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Meet the Scoobies

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Summary: Five people Graham brought home to meet the Scoobies (and one person the Scoobies brought home to meet Graham) Fandoms:SGA/MMPR/NCIS/HP/Castle/Torchwood

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Multiple Crossings > Other BtVS/AtS CharactersJadedFR1563,08945122,9707 Jun 1031 Dec 10Yes

Teyla Emmagen (Stargate Atlantis)

Author: Jaded
Story: Meet The Scoobies
Disclaimer: I own the idea only. Joss owns Buffy, SyFy owns Stargate. No suing please!
Summary: Five People Graham Brought Home to Meet The Scoobies
Warning: Non-explicit slash (eventually).
A/N 1: This will contain five crossovers about the various people Graham might have brought home to meet the Scoobies.

Teyla Emmagen

“I'm gonna warn you right now, they might ask where we're stationed,” Graham told his companion as they waited at the front foyer of the Sineya Estate. She smiled serenely back; Sheppard and McKay had thrown a fit about her coming with Graham to Earth for Thanksgiving but Graham knew the Athosian could handle herself. And it wasn't like his family was unused to odd ducks.

“I am to tell them that where we are stationed is classified and I cannot reveal the location,” she nodded. He smiled and kissed her forehead.

“They're gonna love you,” he murmured. “Remember what we talked about out on the Pier?”

“That you come from a family of warriors who fight under the cover of darkness,” she repeated dutifully. She seemed amused by Graham's nerves. “And that Colonel Sheppard nor Rodney are aware of this fact.”

“Most of the planet isn't,” he said, making a face. She laughed softly as she looked at something in the hall.

“I believe our escort has arrived,” she observed and Graham turned to find Dawn coming towards them with a bright grin. He smiled back—he'd always gotten on better with the brunette than Riley had, mostly because he wasn't trying to date Buffy and he'd never treated her like she was four instead of fourteen.

“Gray!” she exclaimed right before she jumped on him and it was only his expectation of this that kept him from falling over.

“Hey Dawnie,” he greeted her. “How've you been?”

“Better now that you're here,” she told him, straightening her skirt. “So, is this Teyla?”

“Teyla Emmagen, meet Dawn Summers. Dawnie, Teyla Emmagen.”

“It is an honor to finally meet Graham's family,” the Athosian smiled. “He speaks highly of all of you.”

Dawn smiled back, eyes sparkling. “He hasn't told us much but I suspect that's cause he's sometimes an idiot.”

Graham and Teyla both frowned and Dawn rolled her eyes. “Seriously, you disappear with the military and you think we don't check up on you?”

Graham stared at her, wondering if she was saying what he thought she was saying. Dawn confirmed it a moment later when she threaded her arm through Teyla's and began leading her inside the mansion.

“So, tell me about your home planet? How'd you end up on Atlantis with Gray? How'd you two really meet? Did it involve those space vampires we read about? Was he acting like an idiot and getting himself into trouble...”

End Notes: I have some idea of who else Gray could bring home but thought I'd open it to you, my oh-so-faithful readers. Any suggestions?
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