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Summary: These are usually story beginnings that I just don’t have time for, and have been regulated to the back burner of my mind. Hopefully if I get them out here they’ll stop clogging my brain. Partial answers to challenges as well.

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Multiple Crossings > General > Ficlet Collections - OthertexaswookieFR1883316,1941196138,52610 Jun 1019 Jul 14No

Cardfight!! Vanguard

Something I lost interest in and has been sitting on computer for about 9 months now.

Lets see the card game belongs not to me nor do any of the characters.

Andrew Wells swallowed nervously as he walked down a long hallway. He considered everything that had happened that had brought him here. After the collapse of Sunnydale things had been different for the group of demon fighters. They no longer had one small corner of the world to look after, but the entire world. With the entire Watcher’s Council having been destroyed there was no one else to deal with the supernatural on a global level. Mr. Giles great man that he was had quickly organized them all with the help of Willow the White, Xander the All Seeing, Faith the Dark Slayer, and Buffy the Prime Slayer. The group didn’t do things in the traditional ways. First they had started by making friends and allies in various places in the supernatural world. Hunters from around the world had responded as had various magic users that had wanted to be friends but had been hunted and persecuted by the old Watcher’s Council. Amongst their numbers were now the Charmed Sister’s, a coven of Witches that when combined was stronger than even Willow the White was. The descendants of Cain and Abel in the Winchester brothers. There was also the Golden Trio of the European Wizarding world which contained the Man who won and his faithful comrades. These allies and those like them combined with nearly two thousand slayers worldwide gave them more power than they had ever had before.

All that they had built though was being threatened to be destroyed by an entity that they had thought long gone. The First had returned from its place of defeat. Unlike its last two infiltrations into their world each and every seer and slayer around the world had sensed the great evil that was coming and what it meant. He understood that several of the more powerful ones had to be sedated before they could calm down. It seemed that by creating as they had they had once more tipped the balance in some way giving the first a foothold to try and come in.

Using one of the Ancient Laws of Life and Magic it had petitioned over the heads of the PTB and Wolfram & Hart and been given a chance to try and destroy the world. It came down to a challenge. If the First won it would be allowed to return and resume its attempts at destroying the world. If it lost though then the heroes would be given a year of peace. There would be no apocalypse for them to try and stop only common supernatural creatures. It had seemed like a decent enough deal until one considered that they would be going against thee First Evil of all beings. By the Ancient Laws as they had been challenged they were allowed to choose the manner of combat that they would have.

Many hours had been spent trying to decide how they should do this. They had to choose carefully as there was no telling what might be used against them. If they chose magical combat Harry Potter Willow and the Charmed Ones could be up against any number of Dark Mages that could cause untold amounts of danger and destruction. If they chose some of their best fighters to meet in one on one combat they could possibly lose their greatest fighters before whatever invasion happened and they would be in need of their strongest or greatest fighters.

It had been a tired and frustrated Xander Harris that had finally mouthed off in annoyance. While it had been meant as a barely thought out idea it had also sadly proved to be the best plan that they could come up with as well. It would cause the least amount of damage and save the most of their fighters and powerhouses for if things went bad. He looked around him to see the other members of the organization walking along beside him. The group stepped into the arena and they saw various weapons set up in display.

“Slayer.” The First said in greeting to Buffy.

“Casper.” Buffy returned with a smirk as she looked at the essence before them wearing her face again.

The other Buffy glared at her in annoyance before it turned to look at the other assembled beings before them. “So, these are your great heroes that you choose to use against me in combat then?" The First said as its eyes roamed up and down each and every one of them. “You have some true heroes here.” It noted in a mocking tone. “Buffy Summers, the Slayer Alpha and Faith Lehanne the Dark Slayer along with some of their best Slayers.” It said as it turned to look at Kennedy, Vi, and Rhonda. “The White Witch and the Charmed Ones.” It said as its eyes continued on past Willow an the Sisters. “Billie Jenkins, the wielder of the Ultimate Power. Riley Finn and Graham Miller, a pair of normals trying to play with the big leagues.” The soldiers narrowed their eyes, but ignored the scorn that was being directed at them. “The heroes of the wizarding world of course.” The First continued mockingly as it looked at Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Neville Longbottom, Ron Weasley, Luna Lovegood, and Rebus Hagrid. Considering how many of your people died though I’d hardly say that you won though." Several of the wizards scowled at that and had to be held back. "Rupert Giles, the Watcher, and of course the Winchester brothers the Heirs to the line of Adam. Angelus, and Spike the Ensouled Vampires along with Conner the miracle Vampire Child, Illyria the former God King, and Oz the werewolf minstrel. Then of course there is you my former pawn." It added, as it barely even noticed Andrew standing with the crowd of real heroes and fighters.

"Such a force of good to be used against me. I suppose you decided to make this a melee fight then and chose to meet me in a single fight to defeat me?" The First said with a smirk. "I can think of no better way to do this battle. The fact that you would put so many of your eggs into one basket is amusing to me though."

"Not quite Casper-Me." Buffy said with a grin. "We’re here for morale support. Andrew here is actually your opponent."

"What!" The First exclaimed, as its hold on Buffy’s form flickered for a moment as it was surprised by this bit of news. It whirled around and glared at the young woman before it. "This boy is to be my opponent?" It demanded, as it jabbed an incorporeal finger at Andrew. "Are you mocking me Slayer? This is a worse insult than the half blind comedian battling me."

"I feel slightly offended." Xander said sarcastically. "I mean seriously, this is the First Evil? At least Cordy could manage a decent insult when she needed to. Half-Blind Comedian really lacks some of the power behind it."

"Evil’s just not what it used to be." Oz agreed sagely, as they watched the fuming image glare at them.

"Fine, I see what you are doing, you intend to lose this match and then beat me later. That means that the pawn must be a sacrifice and nothing more. Very well I accept your champion what weapons will he be laughing using."

"Your call Andrew." Buffy said nodding toward him.

Andrew nodded as he stepped forward. "I, I, I Andrew Wells a Member of the prestigious and glorious Council of Watchers being a Watcher of good standing do hereby challenge you to a game of Vanguard." He managed to squeak out. Nothing like the deep and manly tone he had been working for. He pulled his deck of cards out and held it out expectantly waiting for the First to respond to him.

"A card game? This is what shall determine if I return to this realm?" The First asked in disbelief while looking toward the boy that was its challenger.

"What’s the matter, scared you can’t do it?" Buffy mocked with a challenging smirk.

"Very well, we shall play a shadow game then." The Ghost Buffy conceded, as it snapped its fingers.

Andrew stumbled slightly as e suddenly found himself in a dark cloud with a game table in front of him. He looked up to see something that surprised him. Standing on the other side of the playing field was Jonathan of all people.

"Jonathan?" He got out.

"Something like that." The First sneered as he adjusted the board. "I hope your ready to lose."

"I won’t lose." Andrew said determinedly, as he got himself set.

"Very well then, a few things I should tell you though before we begin. If I win I gain not only entry into your world but I also gain the soul of all the losers since this is a shadow game."

"I figured as much." Andrew returned nervously. "Although I think you have the type of card game mixed up. A shadow game is usually played with a Yugioh deck not a Vanguard Deck. He prattled to the figure.

"Would you prefer to change the type of game?" The First asked, slightly annoyed at the technicalities that the young Watcher was spouting off at it.

“If I win though, I stop you and get your soul.” Andrew said.

“Not quiet, but I will be sealed within the shadow realm for 500 years." The First returned to him.

"Anything else?" Andrew asked.

His opponent smirked at him. "Yes, if you’ll look at your cards you’ll notice that they are different than when you decided to use them." Jonathan noted calmly. Andrew yelped as he reached for his deck and looked in disbelief at the changed deck. "Don’t worry your other deck will be returned to you if you win. Now instead of being the deck your used to playing with it will be using the champions of this realms in the cards."

"Understood." Andrew said.

"Then let’s get to it." The First said.

The two boys shuffled their decks and placed them in the card holders. “Let’s duel!” The two boys said as they drew their cards. "Stand up my Vanguard!" The called out as they each laid down a card.

The two looked at the grade 0’s that they had each played. Andrew had played Cheerleader Buffy dressed in Hemery High Colors. The first had played a Bringer card.

"I’ll go first." Andrew said as he drew his cards. He smirked as he looked at his cards and then played a grade 1. "I ride Buffy the Vampire Slayer." He said laying a card down. A flash of light appeared between them and suddenly a teenaged Buffy the Vampire Slayer appeared.

"What the hell is going on?" Buffy demanded as twirled a stake in her hands.

"Buffy?" Andrew said in surprise at the fact that the illusion had actually spoken.

"Yes Andrew, a little side effect of the game that we’re playing." The First said with a cold smirk. "You may have thought that you were going to be a sacrifice so that your comrades could be at the ready to confront me and mine when you lost. However since all of your comrades came in with you that means that they are all now a part of your deck."

"What, you mean you didn’t just change the deck did you?" Andrew said in sudden understanding.

“That’s right, I bonded your friends and allies to the deck that you are using. Meaning they’ll all be here with you.” The First returned with a smirk.

Andrew gaped as he looked his deck and the cards in his hands in disbelief before shaking his head and focusing back on the match. "Fine, in rearguard I also play 1st year Ron Weasley." He said as he placed the card down of another card.

"Bloody hell." Ron complained as he looked himself over uncomfortably. "You got to be kidding me." The red head complained.

“I end my turn.” Andrew said, doing his best to tune out the complaints of the wizard.

“My turn.” The First said as it drew a card and started. “So many options to choose from.” It said with a smirk. “I call vampire Harmony.” The first said as it laid a card down beside the Bringer card. “Now I ride Lilah Morgan and play Draco Malfoy and Madame Umbridge in the rear guard."
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