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Summary: These are usually story beginnings that I just don’t have time for, and have been regulated to the back burner of my mind. Hopefully if I get them out here they’ll stop clogging my brain. Partial answers to challenges as well.

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Mutant Halloween

As usual I own nothing of the Marvel or BTVS characters that are used in this little rundown of a idea.

Xander Harris professional slacker and founding member of the We hate Cordellia Club and the Scooby gang groaned as he woke up. His head hurt like all get out as he tried to wake up. He had one of the worlds biggest headaches. Last night had not gone quite as well as he had hoped that it would. Being forced by Herr Snyder de Troll, to not only play escort to a bunch of kids, but to do it with the X-Men comic as a basis for their costumes. He had been tempted to do the typical Geek move and go as Wolverine, but that was a character that was a little too close to hyena boy than he was comfortable with for now. Fortunately for him, there were plenty of other interesting characters for him to choose from. He had chosen Gambit as a character and gone as him. A pair red contacts had been all he needed from the Halloween shop. He had scrounged the rest of his things from around his home. A trench coat from his uncle, and a used deck of cards from Willow’s house had provided him with everything that he had needed. Buffy and Willow had both rather reluctantly joined him in costumes as well. Buffy had gone for a dark wig, and then a basic X-Man or New mutant costume. Willow on the other hand had worn a costume based on Sabra. The character was a Jewish powerhouse of a superhero, and Xander could hardly begrudge his friend for wanting to be the strong one. In fact it looked like Buffy had purposefully scaled back her own superness in the costume, just so Willow could shine tonight. He would have to remember to thank the Slayer for doing that for Willow.

Then again, it had been useful when they had all changed into their costumes. Buffy turning into Moonstar had been something of a surprise, but considering the character's history maybe not all that surprising. They should just be lucky that she hadn't summoned a Pegasus. Becoming the Darkchilde would have been bad as well. He went about his daily routine, not even noticing anything as he wandered about and did his thing. He was brushing his teeth when he noticed that he had forgotten to remove the contacts from his eyes. They still looked red. He tried to get the things out, but no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't seem to get them out. Running out of time he headed out the door deciding that he would get one of the girls to free him of the things when they had time in the library. He just hoped that Buffy didn't try and stake him before he could explain to her. With that in mind, he figured that Giles would excuse him for grabbing the sunglasses that were lying on the table. He would just have to make sure that Snyder didn’t try anything. He then headed to the school, unaware that it was going to be one of his last walks as a normal person.

When he got to the school he headed for the library where he found the girls already sitting there. “Ladies, I take it you've been having as great of a day as I have?” He asked them jovially.

Willow in a surprise move actually glared at her friend, it was then he noticed that where her eyes used to be that her green eyes had changed to an arctic ice blue. In fact, if he didn't know better he would swear that they were made of ice. “Alright that's new.” Xander admitted as he pulled off his own glasses to show his red eyes. “I'm guessing there's more going on than stuck contacts then?” He asked tiredly.

“You could say that, Buffy returned, “kind of makes me glad that I chose not to wear contacts.”

“And yet you have tied feathers into your hair.” Xander pointed out, nodding toward the feather that the blonde had expertly braided into her hair. Buffy blushed at that, but didn’t' say anything.

“Actually, considering the fact that you were all effected by Ethan's spell, minor things like eye color change and minor personality trait alterations are actually good.” Giles informed the group. “Considering the source of the spell was Chaos there is simply no telling what could have happened to you. The spell Ethan used was extremely dangerous, particularly in combination with using a Pagan to empower the spell. He's lucky it didn't backfire on him.”

The rest of the day was interesting to say the least. Buffy's Hemry crush ended up coming to the dale. fFom the way they spoke it was obvious that the pair had grown up together. In a way, it was similar to the way that Xander and Willow acted around each other. For the two Sunnydale natives, it was a chance to see a side of their friend that they rarely got to see. This showed them just what their friend had left in order to stay alive and be the slayer. They met that night where the pair made jokes about a life that none of the others were a part of.

A slightly disgruntled Xander had been pleased to know that he knew the blonde's real secret. At least he had been until Ford had revealed that he even knew that particular secret. The guy knew way too much for being new, or just aware of the supernatural world. His memories as Gambit had left him able to see a con from a mile away. Ford was good, there was no denying that, but there was something off about him. It had taken some digging and working with deadboy of all people for him to find out what he needed. Little Ford had up and vanished from his home in LA about 2 weeks ago after clearing out his college fund. He had then bought an old building here in the dale with cash and converted it into a club. A club that was very yay vampire. He might add. Buffy was currently preparing to go and investigate.

“Come on Buff, you know that you should take some back up.” Xander told the girl as he tried to reason with her. “While most of them are idiots you may need someone there to keep you from killing Ford or something similar.”

“It’s tempting Xan,” Buffy admitted, “but I need to deal with this by myself. Besides it’s only a bunch of wannabe emos and kids who think that their mommies and daddies just don't understand them and how they need to find someone that understands them. I’m pretty sure that I can handle whatever it is that they have, with luck I’ll get to slay some vampires as well.

“Are you sure?” Xander asked as he looked her over worriedly. “Not saying that Ford doesn’t deserve to have his teeth kicked in, I just don’t want you forced to do things you may not be completely comfortable with.”

“Trust me.” Buffy returned with a grin. “I think I can handle Ford and whatever lame scheme it is that he has up his sleeve. He may think he's Dr. Evil, but when this is over him and his Cat will be flying away shouting Next time Buffy Next time.” She joked at him.

“Fine, but only because you decided to use Gadget as your inspiration for mocking.” Xander finally agreed.

“Well one does have to know how to make use of the classics.” Buffy returned before she grabbed a couple of stakes for any vampires that she met up with and headed out the doors.

That had been an hour ago and there hadn't been any word from her which is why they were currently making their way down the street to see what was going on. When they got down to the end of the street they stopped in shock at what they were seeing. In the middle of the road was Buffy in either hand she was holding some strange glowing weapon in her hand. Her eyes were glowing, and there were bodies lying on the ground all around her.

“Uh Giles, since when does Buffy do Darth Vader impressions?” Xander asked curiously, as he watched his friend swing what looked like a laser sword at one vampire who was scrambling to get away from the enraged slayer. The blade sliced through the vampire, as if it wasn't even there. The vampire fell into two smoking parts. The Scoobies noticed that there were several vampires lying around the blonde with missing body parts.

“Good Lord.” Giles muttered, as he stared at the Slayer that was currently slicing through the beings. It seemed as if Buffy was letting all of her rage and anguish over the betrayal of her former friend out on these vampires. As much as he personally hated to see her hurting, it was actually better for her to let loose on these vampires than against someone that was normal. The addition of the lightsaber, as Xander had jokingly dubbed it was also somewhat surprising. Never in all his time as a mage or a Watcher had he ever even heard of a Slayer wielding such an ability. The weapons were obviously not flaming swords, but something far beyond what he had ever seen before.

The group stayed back as they let the Slayer destroy all of the vampires with her unknown weapons. When the last vampire finally was dusted Buffy paused to look at the weapons in her hands as if only now seeing them for the first time and then yelped and dropped them. The light around the weapons died as they fell to the ground, and the group saw that they were just a pair of pipes that she had been using. “Giles, what's happening to me?” Buffy questioned the Watcher as she looked at her hands with fear. Her hands weren't even smoking from holding the strange energy weapons.

“I don't know.” The Watcher admitted to her. “It takes a great deal of training and skill to magically energize a weapon. Even more so for items that have not been prepared for such a thing. To be able to perform such a feat without even meaning to is truly extraordinary and nearly unheard of feat.” He held her hands for a minute as he examined them, as if he expected for the answer to reveal itself as easily as if he was reading one of his books.

“Yeah it’s all cool, but ah is it safe to be touching Buffy?” Xander questioned him worriedly.

“Which is why I’m holding her arms by the sleeves of her jacket until we know exactly what it is that is happening to her.” Giles explained to the boy. He then cautiously touched one of the pipes looking to see if there were any identifying marks on the metal. “My best guess is that these pipes were made from melted down weapons that had been enchanted.”

“Right.” Xander nodded dubiously. He might have even believed it to if it wasn't for the fact that the energy he had seen coming off of those weapons had looked very familiar. The memories he had gained from Remy had shown him something very similar to the energy that Buffy was using.

“You recognized it didn't you?” Willow questioned him curiously.

“Ah-yep.” Xander returned to his friend. “That was so the power of the one and only Silver Samurai. Somehow the Buffster kept the mutant gene and has activated it.”

“Well it makes sense.” Willow informed him. “I mean what is more stressful than Slaying?”

“But why did it wait so long before doing this?” Xander questioned her. “Shouldn't it have started the very next time Buffy got into a fight”?

“Well maybe it’s because of Ford.” Willow suggested. “Maybe it’s because Ford betrayed Buffy's trust. Having your first crush do something like that to you can cause you to have all sorts of emotional trauma. Imagine if Buffy had done something like that to you?” She questioned him.

“What, you mean like using me as a pole for her sexy dance routine with Angel?” Xander returned to her while giving a knowing look at the redhead.

Willow winced slightly at that. Buffy had not been in a good place mentally upon her return from LA and Xander had actually born the brunt of her cold hearted attitude. The pair were better, but occasionally Xander would get a distant look when it came to the blonde. Which was made all the weirder since it was also obvious that Xander still had a thing for her. Perhaps he actually wanted a powerful and dominant person in his life. Of course if that was true, then Willow had her doubts as she wasn't that kind of person.

“Anyways.” Xander interrupted the thoughts of his best friend. “I guess it’s possible that when Buffy really realized what kind of a creep her old crush or whatever was it might have made her go a little psycho slayer on him and triggered whatever mutant potential that she got from Halloween.” He agreed with her theory on what could have caused their friend to lash out with this unknown power.

“It really is interesting though, one has to wonder how it will work alongside of her Slayer abilities. Will they agument each other or will one try and become dominant over the other? Willow questioned her eyes brightening with curiousity as she considered all of these aspects of Buffy’s new ability.

“Then there's the question if Buffy becomes a mutant or whatever, who else could become a mutant?” Xander wondered curiously. “I mean is it because of the whole Slayer mojo that she managed to get these new powers of her or is it something else? Then again is she even a Slayer still now that she has this extra mojo in her? I mean supercharging her weapons is great and all but what next?”

“I guess we'll just have to stick with Buffy and wait to see.” Willow determinedly decided, getting an agreeing nod from her longtime friend as they watched the blonde cradle her hands in confusion over what had just happened to her.

Xander swallowed nervously as he looked at the demonfied version of Ms. Calendar. He still wasn't sure of just what was going on just that Giles had been the one to do something stupid a long time ago which is why this thing was now chasing after them and trying to eat their brains or something similar. He was still waiting on the verdict as to what it was that the thing was going to try and do to them. The feeling of dread he had over being hunted down by his teacher despite the fact that it wasn't even over homework was oozing throughout his entire body. It did make him wonder why Sunnydale managed to get all the teachers like this though. Seriously, first there was Ms. French and now there was Ms. Calendar who was trying to kill him. This was the first time in a while though that he was being chased by a teacher over something that wasn't school related though. Heck, he almost wished that there was some homework he could turn in to get her to back off of him though. Granted it wasn't exactly Ms. Calendar's fault, but it did make things somewhat difficult. A safe and conductive learning environment this was not. Now to make things all the more annoying, his eyes felt like they were about to blow out of his skull.

Demon Teacher Ms. Calendar took another step towards him, and Xander reacted. He leaped back, only to find himself backed against the book cage. He saw a red something, as if someone had placed a red scarf or something over his eyes. He closed his eyes, and when he opened them again he saw several scorch marks all over the place. Even Ms. Calendar had some minor burn marks on her. It almost looked like someone had taken a flame thrower and sprayed the area in the short time that he had closed his eyes.

“So what exactly are your powers?” Buffy questioned Xander curiously.

Xander smirked at the empowered Slayer. “It seems that I have all of superman's eye powers.” He informed her with a grin. “That means heat vision, telescopic vision, and I can see in various other frequencies so I can see stuff like radio waves, infrared, or the electromagnetic field.”

“Does that include X-Ray vision?” Willow demanded, while glaring at her friend knowingly. In fact she had her resolve face was on at full strength.

“Yes.” Xander admitted, both girls flushed at this as they unconsciously covered their chest with their arms. “Unfortunately I'm still trying to learn how to control it. I mean the type of fine control it takes to just see through your clothes is something I don't have.” He explained to the girls, looking slightly put off as he explained the use of his abilities. “If I do activate my X-Ray vision when looking at someone I see through their clothes and usually their bodies as well, so that I'm normally looking at a reenactment of Jason and the Argonauts or something similar. Besides that I'm still trying to learn how to turn the things on and off. Have you ever tried to do homework when you’re either burning through the paper or seeing right through it?” He demanded in annoyance. “And don't even get me started on the microscopic vision when I can actually see just how many layers of makeup someone is wearing.”

The girls couldn't help the amused smirks that they were now wearing at the predicament that their friend was now in. While on the one hand he had an ability that every teenage guy would have given their arm for, he also had found the downsides that the power gave him.

“You know Xander once you learn how to control these abilities you could be a useful asset to Slaying.” Giles told the teen, deciding that he had suffered under the dark looks of the girls enough.

“I say huh?” Xander returned while looking at the man in confusion.

“Imagine it Xander, you could scan an entire room and pick out any vampires just by seeing which ones are giving the proper amount of heat. There are also demons that can look human, if you were to study human anatomy enough you would be able to find demons as well by figuring out which demons had organs or bones in the wrong place absent or even extras. It could increase the ability that we have in hunting by a considerable bit.” The Watcher informed the boy with pride.

“If that's true then how come no one ever thought about getting a pair of infrared goggles for us to use while doing sweeps through the Bronze and stuff?” Xander asked curiously. “I mean if my vision could do it then so could those.” He pointed out to the Watcher.

Giles opened his mouth for a moment as he tried to come up with an answer to that, but found that he had no idea as to the reasoning that such a practice was not used by the Council. If even a Watcher used that method and directed a Slayer it could save a large amount of time and lives. “As a matter of fact Xander could watch target areas and direct Buffy through a radio and they could sweep an entire area. As long as someone watched his back that is. Unless the boy could see both ways he could still be snuck up on and there was no telling what a person would do to get their hands on someone with the power that this teen now possessed.

Willow looked at the vampire that was looming over her. She wasn't sure what she was going to do against the creature. It was looking at her like she was a snack, and considering the fact that it was a vampire and she was well her she couldn't see a way to get around that train of thought very easily. She looked around the room, and saw several things that might be used as weapons against the vampire but they were all across the room and way too far for her to get to unless the vampire allowed her to make a run for it. The fact that this vampire didn't look like it wanted to play with its food made her doubt that she would get the chance to do anything. Why couldn't she have gotten power like the others had when they had gotten cool things why was she always the one that was left out when these sorts of things happened?

The red head never noticed the electrical arcs that began moving from her hand, which she was using to hold herself up. So she didn't see the electrical arcs that moved from her hand to the ground towards the wiring in the wall. In a matter of moments energy had flooded the room and things began happening. Cables that had been hanging from the various plugs and ports sprang to life and wrapped themselves around the vampire.

“What the hell!” The vampire demanded, as it tried to break free of the cables that had wrapped themselves around it. Comprehension seemed to light his features. “You’re one of them aren't you? Your one of those that were changed by the Chaos mage on Halloween. I thought that was all rumors and what not to make people to scared to come to the Hellmouth.”

“That's right I'm one of them, so you might want to consider just what it is that you're doing Buster.” Willow blustered at the vampire, not sure how long she could control the various electronics that were holding the vampire in place.

“I've heard the rumors about you're kind girl, they say that you're blood is almost as sweet as that of a Slayer, and that if vampires feed from you that we gain your power. I wonder how much of that is true?” The vampire questioned curiously as it looked her over as if trying to decide if she was worth the effort to continue to try and feed from the girl before it.

The confidence Willow had been feeling started to fade, as she realized she was now even more appetizing to the vampire. The vampire tore the wires that held it and smirked as it began approaching the scared girl. Willow closed her eyes and suddenly the electronics hummed to life and moved again. The vampire moved at superhuman speed to dodge any attacks though. if the equipment had been at it, it would have been alright. Instead the various pieces of tech spun around Willow and enveloped her in a protective cocoon.

“Damn.” The vampire snarled, as it tried to punch through it only to watch as it hand didn't seem to make even the slightest of dents. “You got away this time little girl, but now I know you i know your scent and sooner or later I'll catch you. Its just a matter of time.” The vampire stormed away leaving a trembling Willow behind.

“A Technopath.” Xander informed the redheaded girl after she had finished describing her encounter with the vampire and the emergence of her ability. “That's your power Will’s. You can control machines, and judging by what you told us you are a major level player. If Buffster and I are Alpha level mutants then that would make you an Omega Class. With a bit of training you could probably create robot armor or something. As long as you understand the science behind it.”

“So as long as I can build it I can make it?” Willow questioned curiously.

“Yeah, it also sounds like you might have some magnetic powers mixed in there as well.” Xander guessed. “That might just be a side effect of the other power and you can't use one without the other.”

Willow nodded her head in agreement at that. It did make a certain amount of sense, she was able to cause the various pieces of equipment to move on their own. Personally she thought that it was closer to electro magnetism than it was simple magnetism, but that was just her opinion. In order to truly understand that aspect of her power she would have to go back and run a series of tests that checked for that sort of thing. That was actually a somewhat interesting idea now that she thought about it.

“The world has started referring to the changed as Ianus.” Giles explained to the group.

“Uh huh, and why is that?” Buffy asked curiously.

“I would guess that someone in the know managed to come up with the name actually.” Giles admitted to the girl. “Ianus happens to be Latin for Janus. There are others that think calling the changed the Janian would be better.” He informed her as he laid down several tabloid magazines that mentioned various people with various types of abilities.

“Well it’s better than mutant, demon, or Witchbreed.” Willow commented. “Those names just don't seem very complimentary, and seem more interested in showing how different we are. Iaunus or Janian almost make it seem as if we're from another country or something. You know like if we were Czechian or Russian.”

“A good point, we wouldn’t want you to feel insulted by the name people had decided to give you.” Giles agreed dryly. “We must let people see that there is no shame in being different though.”

“Yeah except that there are demons posing as us in some cases and trying to cause problems. One of them actually made it to the military base in Sunnydale and nearly took out an entire barracks.” Xander told the Watcher. “Face it Giles, if you start explaining about whatever it is that we are to the world then you're also going to have to explain the source magic and the supernatural. Something that we all know that you either won't do or something that that the Council won't allow you to do.”

“It does make me wish that I could still hurt Ethan.” Giles grumbled.

“Uh why can't you, I thought that you had knew where he went?” Xander asked the Watcher curiously.

“Ethan has his own power set.” Giles explained tiredly. “He has gained the ability of adaptability. No matter what it is that I do to him he somehow manages to shift his body to cause the least amount of damage to him.”

“A Reactive Adaption power. “A stunned Xander informed the Watcher who nodded his head. “That's actually a pretty cool power, theoretically it means he could survive just about anything thrown at him.”

“Yes.” Giles agreed. “It does make unleashing my frustrations on him much harder to deal with though. He admitted to the group. “What's more, he's learning how to summon different adaptions to deal with incoming threats. It will soon be likely that the only thing that can take him down will be a threat that he has never dealt with.”

“That or dropping him into a really large sinkhole and sealing him in concrete.” Buffy returned with a shrug.

“Whatever this is, the condition is spreading though.” Giles informed the group as he nodded toward various spots on a map. “In Lawrence Kansas there is rumors of a pair of boys that can summon wings on their back and fly. One of them can make them out of fire while the other one is creating them out of some form of hard light. It could be that they can merely manipulate these elements, but it could also be something more. In Scotland there is a boy who can manipulate the wind itself. In a small town called Charming there's a boy who can become whatever he touches, In Hazzard there's a girl who can release powerful pheromones while her cousins one is showing to be a enhanced human while the other is a telekinetic. In Canada a young police officer displayed enough acrobatic skill to be considered a slayer when she was dodging bullets. In a small town in Texas called Dillon there are several members showing abilities." Giles informed the others as he showed them a map that displayed all of the places that people were becoming affected by the power of Janus. “At the moment no one is realizing the connection that all of these people have. It’s only because the Council watches for such things that we're even aware of such things. It’s only a matter of time though before other become aware that something else is happening. “

“Well I guess you'll need to talk to Ethan about just what it is that he did.” Buffy returned to him.

“My guess would be we shouldn't have destroyed a pagan device that was empowering such a large scale spell in the library.” Willow theorized. “For all we know, it got caught up in the Hellmouth energy and did whatever this is.”

Giles frowned as he listened to what the redhead had told him. “Good lord, it must have acted as an accelerant and messed with anyone who had mystical bloodline or had been overtly effected by magic in their life or that of their family. It would explain why the Hellmouth has been relatively quiet of late as well. All of the energy that was pent up on it must have traveled the various ley lines and the bleed out from going to place to place is what empowered people to the extent that it has. It also theoretically means that places where ley lines intersect. It’s more likely that there will be more effected as time goes on unless we can figure a way. In fact it could even act as a booster for the affected.” Giles mumbled as he pulled out a book on known ley lines and places of power around the world and began matching them to the places on the map of effected people. The results he was getting was showing a not so pretty picture, and made him aware of other places that might be effected as well.

Spike nodded to the Slayer and her group as they stepped out into the street. “Greetings Slayer, I was wondering when it was you were going to come on out here so that I could kill ya.” He held his hand up and electricity flickered across his fingers. “Got to admit, that drinking from your kind sure is a rush. Not quite the one that one gets from a Slayer mind you, but still impressive. And you wouldn't believe the fruity flavor one gets when they taste more than one.” He added in as his eyes glowed with green energy and the earth around them began to crack.

“Great, he took the variety fruit pack's worth of blood before coming here.” Buffy grumbled, as she eyed the vampire carefully. “Still all of the powers in the world wouldn't help him if he couldn't control the powers unless he had been slowly draining the blood from people with power while preparing for this so he had trained somewhat with the various powers and abilities. If that was the case then things were going to get even more difficult.

Buffy smiled a bit as she held the longbow experimentally. It had taken several hours of experimentation to get this to work out just right. Her ability consisted of charging items with energy. With that in mind she and Xander had worked a long time on the bow she was now using. It was made of some of the most conductive metals that they could find, but was still useable. Her bowstring was made out of a wire of similar material. She pulled the bow taut as if she was firing an arrow. She closed her eyes and let her energy flow into the bow, and a few moments later an arrow made of pure energy appeared. She fired and watched the arrow sail and strike its target. She couldn't believe that she had finally gotten the weapon to work. She had spent months trying to make this weapon work for her. She had tried various bows, and even a variety of metal arrows trying to find one that would work. The fact that she didn't really need an arrow made it all the more amazing though. The small explosion from where her arrow hit was impressive enough that it would probably be a good idea to get out while the getting was good. She so didn't need to go to jail. The fact that the entire Sunnydale police department seemed to have taken a rather unhealthy interest in their little group made it all the more important that she not be found around here. It seemed that the mayor was really cracking down on the police and they were having to do a lot more work now.

Quentin Travers and Roger Wyndam-Pryce sneered at the American scientist that entered the room. “Margret Walsh.” Travers greeted stiffly.

“Dr.” The woman shot back at the man emotionlessly. “Now what is so important that you pulled me from some rather important research?” The woman demanded of the two Englishmen. Teaching freshmen psychology and running the science side of a covert ops operation that dealt in creatures and mutations that were similar to those that were found in horror stories. Beings that for all extent and purposes were like vampires or creatures that were found in folklore. There was a researcher that kept on requesting that they fund a department that studied the folklore of monsters in the hopes of finding the origin of the creatures and how they may have come to be. As far as she was concerned though such an effort was a waste of perfectly good resources that they could be using for far more important things than books on idiotic fairy tales.

Of course she was also having to deal with the rumors of a race of super humans that were supposedly popping up.

“Dr. Walsh.” Travers returned with a nod. “We have become aware of the research that you have been conducting and have come to offer you some insight. The organization that we represent has been keeping tabs on these beings for some time now. We are aware that they are stronger and faster than any one soldier and can easily tear through groups of soldiers unless they are either very lucky or have some sort of equalizer.”

“And you have such an equalizer?” Walsh asked somewhat disbelievingly as she looked at the men.

“Yes we do. It’s known as a primal spell, and will give your soldiers the equivalent animal abilities.” Travers informed her. “It does have some lesser side effects which has the chance of destroying a person if they are not compatible with the beast.” Roger handed over the file that had information on the primal spell. The spell that they had was a much more elegant version than the one that had been used in Sunnydale a year ago, and notes and annotations in it about the best methods to make the spell work. The Council had once tried to research a better version of this spell when they had been unable to find out where it was that the Slayer was. From time to time it was used as a stop gap measure that would slow or hinder a particularly powerful creature should they need to. While it gave a person near slayer like speed, strength, agility, endurance, and durability, along with senses that were near the same level as a vampire it lacked the finesse that the Slayer spell gave its agents. It also had an unfortunate side effect of driving most of its wielders mad as they lost themselves within the beast and in the occasional person that started to actually transform into gruesome hybrids of man and animal. Not that the Council cared all that much if a bunch of Americans playing at being demon hunters somehow managed to get themselves killed from their own stupidity.

Walsh's eyes lit up as she began scanning the various pages before her. If these pages were right she could have her soldiers performing on near equal footing with the sub terrestrials. A break through like this was something that could insure that she remained in control. The people that wanted an advancement into military methods would owe her more favors than they could ever repay. “What do you want?” She asked, knowing that such a thing wasn’t going to be offered to her without their being some sort of price tag connected to it.

“This girl and her friends are causing problems for us.” Travers explained as he handed another file over to the woman. “The price for the knowledge of this procedure is that we need you to remove her from the equation.”

“I agree to destroy this girl and you hand me the last parts of the procedure then?” Walsh questioned.

“Yes without the other half of the procedure the subjects are all guaranteed to go mad within six months of the power being placed into them. While it’s still a possibility even with the other half of these notes the risks drop by nearly a third I'm told. It would actually be useful if you used the procedure on your agents before engaging as a method of assurance that the job gets done.”

Walsh nodded her head in understanding. It would also prove as a good test on whether or not this method was really as useful as they were telling her. There was also no telling what else it was that they might have access to. If this was what they were willing to start bartering with then they must have all sorts of interesting resources that she could tap into. She merely needed to convince them or overthrow them to get the information that she needed. Finding one of the so called Shaman was easy enough and she recalled that her favorite Riley and his team were already on standby and as soon as she had the required animals and shaman she could begin the procedure and then start creating her own super soldiers.

There’s about a half dozen challenges with the premise of Halloween triggering mutations in multiple people after the destruction. (I know, I skimmed through the challenges to look.) They’ve often interested me so I thought I would play around with the idea and see just what it was that came out. That and it interested me. Every time I came up with a power Marvel used the character in a movie though. I originally considered using several different characters that have shown up in the films and didn’t want to get thought of copying too much so held off.

Xander= (Dressed as Gambit retained red eyes and thieving skills) Gifted with all eye Powers: Laser, heat, concussion, multiple spectrum, aura, super sight vision. Secondary mutation enhance other senses. Keeps Gambit’s other training as well.

Buffy=Dresses as Moonstar gains the ability to summon Pegasus and power to charge weapons with energy like Silver Samurai. Can't absorb magical attacks though. Bow effect is like the one from the old Dungeons and Dragons cartoon

Andrew= Time Stop

Jonathan= Growing power

Larry=Dressed as sabertooth has mercenary skills and retains sabertooths powers

Warrren=Dressed as Apocalypse powerless> still has armor though evil iron man?

Cordy=Dressed as White Queen Teleporter

Oz=Dressed as Long shot Sound Manipulation power
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