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Meet the Scoobies

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Summary: Five people Graham brought home to meet the Scoobies (and one person the Scoobies brought home to meet Graham) Fandoms:SGA/MMPR/NCIS/HP/Castle/Torchwood

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Multiple Crossings > Other BtVS/AtS CharactersJadedFR1563,08945122,9707 Jun 1031 Dec 10Yes

Harry Potter (Harry Potter)

Author: Jaded
Story: Meet The Scoobies
Disclaimer: I own the idea only. Joss owns Buffy, Harry Potter is owned by the talented JK Rowling. No suing please!
Summary: Five People Graham Brought Home to Meet The Scoobies
Acknowledgement(s): Thanks to TouchoftheWind, eriktheviking, & spk for the reviews!
Warning: Non-explicit slash.
A/N 1: Ha! Two more to go!

Harry Potter

Graham watched, somewhat amused, as his boyfriend nervously inspected the outer building they were approaching. When he'd initially invited him to join Graham and Graham's family for Christmas Eve, the other man had been hesitant. He'd never had to really do that before as he'd met all but one of his exes parents before he'd started dating them.

It had been his best friend who'd insisted, saying he and Graham could still come over for New Years and he'd be home for Christmas Day anyway. Harry had reluctantly agreed and had then proceeded to panic about what to wear.

Harry and his friends had seemed to be under the impression Graham was an American Muggleborn, despite never having seen him use a wand. The reason for that was because of how he'd met the trio—he'd been in the Ministry on his way to a meeting with the Minister on behalf of the US military and the New Council. Somehow, in the six months they'd been dating, Graham had never gotten around to correcting that assumption.

“Will you relax?”

“I can't help it,” Harry said. “I don't have much experience with muggles.”

“Yeah, um, about that...”


Willow shot through the doors of the estate and glomped him and it was only because he'd taken an immediate fighting stance at the shout that he didn't topple over. Harry was watching them, wide-eyed behind his glasses.

“You came!”

“Of course I came,” Graham said, picking Willow up and depositing her back on her own two feet. He studied her a moment. “Have you had coffee?”

“Nope!” she chirped, grinning. “Apparently, though, Butterbeer's just as good at making me hyper.”

“Figures,” Graham muttered as Harry choked next to them. Willow whirled around, taking in Harry, the scar, and the confused expression. Her smile grew wider and Graham was suddenly sorry he'd decided to do this. Willow could be incredibly evil when she wanted to be, especially to new significant others.

“You must be Harry!” and she leaned forward to hug him. Harry stood frozen. Hug her back, Graham mouthed at him and Harry awkwardly patted the redheads back. She moved away and her face took on a more serious look. Graham could practically taste the magical energy suddenly surrounding her. “You hurt our Gray, I will beat you to death with a shovel. A vague disclaimer is nobody's friend.”

And with that, the magic in the air disappeared and she bounced back inside the mansion, leaving behind a shell-shocked young wizard and his exasperated boyfriend.

“Why a shovel?” Harry finally asked faintly.

“To bury the body,” Graham said, amused, waiting for the inevitable explosion. “It's a time management thing.”


A beat.

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