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Xander Harris and the Son of Apollo

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Summary: After Buffy skips town after sending Angel to hell, Xander's life took a turn down monster-filled road. Unlike the previous summer Xander can't seemed to scratch his bum without a monster popping up. What is going on, and what is a half-blood? (S/X slash)

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Literature > Childrens/Teen > Percy Jackson & the OlympiansFateFR1837,8600228,0907 Jun 102 Aug 10No


Well this is an idea that struck me :) ~~ Don't own Buffy or Percy Jackson Characters. They are used for entertainment purposes only and I am making no money.


Xander groaned when he was thrown over a tombstone, with his legs hitting the cold marble in mid flight, making him tumble. Buffy was no where in sight, actually was no where in Sunnydale. Not three weeks prior Angel had been killed by Buffy. Though Xander couldn't say he'd miss the vampire, he felt guilty for lying to Buffy. But he knew that the portal had needed to be closed. Buffy had called him three days before to talk to him about his lie. She wasn't happy with him, but she said she understands, she's the slayer after all.

But in all honesty Xander wished she hadn't left because getting cornered by himself has begun to be a normal occurrence. He didn't understand what was so crunchy and delicious about the Xan-man, and he really wanted to know because if it was his cologne well he could buy something else. But the monster he was facing now was scary, he had never really wanted to have an encounter with a bull-man but he did live on the mouth of hell.

When the beast advanced again Xander decided to run, he obviously wasn't getting anywhere in this battle. As quickly as he could, he dashed out of the cemetery and through the gates on the west side. The warm night air stung his lungs as he took large gulps. When he turned a corner and ran into someone he raised his eyes in terror.

“ Ello, pet” It was Spike, the evil vampire who claimed to be the big bad. One fourth of the Scourge of Europe.

On second thought Xander decided he'd rather face a bull-man from hell then Spike. But it seemed the bull-man had found him and Spike looked down at Xander with a raised brow before shoving the confused teen behind his back.

“Ta, pet.” Spike said over his shoulder as the beast rounded the corner. “Minotaur huh?” Spike grinned at the beast before attacking faster than the eye could see. Xander couldn't move, even though he wanted to flee in girlish terror, he was unable to make his feet move.

Suddenly there was a flash of golden dust and Spike stood there whipping out a cigarette. The blond advanced on the teen and looked down at him, since Xander sat dumbfounded on the ground.

“Come on pet, have to get you to Chiron and the camp yeh.” Gripping Xander's forearm the vampire hoisted him up.

“Wait! You were trying to kill everyone not that long ago! What gives!?” Xander yelled, brown eyes wide.

“Wasn't trying to kill you, was I? After the slayer, yeh. But this is more important.” Still holding Xander he began to pull him along. “Is there a fountain or car wash somewhere 'round here pet?”

Xander sputtered for a second but nodded, “Yeah Gary's Car Wash is just down that street.” Xander pointed left from where he had come. Great, the brunette thought, he was going to get killed in a Car wash that smelled like sewage and cheap soap. But he couldn't do anything to stop the vampire, he was after all just human.

When they arrived at the car wash Spike hit the pump once and broke it, causing a arch of water to spray out of it. Then he took a torch out of his pocket and aimed it at the water creating a small rainbow, then he flipped a coin into the water “Oh, Iris, Goddess of the Rainbow, accept our offering, Chiron at Camp Half-blood” Spike hadn't loosened his grip on Xander knowing the teen would run.

The face of another man became clear in the rainbow and he sure looked surprised.

“William.” The man had a gruff voice and a stern stare. Xander was pretty sure the man didn't like Spike as much as Xander didn't like Spike.

“Hello Chiron.” Spike said cheekily “It's Spike now, well to get to the point I got me a little half-blood here.”

Chiron, or that is what Xander assumed his name was unless chiron was some type of insult. Though the man's attention was soon focused on Xander. It made Xander nervous, the man's eyes were deep and calculating.

“Are you positive?” Chiron was now glaring up at Spike in disdain.

Spike's eyes narrowed dangerously. “Do not think I am an idiot. The Minotaur was after him.”

Chiron looked surprised again and glanced at Xander. “We have no one who can come gather him, would you be willing to bring him here?” It sounded pushed from his throat.

Spike scoffed and then sneered darkly. “This boy wouldn't come with me. I'm his enemy yeh?”

Xander was so confused, what was a half-blood and what was this camp? He wasn't going anywhere with the bleached wonder. So when the rainbow disappeared and Spike turned to him Xander growled. "Lemme go! I ain't going anywhere with you!"

"Fine, pet I'll just walk you home" Still having an iron grip on Xander's arm he dragged the brown haired teen away and toward his home. When the off white house with the over grown yard came into view Xander glared hotly at Spike.

"How do you know where I live?" he asked in a shrill tone.

"Hm?" Spike answered without looking over at the struggling boy. He was the Big Bad he didn't have to answer any question.

"Did you know that is really sketchy!" Xander's heart did a flutter and he mentally crushed it into submission. He didn't like Spike at all, nope.

Spike walked up to the door and knocked solidly. Xander had finally gone still beside him and was shaking. The fear rolled off of the by, and it bothered Spike because as far as he knew the boy was never this scared even when dealing with the things that went bump in the night.

When a woman opened the door Spike stared at her silently. "I'm taking your son to the camp, invite me in." Jessica paled slightly and nodded quickly.

"Come in." Spike dragged Xander behind him and up to his room, marked by the boy's scent. Walking in he let go of Xander's arm and pointed

"Pack some clothes and anything precious to you." Spike leant in the door way and watched as Xander pulled out a show box from a hidden hole in the wall and placed it into a shopping bag. His dad had wiped him clean the day before, taking everything even his classic comics and pawned them for booze money. Grabbing his meager clothing he looked over his shoulder at Spike. He would run the first chance he got, hopefully at a gas station because it was obvious that his mother wasn't going to stop this strange guy from taking her only son.

"Oi pet, we'll buy you some decent clothing before we leave alright." Spike said as he strode over to Xander who was pulling out old worn clothing, and threw clothing over his shoulder.

Xander stared at Spike silently, no one had ever bought him new clothes, not since he was eight. Grabbing three pictures from under his mattress he looked around the room and sighed. It looked like a badly kept guest room. "I'm done Spike." Xander said quietly.

"Alrigh' then." Spike grabbed Xander's upper arm and pulled slightly and Xander followed silently.

Tony had finally noticed the strange man walking around the house, dragging Xander and was standing at the bottom of the stairs as they came down. "Hey boy! Where the fuck do you think you're going? Did I give you my god damned permission to leave, ya piece of shit."

"I can leave whenever I want." Xander said though his courage seemed to be waning. This seemed to ruffle Tony's alcohol soaked feathers and he sent a punch towards Xander, who suddenly found himself stumbling up a few stairs from Spike's push.

Spike held the drunk's fist tightly in one hand and walked calmly down the stairs a self satisfied smirk on his features. The with a quick flick of the wrist Tony's hand hung uselessly at the end of his arm with only flesh holding it on. "Didn't know who you were fuckin' with." Looking over at Jessica, who bowed her head in shame. The Vampire turned back to Xander and held out his hand, who to his surprise actually took it and followed him out, while Jessica called an ambulance and Tony cursed his name. Turning to the cursing man Spike smiled. "I wouldn't mention me to anyone, or you might find yourself in a predicament." With a fake salute Spike pulled Xander off into the night.

"I swear I parked somewhere around here." Spike grumbled as they passed the fourth cemetery.

"You said that twenty minutes ago near my house." Xander grumbled tow which only made Spike glare at him.

"Ha, there it is!" Spike crowed and pointed to Desoto that sat in a church parking lot.

Xander gave the vampire an odd look, to which Spike replied. "Hey, it has some strategy who would look near a church for a vampire's car?"

"Apparently you." Xander deadpanned.

Walking happily toward the car Spike whistled. Then Spike shoved Xander in and buckled him in, while Xander pouted.

"Okay pet," Spike handed Xander a pen, paper, and a worn copied of the complete works of Shakespeare. "Write a note to the Watcher, so he’ll know where you went. Don't mention me, say a representative of Camp Half-blood. Xander nodded and began to write when he was finished the sun was rising over the horizon. Spike took the letter and read it over, then drove to the Watcher's house.

While Spike went to slip the letter into Gile's mail slot he began to try and get out, but it seemed that the doors were child locked even the drivers side. Which truthfully to Xander didn't make any sense, how did Spike get out?

"Stupid Vampires and their evil gadgets of doom." He grumbled and slumped back in his seat.

"We have a long way pet." Spike said as he slid back into the drivers seat. "Camp is all the way in New York." the sun began to break the horizon.

"Shouldn't you be cowering in the back seat with a blanket?" Xander asked in confusion watching as the sun slowly crept towards the cab of the car.

"Alrigh' Kitten, you're a half-blood just like I am. You are the son of a Greek God. I am the son of Apollo, and therefore the sun doesn't hurt me." He then turned away, started the engine and his the gas.

Xander sat stunned, staring at the road. Spike could walk in the sun this whole time and hadn't used that to his advantage. What was Spike getting at, he was the incarnation of evil he couldn't have a honor code. Had he watched him and his friend hang out at school, or the library runs Willow and he did so he could read his favorite books without his father knowing.

"Don't think to hard, the smoke will fill the car." Spike chirped, who had somehow magically gotten his coat off and was now driving with his right knee and removing his t-shirt.

"What are you doing!" Xander shrieked.

"I want to feel the sun." Spike said as he pulled the shirt over his head and threw it in the back. The blond was now in a wife beater, black jeans.

Xander then realized the vampire had no shoes either, what had he been missing in the last ten minutes in the car. "How many layers do you have on?" Xander asked noting the second tank top.

"I get cold, pet." Spike said simply and smiled widely before hitting the accelerator and making Xander shut up, well accept for his shrill yelp as his head was plastered to the seat.

It had been two days since their leaving of Sunnydale, and they finally were stopping to get gas on a lonely deserted highway gas station in Nebraska. Personally Xander thought that this was the beginning of a horrible horror movie, he was just waiting for Jigsaw to ride around the corner of the gas pump on a tricycle. Spike got out of the car, after slipping his shoes back on and looking at Xander.

"Do you need to use the bathroom Pet?" At Xander's nod Spike walked around and opened the passenger door. "I'll grab some food for you." Spike said as they walked in, and Xander grabbed the bathroom key which was laying on the counter and went to use the bathroom which was outside.

When he was sure that Spike couldn't see him he found a pay phone and tried to see if he could use it, but finding his pockets empty he looked around, the only other thing on the stretch of road was a few fast food places just down the road. Walking down went and looked in the windows and found that all four of them were closed and sighed. He would find no help here. As he turned around he screamed, the bull guy was back and looking mighty pissed off.

Xander ran into the deserted burger joint and the bull guy followed, busting some windows as he ran straight through. But just as he reached Xander who had hidden himself behind a counter a large black blur jumped over him and at the bull.

Spike walked out, Twinkies and other food stuff in hand when he heard a scream which caused him to drop the food on the hood of his car and take off running down the road, Xander had tried to run. When he heard the sound of glass breaking he pushed more strength into his legs and tried to reach the boy in time. As he came to the destroyed restaurant he was stunned by the sight that met him. Cerberus was fighting off the Minotaur, protecting Xander. Spike stared in shock and turned his gaze to Xander who he could see behind the counter.

Jumping into the fight Spike helped the three headed dog turn the Minotaur once again to a pile of golden dust. Then the dog looked at him and wagged it's tail before bounding off towards Xander, who was now sitting up.

"You're Cerberus, aren't you?" Xander asked looking at the large dog, which wagged it's tail, "And you don't want to eat Xander, right?" Cerberus tilted all three heads in question before tackling Xander to the ground and licking him to death. Xander who was laughing out of relief tried to scratch all three heads equally. Spotting Spike he looked around him and saw a dusty beach ball package and prayed it wasn't popped and tossed it Spike's face.

Spike go the hint, opened it and blew it up. The whistled. "Hey boy look what Spike's got! A big ball for you!" The call worked and Cerberus popped up and trotted to Spike happily. Spike threw the ball and Cerberus ran after it happily, Xander got back up, wiping his face and smiled at Spike. Then Cerberus came back the popped ball hanging from it's jaws, it's tail drooping. Which caused Xander to 'aw' at the three headed dog.

"Hey boy, thanks for saving me." This caused Cerberus to wag his tail and nuzzle Xander happily and then nudge Spike with it's shoulder.

Suddenly Cerberus whimpered and licked Xander once more before in a poof of smoke he was replaced with another big black dog.

"Well this is interesting, it seems your father is Hades, lord of the underworld." The hellhound yipped and nudged Xander's legs happily. "And he's given you a pet. That is a hell hound."

Xander gazed down at the happy dog with awe and then fainted. Spike sighed scooped up the boy and whistled at the dog who happily trotted behind him, tail wagging.

Spike swaggered back in the direction of the car and was quite unhappy to see the old man who ran the gas station trying to crowbar his way into it. "Bloody, meat bag." Spike growled and trotted a little faster, but it seemed the hound got the memo and ran barking and growling a the older man. Spike couldn't help but smirk evilly and quite happily as he made it to the car.

"Well isn't that interesting, an old man breaking into my car." popping the door open he set Xander in the seat and allowed the hound to jump in the back, hoping it was housebroken. Spike then turned around and picked the man off of the ground easily. "You're too old for me to eat, like a good veal but," he allowed his face to shift into it demonic facade "I'd feel so much better if I could just kill you." and with a flick of his hand the man's neck was broken and Spike swaggered to the open store front and tossed him in.

He wouldn't tell the kid about the guy, give him all the wrong ideas, or the right ones. Spike laughed to himself as he lit up a cigarette, he was a vampire after all.

Xander woke up, just around the time that Spike realized that Xander still had no clothes to change into. They were now in Iowa somewhere, and Spike was on the search for a mall.

“Whoa, where am I?” Xander yawned as he woke up. Looking over at Spike he blinked, he’d still have to get used to the vampire in the sunlight thing, it was giving him the wiggins.

“We’re in Iowa, kitten.”

“Why do you call me that! It’s weird you sound like,”

“Drusilla, she calls you that still you know.” Spike said still looking at the road. “Guess it rubbed off on me.”

“Where is she anyways? Drusilla, I mean…not that I care or anything.” Xander was leaning against the windows and staring at the passing scenery.

“Probably sitting outside your house about now, dancing and what not. Never did get over you from that silly spell.” Spike threw his cig out the window and looked over at the teen who was now reeking of embarrassment.

“Well that’s just creepy, so I guess you had to come get her then…” Xander rubbed his face, he would never live it down.

“Yeh, she’d almost stay there until sunrise. Though she could walk in the sun like her Spike.”

“Didn’t you guys leave though, you know after.” Xander made some vague hand gesture.

“She wanted to go back, so we did. Hid from the slayer though, but Dru said I wasn’t her Spike anymore. Some weird…” Spike drifted off realizing he had said too much. “Looking for a mall to get you some clothes.”

Xander just nodded, Spike though really handsome was still an inherently evil vampire, of evilness. Did he mention evil?
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