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Summary: These are usually story beginnings that I just don’t have time for, and have been regulated to the back burner of my mind. Hopefully if I get them out here they’ll stop clogging my brain. Partial answers to challenges as well.

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Well not quiet a Halloween fic I figure the source material is close enough though. Akihisa Ikeda has the rights to Rosario+Vampire while Joss has the rights to BTVS. Seeing as I'm neither of those people I get no money from these characters.

Buffy scowled a bit as she rode the ugly yellow bus in near complete silence. There were only two other people that were on the bus. The driver who had only a handful of creepy things to say and a gangly boy around her age who was seated a few seats over. At least the scenery was nice. She thought to herself as she looked out the window. It was still kind of hard for her to believe that she was actually being sent to a boarding school of all places. Not that the Californian girl had actually been given much of a choice in the matter. She had woken up one day to find all of her things already packed and message explaining the way things were going to be now.

She became lost in her thoughts as she thought about how she came to be here. It had started with her becoming the Slayer. One girl in all the world with the strength and speed to kill vampires yadah, yadah, yadah. She had fought bled and nearly died to fight the vampire known as Lothos. After that she had an emotional breakdown and explained everything to her parents. Her parents had decided that she was on drugs, and when she showed her strength they figured that it must be PCP or something similar. It had really bugged the doctors when they couldn't find any traces of the drug in her system despite their assurances that she was on it. It had bugged them even more when she kept displaying her strength even when under 24 hour observation. Personally it had become a source of great amusement for the blonde to constantly prove the jerks holding her that they were wrong.

She could have and should have just faked her inability to keep her strength levels up. Things might have gone different if she had hidden her powers away. While she had been stuck in the hospital her parents fought over everything and anything. After one such fight her mom had gone for a walk to cool off. She was found with her throat ripped out the following morning. The official report was that it was a wild animal. The unofficial theory from the cops was that it was a retaliation from the gang that had Buffy and Pike had driven off from the school. They were currently looking into gangs that liked to mimic vampires and other mythical creatures. Then there was Buffy's theory in that this was the supernatural world sending a message about her inability to protect the ones that she loved.

The loss of his wife had caused Hank Summers to wake up and remember that he had a daughter and that he needed to do something with her. None of the schools in California would take his child despite the fact that there was no proof that his daughter had done anything wrong. It was almost as if someone was actively trying to make things difficult. In all of California only one school was willing to accept the blonde. The fact that several people had witnessed Buffy fighting some unknown people was circumstantial it seemed. So Hank had done what he could, he had pulled up his roots and taken a job offer in a whole other country which is why Buffy found herself staring into the Japanese countryside instead of on her way to Sunnydale as the Watchers Council had planned.

Buffy had taken to the Japanese culture a lot more smoothly than her father had. It hadn't taken her very long to master the language. While she still stumbled over words here and there she was at least understandable. A part of the blonde had wondered if that wasn't the Slayer making it easier for her. Maybe the Slayer had been to Japan before and that was how she could do that. The idea that she might have a natural affinity for speaking in languages never even crossed her mind. Her easy assimilation into Japanese culture had led to her agreeing to trying one of the boarding schools. Hank had admitted that he wasn't going to be home much anyways and that she might make some new friends. He also figured if his daughter had a relapse then there would be adults around to stop his daughter before things got out of hand again. So Buffy had taken the qualifying tests and found herself accepted into a school called Yokai Academy.

The blonde had not been overly pleased when she learned that one of the requirements had been a school uniform. A skirt that was a lot shorter than her dad had been comfortable with along with either a yellow sweater or green jacket. It was like every school boy fantasy outfit. On the bright side she was fairly certain that she pulled the look off fairly well though. She was also a lot less likely to have Slayer related problems as well in a boarding school, which was a good thing as far as she was concerned. It was a chance to start over. A chance to have a life away from all of the vampires that were after her.

"You are the students enrolling at Yokai Academy?" The driver finally questioned the pair of them.

"So it says on our uniforms." Buffy returned to the driver turning to look at him since they were entering a tunnel and there wasn't a whole to look at while in there. There was something kind of creepy about the guy, she just wasn't sure what it was that was off about him though. Maybe it was her imagination or her paranoia getting to her. Then again was it really paranoia when there were vampires out there to get her? Or it could be the fact that the guy was smoking inside of the bus as well. She reasoned to herself.

"In that case you had best prepare yourselves now." The man chuckled softly at some joke that only he knew. "When we come out of this tunnel we'll be in front of the school. Yokai Academy is a very terrifying school.” The man warned.

Buffy rolled her eyes, even as she noticed that the boy was very obviously reacting to what the man had said. It seemed as if the kid was one that was easy to intimidate. Then again as far as practical jokes went it wasn't too bad or harmful as some of the ones she had done either.

Once they got out Buffy had to admire the efforts that someone went into making this joke work on Freshmen. The bus stop had a Jack-o-lantern on the top and the school itself looked like something out of an old horror movie. One of the ones that guys took girls to so that they could ‘comfort’ them. Not that those types of movies really freaked her out all that much anymore. The fact that it had been a sunny day when they entered the tunnel but was now cloudy also added to the whole creepy factor.

“We've arrived kiddoes be careful.” The driver told them as he tossed them and their things out before slamming the doors shut and turning the bus around.

“Wait a minute what is this place?” The boy exclaimed, as he looked around worriedly. “It’s like a completely different world from before we entered that tunnel.” He whimpered out.

Buffy kept her mouth shut even if a part of her agreed with the boy's assessment. She had done her duty and was now retired though. She was not getting involved in all of the Slayer mess again no matter what people told her to do. And if there was some stuffy British guy lurking around here she would just have to do her best to avoid them. Because she was done with all of the supernatural crazy stuff. Not that she didn't still carry a stake in case she ran into a vampire and she also still had Merrick's dagger that he had thrown at her way back when packed away in one of her bags.

“Coming through!” A voice shouted. Not even thinking about the heavy bags filled with clothes and shoes she spun around to see a girl with pink hair on a bike slam into the kid that she had ridden in with. She ducked as the bike went flying over her head while the two teens collapsed into a pile of limbs.

The boy placed his hands on the girl's thigh before he lurched back in shock at having touched the girl there. Buffy smirked as she saw that the boy had somehow given himself a nose bleed after touching the girl.

The girl had managed to get back to her knees when she actually sniffed at the air. “The scent of blood.” The girl easily identified. "I'm sorry,"" the girl apologized, "it’s just, I lose control when around that scent. You see I'm a vampire." The girl explained before she latched onto the neck of the boy.

Buffy froze in shock at that. She hadn't known that vamps could walk around on cloudy days even if it did make a certain amount of sense now that she thought about it. She snapped out of her thoughts and dropped her things wondering if she would be able to get to the boy in time. The kid was stronger than he looked though as he managed to break free and began screaming about having been bit even as the small puncture wounds were dripping blood.

Buffy frowned as she eyed the girl. She didn't have a game face nor did she have any of the other more identifying marks of a vamp like yellow eyes. She wondered if just maybe this girl wasn't a part of the Yokai Academy is a scary place prank that was going on. The giant silver cross on a choker was a big indicator for that. She looked the girl over again. While it was true she was pale skinned and it was cloudy there was an innocence to her. She was also one of the prettiest girls that Buffy had ever seen. And there was no way that she was going to say that she was jealous of a girl with that height and figure. She did wonder if the skirt was regulation length though. One good breeze and it would show everyone the color of her panties.

“I'm sorry, I'm Moka Akashiya.” The girl told the boy. “Although I look like this, I am a vampire.”

“Right.” The blonde drawled out while crossing her arms and staring at the pinkette disbelievingly.

“Vampire like the bloodsucking creatures that hate garlic and crosses?” The boy demanded.

“Exactly.” The girl returned perkily. “Thank you for the blood it was a great treat.”

“Er no problem.” The boy returned with a dopey grin. It seemed as if the boy was besotten already.

Buffy thought about pointing out that garlic didn't really bug vampires, but decided to wait and see how long these people were going to play this prank for. She waited for the other two to gather their things and the three of them began walking toward the school/haunted mansion.

“So you don't like our kind? I mean vampires.” Moka questioned the pair.

“Let’s say I have my reasons.” Buffy returned briskly. Moka seemed to wilt slightly, but nodded her head in understanding.

“Well I don't have any problems.” The boy piped in. “In fact I think that they're kind of unique.”

Not that unique. Buffy thought back at the boy.

“That's great, Then if you’re okay with me please me friend.” The girl requested. “I was feeling lonely since I don't know anyone here.”

Buffy shook her head, first the really pretty girl makes herself seem eccentric and then act as if she's friendless. Someone was really working on trying to make the boy fall for their game.

“I'm Tskune Ano pleased to meet you.” The boy told the pair suddenly remembering only one of them had actually introduced themselves.

“And I'm Buffy Summers.” The blonde reluctantly introduced herself. She might as well try and play nice for the moment.

“When the entrance ceremony is over please talk to me some more.” Moka pleaded, getting agreeing nods from the other two. It was a later that the pair were in class. Part of the opening ceremony appeared to be an introduction to your homeroom class.

“Welcome everybody and welcome to Yokai Academy.” The teacher at the front greeted her class. “I am your homeroom teacher Shizuka Nekonome. I think you all already know this, but this is a school built for monsters.” She brightly informed all of her students.

Buffy nearly choked as she heard that bit of information. Monsters as in plural, maybe even more than one kind of monster? Was this some sort of cruel joke put on her by whatever God or whatever lived and watched over her? She listened with dread as the woman explained that the school was a training ground for monsters/students to learn how to mix in with humanity and not be noticed. When Merrick had been telling her about the Slayer Gig he had forgotten to mention the secret monster society that she had somehow just fallen into.

She was broken out of her shock as she heard some giant that was sitting near Tskune. The creep was talking about killing humans and raping girls. The slayer in her reared its head and it was taking all of her self-control not to reach over and drive her pencil through his eye. What made her even angrier though was that the teacher mainly told him no, no like a misbehaving 5 year old. She then went back to telling how there were no true humans in the school and that if one were to found that it would be killed. This whole thing just kept getting worse and worse. Her eyes scanned the crowd and she wondered just what kinds of creatures she might be surrounded by. What other types of creatures were there out here anyways. It was almost enough to make her wish that she had a stuffy tweed wearing Watcher type to tell her what was going on.

In Sunnydale California Rupert Giles raised his head from the book he was reading as he thought he heard someone call his name before sighing and returning to reading the rather fascinating first edition of how to identify the different breeds of demons by the coloration of their scales. When the slayer finally showed up he would need to be ready to aide her by identifying anything that may happen to come across. He reached for his cup of hot tea careful not to get any of it on his tweed jacket. The cloth had to be done in England after all.

Buffy and everyone else in their class was meanwhile watching as a tardy Moka entered their homeroom. The pink haired girl then threw herself into the arms of Tskune who actually appeared to be in the middle of a nervous breakdown for some reason or other. Class wrapped up and Moka somehow ended up grabbing Tskune and dragging him out of the room.

A curious Buffy followed them from a distance as she tried to figure the girl out. If she really was a vampire then there was some really weird things going on. For starters the cross on her choker. Sure her shirt covered some of the area it rested at when buttoned it wasn't much defense against someone who left their shirt open for the large amount of cleavage that Moka had though. Not that she was jealous how nearly every other girl here appeared to look like a college cheerleader. Honestly she wasn't. Just like she was ignoring the crowd of boys that were already forming to drool over Moka. She then noticed the boy that had bragged about playing with human girls and killing the rest stop the pair.

She watched the pair make a run for it instead of turning it into a fight like all of the vampires that she had ever known before. She considered chasing them, but had a different thought. She needed information and without Merrick to tell her these things she was going to need to check things out in the scary place. She was going to have to go to the library.

She found a book about all of the different breeds of monsters and found vampires. She was shocked as she read about them. They were referred to as S Class or Super Monsters. Arguably one of the most powerful creatures in the known monster world. These were nothing like the vampires that she had fought in L.A, in fact they might as well be a different breed all together. Stakes didn't work, sunlight merely gave them a sunburn, they were supposed to be weak against water. That didn't kill them though, and there was nothing on holy water. Silver and blessed weapons seemed to be the only ones that were actually any use against them. just what kind of crazy world had she accidently fallen into anyways?

“Lot to take in ain't it kiddo?” A voice asked her curiously.

Buffy turned to see a man standing in the shadows.

“Don't talk just listen. I can only do so much for you.” He tossed a beaten leather bag at Buffy's feet. “This bag is yours, it’s got everything a Slayer is supposed to have. Consider it as the Slayer medicine bag or some such thing. One kid didn't want to give it up and people thought that it was lost.” Whistler was of the opinion that Robin Wood should have his ass kicked for what he had done. He had robbed all of the Slayers since his mother of a piece of their heritage. All because he felt he had more right to the bag than the Slayer line. The jacket the vampire Spike had taken was his but the bag never was.

Buffy picked up the bag and nodded her thanks to the figure who seemed to just melt into the shadows as quickly as he appeared. The only evidence that she had that he had even been there was the bag that she now held. It hadn't taken her long to go through the book once she figured out how to decipher it. She figured out how to open the portal and stepped through.

When she found herself in a desert she saw a man and a woman in Greek like clothing. Their skin was blue and gold. “Come Slayer, the Powers that Be have already paid our price for this meeting. You are about to embark in a world where you will need more power than you currently hold. The Shadow Men will grant you this power.”

“What if all I want is to be normal though?” Buffy questioned the pair. “I was just trying to understand what was going on where I am. Not gain more power.”

“And that is why you may yet survive. For you value knowledge as much as power.” The pair spoke unison. A trio of men in robes appeared and began walking around her and chanting. A confused Buffy didn't do anything as chains erupted from the ground and wrapped themselves around her. Before she could think of what was happening a dark mist formed and entered the blonde's eyes mouth and nose filling her with a dark power. Buffy gasped as she felt power like she had never felt before. Her eyes changed for a moment into a glowing yellow and her hair became a dark brown. A moment later her hair and eyes returned to their normal coloring.

“When you need this new power simply call upon it.” The Oracles ordered. “Now begone Slayer, your headmaster has been kind enough to bring forth the trade.” A force pushed Buffy back and she shot through the portal and landed against the wall. She saw the portal snap shut and noticed the robes of someone walking rather quickly around the corner. She also noticed that the library was a real big mess.

Buffy sighed as she looked down and saw Moka dealing with the rapist. She quickly slid the boomerang that had been in the slayer kit out of her bag and leaped down. She saw Tskune there, and suddenly Moka changed her pink hair turned white, her eyes a bright red, and her fangs were extended her body also became more muscular and well rounded. Buffy felt her own change coming. Like the vampire her body shifted becoming more muscular curvier and well rounded. In fact she looked a lot like Moka did before she shifted. Her hair took on a dark coloring, her eyes started glowing yellow, and tribal tattoos began appearing on her skin.

“An S level Vampire.” The would be rapist spoke out in awe as he looked at the vampiress. “I can sense your incredible power from here.” He noted as he eyed the figure he had thought that he would be taking for a bit of fun. This changed the way things were going to be. Of course if he was able to beat one his reputation would be untouchable.

“Actually, you're dealing with two S Class Monsters.” Buffy explained from her perch on a wall. Buffy's hyper senses could identify what each and every one of the three were. There was the Vampire who was easily on her own level then there was the troll who was actually rather pathetic but more than she could fight in pure power with her old abilities. Then there was the last member. Tskune Buffy felt a bit of surprise at what she was sensing from him. He was actually a full blooded human. It seemed that someone had slipped in under the radar when no one was looking. It was her job to protect humans.

“A Slayer.” Moka noted as she nodded towards the new arrival. “Not that I need your help with this trash.

“I'm aware of that, but all his talk of hurting girls has just pissed me off. I figure if you held back from teaching him a lesson I would finish the job.” Buffy explained to the other girl. Moka was a lot different like this. There was a strengngth and harshness to her that had been missing before.

Moka looked annoyed and insulted at the implication that she might not be capable of taking care of something like this. “Very well.” She then turned to look at the troll. “Know your place!” She growled, as she lashed out with her foot. The troll didn’t stand a chance as he was struck.

Buffy shook her head a bit as Moka ran away from the swimming area. “Leave these fish girls to me.” Buffy suggested as she felt her power surge. “I'm going fishing.” She ordered her fellow S Class.

Buffy and Moka both looked unimpressed at the pervy werewolf. “So who gets to put this guy in his place anyways? Personally I wouldn't mind making a wolf skin pelt, but I know that most of his games had to do with you as well.”

Inner Moka nodded her thanks to her comrade in arms for being so understanding. She had a score to settle with this brute and she was going to enjoy teaching him just what happened to those that thought that they could take advantage of others and make it seem as if there were others doing everything that he had been doing. “I do believe that it is my turn to deal with the annoyance that this puppy has become.” The Slayer nodded her acceptance of that as she stepped aside to let the other girl do her thing with the werewolf.

Buffy shook her head as she saw the army that was the safety committee. Although watching the way things were going it was making her wonder if she wasn't misunderstanding just what it was that they called themselves. They literally had Tskune tied to a stake and were all set to burn him on it. All because he was human. And the teachers didn't seem to be inclined to act either, merely letting things continue as they were. Not that many of the teachers were really all that helpful since it seemed that their group had to fight at least half of the teaching staff at one point or another. At least they hadn't gotten a detention for any of the ass kickings that they had given.

She and Moka had been planning his rescue from the very beginning. Personally Buffy was somewhat surprised that none of the others had shown up for this. She knew that Wolfboy was scared but she thought that some of the others would have tried after all the things that they had done together. Heck she doubted that there were all that many human boys that would have willing stood up against these things without any powers. Anyone that was crazy enough to do so was probably braver than anyone would like to think. She pulled out her boomerang and channeled her yokai energy into it. This fight was going to get real ugly real fast unless she played her hand just right. Still there was two S Class Creatures here to defend Tskune. It was time to show them why others feared Super Class monsters. When a Slayer and a Vampire worked together nothing stood in their way.
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