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Connor Drabbles/FFAs

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Summary: A collection of drabbles or FFA repsonses which focus around Connor. Variation of length- all over 100 words though. Rating will change every chapter.

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Multiple Crossings > Connor-CenteredTouchoftheWindFR1331,677008418 Jun 108 Jun 10No

She Shined (Firefly)

Disclaimer: I own nothing- Angel and Firefly both belong to Joss Whedon.

Author: TouchoftheWind

Rating: FR13

Summary: Connor talks a walk to the docks of Persephone and sees someone who catches his eyes.

FFA: Kaylee/Connor

She Shined

Connor had being around for a long time- his vampire genes turning him immortal when he hit 24 and without any of the weaknesses of the vampire’s he was less restricted in his movement. He had left the Earth-That-Was all those years ago on one of the first ships that left the planet- the humans had driven Earth into dust practically and not even demons remained their anymore.

He had lived many lives- had a ship for about ten years- worked in many trades and never settled in one place for two long. It became noticeable when he didn’t age if he remained in the same place for more than five years. People were a lot more observant than they were back on the Earth-That-Was. Connor supposed it could have something to do with all the crime and corruption which plagued the worlds- Connor thought it seemed more corrupt than on the Earth-That-Was. It seemed that people were now more aware of things- there was much more technology available to commit crimes and hurt people.

Connor gave a sigh as he walked through the docks of Persephone his senses dulled as much as they could be due to the smells and sheer noise these kinds of places had. It was then that he saw her- the ship behind her wasn’t much to look at but the girl camped out on the loading ramp was something to look at.

She had wavy brown hair which was pulled back in a bun but some wisps flew free of the band- she wore partly overalls which were tied at her waist and vest top which has a colourful jacket over it- the jacket was Chinese in appearance. However, the most taking thing was the smile.

She shined brightly in this dull world. The twirling parasol behind her was creating the most brilliant light on her delicate features.

Connor felt his heart stop for a mere second and she looked at him. Those eyes looked into his own and Connor gave a smirk and her smile grew.

“Hey,” the girl said- her voice bubbly and bright, “I’m Kaylee, you looking for transport?”

Connor paused for a moment- he wasn’t planning on going anywhere but he couldn’t pass this opportunity up.

“Yes, I am, my name’s Connor,” Connor smiled at her- using the grin he had perfected over the last 500 years- once which would show a kind side to him but also a little daring which he had found made most ladies drawn to him.

Kaylee smiled and blushed.

Connor grinned- she was so shiny.

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