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Xander Harris and the Son of Apollo

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Summary: After Buffy skips town after sending Angel to hell, Xander's life took a turn down monster-filled road. Unlike the previous summer Xander can't seemed to scratch his bum without a monster popping up. What is going on, and what is a half-blood? (S/X slash)

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Literature > Childrens/Teen > Percy Jackson & the OlympiansFateFR1837,8600228,0907 Jun 102 Aug 10No

Safe House Warning

Giles was astonished, curious and amazed. He had over looked one of his wards in a large and unforgivable way. The letter he had received was vague and spoke about camp half-blood, which Giles knew about. Xander was the son of a god, a Greek god. It did not make any semblance of sense; the boy had no powers or abilities. Polishing his glasses Giles stared at the single book that was known to contain information on half-bloods. Frankly, Giles was confused; the information gathered was sketchy and incomplete at best.

What he could gather from the book was that a half-blood if unaware of their status would be less likely to attract unwanted attention. However, when in their teens they would send out a signal to monsters. Which actually explained Xander’s horrible luck with the hellmouth’s residents? The camp Xander had mentioned was quite a figure head, a haven for half-bloods.

Giles took off his glasses and rubbed his face warily, when Willow walked through the door Buffy in tow. Giles stared and felt a jolt of happiness at the sight of his slayer. However, that jolt was quickly diminished at the lack of a witty remark from the absent Xander.

"Hey Giles." Buffy said weakly

"Hello Buffy. Welcome Home."

"So you and nig...Xander weren't on patrol, what is of the what?" Willow sat at the table and looked at Giles in question.

"Well it seems that Xander has been taken..."

"Then we have to save him!" Buffy snapped and stood from where she had just taken a seat.

"Let me finish. He has been taken to a place to be safe." Giles watched the questions flow over Willow's face before it settled.

"We can't trust this, we have to go and do the save the day thing!" Willow stood up, her face flushed.

"From the information Xander left me, he is a half-blood and hence has been removed to Camp Half-blood for training." Giles polished his glasses.

"And you just believed him?" Buffy said in a mocking tone.

"Yes, Buffy I did." Giles looked at his slayer with a stone expression.

"B-but!" Willow exclaimed.

"No, I have said that we will trust Xander to care for himself." Giles then snapped his book shut with a crack and went into his office.


Xander had fallen asleep and was leaning on Spike's shoulder. Though Spike thought it was, slightly endearing he could feel a puddle of drool gathering on his shoulder. Therefore, with a wiggle he attempted to wake the human up, but only succeeded in, not only spreading the drool around but also landing Xander's head in his lap.

"Oh Bloody hell." Spike cursed and looked at the boy in his lap. This was not a position for the boy to wake up in. "Xander, wake up!" he shouted which caused the boy to jump up. Xander was soon plastered on the other side of the car.

"What was that!" he squawked, pressing his back to the window.

"You fell off my shoulder, and I didn't want you that close to my cash and prizes." Spike said and smirked as he listened to the boy sputter. It was enjoyable to push the boy off kilter.

Soon the boy sat back in his seat, properly and glared at Spike. The silence in the car was tangible since the human would not let the vampire listen to the music he loved.

"How much longer until we get there?" Xander said looking at the bland scenery that passed by. He was tired of being in the same car as the irritating vampire, but he liked Tina the hellhound. Yep, he had named her Tina and she seemed very happy about such a normal name.

"Well, I'm going to make a stop at a safe house. We need some rest from the road." It was said simply without any snark the vampire usually spoke with.

"Safe house?" Xander stared at the blond in confusion for a second.

"There are a few demi-gods that open safe houses. They offer peace and safety to any who wish it. We are headed to one in Illinois. We'll be there in about two hours."

"How do you know where it is?" Xander looked suspiciously at the vampire.

"Took Dru there when she was sick. However, I cannot say the girls were happy about it. They didn't dare break the rule of hospitality." Spike had an odd smile on his face.

"So who are these...girls?"

"Well they are demi-gods, but from minor gods. Rose and Jasmine are the daughters of Morpheus and Victoria is the daughter of Hecate. Now mind you that is only a guess, they never really told me who they were children of but the evidence was comin' out my ears." Spike grinned. "But you'll see when we get there."


The house they pulled up to was normal looking. If you thought that large cat statues were normal, that and green flames. Xander stood staring at the strange statues in awe, didn't this seem a little weird to the other people living in the neighborhood?

"It's the mist, humans can't see through it." came a dreamy voice from the large stone stairway that lead up to the doors. Xander looked up to see a pale woman with eyes that seemed to bore into his soul. However, she swayed back and fourth as if asleep. The clothes she wore looked normal, jeans and a smiley face t-shirt, but she didn't wear any shoes. However, the feature that seemed to add a sad past to the girl was the scar that went from the left side of her lip to her right ear. Xander felt oddly drowsy and knew this wasn't any normal girl.

"Hello Jasmine." Spike greeted the woman happily.

"Hello, so now you bring a half-blood instead of a seer." She said seemingly pushed into awareness, her dark eyes taking in the situation. "Well come in, I can't have you stand around all day in the open."

Jasmine motioned them to come up the stairs and into the house. Though Xander sort of trusted Spike he was a little uncomfortable about going into some random house. Nevertheless, he soon found himself in the house, which despite the off-putting statues in the front, was warm and filled with the smell of food.

"Smells good doesn't it." Came a voice from the ceiling, and Xander jumped only to see a girl laying on a rafter happily. She was much shorter then the previous girl and had red hair the poured over the side of the rafter.

"Hello, Victoria."

"Hey Spike, come in!" She chirped, it was then Xander realized that Spike had still stood outside the doorjamb.

"Jasmine still doesn't like me does she?" Said Spike stepping inside and closing the door.

"She did not like Drusilla, and though we showed you hospitality as is decreed by Zeus it doesn't mean we must like who we harbor." Came another voice.

Turning Xander saw the third girl who looked almost exactly like Jasmine, except shorter than but not as short as Victoria. It had to be Rose, as he had already met the other two.

"Rose." Spike said curtly.

"William." She retorted and walked away in the direction Jasmine had disappeared.

"What did I do to her?" Spike frowned.

"Dru came back about two days ago looking for her dark kitten. That is you is it not?" Victoria said with a smile.

"Nah that's not Spike, that's me. She has a weird obsession with me." Xander said scratching the back of his head and neck.

"Oh well I'll clear that up then." The girl jumped down and landed easily. "I'm Victoria and you are?"

"Xander." He smiled.

"Interesting name, I like it." Grabbing his hand, she began to pull him through the house. "Food not bought from a convenient store is this way!" She chirped.


When they entered the kitchen there was a banquet on the table, and Xander even spied a steaming mug of blood on the table. Sitting down he looked around the room, which was yellow with runes around the doors and windows, and if he paid any attention, he would notice that every door and window had runes around it in the house.

"Please eat, make yourself comfortable!" Victoria said and looked at Spike who loomed behind her. "I'm going to go tell the twins that you aren't the dark kitten Spike and that Xander here is." And she was gone just like that leaving the two alone.

For a long while, the room was silent. Both of the inhabitants too engrossed in their food to really notice the other or start a conversation.

“We’ll leave tomorrow at dawn.” Spike said, breaking the silence.

“Okay, I’ll sleep in the car some then.” Xander said as if it was completely normal to leave somewhere at dawn.

“Right, then we’ll shoot straight for camp half-blood.”

“How long do you think that will take?” Xander nibbled a bit on the food that lay in front of him.

“Well about a day, but we’ll stop for your business.” Spike said and smiled slightly, but quickly covered it as a grimace at the blood he was drinking.

Soon the two found themselves being joined by the three hosts. Who grabbed various foods and placed them on their own plates.

“Excuse our behavior.” Jasmine said with a small smile.

“Its okay, pet.” Spike brushed the apology with a wave.

“We feel the need to warn you.” Victoria said quickly.

“Something dark is rising in the world, secretly people are choosing sides.” Rose said eating a bunch of grapes in graceful movements.

“It is not safe for you to stay in one place for long, though your hellhound deters many it will not deter all.” Jasmine spoke again.

“We suggest you leave after your meal. We will give you ambrosia and other food but it is not safe to linger.” Rose said already standing and grabbing plastic containers.

“War is bound to break out eventually, and it will rip at the half-bloods the worst. With your parentage it will be unsafe for you to stay away from the camp much longer.” Victoria said looking at Spike with a slight glare. “Alexander you will be judged.”

“For what had been.” Rose chimed.

“Will be.” Followed Jasmine

“And what is” Victoria finished.

“Hades is misjudged, and hated.” Rose said as she packed the containers full to the brim, having eight already full.

“You cannot let this consume you.” Jasmine touched Xander’s hand. “It is a flaw of the children of Hades to hold grudges and disdain.” Jasmine said in a knowing tone, and Xander felt that a story was behind that, and included her scar.

“Come now, eat your fill and we will get you clean clothes.” Victoria and the Jasmine stood, leaving the room with a hush.

“Okay, I am wigged.” Xander said after a moment’s pause.

“I’ll protect you and don’t forget Tina, you aren’t alone.” Spike said looking at the now ashen teen. Sipping his mug Spike looked at the teen who was attempting to eat. He felt his demon purr happily at the sight. Angelus had given him the boy, though he had wanted to take him and run he refused. He supposed now it was the boy’s father pulling those strings against him, Hades had after all granted him the ability to continue his unlife.

“It is time to go.” Victoria said as she walked back into the room clothing in her hands. “Go change and we will send you off.”

Spike nodded and got up, taking the bundle, she handed him and went into the bathroom.

“What’s the rush?” Xander asked as she was shown a bathroom upstairs.

“People are looking for you, people you don’t want to find you even here.” Jasmine said pushing him into the bathroom.


As the loaded up the car, Xander was handed something by Jasmine.

“Use this, it’ll protect you.” She said.

Xander looked down at the ring she had given him. It looked normal and he looked up at the girl in question.

“It’s saved me many times.” She said as she pressed the black jewel down and the ring evolved into a bronze Bo staff. “Train with it, and keep it secret from as many people as possible. It will be your secret weapon.”

Then the two travelers got into the car and drove off, watching the three women fade into the distance. Xander sadly had the feeling that the next time they would meet would be sadder.

“So camp half-blood away?” Xander said breaking the awkward silence.

“Don’t take that weapon of granted.” Spike said not answering his question.

“Alright.” Though he had agreed Xander didn’t understand what Spike meant. He had lived on the Hellmouth and would never take something as useful as a weapon for granted; he had fought without one for a while.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Xander Harris and the Son of Apollo" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 2 Aug 10.

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