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Mother May I

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Summary: Innocence and evil make life much harder than it has to be on expectant mommies.

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Chapter Seven

Chapter Seven

Piper opened her eyes and she was in hell. A demon worm looking thing tried to snap his mouth closed around her and caught simply air.

She started to run. Connor had to be close because the spell would have spit her out within a few yards of him. The earth shook under her feet and lightening storms split the skies, thick, threatening clouds blocking the sun, if there was one. And Piper ran, past demons and through thickets, because she could hear crying. Her heart pounded and fear choked her.

She almost ran past him. He stopped making any noise when she drew near and if he hadn’t gasped, she’d have missed his hiding spot. Instead, she spun and spotted bright blue eyes watching her through a thicket.

She ignored everything around her, crouching so that she was eyelevel with him, heart breaking with the fact that he seemed to have aged at least four, maybe five years while they’d spent half the night organizing his rescue.

“Connor?” she asked softly and he burst out of the bushes, flying into her arms. The locket pulsed against her heart and she squeezed her eyes shut, clenching her arms around him. “It’s okay. Mommy’s here. Mommy’s got you. Phoebe! Paige! Now!”

She felt the psychic echo this time and she wasn’t surprised when a portal popped up a couple of feet from them. She was surprised when a sharp pain thudded against her shoulder, sinking in and twisting. She turned out of instinct to see a man, the man that had taken her son, only he’d gone native and the arrow he was notching aimed at her.

“You can’t have him!” He screamed, verging on insanity, raising the makeshift bow. “He’s mine! My revenge! Mine!”

She turned and leapt, twisting so that her good shoulder would take the brunt of the fall and Connor wouldn’t get squished. It was her good fortune that she made it most of the way into the portal and Leo yanked them the rest of the way through before it blinked closed. She blinked pained dazed eyes at him, then disappeared.

Her eyes shot wide, gasping for breath just a few feet away and Connor scrambled towards her, obviously confused. “Mama!”

She clung to him as she gained her feet, wobbling a little at the lack of pain. “Shh. I’ve got you. Mama’s got you.”

“Ooh,” Phoebe said, reaching out a hand to brush Connor’s long bangs out of his face, only to yank back yelping when he snapped his teeth at her hand. “Yikes.”

Connor shifted burrowing as much of his face in Piper’s neck as he could and still have an eye free to watch the rest of the room. Piper ran a hand over his sandy brown hair and murmured, “That’s my boy.”

He was home and he was safe and they would deal with everything else as it came to them.

Author's Notes: End of the first Arc! There are 3, as far as I can tell. Stay tuned for And Destiny Does Donuts.

The End

You have reached the end of "Mother May I". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking