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Summary: These are usually story beginnings that I just don’t have time for, and have been regulated to the back burner of my mind. Hopefully if I get them out here they’ll stop clogging my brain. Partial answers to challenges as well.

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Gamma Powered

Hulk belongs to Marvel BTVS belongs to Joss

Buffy looked over at Spike and saw that the vampire had a wiry looking guy in his arms. She had been chasing the vampire through the chemical plant for 20 minutes. Playing a supernatural version of hide-and-seek. The both of them were a bit rough from the battering that they had each given each other. Each of them had a number of cuts and scrapes all over their bodies from near misses. Spike had a stake shaped hole in his hand where he had intercepted a stake. Buffy on the other hand had several cuts on her arms where a vampire she had staked earlier had tried to slice her open. She also had a a cut on her shoulder where a vampire had tried to bite down on her there.

They were now at a standoff with each of them trying to guess the next move of the other. Things is with the guy in his arms, Spike would be able to get a recharge while she would still be without any extra juice. On the other hand, if Spike fed from the man then he would have to assume the feeding position and there was a chance that she could stake him while he was distracted.

Spike smirked as he held the man by his shoulders. "Let me have a quick bite, and then I'll get right back to ya then." Spike promised, as he tried to think how many mouthfuls he might get from the flesh bag before he was forced to release his prey and resume his fight. The vampire knelt his head down and took a quick mouthful, he could already hear the sound of the Slayer rushing towards him. As the blood rushed into his throat Spike felt the nurturing taste of the blood.

The vampire suddenly raised his head and spat all of the blood he had gathered in his mouth right at the Slayer. Buffy found herself covered in a red mist. The vampire then shoved the man at the Slayer. Buffy ignored the flying blood as she caught the man and lashed out with her foot sending Spike flying away. The vampire hit a control panel and used it as a brace to keep himself standing. Neither of the fighters noticed as various machines flickered to life as he brushed various switches. The most important being the one labeled Gamma Radiation. Spike as a vampire barely knew about the stuff and Buffy simply didn't study enough to know the dangers.

Spike rubbed his jaw where he had been hit. "Alright Slayer, you and me right here, right now." He demanded, as he charged at her.

Buffy's eyes widened in surprise as she saw that the vampires eyes were not the usual pale blue or even glowing their vampiric yellow. The eyes glaring back at her were glowing a pale green. A paleness that was getting brighter by the moment. Before she could say anything, the vampire was on top of her. The pair began rolling on the ground as they tried to get the upper hand in the fight. Each of them shoving or pushing as they tried to out muscle each other instead of the usual delicate dance like fighting that they normally did. The longer they fought the more the strange lights focused on them and the more energized that they each felt. They managed to climb to their feet, and Spike managed a right cross that sent Buffy flying slamming into the side of a generator. The Slayer merely shook her head and lunged back at him, completely unaware of the fact that she had caved in the side of the the heavy metal block. The vampire dodged the next attack, and the pair of them lashed out with their fists. Each of them sent the other flying in opposite directions straight into the two main gamma projectors. The lights flashed at theirs brightest and flickered a moment before dying down.

Spike smirked as he looked at the blonde. "Until next time Slayer." He told her, as he gave her a mock salute and took off, his jacket flapping behind him.

Buffy considered following after him, but the sound of the man groaning stopped her. As much as she would like to take the vampire down she had a duty to those that she could help. It was a rather quick and well practiced maneuver that had her collecting the injured guy and then delivering him to the hospital without being seen. She then went home cleaned up made a few notes in her journal about what had happened and then collapsed into the bed.

The next morning the Slayer climbed out of her bed and went about her normal ritual. As she was shaking the final bits of sleep out of her eyes she looked into a mirror. She walked out the hall and began screaming. "Dawn!"

The other two members of the household came tearing up the stairs, wondering what could make the oldest Summer's daughter scream like that. The two froze as they saw Buffy, the girl was glaring knives at her younger sister. "Dawn what did you do?" She demanded, as she waved towards her hair.

Dawn snorted in amusement as she looked at her sister. Her sister normally looked like the typical California Princess, with her tan and blonde hair. While she was still tan her hair was now a vibrant green. It looked like her sister had been the victim of some sort of hair slime or dye prank. She couldn't be positive, but it actually made her eyes seem more green than they normally did as well. "I wish I had done it." Dawn admitted, as she looked at her sister's current hair style with an appreciative eye. "I mean the bragging rights with Xander would be intense."

Buffy looked like she wanted to throttle her sister for that one.

"Girls, why don't you both go finish getting ready." Joyce cut in before the two of them started doing and saying things that she really didn't want to deal with this morning. While one of her daughters may be fated warrior of the planet, it didn't stop her from getting into pointless arguing with her little sister.

Buffy looked at her mother in disbelief. "I can't go to school like this." She argued, as she waved her hand at her hair.

"Maybe a hat or a hoodie would work." Joyce suggested with a tired sigh. She supposed that it was alright if this was the worst type of drama that her daughters ever are had to deal with in the house.

Dawn walked to her room and closed the door before she began giggling. While she thought that she might not be very loud the other two members of the family could hear her just fine as she giggled.

"Now Buffy." Joyce ordered.

Buffy cast a mutinous glare at her mother before storming into her room to see if she could figure some way to cover up her hair from being to noticeable.

Thinking less Dr. Banner and more Doc Sampson style enhancement.
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