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Summary: These are usually story beginnings that I just don’t have time for, and have been regulated to the back burner of my mind. Hopefully if I get them out here they’ll stop clogging my brain. Partial answers to challenges as well.

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SG1: I Captured/Drafted

Don't own BTVS or SG1

Xander nodded to Buffy as he took the last of the explosives from his friend. The two of them were returning the last of the remaining explosive equipment that they had spent the last month borrowing for the not so honorable mayor 'snakehead' and their graduation party. "Is that the last of it?" He questioned, as he pushed the crate closed back to the way it had been when they had first gotten there. Not that the security was likely to notice, but it was better to keep people guessing.

"Yeah that's the last of it." The Slayer returned as she placed the duffel bags they had used in an out of the way spot. "You ready to get on out of here?" She questioned him. "Or do you need to get some early Christmas shopping done here before you leave? After all you used this place for both my birthday and graduation day shopping." She added with a smile.

"True," Xander agreed as he seemed to consider it for a moment. "Maybe some other time though, wouldn't want to push our luck and all. Besides, if I did it now then you wouldn't be surprised latter on." He added in. Buffy nodded her head in agreement, as if it made complete sense. "Do shall we leave before the soldier boys decide to notice that someone has actually broken into their base?"

The blonde snickered at this unaware of how glad her friend was to hear those sounds coming from her. After graduation the Slayer had been rather subdued with Angel having left town. "Come on now Xan, you know that's not likely to happen. Why, something like that would require Army Intelligence." She mocked, shaking her head at her friend as if he had forgotten how to hold a stake or eat a twinkie.

Xander grinned at her hoping that her good mood would stay. He never realized how much Deadboy contributed to Buffster's smiles. "True, and since Army A.I is as good as real world A.I's that its amazing that they don't all shoot themselves. Or at least can manage to tie their shoes." He joked with her.

"Maybe they'd shoot themselves in the foot." Buffy suggested wryly.

"As much as I enjoy a good army bashing I'm going to have to ask you two to put your hands in the air right now." A figure dressed all in black with a gun in hand spoke as they came around a corner. The lights of the building snapped on and the two were confronted with an older looking soldier with gray hair. The two teens looked at the man in surprise, as they raised their hands. This was the first time that they had ever actually been caught while they were here 'borrowing' things for their war.

"Did they take anything Carter?" The man questioned a leggy blonde woman who was already checking the explosives that the pair had returned. As the man was asking a few other soldiers stepped out from around the corner and glared at the duo as they moved in to search them. The man had taken his attention off the two for a fraction of a second, and that was all the time the pair of Sunnydale High surviving graduates needed to move.

Xander tossed himself at the in charge guy with the gun, while Buffy performed a back flip over the guards that had surrounded them. "No offense and all, but please stay down." The blonde requested as she twisted the arm of one soldier behind his back and side kicked another in the chest knocking him into one of the shelves. She then tossed her prisoner at the woman whom had been checking the explosives.

"C'mon Buff, its time to go." Xander declared as he tossed the gun he had taken from the older man into his hand and began shooting out the lights with pinpoint accuracy that he would never have managed had he been focusing. As soon as the gun clicked empty he tossed it off to the side and the pair made their way out the door.

Captain Samantha Carter kept her surprise at how easily they'd been outmaneuvered as she got up and reached for her radio. "Teal'c, they're heading for the main gate you need to stop them." She warned the second group. "Be advised, they appear to be more than moderately skilled in close quarters combat."

"Understood Captain Carter." Teal'c returned as he put the radio down and watched for anyone. It was only a few moments later that he saw the pair moving between the shadows with care and speed that only warriors ever used. These were people that were used to making use of the shadows in their fighting style.

When they got to the edge of the lights rather than trying to skirt the edges they came charging in yelling. The male Tauri ignored him and ran past him to engage one of the guards, while the short female member moved to engage him. The girl came running at him before leaping into the air with a flying kick. The Jaffa spun to the side and avoided the blow. Continuing his spin he managed to make his fist connect with the Tauri girl's shoulder sending the overextended fighter tumbling forward. He looked over at where the soldiers were, and was slightly surprised to see that they were still fighting the single male on his own. The fighter used a combination of speed and surprise attacks to keep the soldiers moving and take his opponents down. It was a rather intriguing strategy, but one that served better with a partner to assist in the take downs. The Jaffa was taken away from his observations as his feet were kicked out from under him.

Teal'c grunted as he hit the ground, but came back up to see the girl grinning at him. "Hey now, you didn't forget about me now did you big guy?" The girl asked in a bright and innocent voice.

This was a surprise considering the amount of strength that he had struck the girl with he would have imagined that she would have stayed down instead of climbing back to her feet. It would appear that there was more to this girl than was apparent. She was obviously stronger and more skilled than she first appeared to be if she had managed to recover from the blow he had thrown at her. Personally he was rather disturbed with how quickly he had dismissed the girl. Had Master Bra'Tac seen such a display there is no telling what the punishment would have been. The two moved toward each other, exchanging a flurry of blows. Teal'c managed to take only the minor blows to his body while the harder and heavier blows he just barely avoided being missed by the powerful fists. This Tauri fought with an odd grace with several twirls and kicks. In fact they reminded him somewhat of some of the maneuvers he had seen at what Jack-O'neill called an Ice Show. After a bone numbing shot to the jaw Teal'c managed to pull off a quick tackle and pinned the girl beneath his superior weight by sitting on her small form. While it was not the best type of victory, it was better than nothing.

The girl glared defiantly at the big man and bucked hard enough to knock the jaffa off his perch.

The blonde climbed back to her feet, only to be met with an elbow to her shoulder that spun her around. The blonde went down, but she performed a sweeping motion to knock her large opponent off balance. The two climbed back to their feet and grabbed at each other. Teal'c used his greater size to get the blonde in a hold and tossed her back to the ground using a throw that Master Bra'Tac had shown him long ago. Not taking any chances the jaffa disabled the girl before she climbed back to her feet. Pinning her arms behind her back so that she could no longer continue to fight. The jaffa was heaving with the exertion that the fight had taken from him. Had the girl a little bit more experience he didn't doubt that he would have lost. He looked over and saw that the other soldiers were finally securing the other member of the team. He also noticed that while the team that was holding him was covered in bruises and scratches and yet the young man had almost none on him. It was almost as if he had given up. He looked down at the fighter at his feet and the boy and realized he had surrendered himself in order to stay with his comrade. He had seen similar actions before in his time as a First Prime.

The other members of SG1 joined the group by the gate as the two intruders were brought to their feet. A light was brought shone on them, and there a few noises of surprise. "Crap, they're only kids." Col. Jack O'Niell muttered, as he looked the two over noticing how young they both seemed.

"Notice that did you?" The girl asked sarcastically.

"Maybe sir, but you saw what they did to us back in the supply shed." One of the men piped in glaring at Buffy.

"Both of you be quiet." Jack ordered, not about to let either of them to continue to mouth off at each other like they were doing. Besides if there were going to be any witty remarks then he was going to the one to make them. He then turned to look at the blonde since she was the one that was talking right now. "You two may not be N.I.D like I thought you might be, but your still in a lot of trouble. Do you know that stealing from the Military is a federal offense? Now your going to tell me what it is that you two were doing in there." He said, as he glared at the both of them.

The two of them just stood there and met his glare unflinchingly. "Is that glare supposed to scare us? Cause I've seen scarier glares on her ex boy friend's face." The dark haired teen said with indifference.

"Yeah, I think it kind of rates at the level of a Ripper glare personally." The blonde said as she met the glare unconcerned. "Good against regular folks, but not enough to make me all that scared."

The youth studied the face for a moment as if he was actually mentally comparing Jack's glare with that of someone else. "Good point." The boy agreed finally.

"Lock them up!" Jack ordered at the soldiers in annoyance. The soldiers nodded and began dragging the pair away. OR rather they dragged the boy away but the girl scared them enough that they were leading her.

"Hey big guy." The blonde called out stoping in front of Teal'c despite the men's efforts to get her to move. "I hope you'll give me rematch one day." She questioned with a grin. "You got some really great moves that I have got to pick up on. That throw of yours? That was good real good. I've never ever seen or heard of anything quite like it." She complimented.

Teal'c nodded at the girl even as she met her defeat with grace. "We shall see." Teal'c returned bowing to the girl before she was led off.

Jack sighed as he looked at the folders of the pair of kids in the next room. Alexander 'Xander' Lavelle Harris, and Buffy Anne Summers. The two of them were reported as being slightly below average students, yet they had both passed their final tests with flying colors. The fact was they were both twenty to thirty percent higher than most peoples would expect from them. The two also had records that were less than great as well. Then again there was the fact the two of them had broken into the army base numerous times. They may have only admitted to doing it one or two other times but he had his doubts on that one. No kids were that familiar with a place as those two had been after only breaking into it a couple of times. Jack sighed as he tossed the folders down. This would have been so much easier if they had been N.I.D stealing weapons like he thought. Because that would have been so much easier to deal with. When rogue military groups stole weapons like that you knew what to do with them because there was a set of rules when it wasn't anyone in the military though and the rules started to get somewhat hazy at times.

To make a bad situation worse they weren't even stealing the weapons but returning them. So technically they hadn't caught them in the act. THey did have enough evidence to pin them for the original thefts though. He personally wasn't sure why they would have gone through the effort of taking all sorts of explosive equipment if they weren't going to actually use it though. Unless it had been a dare or maybe one of those high school scavenger hunts where they had to bring in things from all over the town. It was just their bad luck to have gotten caught up in a search for N.I.D operatives. Not that he was overly pleased that a bunch of high schoolers were able to get their hands on dangerous materials like these.

"Show them in." He ordered to the man by the door, who nodded and walked out the door and came back a moment later with the girl and boy. The pair of them were cuffed with heavy chains on their arms and ankles. TO some that might seem to be a bit of overkill particularly when you looked at them, but their skills in hand to hand made them to dangerous to casually trust. That and they had both managed to slip the first set of handcuffs off. "Have a seat kids," he told them brightly, "cause it looks like we're going to be here for quiet some time." The two sat down for a minute and looked the older man in the eye. Each of them was somewhat nervous but they also seemed accepting of what their fates might be. "You two are here for terrorism, theft, and a handful of other little things that should get the both of you a long time in jail." The Colonel bluntly explained to them. "Someone has been helping you out though, because they found a way for you to get out of this mess with a little bit of help."

"And what would that be?" The blonde asked coolly not trusting the second chance that she was being dangled in front of them like the carrot that it was.

The Colonel shook his head, the girl was cool as any experienced POW he had seen while the boy was jittery and following the lead of what he seemed to consider his leader. He was hoping to use the loyalty that the pair had to each other to his advantage. If not he could always split them up an see what happened to them when they couldn't rely on each other. "Here's the deal." Jack explained as he slid a pair of clipboards at the two of them. "You can either join up in the military, where you can use your various and somewhat questionable skills for the good of the country, or you can rot away in jail for the rest of your lives." He leveled the two with a hard stare. "Your choice about how you want to spend the rest of your lives. You can be stuck behind stone walls for the rest of your lives or you can be doing something. As it stands neither of you actually has a criminal record. You've been accused of various things, but never charged or brought to trial for them either. If you decide to try and fight this in court the deal is taken off the table and you'll have to see how well you stand up to what they have against you. If you are really lucky you'll only have to deal with a few years. If not well I'm sure that you didn't have anything planned for the rest of your lives."

The two teens stared at the clipboards in surprise, because this had been the last thing that they had ever expected. "Can we get a few minutes to think about it?" The blonde asked as she eyed the paper uncertainly.

"Sure thing." The Colonel said, as he got up. He stopped at the door though and looked over his shoulder. "You got ten minutes before the law comes and you lose your choice though." He then stalked out of the room.

The two scoobies sighed as they looked at the papers in front of them. "Now what?" Xander asked still slightly shell shocked about the choice they were being given.

The Slayer shrugged. "Doesn't seem like we have a whole lot of choice other than to sign." The Slayer said as she hesitantly fingered her pen.

"Great." Xander said as he reluctantly picked up his own pen. The two took a deep breath before they began to sign the papers in front of them. Jack looked in the doorway and nodded as he watched the two going through the forms. Who knows the two of them might be of some use to him someday.

Buffy and Xander shared a friendly hug as they met for the first time in a couple of years. "Buffster you look great!" Xander complimented as he swung his friend around in the air.

"You too Xan." Buffy said after he had put her down. They were right they did both look great. Each of them had surprisingly flourished under the heel of the military. Each was strong and capable possibly more than they had been when they had been living in Sunnydale. The two then turned to look at the familiar person that was going to be giving them their orientation. "Uh, hi?" Buffy said nervously, as she saw Colonel O'Neill and his friend Murray. Since her capture Buffy had done her best to learn about the guy that had taken her down. Colonel Jack O'Neill was something of a black ops legend that was currently doing something extremely hush hush up here in the mountain. Word was that every now and then when something really weird was going on is when they called for Jack. Some of the times he was said to travel with a giant of a man called Murray, a leggy blonde called Carter, and a Geek known as Jackson. Other times he was said to run missions solo. It was when he was without backup that he was supposed to be really dangerous as he had a tendency to get really bloodthirsty when he was out on his own.

"That's hello sir." Jack returned to her coolly. Causing the girl's checks to go slightly pink.

"Greetings Sgt. Summers." Teal'c said bowing his head at the girl. "Come see me later, and we shall see about that rematch now that you have had some time to train yourself." The blonde blushed a bit at this as she recalled her last comment to the large man.

"Right, now that we've all said our helloes." O'Neill said, glaring at the two newbies who instantly jumped to attention amidst the snickers of the other newbies as they suddenly remembered where they were. "Lets get this stuff done, I have other things to do than to baby sit a couple of small town delinquents." The two delinquents bristled at this, but remained at attention as Jack lead them into the mountain. "As of now you are mine to do with as I please and it just so happens that you are all going to be going into the mountain for some serious new training and other things. Trust me when I tell you once your done here it will be like nothing you've ever experienced before. First you'll have several non-disclosure forms that each and everyone of you is going to have to sign before you can even get on the elevator and then you'll be debriefed. Do not ask questions about anything until after that time."

The two Scoobies rolled their eyes at the dramatics of the man. Xander had gotten a reputation as someone that could do the impossible when it came to explosives and that there wasn't a better person to run demolitions than the dark haired man. It was said that a Xander Harris bomb was sure to be big pretty and deadly. Buffy on the other hand had gotten the reputation in Iraq as a person that you dropped in the middle of occupied turf and came back later to extract her or possibly take control of the area. No one was better than she was when it came to impossible missions. She was the monster that people were always afraid of coming after them. THe two Hellmouth defenders who saw the world in black and white had long since dissapeared as they now saw the world in more shades of gray than they ever had before. The military had changed the two of them in more ways than anyone who hadn't been a part of the military would understand. They may have started off as trash at the bottom of the barrel as far as most of their training commanders were concerned but after time they had shown that Sunnydale living made Boot Camp look like a breeze.

The group was then marched into a briefing room where several clipboards with numerous papers and non-disclosure forms rested.

The two soldiers sighed as they leaned against the wall and went through their mail. "Oh look, its them again." Xander said with a snort as he tossed another form in the trash.

"What is it?" Buffy asked curiously.

"Eh, just some Colonel Mayborne that wants me to transfer to the army base in Sunnydale as some sort of liason." Xander said with a shrug.

"Really?" Buffy said with surprise. "I've been getting a similar request from an Agent Riley. Seems that he believes that I would fit in great there in their experimental training group that they have back home."

"Think that they know anything?" Xander asked curiously.

"If they knew anything then I wouldn't still be here." Buffy assured her friend with a grin.

"Good point." Xander returned to her.

Buffy couldn't believe that there were so many demons trying to break in. She though that she had left the whole supernatural thing behind her. She needed to get to her quarters where her weapons were stashed. The only thing she had as far as weapons were the combat knives, trench shovels and the marine swords she had managed to get her hands on. Sure she had her sidearm, but considering how resilient most supernatural creatures were to firearms it might be more useful as a noisemaker than as a weapon. This was not going to be fun no matter what it is that she did. She thought as she adjusted the two swords so that they now rested comfortably on her back. The fact that this was almost exactly like a foothold situation was not lost on her and she idly wondered just what it was that she was going to have to say to get the people to back off.

SGC I: Captured, send through training, a couple of missions for each of them to earn their stripes, fight aliens, something demonic is discovered requiring pair to use old skills and methods. Demons killed and the pair return to serving as SGC. (demons assault mountain) Combine with HPSG1? The two groups have a separate adventure each that they have to deal with and then when the primary assault happens they have to pool their resources and abilities together
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