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Meet the Scoobies

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Summary: Five people Graham brought home to meet the Scoobies (and one person the Scoobies brought home to meet Graham) Fandoms:SGA/MMPR/NCIS/HP/Castle/Torchwood

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Multiple Crossings > Other BtVS/AtS CharactersJadedFR1563,08945122,9707 Jun 1031 Dec 10Yes

Jason Scott (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers)

Author: Jaded
Story: Meet The Scoobies
Disclaimer: I own the idea only. Joss owns Buffy, Saban recently bought Power Rangers back from Disney so, you know, not mine. No suing please!
Summary: Five People Graham Brought Home to Meet The Scoobies
Acknowledgement(s): Thanks to Jaylynn, MissShifty, FireWolfe, TouchoftheWind, mrshmwest, morgyair, toots, eriktheviking, RevDorothyL, & sciphy for the reviews!
Warning: Non-explicit slash. Boy kissing.
A/N 1: Yes, yes, I went the Power Rangers route. :p I have kinda figured out the others. Feel free to keep making suggestions though—I may write more than just five. That said, several of the suggestions are for fandoms I've never watched/read. Sorry!

Jason Scott

“Okay, why are you so fidgety? Isn't that supposed to be my job?”

“I kinda...never told them I was bi,” Graham admitted to his amused boyfriend. They were in the car, driving to the Sineya Estate in England, so Jason could meet the Scoobies—aka, the only family he really gave a damn about (besides Riley and Sam, of course, and they were pretty much Scoobies anyway).

“Are you sure you want to spring it on them like this then?” Jason asked, looking suddenly concerned. “I know when I told some...people...they didn't take it well and that was without a boyfriend trailing along.”

“It's not the bi thing that'll upset em,” Graham shook his head. “It's the I-never-told-them part.” Jason still looked skeptical so at the next red light, Graham leaned over and lightly kissed him. “Trust me Jason. They won't care.”

Jason squirmed. “My best friend took a month to finally realize it wouldn't change anything,” he told him quietly. “I just don't want to see you hurt.”

“Willow's gay,” Graham told him bluntly and Jason blinked. “She and Tara have been together for ages. And Xander finally came out as bi a few months ago. He's not gonna be happy with me for bringing you.”

Jason's lips quirked. “Should I be worried?” he teased, relaxing slightly. Graham looked at him out of the corner of his eye.

“Buffy and Dawn like gathering all the single people and dragging them to the mall to, quote, 'friend scope,'” he said dryly. “I now have a boyfriend and Xander's single. I can get out of the mall trips that always ended with the guys being pack mules.”

Jason burst out laughing.

"Remind me not to introduce them to Kimberly."
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