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You Were Never a Son of Mine

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This story is No. 5 in the series "Resurrected 'Verse". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Basically, all of John Winchester’s sons think back on their dear old Dad. Part of the Resurrected 'verse

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Supernatural > Non-BtVS/AtS Stories > Crossover: OtherJmariaFR1552,562085,6789 Jun 1010 Jun 10Yes

Not a Son

Series Title: You Were Never a Son of Mine
Title: Not a Son
Author: Jmaria
Rating: FR-15
Dislaimer: I do not own them. At all. Ryan Murphy et. All own some, Kripke owns most of ‘em. Whedon owns a few of them.
Series Summary: Basically, all of John Winchester’s sons think back on their dear old Dad.
Summary: Fifth born ain’t a son …
Words: 587
A/N: Slightly different format than the last four chapters. Because the character is far too young for introspection on her father.
This is what hit me as I was working on part three…because I still wanted the 5-yness. The set up is similar to the set-up of the I Fought the Law ‘verse in 31NoF,CT. The child in question was born nearly two years to the day that John Winchester died. The mother in question is not related to Jo and Ellen, but she knows that circle of hunters.

You Were Never a Son of Mine
Not a Son

Cassie Newton was not the offspring of John Winchester, thank the gods. Those boys had enough chips on their shoulders without adding teenage girl issues. She’d just got Adam to stop pretending to lust after Dawn because it rattled Dean’s cage. But there were five children of John Winchester, not four. It wasn’t her place to bring the only daughter of John Winchester to light of day. She’d already pulled Adam and Puck out of the woodworks. They were irritated beyond belief with her over that.

She poked at her cereal bowl and glanced out at the Pontiac Vibe pulling up in front of Bobby’s house. A knowing smile crossed her lips as Detective Kate Lockley slammed the door of her car shut and raced around the front of it. She looked pissed. Not that Cassie could blame her really.

“This is bullshit, Singer,” Kate huffed, getting right in Bobby’s face and blatantly ignoring the four brooding men (boys) that were John Winchester’s sons.

“What the hell are you doin’ here, detective?” Bobby snapped back, leaning against the hood of the PoS that Dawn had claimed as their ‘bonding project, sans slayage’.

“Don’t act like you’re not responsible for the damn phone call telling my little girl that if she wants to meet her awesome big brothers she should come down here right away.”

Bobby only winced as the words sunk in to Puck, Adam, Sam, and Dean’s minds. A fifth Winchester. Bobby muttered something under his breath and turned to the porch where the womenfolk were huddled. His eyes narrowed on Dawn Summers.

“Dawnie, what did you do now?”

“Me? I had no fricken clue there was another Winchester out there! I can barely cope with Sam, Dean’s not housebroken, Adam hates us all, and Puck doesn’t need us! Why in the name of God would I bring a fifth Winchester into play?” Dawn snorted, pushing off the porch banister and turning back to Puck’s baby mama and friend who was a girl.

“I called,” a voice said from the driveway just behind where Kate stood.

Dawn and Kate’s heads whipped around to see the stunning looking woman pop open the back passenger side door of the Vibe. A little girl, maybe six or seven years old with bright blonde curls hopped out quickly, her eyes locking onto Adam. Kate and Dawn were too stunned to comment as the child darted out to grab onto Adam like a monkey.

“Cordelia Chase?” Kate gaped at her.

“You’re dead,” Dawn’s hand lifted to her lips, a strange strangled noise coming from her.

“A lot of people here were dead once too, Dawn,” Cordelia smiled. Her eyes locked onto Cassie and she shrugged. “He needed more than just you as an anchor, Cassie.”

“I know,” Cassie shrugged, hiding her blush when Adam turned to look at her. She was so not going there right now.

“Dad had another secret baby?” Sam muttered, staring at the little girl surrounded.

“Dude, we’ve been hanging around Summers too long. You actually just said secret baby,” Dean banged his head against the roof of the car they were working on.

“I’m Marianna,” the little girl tugged on Adam’s hand. “And you guys gotta watch out for me when the boys come around. Momma says I’m gonna be a heartbreaker, just like my Dad.”

“Oh, crap,” Adam felt like joining Dean in with the head banging. Puck only grinned at him, the annoying little upstart.

“Welcome to the hell that is big brotherdom, bro.”

The End

You have reached the end of "You Were Never a Son of Mine". This story is complete.

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