coffee shop earlier,"

Connor snapped his eyes up to stare at Geoff, but tried to keep his posture the same as before, playing nonchalance, "Oh yeah, what for?"

Geoff looked at him wide-eyed, his green irises appearing huge, "Dude, didn't you hear about that lady, and little boy who were murdered around here?"

"No, what happened?"

Geoff shrugged his slight shoulders, "I'm not really sure, their not releasing much to the public yet, but you wanna know the rumors that are going around at my school?" he asked, glancing sideways at Connor's expectant face. Geoff was only fifteen though he looked to be around eighteen, his long dirty blonde hair nearly reaching his shoulders, his jaw and cheekbones very distinctive and defined. "Well," he continued, finishing off the task that Connor had started, "The kids at school said the murders were caused by vampires, isn't that insane?"

Connor gave a strained laugh, "Yeah that's pretty crazy… how did that rumor even get started to begin with?"

"The little boy who died was the younger brother of a girl in my English class. Her parents were away so she had to identify the body for the police," he seemed upset as he said this, staring at his hands as he wrung them, "She said she saw a bite mark on the side of his neck, two deep puncture wounds with the creases of other teeth imprinted around them,"

"I'm sorry, was she a friend of yours?" Connor asked, placing a comforting hand on his shoulder.

"She used to be," he muttered sadly.

Sensing that Geoff didn't want to talk about it anymore, Connor abruptly changed the subject, "So are you still dating that twenty-something year old woman?" he asked casually, making his way over to sit on the squishy couch near the wall.

Seeing Geoff's broad grin, he had a feeling that he still was. "God, yesss!" Geoff exclaimed, plopping down next to Connor, "Dude, she's great! The sex is amazing!" Connor choked on some of his coffee at this.

"Geoff!" he said incredulously, looking a little stunned, "Does she even know your only fifteen?"

"Well, no… and I honestly don't plan on telling her, we're going out really only for a good time, y'know?" seeing Connor's expression, he rolled his eyes with a sigh, "Don't give me that look like, 'oh, poor naïve Geoff is whoring around with an older chick and is going to get his fragile little underage heart broken,' 'cause y'know what? It's just sex and nothing more, so I really don't have my heart invested enough to get it broken,"

Laughing, Connor shook his head good-naturedly- after all he'd heard many details in Geoff's sex life, finding out that he was doing an 'older chick' as he'd put it, didn't really come as much of a shock.

"And besides," Geoff said after a minute, "It's not like listening about my latest hookup is so awful, I mean if you were dating and went out and had butt sex I wouldn't care if you told me about it,"

Connor blushed ten different shades of red as Geoff told him this, glaring pointedly at Geoff he said, "First off I'm bi, and I swear to god if you say 'butt sex' again I will castrate you, then what would you fuck that older chick with?"

Gulping, Geoff crossed his legs fearfully, looking sheepish, "Heh heh, sorry, I'll keep that in mind,"

"Good," Connor said with an innocent smile, returning to his now room temperature coffee.

It had been a well known fact around the bookstore that he liked men better than women. The owner; Ava Century told him she had known the day he began working with her. She told him she had the worlds most accurate gay-dar. Word had gotten around to Geoff who said he honestly didn't care what gender he liked, and eventually Geoff let it slip to Helen who laughed and embraced Connor saying "I knew my bluey liked boys."

Pushing himself off of the couch, he walked over to the trashcan next to the counter to throw away his empty cup. Feeling useless he began to reorganize some of the vintage, homemade, and rare jewelry Ava had brought in earlier that day. Hanging a necklace up on the little spinning rack, he paused seeing something that caught his eye. It was a silver pendant in the shape of a Victorian woman with a doll cradled in her arms.

Touching it lightly with his fingertips, he stared at it as the events of the night before began flooding his mind. Flashes of a woman in a red dress with an ancient baby doll supported with one arm, pushed it's way to the surface. Her nails grazing down his face, her lullaby that seemed to taunt him, the scent of a vampire-

He shook his head as if to shake the thoughts away, releasing the pendant from his hand. He didn't know why that vampire came to him before, nor did he know what she meant when she said, "You'll find out in good time, and so will daddy…" Who was 'daddy'? He didn't know but he had a nagging feeling that whoever this vampire was, he would definitely be seeing her again.

The End?

You have reached the end of "This You Can Keep" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 24 Jun 10.

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