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Summary: These are usually story beginnings that I just don’t have time for, and have been regulated to the back burner of my mind. Hopefully if I get them out here they’ll stop clogging my brain. Partial answers to challenges as well.

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WINX: On Halloween girls dress as the W.I.N.X girls. Willow=Techna/Cordy=Flora (should be funny since their attitudes are the polar opposites) Amy=Stella Buffy=Bloom Faith=Musa Kendra=Layla

As usual I own nothing. BTVS is Whedon and the WINX Club is some Italian company and 4kidstv or Nickelodeon. I lost track.

Ok kind of embarrassed for this one but here we go. I remember watching this a few years ago when I was really bored one summer. I saw a picture of the group recently and thought why not experiment. The worst that could happen is someone will laugh at me for knowing this show.

Buffy sighed as she and her group trudged into the Halloween shop. Snyder troll that he was had chosen their one day that she could have vegged and turned it into indentured service as she had to play tour guide for a bunch of mini monsters that she wasn’t allowed to slay.

Her day was all the worse because of the special guests that Giles was hosting today. It seemed that Xander’s whole saving her thing had caused the Slayer line to do something hinky, since there were now two slayers. Kendra and her Watcher were in town on the trail of something or other. Unfortunately Buffy and Kendra were about as different as the night and day. Kendra being a Council raised Slayer was all yes sir and no sir and sacred duty this and as the chosen one. It was really kind of annoying.

And then there was Faith a potential Slayer that like her had slipped through the cracks of the Council net. She and her Watcher had come in because the woman had access to several rather rare boring old tomes that Kendra and her Watcher. Faith was the poster child for the biker trash or wild child.

She had thought that she could at the very least spend her time hanging out with her friends, but Snyder had axed that idea as well and had assigned girl and boy escort teams. Willow and herself had been teamed up Cordy and Amy and somehow Kendra and Faith had been foisted on them as well and would be joining them on escort duty. Xander on the other hand had been placed in a group with Larry and some of the other various jocks from the school.

Faith seemed about as pleased as she was about it. She had heard the girl muttering about the unfairness of it all, and how she didn’t need a babysitter. Kendra on the other hand was all about the duty of guarding those that could not defend themselves. It was Halloween, the night that the supernatural was supposed to take off nothing bad was supposed to happen tonight.

Snyder had decided to give Cordellia creative control of their costumes for whatever reason or excuse that he could come up with. It didn’t help that the Queen was openly insulting all of them except for Kendra though. It made remembering why she wasn’t allowed to slay the girl rather difficult. She had also been forced to stop Faith from taking a swing. Something she was really starting to regret right about now.

“Right, now since we have to have matching costumes and none of you obviously have access to the required fashion sense I’ll be making the decisions here.” Cordellia said. “Besides, none of you really know how to dress yourselves considering what your all wearing.” She added with a sniff, as she looked the other girls over. “Now wait here while I go and acquire the things that we’ll need.”

Buffy scowled at the back of the girl angrily.

“Remind me again why you said I couldn’t pop her one?” Faith asked the blonde. “I mean it’s not like I got the Slayer package yet, so if I were to hit her I couldn’t chance killing her.” She told the blonde suggestively.

“No it would be wrong.” Buffy returned somewhat reluctantly, though all could see that the blonde was greatly tempted by what the potential was saying to her.

“Alright enough talking.” Cordellia said as she walked over with several clothing bags. “I have your costumes picked out, now get up there and pay.”

“Um, don’t we at least get to know what we’re getting into?” Amy asked nervously, considering that she was somewhat intimidated by the other girl it was amazing that she had managed that.

“What, and trust your fashion sense?” Cordellia asked in disbelief as she cocked her eyebrow at the girl. “Considering I happen to know more about fashion than you ever will how about you follow your orders. Willow may know about the geek things and the crazies may know about the weirdo things and you may know about cooking, but I know about clothes so do as you’re told.” She ordered giving the girl a glare.

Amy nodded her head in acceptance of the command not wanting to get on the popular girl’s bad side.

"You are so lucky that I’m trying to stay on Snyder’s good side some what." Buffy growled at the cheerleader in annoyance. She hated seeing the way that Cordellia so casually shattered the minor showing of spine before it could even develop. "Because if not I would be tossing you into a dumpster right about now." She informed the social diva in front of her.

“Yes, yes, you would make me regret it all.” Cordy shot back at her in a bored tone knowing that there was no conviction behind the blonde’s threats. She had learned early on that while Buffy might kill the undead she made a habit of never using her powers against humans. This meant that all Buffy could do was threaten her and glare. She was truly harmless when it came to the threats of the social world.

The group arrived at the chase mansion where each of them was given a clothing bag and sent into a different room to dress. Cordy turned and looked at the group as they exited the rooms.

The Queen of Sunnydale High was dressed in a sparkling pink dress with matching boots and pink flower necklace. On her back were a pair of glittering pink wings that sparkled every time that the light hit them.

Cordellia nodded as she examined each of them. “A much more interesting look.” She complimented Kendra as she examined the sparkling green shirt and skort combo that she was wearing a pair of heavy heeled boots.

“ Huh, you don’t look too bad either trailer trash.” Cordellia said with a sneer as she examined Faith. “There’s obviously room for improvement, but a change of clothes can only do so much.”

The brunette raised her hand as if eager to start a fight. She was dressed in a pinkish red outfit. It had bright boots that came up to her knees a sparkling skirt and a shirt that bared one of her arms. In defiance of Cordellia’s acceptable look she had added a pair of headphones that were currently resting on her neck.

“Try anything else and I’ll ram that necklace of yours down your throat princess.” Faith growled back angrily. She was already missing her familiar leathers and this costume was nowhere near as revealing as she thought a Halloween costume should be. Maybe she could find some scissors later and open it up to display her goods appropriately.

Cordellia’s eyes moved on down to her other minions for the night. Amy was dressed in a sparkly orange outfit with her hair done up in two ponytails. The shirt was bare on one shoulder and she had a pair of bracelets that looked like they could have come from a Wonder Woman costume.

Finally there was Buffy there was a lot of things that the girl could say about the Slayer, but the girl did know how to clean up when she wanted to. Dressed in a sparkling blue two piece outfit with matching boots and a red wig that matched Willow’s hair gave the girl a look that was to die for. The wig was being held in place by a golden crown. There’s that girl I met on your first day here. Cordellia noted though frowning internally when Buffy matched her glare for glare. It seemed that the blonde was actually spoiling for a fight.

As the girls walked through the doors all activity stopped as everyone turned to see the group of sparkling clad teens.

Xander Harris grinned as he realized that those were his friends for the most part that were walking down the hallway. Heck the loss of his masculinity was almost worth getting to see this. The group of guys that Xander had been teamed up with had all gone for medieval knights each of them with their own weapon. Xander’s was a spear while the others were carrying a variety of other weapons.

“Wait a minute, those are the girls that Harris was hanging out with all the time?” One of the jocks said in disbelief, as he looked the girls over in disbelief.

“Yes, that they are, those are my girls.” Xander said with a smirk, as he basked in the reminder that they were his friends not the others. “Now I think that it’s time for this knight to schmooze up some time with his fairies.” He said with a smirk, as he strutted over to his friends. “Ladies, it’s great to be seeing all of you. Well most of you.” He said as he gave Cordellia an indifferent nod.

“And just what are you all supposed to be?” Snyder demanded, as he rounded the corner.

“Well that’s simple, we’re fairies with style.” Cordelia said as she smirked at the man. “There’s nothing in the ruels that’s against that now is there?” She questioned the man mockingly. Snyder was fuming in anger, but he remained silent. “I thought not.” She said as she strode past the man.

“Try not to do anything indecent Summers, you are representing the school.” Snyder snarled before storming off angrily.

“I honestly can’t say whether or not I’m happy that he lost that round.” Buffy said as she watched Snyder storm off. Deciding on whether she wanted Cordellia or Snyder was not something that she had been expecting to have to deal with.

Bloom groaned as she tried to figure out where she was. The last thing that she could remember off the top of her head was that she and the others had been fighting the Trix. As she looked around though it looked more like she was back on Earth only there were all sorts of monsters that were surrounding her. She didn’t know just what it was that was going on but she was determined to stop the monsters that were roaming all over the place.

Bloom activated her winx and took to the air to get a better view of what it was that she was dealing with. She quickly used her fire magic to create barriers that held the various creatures back from attacking anyone or anything as she tried to get some distance.

As she reached an area where she could see everything she was surprised at what she was seeing. There were monsters all over attacking people. She could see the flare of winx power and saw the familiar tell sign of her friends winx as they battled it out with the various creatures. Stella was sending various moon and star attacks Musa was bombarding the enhanced senses of the various creatures with large sounds, Flora had vines that were tying the things down, Layla was sending water at her adversaries, while Techna was using her digital barrier to protect children in costume from being assaulted from the various creatures. She saw what looked like a group of specialists that were using enchanted weapons to hold off some of the more dangerous looking creatures.

Spike snarled as he held a large metal pole that he was using as a staff as he tried to deal with the Slayer’s minion of all people. He wasn’t sure how he was doing it, but somehow the boy was possessed and using some sort of magic weapon that was making him a threat. Hell he was almost a match for the slayer like this. There were also other folks wandering around with weapons that were fighting the rest of his troops keeping them all pinned down here with nothing that they could do. This meant that he couldn’t cheat by having his minions swarm the boy so that could kill him.

“So what’s the story?” Buffy asked as she looked towards Giles with interest. “I mean all the girls now have fairy magic while the guys are all trained as magical heroes.”

“Yes this is a rather unique situation.” Giles said in agreement. “While I can’t be sure that it will help, I’m going to suggest that all of you girls study various branches of Wiccan and nature magic. Hopefully the combined styles will work for your own new found skills. Jenny has even agreed to teach Willow what she knows about her techno pagan methods in a hope that they are compatible. At least until she can find a suitable teacher to instruct her.”

“And what does the council think of all this?

“While not overly ecstatic about the changes in you and Kendra they are willing to live with it for the moment since you will all continue working on keeping the earth safe.”

“And the Knights?” Xander asked as he examined his armor. “Are we a part of this deal or what?”

“They’re willing to give you the benefit of the doubt for now and see how you do things.” Giles returned to the young man. “Between the three Watchers here, we should be able to continue your training.”

“On the plus side, at least Cordellia’s gotten an attitude transplant.” Buffy said with a grin as she thought to the former methods that the brunette had used when it came to her social skills. The young woman that used to shred someone with just a few choice words had been replaced with someone that gave freshman Willow a run for her money on sweet, innocent, and naïve.

“Yes, we must enjoy small miracles as they come.” Giles said in agreement, glad that vitriol no longer spilled from the young lady’s mouth all the time. It made her a much more pleasant conversationalist in his opinion. Which was fortunate, considering that plant magic was one of the more powerful types of magic out there and fining teachers willing to deal with as her attitude was before would have been most trying. Very few magic users that he would have wanted teaching her would have been willing to deal with a student with so much anger in their system. The fact that said girl was in part responsible for the creation of Marcie Ross showed just how dangers the vile she spewed could be.

He looked down at the least of the different styles of magic that each of them now possessed. Buffy now had Dragon Fire-Magic, the only types of fire magic that were more powerful and destructive were Demonic Fire and Holy Fire magic. Against vampires such a power would be extremely useful if she could harness the power that is.

Willow now had some form of Techno-Magic, he was unsure just how powerful that might be, but if she possessed even half of the potential that someone like Moloch had then she was powerful. He had at first dismissed the style as Jenny had never shown any of the abilities that most of the more powerful mages were until he learned that Jenny was actually a fairly weak user. Jenny had explained what a powerful user might be able to do and he had begun to understand the need to train her in this new form of magic.

Kendra the Vampire Slayer now had Water-Magic a magic based on one of the four elements making her a potential to be one of the mages of the elements. On earth there were many mystics that practiced in various forms of magic. On all the planet one of the most powerful were the four elemental guardians people who had based their entire magical abilities on control of one element.

Faith the Potential now had Sound-Magic. A sub group of air magic, it was still one of the more powerful styles of magic as a person wielding this style could do many things with just the barest of sounds.

Amy Madison a person that dabbled with some of her mother’s old magic items and was learning that she had an unsurprising gift for magic. He should have kept a better eye on the girl as she could easily have fallen prey to the darker path that magic offered her. In his defense though, he was trying to fight a war with very little in the way of resources. Following through with the results of some of their adventures had fallen down through the wayside. It was also supposed to be the responsibility of other Watchers to ensure that things like this didn’t happen. Obviously someone had not thought a girl with her potential should be watched. He had written a very critiquing letter to the Council over letting something like that slip. The other Watchers once they learned that the girl studying magic was not his fault had sent their own letters. The girl now had Moon and Star Magic at her disposal. Giving her an odd type of celestial magic. The staff that she now owned also seemed to amplify her powers to levels that were nearly on the level with Buffy’s powers.

Cordellia with her Plant Magic would have to be trained with some of the earth elementals. He did find it interesting that the girl that seemed to enjoy tossing around trouble was now going to have to trained in how to be in harmony with the world of nature.

Wondering if I should turn in my man card after this one.
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