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Summary: Sam's cellmate is none other than William the Bloody. In response to Challenge 5554: Operation Jailbreak.

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Supernatural > Spike-CenteredthegenuineimitationFR1811,550051,7586 Jun 106 Jun 10No

Chapter One: Cellies

Disclaimer: I don’t own Supernatural or Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Any recognizable dialogue was taken from the Supernatural Episode Folsom Prison Blues.

AN: Written by thegenuineimitation and ChelseaWinchester in response to Challenge: 5554, Operation Jailbreak. Hope you enjoy!


Sam and Dean were dressed in their ugly orange prison jumpsuits and given their towels and toilet paper before they were marched down to cell block B and shown to their new rooms. Dean walked into his cell and found that he was bunked with another Fish. His cellie was taller than him and in possession of a large amount of hair and several old tattoos.

“I call top bunk!” Dean said grinning.

“Pft,” snorted the other man putting his stuff on the top bed.

“Ookay,” Dean sighed.

He turned around to look at his brother who was being stuffed into the closet across the way. Sam was looking at his roommate a slender blond man who stared at him intently. He nodded in an acknowledging manner but the guy just stared. Sam shifted uncomfortably and as the doors closed Dean got the full force of Sammy’s Bitchface.

Sam examined his cell pointedly ignoring his brother’s apologetic shrug.


His roommate didn’t even twitch.

“Uh…I’m Sam, Sam Winchester,”

He had very blue eyes.

“So…what are you in for?”

Still nothing.

“Okay, I’ll just…”

Sam trailed off plopping his things on the top bunk and then swinging carefully up himself. The old bedsprings creaked under his weight and dug painfully into his back and his feet hung off the end of the bed.

“Greaaat,” Sam said to himself sarcastically counting the minutes until he could lay into Dean for suggesting this plan again.

Somehow Sam managed to fall asleep and started as he was rudely awakened by a loud siren and a voice shouting, “Open in B!”

The cell door swung open and all the inmates filed out quietly before lining up for the guards with their metal detector.

“So Sammy how’d you sleep?” asked Dean conversationally.

“Shut up Dean,” Sam said.

“My roommate doesn’t say much, how’s yours?”

“He just keeps staring at me. In a way that makes me…really uneasy,” Sam said.

Glancing over his shoulder he could see that his roommate was still staring blankly ahead although now he had focused his gaze on a
suspicious stain on the floor.

“Sounds like you’re making new friends,” Dean said wryly.

“Dean, this is without a doubt the dumbest, craziest thing we have ever done, and that is in a long assorted career of dumb and crazy,”

Dean rolled his eyes.

“Calm down, it’s all part of the plan,”

Sam snorted in disbelief.

“So Hendrickson showing up, was that part of the plan?”

“Yeah, guy moves a little faster than I thought,” Dean admitted, “Look all we gotta do is find this ghost, beat the sucker down then grab
ourselves a couple of teardrop tattoos,”

“That’s not funny,” Sam said grumpily.

“Dean what about this escape plan?”

“It’s a hundred percent sure thing; we wouldn’t have gone in if it wasn’t. I mean c’mon man this place has all the signs of a haunting. Y’know innocent people are dead, four so far,”

“Yeah,” Sam said skeptically, “Innocent,”

“You from Texas all of a sudden or somethin’ just cause these people are in jail doesn’t mean they deserve to die,” Dean protested, “And if we don’t stop this thing people are going to continue to die. We do the job wherever it takes us,”

“Look, Dean, just be straight with me, alright? You’re doing this for Deacon,”

“Damn right,”

“We barely even know the guy,” Sam pointed out.

“We know he was in the core with Dad, we know he saved Dad’s life, we know we owe him,” Dean said as if that should be explanation enough, and for Dean it would have been explanation enough.

Sam was more wary.

“Yeah, alright, but don’t you think he’s asking a little much?”

Dean sighed.

“We may not be saints, but we’re loyal, and we pay our debts. Now that means something to me and it ought to to you,” he said severely, “Look I don’t like it either, but Deacon asked us to hunt this thing down, so that’s what we’re gonna do,”

Sam subsided as Dean stepped forward and the guards swept him for metal. Once he was clear it was Sam’s turn. They proceeded down the hall and into the mess together and were quiet as the spaghetti, chicken and frozen corn was heaped on their trays.

Sam examined the spaghetti with distaste while his roommate chose a seat at their table and stared at his meal intently. Dean was of course wolfing his back like he’d never see food again.

“You know this chicken isn’t half bad,” said Dean.

“Great, finish mine,” Sam said shoving the tray in his brother’s direction.

Glancing over at the interloper Sam hesitated, but upon seeing that his roomie was no more inclined to conversation than usual Sam ploughed right into shop-talk.

“Alright, let’s go over this thing, Dean, spirit suspect number one is Mark Moody, right?”

“Yeah, psycho killer extraordinaire; Satanism, ritual murder, died in jail,”

Sam scowled, “You’re sure it’s him?”

Dean nodded, “Pretty sure,”

“Considering our circumstances we’re going to need something a little bit better than ‘pretty sure’,”

“Okay… I’m really, pretty sure,”

Sam exhaled in exasperation.

“Moody died of a heart attack, which is what all the victims in here died of and the cell closed right after he croaked, about 30 years ago,
when they opened it back up that’s when the killing started,”

“So you think the spirit was released somehow?” Sam wondered.

“Mm,” Dean nodded as he continued to eat the disgusting cafeteria food with relish.

“What if he was already cremated?”

“I’m guessing there’s something in the old block that belongs to him that’s keeping him around,” Dean explained, “Whatever it is we’ve
gotta find it and, uh… you know the rest, I’m done,” he said with a clap of his hands and a smack of his lips.

Dean got up from the table, leaving his tray. Sam looked down at the trays guiltily as he got up; feeling like he should be cleaning them up, then he glanced at his roommate.

“S’not right,” he said.

Sam blinked. Those were the first words he’d heard out of his intense roommate. Apparently the man was British.

“S’cuse me?” Sam said politely.

“S’not right, it’s the right color but…who are you?”



“What’s your name?”

This seemed to confuse the man because he started staring at him blankly again. Sam sighed and turned to follow his brother. Not paying attention to where he was going Sam bumped into a grizzled, grey-haired and heavily tattooed man.

“Sorry I was just…” Sam babbled trying to avoid a fight.

“Watch where you’re going,” growled the older man.

“Yeah, sure,” Sam agreed.

“Hey, he said he was sorry,” Dean said warningly.

“You talking to me?”

Dean bit his tongue on an ill-advised smart-ass remark.

“Yeah, he’s talking to you, he’s looking at you isn’t he,” snorted Sam’s roommate arrogantly.

If it was possible to lounge on a cafeteria bench the man was doing it.

“Trust me, let it go,” Dean added.

The older man raised an eyebrow but turned around and left.

“Come on,” Sam said relieved at the lack of ensuing violence.

“See, that’s how you’ve gotta talk to these guys, instant respect” Dean said grinning as Sam’s cellie made his way over to them, “Great work man,” he added.

“You were saying?” Sam said tense as the grey haired inmate brought over a rather large friend.

“S’not instant respect till you win a fight,” grinned the British man wickedly.

“Oh great,” Dean groaned.

The older man threw a punch that Dean avoided grabbing his arm and restraining him.

“We can end this right now, no harm, no foul,” Dean offered quietly.

This only seemed to enrage the other man as he broke Dean’s hold and shoved him off. Dean used the momentum to get both arms in a lock and he slammed the guy against a metal support beam. The guy stomped on Dean’s toes and Dean backed away gritting his teeth but rather than waiting for the guy to attack or circling threateningly, as the other guy no doubt expected, he followed up with a swift kick in the groin and a knee to the face.

“That’s enough,” snapped a guard.

The prisoners parted like the red sea before him and even Sam’s roomie lost his cocky grin.

“On your feet, Lucas,”

“Yessir Boss,” said the inmate fingering a split lip.

The guard took out his baton and poked it up under Dean’s chin.

“What’s your name?”

“Winchester,” Dean answered.

“Well Winchester, not a good start. Solitary,” he ordered, a younger guard rushed forward to take Dean in hand, “You too Lucas,”

“Having fun yet?” Dean threw over his shoulder.

Sam rolled his eyes. While Dean was being led away by the guard Lucas’ fat friend caught his eye, pointed, and made a slashing motion across his throat. Sam sighed in exasperation.

“Don’t worry, mate, I’ve got your back,” said the Brit cheerily, “Name’s Spike by the way,”





AN: Pretty boring first chapter, not much is different from canon.

Okay reader poll, which is better add in OCs or another crossover for romantic purposes. Any suggestions are welcome and appreciated.

Please Review!

The End?

You have reached the end of "Jailbreak" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 6 Jun 10.

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