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Summary: These are usually story beginnings that I just don’t have time for, and have been regulated to the back burner of my mind. Hopefully if I get them out here they’ll stop clogging my brain. Partial answers to challenges as well.

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Multiple Crossings > General > Ficlet Collections - OthertexaswookieFR1883316,1941196138,48910 Jun 1019 Jul 14No

BTVS Marvel Hero in DC world

As usual I own nothing of the characters here. Decided against doing my usual host of one shots for the Holiday this year so instead I'll probably just ya'll with Halloween ideas in here this month.

Buffy Summers scowled a bit as she looked herself over in the mirror. She was dressed in what looked like a one piece swimsuit, opera gloves, a red sash, porn star boots, and a tiny mask to supposedly conceal her identity. If she hadn't allowed Cordellia to get her hands on those pictures then she wouldn't be in this situation she thought to herself. The costume wasn't too bad, the fact that after escorting rascals she still had to go up to Cordellia and thank her for picking out her outfit was one of the more humiliating ones though. Queen C would win several points through the popular crowd if she could be seen as dictating what others wore. The fact that anyone that thought it was a good outfit would praise her fashion sense, while any that thought it was slutty would see it as humiliation was even better. It was a win-win for the popular girl, while Buffy would be considered a joke for the next week or so until Cordellia chose a new victim most likely Xander, Willow or any of the other socially awkward teens at Sunnydale High. This was what happened to be people that openly defied her majesty though. She arranged for things to happen.

Buffy just hoped that the girl didn’t expect her to come and save her again anytime soon. In fact it would serve the girl right if she was attacked while Buffy was babysitting the kids. Not even the expected reaction that was likely to come from every comic book geek both public and secret was going to be able to make this a fun night for her. To think, all she wanted to do was to be able to spend the night at home and be a regular girl not having to deal with all this.

Carol Danvers AKA Miss Marvel shook her head as she tried to figure out what had just happened. One minute she had been fighting one of the Avengers many Rogues, and the next she was in some unknown place with what looked like monsters all over the place. She wasn't sure how she had ended up here, but figured she might as well get to work on figuring out where she was. Shooting up into the air. She saw that many of the monsters were gathering together and were ripping through other costumed people. If it wasn’t for the fact that last she checked it was June she might have thought that it was Halloween. Although what she knew was looking less and less certain as she noticed the fallen bags of candy and the various decorations that decorated the lawns. Of course that did make her wonder where the last few months had gone and just where she had been during them.

All of that would have to wait till later though. For now, she would do damage and then try to figure out what had happened to her this time. That was part of the problem with being a costumed superhero one never knew just what it was that they were going to encounter next. She floated down the street, and caught a scaled creature by its throat. With a casual flick of her wrist she tossed the creature to the side where it slammed into a car. Another creature was heading toward her and she raised her hand and fired a bolt of energy at it slamming it back the way it had come and into a tree which cracked with the impact of the blow. She frowned as she realized that while she was clearing this one place there were several others that were needing her help. The only good thing at the moment was that when she had flown up high she noticed that a majority of the trouble appeared to be coming from the area surrounding the local high school.

She rose a bit higher into the air and took off down the road. She fired multiple blasts at the various creatures that were around the street and sent them flying away from the people that they were attacking. “This is Miss Marvel, will someone please respond?” She called out into the Avengers Identity card she carried. She cursed as no one responded to her call. The longer the fight went, the worst things were getting. A number of the small creatures had been joined by creatures with glowing yellow eyes. She saw a soldier standing guard over a group of groups firing short bursts that were keeping the creatures back even as they moved in a slow line of retreat. She had to focus on the people that needed her help though and not on the ones that were alright. She blasted another of the odd creatures that had been bearing down on a little girl as she sped by.

She turned a corner and saw a figure in what looked like wizards robes and he was chanting. Something told her this person might be a part of what was going on. “Hold it right there.” She ordered the figure.

The robed figure turned to look at her for a moment and then with a sneer, he then turned back around. “Leave me alone trollop.” He ordered. “I have more important things to do right now than to sample your wares.”

“Not happening.” Carol returned as she fired a few low powered bolts at the man.

“I have no time for your foolishness faye being.” He growled, as he raised a staff at his side and a shimmering dome surrounded him and her bolts bounced off of the shield.

Carol frowned as she rose higher into the air and then dive bombed toward the wizard or whatever he was.

The wizard saw the incoming creature and with a flick of his staff he opened a portal between the two of them. Ms. Marvel tried to stop herself, but she was going too fast and she tumbled through the portal. “Now back to finding out where in the multi verse I am.” The wizard noted as he began trying to figure where he had ended up and how it was that he was going to be getting back to his home. Using the echo from the creature he had tossed into the portal it was easier to figre his location so it wasn’t a complete waste.

Spike who had been watching the entire fight felt a little put out. He had thought that the Slayer would have a better ending than that. Then again, he had always thought that he would have been the one that would have been the one to put the cheerleading slayer into the ground. He spun on his heel, he needed to do a spot of violence to help him deal with this disappointment. He only hoped that the next Slayer was sent here. It was the best chance he had on curing Dru.

Buffy groaned as she shook her head trying to remember what she had been doing. She remembered going to the Snyder Halloween Escort Service. Then there was the funky dream of turning into her costume and getting tricked into running into a portal. She looked around her and grimaced as she saw that she was laying in an odd trench of some sort. She slowly climbed to her feet, brushing all of the dirt clods that had fallen on her while she had been down. She grimaced slightly as she felt the memories of Carol Danvers flood her mind. Not much of her younger memories thanks to Rogue draining all of her memories and power. Well at least not the emotions behind them. She did have stronger memories of Carol's time with the X-Men and Starjammer's though. She wondered if she really did have the powers or just the memories. She thought for a moment and watched as she began rising off the ground. Yeah she had the flight. She saw a large tree that looked as big as a small car, and flew towards it. She wrapped her arms around the tree and with a twist and a pull the tree came out. She was now hovering several feet in the air with the tree in her arms and she could see the roots. Buffy swallowed nervously as she then threw the tree high into the air. She raised her hand and sent a blast of energy which shattered the tree. The parts that remained were falling to the ground in a fiery mess.

“Cool.” The blonde declared, as she saw what she had managed to do with just a simple test of her powers. She was distracted as she heard a large explosion. Turning she could see a factory that was now smoking. Without even worry about it, she took off and headed toward the factory. She landed on the ground in front of a man who was directing various people to evacuate.

“So what's the situation?” She asked curiously.

The man looked at the blonde curiously. “That was fast, we just sent word out to the League.” He noted even, as he ushered a jeep packed with people through. “We had an incident here.” The nuclear power cells are on the verge of exploding, we need a way to drain the energy from them before they go critical.”

“I can absorb some of the energy.” Buffy assured him. “It might be enough to let some of your braver science guys to finish the job of shutting the place down.”

“So you're like Captain Atom then?”

“Don't know, never met him.” Buffy returned to him. “If I suck it up, can your guys shut it down though?”

“Yes we can.” One of the men wearing a protective suit answered. “If you can keep the energy levels down somewhat we might stand a chance.”

“Then let’s do it.” Buffy ordered grabbing the man who began telling her which way to go.

A few minutes later Buffy was kneeling by the tear in the reactor and was absorbing the raw energy while the scientist was busy trying to repair the energy from the inside. Ms. Marvel had channeled her power through a white star at one point, a simple reactor wasn't going to stop Buffy from doing the same. As she let the energy flow into her she could feel her strength growing the longer she stood there.

Supergirl, Green Arrow, and Captain Atom landed in front of the main gate of a nuclear reactor that had sent out a distress signal. “Who's in charge here?” Green Later demanded as he hovered over the group.

“I suppose I am.” A scientist volunteered. “We're currently evacuating all personal while a team is trying to shut the reactor down. Whoever that new member you sent is they're already down by the reactor trying to absorb the radiation and are buying the team time to finish the job.”

“We are the first response team though.” Captain Atom returned with a frown.

“I'll find out what's going on, the two of you worry about the reactor.” Super girl decided. “The two of you are more likely to be able to help out with that than I am.” She admitted to the pair of former soldiers.

Green Lantern didn't look completely happy, but nodded his agreement. “Just be careful.” He yelled out after her.

Supergirl gave him a minor salute in return as she sped out after whoever it was that was posing as a member of the JLA. She rounded a corner and saw a masked girl in a black costume with a lightning bolt design across the entire body. It was different enough from the Flash costume that it probably wasn't even a conscious copy of the ionic hero's costume. It looked like they were using the reactor as a battery. Without even thinking she body checked the other girl sending her flying away from the reactor.

Buffy grunted as she felt something slam into her. Hell, she hadn't been hit that hard, well in ever. She thought, as she recalled her own level of invulnerability compared to what it had been before. She righted herself in the air and turned to look to see who or what it was that had just hit her. She saw a girl around her own age dressed in a white t-shirt and blue skirt. The shirt had an odd red and gold shield design with a weird looking S on it.

Buffy shook her head a bit before glaring at the girl. “Alright you got my attention.” She admitted as she glared at her attacker. “So let’s do it. Maybe I can teach you some manners and why it’s not polite to slam into people like that.”

“And I'll teach you not to feed off things like reactors.” The other girl retorted. The two rose into the air and began slamming into each other.

Green Lantern heard the first few hits and looked up and swallowed nervously as he saw the battle raging overhead. He might be able to slow down one of them but not both of them. “This is Green Lantern, I need backup. Supergirl has managed to get into a fight with someone or something that is at least as strong as she is and the pair of them are trying to bring the plant down around them.”

“Understood I am sending a team to stop them. I believe the term is sending in the 'big guns.'” Martian Manhunter answered.

Supergirl managed a fairly powerful punch and knocked the other blonde into the side of a building. As much as she hated to admit it this girl was a better hand to hand fighter than she was. On the plus side she didn’t seem to be completely used to ariel combat. She was showing herself to be a fast learner though.She smirked as she crossed her arms waiting for the other blonde to rise from the dust. A moment later the girl in black rose and raised her arms and fired a beam of intense energy at her. Supergirl dodged to the side letting the energy beam pass by her. She then returned the favor by firing her heat beams at her opponent. The girl fired her energy blast, and the two beams pushed against each other as they tried to overcome each other. An explosion of energy erupted as the built up power exploded. Not letting that slow them down the pair of blondes charged at each other. A green wall erupted between them even as strong arms wrapped around both of them.

“Kara, that's enough.” Superman ordered as he held his cousin back.

“Be at peace sister.” Wonder Woman ordered as she held onto the unknown masked blonde in black as she held her back.

Scowling Buffy knocked the woman holding her back back and performed a throw that sent her flying at the green wall that had erupted.

“Careful Diana it looks like she might be a lot more than muscle.” Superman warned his teammate frowning at the damage the girl was causing. There really weren't all that many beings with their level of super strength that were capable of skillful fighting. There were a few like Diana who had trained against people that were her near equal in power before they came to their power. There were even some that had been trained before they got their powers but the people that had powers quickly learned that there were different rules in a fight. Finding someone that seemed even halfway skiled in hand to hand was rare.

“I will be able to handle this Superman.” Wonder Woman assured her teammate as she moved forward to deal with the unruly girl.

“So, she's from another reality where she's kind of like their version of Diana?” Flash questioned as he looked at the monitor that showed the mystery girl curiously.

“So she says.” Batman returned not looking completely convinced. “Its rather hard to either confirm or deny her claims.” The Dark Knight explained to the group. “It would require we find her point of origin to be completely sure that she has not been lying to us.”

“For the moment I think we should trust her.” Superman returned. “Besides, according to the scientists if it hadn't been for her that entire reactor would have blown up.”

“And how certain are we that she wasn't the cause of the damage done to the reactor?” Batman asked him curiously.

“If she's some sort of interdiemensional expert she's extremely skilled at hiding her knowledge.” Martian Manhunter returned to the detective. “The fact that she has two sets of memories in her head does make it somewhat interesting to read her as well though.”

“If nothing else Kara has been enjoying her company now that she knows that she's not an enemy.” Superman returned with a grin as he saw that the two girls were currently comparing fashion between their two worlds.

“Well as long as your cousin has a playmate I guess we can rest ease.” Batman snarked at the large figure.

“Hey I’m just saying that if she connects with Kara she’s a little less likely to go off on anyone.”

“You have met your cousin before right?” Green Lantern asked curiously.

“Kara wouldn’t do anything to risky.” Clark returned confidently.

“Like what, getting into a brawl with the one person holding back the nuclear energy over a power plant?” Batman returned while staring at the hero. Superman had the decency to at least look embarrassed at that one.

Buffy looked her new uniform over. She had kept the swimsuit like uniform, but had added leather pants and a jacket over them. The lightning bolt had been thickened and now was a giant S. Of course hers was nothing like the one that the Super Family used but it was still nice. She had added a similar design to the back of he jacket as well. She had decided to forego the use of Ms. Marvel since there was already a whole group that were using the name of Marvel, and Warbird just wasn't really her. Besides Hawkgirl might object to her having a cooler bird themed name than she did. Slayer worked though and worked with the S theme on her costume as well. She grinned a bit as she saw Supergirl come flying in. Despite the rocky beginning that their first meeting had, the pair of them had become rather good friends. It was something of a trick sometimes since both of them were rather stubborn. While they were good friends it turned out that each of their best friends were normal humans. Supergirl had Batgirl while Slayer had Star Girl whom she was friends with.

Rupert Giles sighed heavily. He had searched for the past two months but had found no sign of his Slayer. He had hoped that there would be some trace but nothing had happened. In fact the only piece of information that they had about her fate had come from the vampire Spike of all beings. His detailed story of Halloween and what had gone on that night had been disturbing to say the least. The fact that he had known exactly what Buffy had been wearing made it seem all the more possible since most vampires didn’t bother going out at night. Xander and Cordellia had confirmed what his Slayer had been wearing and the combat style. Having been sucked into a portal could mean she was almost anywhere. There was also no guarantee that she even still had her Slayer powers in whatever place that the unknown wizard had managed to send his Slayer. The Council had ordered him to return to England where he would take up a position as a guest speaker at the Watcher’s Academy when he wasn’t working in Researching Prophecies. He could only hope that wherever Buffy had ended up that she was alright. As a last favor to his former student he had managed to convince Joyce to move to another town. Hopefully the one that he had chosen wasn’t one where the supernatural was likely to return to.

Buffy shook her head in disbelief as she saw the group of heroes as they stepped through the portal. ‘This was so not happening.’ She thought to herself, as she saw a figure carrying a shield, another with a hammer. One universe had to die so that the other could survive. How was she going to be able to decide which side was the one that deserved to survive? Was it the one she had been living in for the past year, or the one that she had memories of? This just wasn’t fair in any form that she thought about it.

AN: if the person using the screen name Green Tree on HPFanFicArchive.Com would please mark the Hermione the Book Mage idea as the original idea of Black-Tortoise-of-the-North. I wouldn’t want to be accused of using someone’s ideas without giving credit where it belongs.
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