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Chance Encounters

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Summary: Malcolm Reynolds had had a lot of weapons pointed at himself over the years by a lot of different people, he’d become accustomed to it even expected it at certain times.

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Disclaimer I own none of the following characters, Buffy and Firefly are all property of Josh Whedon

Malcolm Reynolds had had a lot of weapons pointed at himself over the years by a lot of different people, he’d become accustomed to it even expected it at certain times. What he hadn’t expected was for one of those weapons to be a very well kept crossbow and that the culprit would be one of his crew members’ family.

Jayne never talked much about his past before he was a mercenary, there’d be the odd snippet in conversation, but it was never anything revealing, no great revelation about the woman who had managed to raise Jayne Cobb. After all Jayne was never big on the heart to hearts and well the crew never saw no reason to ask.

Of course Mal had never thought over this small fact, not until there were several members of said family pointing guns and some odd looking weapons at himself and his first mate. It occurred to him at this crucial moment that perhaps he should have taken a keener interest in his hired gun.

It had all started innocent enough, Jayne was going home for some great big family reunion and Kaylee had suggested they could look for some work nearby. Mal knowing they were running low on funds decided it was as good an opportunity as any.

It had seemed like a good idea, right up until the point where they had stepped of the ship and most of Jayne’s family had pulled various assorted weapons from god only knows where and pointed them right at himself and Zoe. The hate filled words “Caleb” and “Jasmine” flitting about amongst the group.

The leaders of this little meet and greet, (who Mal assumed were cousins or siblings of Jayne’s) were a petite blonde women and a dark hair Man with one eye. They were both looking at him as if the devil himself had just stepped out in front of him. Jayne himself was stood behind these two, eyes wide and mouth open before he exclaimed. “That’s what they looked like?!”

Mal raised his hands slowly caution taking over, an uneasy attempt at a friendly smile on his face. “Sounds to me like there’s been a misunderstanding, see we don’t know anyone by those names, I’m sure Jayne here could vouch for us. We’ve never even been on this moon before”

It was the blond who spoke; somehow Mal knew it would be. She took a step forward, her weapon never wavering. “Funny, because that’s the name I know you by, Preacher!”

Mal’s eyes widened Preacher? What the Tyen-sah was going on? Fortunately Jayne’s brain was in good form today and he seemed to realize all was no at is seemed. “He ain't that preacher man you always goin’ on about! That’s the captain, besides he don’t like god!”

The blond cocked an eyebrow. “That true? You’re Malcolm Reynolds?” it may have been his imagination but she seemed to be loosening up just a tad.

Mal nodded zealously. “Yes Mam that’s right and this here is my first mate Zoe Washburne. We don’t mean no harm we just out here lookin’ for work!”

The weapons started lowering just a little at a time as the tall dark man and the small blonde seemed to have a silent conversation. It was the dark haired man that spoke this time. “If Jayne can vouch for you that’ll do for me, maybe we should take this inside?”

He motioned for everyone to get moving, which they did, before turning back slightly to the captain. “Sorry about the little hold up there, you just have a might strong resemblance to someone we use to know.” He gave a clumsy sort of smile, apologies and amusement all mixed in together.

Mal just nodded, excepting the apologies and keeping his hand firmly latched on to his holster. “Guessin’ you weren’t to close then? You and this man?”

A dark look came over him as he shook his head. “No, not at all but that’s a pretty long story, I’m more interested in how you fell in with my nephew.”

The End

You have reached the end of "Chance Encounters". This story is complete.

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