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Connor Drabbles/FFAs

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Summary: A collection of drabbles or FFA repsonses which focus around Connor. Variation of length- all over 100 words though. Rating will change every chapter.

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Multiple Crossings > Connor-CenteredTouchoftheWindFR1331,677008418 Jun 108 Jun 10No

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR7

A Winchester (Supernatural)

A/N: This is a Supernatural/Angel Oneshot.

Disclaimer: I own nothing- both shows belong to their respective owners, Eric Kripke and Joss Whedon.

Rating: K/FR7

Warnings: None

Summary: Continuation of ‘Her Darling Baby’. Dean and Sam adjust to having baby Connor around- luckily Bobby is there to help them out.

FFA: Bobby/Connor

A Winchester

Bobby couldn’t believe his eyes when Dean Winchester walked up onto his porch with a baby cradled in his arms. Said baby was asleep in a little baby grow which was blue and with a cloud on it and wrapped snugly in a blanket with a pacifier in its small mouth. Dean seemed tired, his face pale and bags under his eyes but there was happiness in his eyes Bobby hadn’t seen since John was alive.

“Boy- what ya doing here with a baby? Did you knock some girl up?” Bobby asked, his tone scathing but Dean knew there wasn’t any real heat behind the words.

“No, he ain’t mine, Bobby,” Dean said but Bobby knew that Dean was claiming the small babe as his own- even if the child wasn’t Dean’s biological son.

“Let’s get inside and then you’ll tell me the whole story,” Bobby stated and glanced over at Sam who seemed to have a diaper bag on his shoulder as he wrestled what looked like a baby seat/carrier from the backseat of the impala.

Dean walked inside the house while Bobby helped Sam with his load and once each boy has some holy water (a splash on the skin in the baby’s case) they settled down into the living room.

“So what is going on boys?” Bobby asked sternly.

“This vampire chick showed up, her name was Darla,” Dean began from his seat to Bobby’s left, “she was pregnant somehow. She wanted rid of the baby but the baby was human- beating heart and everything. We couldn’t allow her to kill the little guy.”

“Darla was in labour- Ruby sent me to get some hot water and Dean some towels and when we came back Darla had stabbed Ruby with the knife. Ruby wanted the baby from Darla to raise him for evil,” Sam continued though Bobby knew he wanted to tell about Ruby in case Dean said something about that situation. Dean could be tactless in such things.

“Darla was holding a stake above her own heart and she staked herself and allowed her son to be born. Before she died she named him Connor,” Dean finished as he gazed down at Connor who was sleeping in the baby carrier on the sofa next to him that Dean had placed the boy in with reluctance.

“So you guys thought it would be safe to cart this kid around with you?” Bobby asked disbelief in his voice.

“Bobby- considering who his parents are it would be wise to consider he may not be exactly normal,” Dean replied as he lowered his voice to a whisper reminding Bobby of the sleeping baby.

“I get that much- and parents? Who’s the Father?” Bobby questioned.

“A vampire named Angel, Darla said he was her childe and he was cursed with a soul,” Sam explained.

“If he had a soul why won’t you take Connor to him?” Bobby asked.

“He could lose his soul- and from what I have learnt this Angel deals with problems much bigger than ours. They deal with apocalypses on a yearly basis,” Sam explained while he glanced at the bag by his feet- Bobby could almost see Sam’s head turning with thoughts of whether the bag held everything that Connor would need.

This small boy had them wrapped around his little finger and the child couldn’t even talk yet.

There was no way the Winchester brothers were giving this child up. Bobby knew this with 100% certainty.

“It would be more dangerous than if Connor was with us,” Dean chipped in while he hand seemed to busy itself by straightening the blanket which had being tucked around Connor’s tiny form.

“Connor would become public knowledge to the demon world and then it would be fair game on the child- if we kept him then it would be a secret and no-one would know about him,” Sam elaborated.

“Alright, boys, I get where you are going with this,” Bobby cut in, “stay here for a few days and just get used to Connor- Dean I can see bags under your eyes so get some shut eye, Sam go get a shower and some food- you look like you need it.”

Both Winchester’s stared at him and as one looked at the baby.

“I’ll look after the kid, ya idjits,” Bobby sighed and he watched as the Winchester men walked slowly from the room sending Connor glances on the way out. Bobby moved to sit by the sleeping baby.

“If only John could see ‘em now,” Bobby muttered and froze as Connor’s eyes fluttered open and blue orbs locked with his own.

A small smile darted across the children’s face and Bobby was completely taken.

“I can see why they are so taken wit ya lad,” Bobby whispered and ran a gentle finger over Connor’s tiny hand.

“Ya will have me running round after ya before ya know it- you’re a Winchester, kid,” Bobby said as he lifted the small child from the baby seat and into his own arms and settled back into the sofa.

“A Winchester,” Bobby whispered.


The End?

You have reached the end of "Connor Drabbles/FFAs" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 8 Jun 10.

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