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Summary: These are usually story beginnings that I just don’t have time for, and have been regulated to the back burner of my mind. Hopefully if I get them out here they’ll stop clogging my brain. Partial answers to challenges as well.

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Multiple Crossings > General > Ficlet Collections - OthertexaswookieFR1883314,6531196137,92710 Jun 1019 Jul 14No

Ultimate Spider-Man-Young Justice (Non BTVS Cross)

Own nothing of the Marvel or D.C characters

Peter Parker A.K.A the Amazing Spider-Man sighed as he heard the explosion for the past few hours it seemed that was all that they had dealt with one explosion after another. He looked down at his remains of his costume which normally consisted of a full bodysuit that was red and blue covered in black spider web design had been trashed he had been forced to use the sleeves for bandages for Iron Fist and his shirt had been burned off by a flame thrower leaving him mainly with his gloves and mask for his top. The bottoms were in bad shape as well having several tears in them. He looked over at his team. Nova was unconscious, Iron Fist was covered in makeshift bandages to keep himself from bleeding out, Power Man was the only one holding the wall up leaving him and White Tiger as the only members of the team that were combat ready. He looked the girl over and saw that she looked about like him. worn, tired and her costume a shredded mess.

“Okay new plan.” He told his team. “P.M, I want you to get those two out of here. White Tiger and I are going to run interference for you and hopefully give you enough time to get out of here.” He explained to the others.

“And who’s going to save you two?” Power Man demanded of the person that they had al begrudgingly come to see as the leader of their group.

“No time to argue, take them and go. Spider-Man ordered. “I need you to get them out of here and then contact Fury and tell him where we are.” Power Man hesitated a moment longer before he heaved against the wall crushing the supports enough to hold it in place for a few moments. He then gathered his companions and rushed out the doors.

The two remaining heroes turned to look at the mechanical monstrosity that had put them in this position. It was some form of robot with a root base on the Spider-Slayer and the mutant hunting Sentinel designs. It had been trying to destroy all of them and had nearly every type of weapon imaginable. “Tiger, you go low I’ll go high.” Spider-Man ordered. “We got to give the others time to get out of here.”

“Right.” White Tiger said as she began rushing at the machine Spider man traveled along the wall and ceiling on the opposite side of the room. The machine managed to keep up a steady rate of fire on both teen heroes who moved out of the way of incoming blasts before they could strike. The pair managed to get to the machine and wile Spider-Man was webbing various sensor and camera ports White Tiger was using her claws to try and find the main computer. Working together the pair managed to weaken the machine and thought they were winning when the body of the machine buzzed and suddenly an electrical current went over the entire machine and hit the two heroes causing them to cry out in pain as they fell to the ground.

“Targets acquired.” The machine said as it aimed its weapons at them. “This unit will cease activity in 49 seconds. Converting all remaining power to disintegrator beam cannon. A panel on its chest slid aside to show a weapon that looked like Iron Man’s Uni Beam cannon lighting up.

“Now would be a god time for the cavalry.” Spider-Man said as he eyed the weapon which suddenly fired its weapon and all the two heroes knew was darkness.

“Targets destroyed.” the machine said. A moment later an energy bean an enchanted war hammer and a red white and blue shield slammed into the machine destroying it. Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America stormed in and began searching for the next generation of heroes. All they could find though was a burn mark in front of where the robot had been standing.

“Where are they?” Nick Fury demanded as he came storming into the room. His trench coat flying behind him like a cape. His single eye taking in all the damage that had happened. The team had been investigating some odd energy spikes and had followed things to here. As as they entered though the communications had died. 15 minutes later Power Man carrying two injured teammates had met a S.H.I.E.L.D team and an Avenger response Team.

“They’re not here Fury.” Iron Man said. “Whatever that machine did to them it looks like it vaporized their remainns.”

Fury scowled as he heard this. He had built a team of junior heroes so things like this didn’t happen. So that they could be trained. Spider-Man had more potential than any of the other up and coming heroes out there he was going to be the next leader. Instead all that they would be able to do was give him a funeral it seemed. The worst thing was it wasn’t the kid’s fault it was his. He had sent them in with bad intel, and this is what happened. With the loss of the two team leaders he doubted that he would be able to keep the others together unless he could find someone to fill their shoes. Things like this had happened before, but it always messed the survivors up. “I want everyone to go every piece of that heap.” He ordered the people standing around him. “That includes you Stark.” He added looking at Iron Man. “I want to make sure that they’re gone. They have enemies that would love to make it seem like they were gone. Loki and Doom being at the top of the list.” He added. “Until you bring me proof they’re MIA is that understood?”

The Avengers nodded their heads in acceptance as they began helping to analyze the various bits and pieces of the robot.

Peter groaned as he came to. The last thing he remembered was getting blasted considering that he was coming to he supposed that they had survived. He looked up to see White Tiger groaning as she came to as well. “We’re alive?” She asked in shock as she rose to her feet.

“Seems so, not that I’m complaining.” Spider-Man added as he looked around where they were. He had been expecting either pearly gates a hospital or a cell. The top of a roof had not been what he had been expecting though. He touched his hand to his comm watch but all he got was static. “Tiger can you get a signal? My supposedly indestructible communicator is damaged again.” He added in dryly as his communicator seemed to be getting nothing but snow.

“How do you manage to do that?” White Tiger asked in annoyance, as she began fiddling with her own watch. “Great, I’ve got nothing as well it looks like we’re going to have to find a phone.” The girl grumbled as her own communicator failed to respond in the way that she had been hoping that it would.

“This just keeps getting better.” Spider-Man said. “Wait here.” He ordered before jumping off the side of the building. He reappeared a moment later with clothes for the both of them.

“Thanks.” White Tiger said as the pair quickly slipped the clothes on over their shredded costumes. They then began running along the rooftops searching for some sort of identifying landmarks. They came to a halt though as they saw the familiar New York view.

“On the plus side we know where we are.” Peter said with a shrug.

“Yeah but how did we get here?” White Tiger questioned curiously.

“I figure it was either that blaster that hit us or they’ve got some sort of teleportation thing that’s still in the experimental phase on the Helicarrier.” Spider-Man returned. The pair were interrupted though as they saw a red robot shooting wind at several men.

“Great, we don’t even have the time to get new costumes on.” Spider-Man grumbled as he began removing his acquired clothes. The two shed their borrowed civilian wear and leaped in at the red machine.

“Yo Tin Horn, I’ve heard of being full of hot air but don’t you think that your taking it a little too far?” Spider-Man asked as his foot connected with the side of the red figure slamming it into a wall. Spider-Man landed in a crouch and waited for the figure to make a move.

“That action was unwise.” The figure said as it climbed to its feet seemingly unhurt from being tossed into a brick wall.

“Not as bad as the mistake you just made.” White Tiger said as she leaped down from the building her claws scratching large gashes into his back.

“Really, I thought that whole Iron Man ripoff look was the idea White Tiger.” Spider-Man returned as he moved in and delivered an uppercut that lifted the figure up and into the air.

“Good point.” White Tiger said. The pair watched as the figure seemed to gather control of its fall and a tornado suddenly appeared beneath him. “I would advise you against continuing with this.” The red being said, as it now seemed to hover at the top of a tornado.

“Sounds like he wants to play some more.” White Tiger noted, as she flashed her claws at the figure.

“Let’s get going.” Spider-Man said as he offered her a leg up. The white clad figure jumped into his outstretched hand and used it as a springboard and launched herself at the red being while Spider-Man followed after her a moment later.

The red figure crossed its arms as the pair took to the rooftops. He quickly flew after them and landed in between the pair. “Battling me is not something that you want to be doing.” He warned them once again.

“We’ll take our chances.” Spider-Man returned. The figure raised its hand and a tornado came flying out of its hand. The two heroes leaped over the blast. Spider-Man fired several impact webbings blast that forced the figure to raise his arms to ward the attack off. While he was distracted White Tiger moved in and slashed at the arm and then began a series of kicks and strikes that caused sparks to fly all over the place.

“This is Red Tornado, I request assistance in apprehending a pair of unknown meta humans.”

“Jeeze, who are you talking to anyways Mr. Roboto.” Spider-Man questioned, as he leaped forward and slam his foot into the figure slamming him into the wall. He then brought his elbow down and managed to shear off the arm at the shoulder.

“Whoa, they really don’t make em like they used to do they?” Peter questioned, as he picked the fallen arm up and looked it over with interest. “Although you got to admit that this is some impressive looking circuitry and wiring.” He noted as he began to examine the arm. He was forced to drop the limb though as several arrows came flying at him Peter flipped and twisted in the air landing on the side of a wall looking to see a guy dressed as robin hood, standing alongside of him was a blonde woman in a leather jacket and legs encased in fishnet stockings that seemed to go on forever.

“Hey White Tiger, you want the Dominatrix or the Robin Hood rip off?” Spider-Man asked curiously as he looked the pair over.

“Dominatrix?” The blonde woman growled out angrily her hands tightening into angry fists.

“Robin Hood?” The man said sounding almost bored. “That’s really the best you got?”

“Awe come on give me some time, and I’m sure I’ll find something.” Spider-Man assured the man. “I mean it could be the goofy goatee, the lame weaponry, or almost anything else.”

“Fine, I’ll take blondie this time, but only because something tells me she’s more dangerous.”

“Why don’t you kids just chill out in fact consider yourselves grounded.” The woman said as she opened her mouth and screamed. The two teen heroes grunted as they felt the sonic attack come at them.

White Tiger rolled out of the way while Spider-Man fired webbing at the woman. The webbing wrapped around her mouth cutting the scream off. “And people say I have a bad singing voice. Lady do us a favor and keep to your shower serenades.” The woman glared before rushing at the boy White Tiger popped up in front of her though and the two began exchanging blows with each other.

Spider-Man turned to look at the emerald archer who was already firing more arrows at him. “Jeeze, how many of those fancy toothpicks do you have for that launcher anyways?” He questioned as he caught another one of the arrows and threw it back at the man.

The man threw himself to the side but was already shooting another arrow. Spider-Man felt like rolling his eyes as he caught the newest arrow only for it to explode in his hands and release a cloud of gas out at him.

“Gotchya.” Green Arrow said smugly.

“Not yet you don’t.” Spider-Man returned as he fired a strand of webbing catching the Archer in a giant net. “It’s been fun green bean, but I’ve got to get out of here. We’ll have to do this again some other time. Tiger we’re out of here they’ve got more friends showing up.” The figure ordered. The pair ran towards the edge of the roof and leaped off seemingly unconcerned of the danger.

Green Arrow scowled as he realized that he and Black Canary had been outplayed by the pair of kids. The Black Spider copycat had actually been even better than the original, and the Catwoman rip off had met Dinah blow for blow.

A moment later Hawkman and Hawkwoman landed alongside of them. “Need some help?” An amused Hawkwoman questioned with a smirk.

“Don’t worry about us, worry about them.” Green Arrow growled as he managed to work a regular arrow head free and started slicing through the giant web.

“No need.” Hawkman said pointing to where Batman was standing over the pair of teens that were both knocked unconscious.

“How did he do that?” Green Arrow grumbled as he saw Hawkman help hoist the girl over his shoulder while Batman grabbed the boy. “The boy’s reaction was slowed by your gas and a sonic grenade disrupted the girl’s concentration.” Batman said knowingly.


“We’ve questioned them both extensively.” Batman said. “Whoever they are, they’re not on any record that we can find and when Martian Manhunter did a telepathic examination of the pair he came to the conclusion that they’re either heavily programmed by powerful telepaths or they’re from an alternate reality that is far removed from our own.”

“What makes you say that?” Flash asked curiously.

“For starters they don’t have any idea what the Justice League or the Justice Society are.” J’onzz informed the group. “They’ve never heard of Star City, Gotham City, Keystone, Metropolis, or any of the heroes or villains that we have. A number of things are similar, but it’s as if the super-human community itself developed in a different way than our own did.”

“Yes, the fact is I think they have potential.” Batman admitted. “I examined the recordings of the fight and their interviews. They have been trained by a group that they refer to as S.H.I.E.L.D and are two parts of a greater team. Including them the team includes at least three others of varying powers and abilities. There is at least one primary trainer and another man that they receive training or mission orders from.”

“Sounds as if they’re on a team similar to the shadow one that we’re putting together.” Black Canary noted.

“I still wouldn’t mind getting another crack at the spider.” Green Arrow grumbled while crossing his arms in annoyance.

“They got lucky and you know it.” Batman returned to the archer. “You two went in thinking it was Black Spider and Catwoman. Had the Hawks held back it’s likely that you would have beaten both of them in the next few minutes. That is if they didn’t collapse first. Wherever they were before they were in a battle that put both of them in a weakened state.”

“So we got two kids that no one know who are or where they came from what do we do with them?” Wonder Woman said curiously.

“Indeed their skills and abilities are rather well rounded.” Batman admitted to the rest of League. “The Girl is known as White Tiger. She possesses enhanced human skills including strength speed agility and a wide knowledge of martial arts skill. The boy on the other hand has an even greater variety of skills. He has a genius level intellect focused primarily in the field of bio-chemistry, has Olympian level or higher gymnastic skill, claims to have the ability to lift approximately ten tons, has a precognitive ability and the ability to cling to walls, has superhuman levels of speed, and endurance. He owns weapons that give him the ability to fire a web like substance as well. Individually or combined they are a very dangerous pair. To make it worse in some ways they have large amounts of training. The girl more than the boy but what he lacks in training he more than makes up for in leadership and real world experience from what we have gathered.

“Answer seems simple enough we put them with the other members of the shadow team.” Hawkman said. “If they were able to hold Green Arrow and Black Canary off for a few minutes with the injuries that they had then they have a lot of potential. It’s also obvious that they won’t stop doing things just because we tell them to.”

“Agreed, but in order to do this I would be more comfortable if they had someone to continue overseeing their training and provide mentorship as needed. All of them require a degree of training no matter how well some of us may believe them to be.” He added while sending a glare toward Superman who was studiously ignoring his friend and his remarks on the junior team members. Several other Leaguers nodded their heads in agreement with that. None of them looked overly eager to accept the burden of training the pair either though. “Good for the moment I’m assigning the boy to Hawkman and the girl to Black Canary for the time being. Try not to kill each other.” He added while looking knowingly at Black Canary. The pair nodded their heads in acceptance of their newest duty.

“Welcome to Mount Justice.” Batman said as he led the pair of heroes into the mountain.

“Wow, a hollowed out mountain.” Spider-Man said dryly. “That’s about as bad as a cliché as a flying fortress base that we have back home.” Batman turned and glared at the boy. The figure met the glare unflinchingly. He had mouthed off at Wolverine the scariest of all of the X-Men, and publicly mocked Nick Fury no way was he going to let this guy cow him.

“Batman.” A dark skinned youth said coming out into the open away from the computer screens that dominated a large wall. “To what do we owe the honor?”

“Aqua-Lad.” Batman greeted curtly. “I bring you two more team members. Spider-Man and White Tiger.”

“Yeah, hopefully you can figure out which of us is which.” Spider-Man joked.

At this there was a snicker as a boy in red and green dropped to the ground from up above them. “That is totally of the aster.” The boy said with a grin.

“Another teammate so soon?” Aqua-Lad questioned curiously. I thought that Artemis and possibly Red Arrow would be the last reinforcements we would receive for a while.”

“They appeared under special circumstances.” Batman returned. “Even more special than the ones that brought Artemis to the team.”

“Another girl on the team that sounds great to me.” A red headed boy dressed in bright yellow said as he seemed to blur in front of them while openly ogling White Tiger.

“Speedster?” White Tiger asked curiously.

“Speedster.” A disgusted voice said in agreement as a blonde girl in green joined them followed by a redheaded girl with green skin and a guy that looked almost as big as Power Man. “They call him Kid Flash or motor mouth, the redhead is Miss Martian the big guy is Super-Boy and I’m Artemis.”

“Oh your Robin Hood’s trainee.” Spiderman said with amusement. “He’s not mad at me for leaving him hanging around like that was he?” he questioned curiously while only getting a confused look from the girl in return.

“That’s enough Web Head.” White Tiger snapped as she pulled her mask off revealing a pretty Hispanic girl.

“Hello gorgeous.” Kid Flash said as he gave what he thought was a flirtatious grin.

“Yeah whatever, I’m Ava.” The girl said as she offered her hand to the group. “How long are you planning on keeping that thing on?” She asked Spider-Man, who had yet to remove his own mask.

“The only reason you know who I am was because of Fury. I think I’ll keep the secret in identity for now. This way I don’t get complacent around the group” Spider-Man returned. He was still somewhat annoyed at the Spymaster for giving his identity away so casually. Sure he knew that for the team to trust each other knowing their identities was what helped bring them together. Still it should have been his choice and not one that had been taken from him by Fury. Batman and Robin both nodded their heads in agreement with that statement.

White Tiger rolled her eyes at this. “Whatever,” the girl said with a shrug. “Not all of us like to wear masks all the time though.”

“Then why did you choose a full face mask?” Spider-Man questioned her curiously.

“Because it’s the same costume that all the White Tigers have worn before me.” Ava grumbled at him. “It’s not my fault my dad and granddad were fashionably inept. Something that you have as well I might add.” She admitted with a smirk.

“Yeah, yeah laugh it up.” Spider-Man returned.

“My god your still upset about the mentor program they put us under aren’t you?” Ava questioned him.

“I’ve done fine without needing a mentor.” Spider-Man returned.

“Right.” Batman said as he began issuing the two new members id cards. “We’ve also managed to reverse engineer a majority of your tech so you’ll be able to restock as needed.” He added nodding toward an area that was designated lab and armory.

“So what, we have people that live with us now?” Miss Martian asked excitedly. “This is great! So far its only been me and Super-Boy but having new members will be great.”

“What are you doing?” Robin asked as he saw Spider-Man was going over the files of various heroes and villains.

“Learning who and what we might be going up against.” Spider-Man returned as he took a sip of coffee. His mask rolled up showing the bottom half of his face. “I’ve also been comparing them to the counterparts in our dimension.

“Really and how close are they?” Robin asked with interest.

“Some are rather easy some not so much. Also some of them seem to have elements of various people in one way or another.”

“Like who?”

Peter quickly brought up two images. “Take your mentor Batman and the hero Guardian. If you were to combine their skills you would have a fairly close version of Captain America.” At this the computer changed to show another image of a man dressed in a costume based on a flag and had a round shield on his arm.

“How do we have this file?” Robin asked curiously.

“Miss Martian has been helping me on that one.” Spider-Man explained to the boy detective. “Ava or I think think the person up and she changes into them which helps us program the image into the holoprojector and then the image is downloaded into the files. “We then add in some basic information about them and see if there’s a match through cross referencing the files here.”

“Now that is so of the aster.” Robin said with a grin. “What happens if we were to input someone from this reality and cross reference them against your files though?” He quickly brought his own file up and cross referenced it. He was surprised to see the image of a brown haired boy a few years older than him. “Bucky Barnes huh?”

“Yeah, he was Captain America’s sidekick in WW II.” Spider-Man said idly.

“WW II?” Robin asked in surprise. “How old is your Captain America?”

Spider-Man shrugged. “I never asked him how old he was.”

“What does he look like now?”

“Same as that picture.” Spider-Man returned.

“But how?”

“He was frozen in ice and then brought back to life by the Avengers.” Ava said as she and Miss Martian came into the room.


“Our version of the Justice League.” Ava informed him. “Me’gann says she ready to go again.”

“Right, here let’s do this one.” Peter said as he thought of a person.

Miss Martian nodded for a moment and then changed shape. Robin leaped back as he saw Miss M grow to a 7 foot tall monster that was an even brighter hue of green than Me’gann or Martian Manhunter were. “Wow you guys have a Solomon Grundy in your world as well?” The Boy Wonder questioned in surprise as the computer began scanning the behemoth.

“No, this is the Hulk. He’s practically unstoppable and is the strongest one out there.” Spider-Man explained. “He also has a super healing factor. He actually moves around similar to SB does actually.”

“What, you mean he leaps around to get from place to place?” Robin asked. “Man the amount of damage this must create must be insane.”

“You have no idea.” Spider-Man returned.

Spider-Man shook his head a bit as he faced off with Gotham’s Clown Prince of Crime. His world and this one had a lot of similarities but as far as he knew there was no one that was like the Joker. The guy was supposedly a normal guy. But there was something about him that seriously creeped Peter out. He dodged a set of mean looking blades as he tried to keep him busy and not focused on controlling the giant plant thing that the others were trying to get past. The fact that this guy was somehow controlling a plant that was attacking all over the world and winning was really kind of scary. Something like that would take either a genius of Dr. Doom’s level or some sort of psychopath. Unfortunately he was pretty sure that he knew where this guy ranked. Meaning the Joker was not the one he wanted to be waving sharp and pointed objects at him. It was times like these that he missed the Frightful Four. He had to go and get sucked into an alternate dimension with even scarier villains than the ones he already fought though.

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