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Meet the Scoobies

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Summary: Five people Graham brought home to meet the Scoobies (and one person the Scoobies brought home to meet Graham) Fandoms:SGA/MMPR/NCIS/HP/Castle/Torchwood

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Multiple Crossings > Other BtVS/AtS CharactersJadedFR1563,08945122,9707 Jun 1031 Dec 10Yes

Ziva David (NCIS)

Author: Jaded
Story: Meet The Scoobies
Disclaimer: I own the idea only. Joss owns Buffy, I cannot recall at the moment who owns NCIS but, you know, it's not me. No suing please!
Summary: Five People Graham Brought Home to Meet The Scoobies
Acknowledgement(s): Thanks to Jaylynn, Caliadragon, Genuka, TouchoftheWind, eriktheviking, jerichoras, Gingiecat, & spk for the reviews!
Warning: None at the moment
A/N 1: I've never actually written NCIS before so, um, yeah.

Ziva David

“Ziva, are you freaking out?”

Graham bit a smile at the utter glee in DiNozzo's voice. He'd come with Abby, as her date, and Ziva... Well, Ziva knew the full score of the estate they were at. DiNozzo didn't, otherwise Graham sincerely doubted he'd be teasing the Mossad liason for being nervous. Tony would probably be pissing his pants at meeting the Champions, as Ziva referred to them as.

“Tony, shut up before Ziva hits you unconscious,” Abby suggested, a bright grin on her face as she looked around the foyer of the Sineya Estate. She'd never been to the Estate, despite being called six months before. Gibbs and Graham and Ziva were the only three at NCIS who knew about the slayer gig.

“Ziva's nervous, Abbs!” DiNozzo said, still gleeful. “You can't tell me your not slightly excited about that—she's never nervous.”

“And given that, maybe you should consider whether or not you should be nervous,” Abby suggested. Graham saw Ziva's lips twitch when DiNozzo suddenly gulped.

“Didn't think of that, did you?” Ziva snipped. DiNozzo was now looking a little green. Leave it to Abby to completely derail on the true reason Ziva was nervous for Tony.


Graham fell on his ass as one hyperactive little slayer pounced on him. “Hey Briana,” he greeted her as she snuggled into his chest. Buffy, laughing, came over and offered him a hand. He took it because, honestly, he was strong but not that strong.

Ziva was staring at Buffy like she couldn't believe what she was seeing. Luckily, he'd already warned her about the height thing. He had not, however, warned Buffy about DiNozzo.

“Well, hello,” he said as Ziva scooted closer to Graham and, subsequently, the seven year old in his arms. Briana looked at Ziva and then at Abby, studied them a moment, and then grinned.

“Buffy, they're shiny!”

Sufficiently distracted by Briana's exclamation, Buffy turned from a grumpy looking DiNozzo. Buffy had not been impressed with his lines. “Shiny, huh?” she asked and Briana bobbed her head enthusiastically.

“Can we keep em?” she asked, as if they were kittens or puppies. Buffy chuckled, looking Abby and Ziva over before nodding her approval at Graham.

“Yeah, Bri, I think we can keep em,” Buffy said. "If they can work with this guy and not kill em, that speaks highly of em."

"It has come close several times," Ziva said dryly as DiNozzo sputtered. Abby nodded and Graham watched, bemused, as Buffy led the two woman deeper into the estate.
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