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Before the Light, Comes the Dark

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This story is No. 11 in the series "An Ode to a City". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Apocalypses in Gotham sometimes have other than mystical causes

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batzulgerFR151311,97735311,6356 Jun 1016 Feb 11Yes


I remained standing in the rain until the first tweaks of the morning sun pinkened the eastern sky. The storm had said nothing more to me, and because of its noise, I could not tell if the stars had had any comments.

Returning indoors I encountered Clement on the stairs.

"What happened Dru? You're soaking wet!"

"Nothing really. I simply spent the night conversing with the storm."

"Did it say anything interesting?"

"Oh yes, there is an apocalypse of some sort on its way. Unfortunately it neglected to mention who was responsible, and when and where it would occur. Horribly irresponsible of it actually..."

"Should I call for help?"

"Oh no, we have some time I'm sure. Just invite Sir Jason, Bruce, Renee, and Kate over for dinner tonight...Mr.Osbourne and Miss Cassandra will be here already, correct?"

"Yeah Dru."

"Wonderful, you really are a treasure Clement."

I returned to my quarters and drew myself a nice hot bath. After a pleasurable soak, I dressed and headed down to the library where as expected, I found Harley reading.

"Mornin' Dru!"

"And Good Morning to you Harley. I trust Clement has informed you..?"

"Yup, incredible evil is comin'. Sounds like a familiar tune."

"It does indeed. Any suggestions?"

"From me??? You have gotta be kiddin'! I mean, all my trainin' is science and medicine...and of course mayhem, but that was more like a hobby actually...not mystic voices from a storm!"

"My dear, you should never sell yourself short. Both you and I know you have a first class mind."

She sighed and put down her book, "Alright sweety, exactly what did ya feel?"

I sat down, closed my eyes, and tried to make sense of my perceptual memory, "It started out by the wind feeling wrong. As though a single gust did not belong to the storm but came from somewhere else. Then another gust with the same ...flavour appeared, then another."

"So what felt wrong about the wind?"

"Well normally wind feels independent and free. These gusts felt enslaved. As if they were bound into servitude for eternity. There was a sense of age and power, and bargains made for peace, but broken by choice."

"And from that ya came up with an apocalypse?"

"Oh no! I saw darkness rolling in and a crushing oppression forming. But I received an impression that whatever was coming had tried before and been cast out or repelled. And now it was planning a different strategy."

"Ya want we should call Edmond and see if the Watchers know anythin' about this? Or maybe they know somethin' about previous attempts?"

"That's an excellent idea Harley! I knew you would have wonderful suggestions!"

She looked embarrassed at my effusive praise and stammered a quick thanks before bolting from the room. I then proceeded to the kitchen to obtain my breakfast.

That evening the large dining room was required for all our visitors. Bruce, Sir Jason, Miss Cassandra, Mr. Osbourne, Miss Emma, Renee, Kate, Harley, Clement, and myself. After the excellent meal, I rose and cleared my throat.

"As you know, I called this meeting due to a message that was delivered by the elements. Knowing this august company, I'm sure investigations have already commenced in some way, shape, or form. Have there been any results?"

Bruce and Renee looked slightly ashamed, then Bruce spoke.

"My sources haven't noticed any movement of new meta power players into the area. It seems that your visions tend to cluster around events that you will be in the direct confluence of. Therefore it would not be too much of a stretch that Gotham will be the crisis point."

Renee added to his statement, "I checked out some of the eye of newt set that live here. They haven't felt any twinges of changes in the flow of power. I'm sure Jason has more on that."

"Actually yes I do. I attempted to perform a precognitive rite and encountered a disturbing mass of possibilities."

"Disturbin' mass o'whozits?"

"Possibilities Harley. Potential outcomes of events not yet occurred. This mass was so entangled however that it was impossible to determine what any of these possibilities actually were."

"Did ya get anythin'?"

"Only that the disturbance will occur within ten to twelve months from now."

"Well," I spoke up, "Now we have an approximate time and locale. That is more than I started the day with at the very least. We also know that the usual sorts of riff-raff are not responsible. I contacted the Watcher's Council today and as a matter of form they are searching their archives for any prophecies that may allude to this situation. It will take them some time however to perform such research. They have also promised whatever assistance they can to resolve any crises that may occur. Until more information is found however there is not much we can actually do at the moment," the whole group nodded and or made noises of assent. "So, I propose that we continue on our specialities of investigation until we get more useful datum. Then we will have a starting point from which to determine a satisfactory resolution."

With agreement from all, my suggestion carried. After that the various night hunters left for their patrols with Bruce the last to leave.

"Dru, I've been meaning to ask you. The last time I was here in my other persona...When I left you kissed me. Why?"

I felt weak with nerves as he said that. It had been five months since then, and though I had seen him in both his faces during that time, never once had he mentioned that incident. "It seemed like the correct thing to thank you for your assistance...and your friendship..."

"Huh...I guess I had better return the thanks then," with that he leaned down and kissed me quickly on the lips before turning to exit leaving a stunned vampiress standing alone in her front hall.
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