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Summary: These are usually story beginnings that I just don’t have time for, and have been regulated to the back burner of my mind. Hopefully if I get them out here they’ll stop clogging my brain. Partial answers to challenges as well.

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Multiple Crossings > General > Ficlet Collections - OthertexaswookieFR1884330,8011232151,72610 Jun 1022 Nov 14No

HP Reptilia28's Reaper Challenge musing I

This is something of a response to a challenge scene for Reptilia28's Reaper Challenge, which has spawned some couple hundred attempts it seems. (Don't know if I've ever seen a completed story to the challenge.) One of the conditions of the challenge is that a reaper/death Angel must whine about how often HP has died and point out how people have been using him. None of the versions I've seen have ever had this particular response from HP after hearing though.

Harry rolled his eyes as he looked at his Death Angel/Reaper who had finally finished ranting at him. "Let me see if I'm getting you straight. I've been potioned up to my gills full of loyalty, lust, and bespelled with memory, confoundus, charms and who knows what else to make me more malleable for Dumbledore the Weasley's and various members of the Order of the Phoenix." He ticked off one finger. "I've died a half dozen times or so due to various things, not limited to being overdosed by said potions, but having been blasted in the back by Molly, Ron, Ginny, and Percy each at least once." He ticked off another finger. "By your records or whatever, I have a soul bond with, as you put it, 'some Granger girl,' but I couldn't ever make a romantic connection because of all the potions and spells affecting me." He ticked off a third finger. "You say that you've told me this several times before but I never remember any of it because you wipe my memory of my time here, and you are upset because each time I keep screwing up your great master plan." He ticked off yet another finger. "Now your saying its my fault that your about to lose your job because of all this. Does that pretty much describe it?"

"Yes Potter." The Reaper grumbled out angrily. "I'm so glad that you were finally able to get that through your thick skull."

Harry nodded as he clenched his hand into a fist and slammed it onto the desk causing the Reaper to jump in surprise. "Did it ever occur to you to flush my system of the potions or give me some idea as to what was happening while I was alive?" He demanded of the figure angrily. "How was I, an 11 year old supposed to know any of these things? They had some 10 odd years to prepare themselves for this and I was on my own for the most part when it came to all of the manipulations they had ready for me. So please tell me how I was supposed to know?" He demanded, his eyes flashing angrily at the Reaper. "What's more, tell me how someone with no previous knowledge or training in magic was supposed to prevent any of the crap that happened? Because I would love to know just what the bloody hell it is that I could have done differently since most of the times it was everything that I could do to just survive." He pointed out to the being.

The Reaper looked uncomfortable as it looked around its desk for an answer to the questions that it was being asked. Questions that it very obviously didn't want to think about and would rather continue blaming Harry for.

There was a chuckle and Harry turned to see a figure in dark battered plate armor leaning against a wall. "Please keep going, I've been wondering and asking him the same things for years." The figure remarked with a smirk.

"Who are you." Harry questioned curiously.

"Sir Trystan of Cornwall, once a Knight of the Round Table and one of your ancestors." The man informed him giving a slight bow to the boy. "Now of days I have the dubious honor of also being your Guardian Angel." He explained as he gave a mock salute to the boy. "Of course there is only so much that I can protect you from when idiots like this one are tying my hands from doing anything."

"We can send you back one final time boy. With your memories intact even." The Reaper admitted to him grudgingly. "But you fail this time, and nothing we do can save you. You'll have to deal with the after life and all the people that you failed."

Harry looked at the Reaper and the Guardian suspiciously. "What's the catch?" He demanded. "What's the catch of having my memories this time around?"

"We can send you back in time to any point in your past where you were near death. There is a price to be paid though." Trystan warned him.

"And that is." Harry questioned worriedly.

"You will no longer be limited to one soul mate anymore. It wont be just you and the Granger Girl."

"Hermione." The two dark haired figures reminded him with a glare.

"Whatever." The Reaper returned. "Anyways. depending on how far back you go and what the cost is will determine how much we expect in return."

"Who?" Harry asked nervously. "Who all do you expect me to marry besides Hermione?"

"At the very least you'll be expected to mate with Granger, some Bell girl, some American heroes," he searched through the files. "Ah yes, a Buffy Summers, and a Billie Jenkins. Fortunately for you they both know magic already."

"Why so many?" A pale Harry asked, his anger forgotten at the thought of dealing with so many girls.

"Because by restarting your destiny we have had to take the power and destiny from others. Which means it will be your duty to help with producing the children that they would have otherwise had. We shall arrange for things to happen that their lives will interact with yours." The Reaper assured him. "The Angels of Destiny will make sure that such things happen." The Reaper didn't mention the other supernatural wars that the boy was now going to be involved in now that he was mapped to these women or e likelihood that there would be other women within the circles that they traveled that he might also mate with. He doubted that the boy was interested in knowing those little facts about his future family anyways.
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