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Mother May I

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Summary: Innocence and evil make life much harder than it has to be on expectant mommies.

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Chapter One

Disclaimer: I don’t own Angel or Charmed. That’s Joss Whedon and Constance M. Burge. Also, Buffy characters might swing through, I don’t own them, either. That’s also Joss Whedon.
Author’s Notes: I write this one as it comes, so we’ll see it goes. Don’t expect constant updates. I’m telling you now, there’s the slightest chance that this will eventually become a multicross. Also, this is in answer to a challenge by Meraculas. Hope you enjoy.

Chapter One

Piper wasn’t sure how her being pregnant had triggered Phoebe’s own biological clock but the woman had become manic about everything baby.

“But Piper,” Phoebe whined, bouncing a little beside her. “It’s adorable.”

“The nursery isn’t even completed,” she laughed, privately glad that Phoebe had decided to move out as soon as they had vanquished the Source. The house had been both a celebration buy and a necessary separation from her sisters to allow her to properly grieve for Cole. Yes, she was right next door but if Piper had to deal with this kind of pep and jubilation all the time, things might start exploding. “We can’t buy every pretty little bit and bob we see. We don’t have anywhere to put it.”

“Paige has decided we can turn one of the guest rooms into a nursery and playroom, for when our adorable little niece comes to visit,” Phoebe said, the last half of that statement going mushy as she aimed it at Piper’s still-flat belly, drawing the attention of onlookers.

And since she kept her hands to herself, Piper just laughed. “Yeah, I’m sure it was Paige’s idea.”

Paige might have moved in with Phoebe to give Piper’s family soon to grow but she wasn’t nearly as baby crazy, except for protection measures.

Phoebe bounced. “It’s not like I’m not going to have children of my own, eventually.”

Piper snorted, checking her watch. “Well, it’s not going to be tonight and I’m going to be late if I don’t get home and change.”

A blonde bumped into Phoebe, her own belly far more distended than Piper’s, and Phoebe stilled, eyes closed and breath catching. Piper knew a premonition in progress when she saw one, so she set her hand on Phoebe’s arm and waited.

Phoebe’s eyes flew open and she turned, frantically scanning the crowd. “The baby.”

“What?” Piper said, startled, and settled her hand over her stomach.

“The woman’s baby,” Phoebe explained. “He’s an Innocent.”

“She’s not, but he is?” Piper asked, confused.

“She was there and then gone and everything was about him,” Phoebe said, shrugging. “I’m not sure he doesn’t need rescuing from her. She was…cold.”

They scanned the streets but finding one pregnant blonde after she’d been swallowed up by crowds was nearly impossible. And Innocents had a way of injecting themselves into the Charmed One’s lives until they got help. She would be back and they would do their best by her.

Night had fallen while they were out and Piper wasn’t surprised to see the light on her for when she got home. The bright flash of clothing huddled on the porch was a surprise, however.

“Piper,” Phoebe said, catching her shoulder.

“I see it,” she said, pursing her lips. She shifted the bags in her hands so she had one free and started up her walk, calling, “Excuse me? Can I help you?”

The huddle shifted, then stood, and Piper was only a little shocked to see it was their Innocent.

“I hope so,” she said, smirking, and chills ran down Piper’s spine. The woman’s face shifted into something definitely disfigured. Piper automatically lifted her hand to blast her, but Phoebe grabbed her arm, distress radiating from her. “I need you to get this…pest out of me.” The demon glared down at her stomach. “It has a soul and a conscience.” She said it like they were dirty words.

“And they’re affecting you,” Piper said, hand slowly lowering. She hadn’t said anything, but she was pretty sure she could relate. Her magic, lately, had been much harder to control.

The demon snarled before her ghastly visage melted into a normal, lovely face. Why were demons’ human faces always gorgeous? “Not that much.”

“Lie,” Piper said softly, totally sure even though Phoebe shifted nervously. “You’re not just here for yourself.”

The woman’s mouth tightened and she looked away before looking at them. “I think I’m killing him. I don’t have a soul and I think it’s poisoning him.”

Worry flickered across her face and her hands curved protectively over her belly. It was an instinctive move Piper recognized and some of her wariness left her.

Of course, then Leo opened the door, careful not to cross the threshold, and there was a bloody towel clamped to his neck.

“Leo?” Piper asked, panicked.

“I’m fine,” he said, glaring at the demon on their stoop. “We’re just lucky I’m already dead.”

“I’m sorry,” the demon said, shame then disgust chasing across her face. “I was so hungry.”

Piper was rethinking her decision to not just blow this bitch to hell when she winced and her shirt was so tight, Piper could actually see her baby kicking.

“Leo,” Piper said, resolve wavering. She looked past the woman to his dear face. “He’s an Innocent.”

His face flickered but the woman said, surprised, “It’s a boy?”

And that was a mother’s wonder on her face. Maybe even love and since Cole had been very adamant that demons couldn’t love, Piper had hope that it came from the baby’s soul. And any soul that could feel love was worth saving.

Leo seemed to agree because he nodded as he said, “I can donate until the Sisters find a way to help you.”

Piper wouldn’t necessarily have gone that far but she couldn’t exactly retract his offer for him.

The woman nodded, giving what was maybe a shy smile. “Thank you. I suppose I should introduce myself. I’m Darla and my son is the Miracle Child.”

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