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Summary: These are usually story beginnings that I just don’t have time for, and have been regulated to the back burner of my mind. Hopefully if I get them out here they’ll stop clogging my brain. Partial answers to challenges as well.

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Just a little thought I had. I've seen Buffy paired with the elf more times than I can remember but never as a familial connection. Also wanted a way to put it in the modem world. The HP part just kind of flowed in afterwards.

Buffy sighed as she stared halfheartedly at the lawyer, caseworker, and judge that were seated in the room. Xander,and Willow were sitting nearby offering her moral support and there was a very obvious lack of Hank Summers anywhere around. Not that Buffy really cared. Her mom was dead and she wasn't sure what she was going to do now. She could still remember coming home after partying at the Bronze, after defeating the Master, only to find her mom dead. The Master had dispatched a team to deal with any and all loose ends once he was freed. Giles had died thanks to the demonic assassins as well. It left the Scoobies on their own. The others had only survived due to herself and Angel being with them. She wondered just what was going to happen to her now.

The judge coughed, and nodded as he finally looked Buffy in the eye. "Miss Summers, I know that this is hard. We do need to speak of your guardianship though." Buffy nodded stiffly, waving him on. "Well we were examining the paperwork and Hank Summers has refused to take you in."

Buffy flinched at that. She had known things between her and her dad were strained, but she had't realized that they were that bad. Hell, she was supposed to be spending the summer with him as it was.

"We did some searching, and it turns out that Mr. Summers wasn't your biological father, and we made contact with your birth father. Once we explained the situation to him he assured us that he would do his duty as a parent. In fact he was rather surprised to find out about your existence. I don't think that he was aware of the relationship that the two of you shared."

"So my dad's not my dad." Buffy noted to the man a bit weakly weakly. "Who is then? She asked as she tried to think of anyone that she had ever met might be the other genetic donor.

The caseworker chose that moment to add their two cents in. "He's a European, and goes by the name of."

"Greenleaf." A voice cut him off, as a figure wearing a large jacket with a hood pulled up to cover his face stepped out of the shadows. "My name is Greenleaf." Everyone watched the man pulled the hood back to show a man with golden blonde hair and a well sculpted face. "I am Mr. Greenleaf." He informed them.

"No way." Willow babbled in shocked surprise. "I mean, he only looks a few years older than us. There's no way that he's your dad." She explained to her friend. She was still reeling from the fact that her friend of the past year had more secrets. Even if they weren't secrets she had been aware of.

The man smiled at the redhead comfortingly. "I am older than I look." He bemusedly assured the teen.

"Not to be rude or anything but what exactly is it that you do?" Xander piped in. "Not to mention where the hell have you been all of these years?" He added in.

The man sent an intense look at the young man for a moment before turning back to look at Buffy. "Joyce and I had our time many years ago. She was a great admirer of various types of art. We were friends for two years. I had responsibilities that meant that I had to return to my duties at home though. The family land is my responsibility. Joyce left before I was even aware of your conception." He added in. "For this I apologize, had I known of your conception I would have come sooner."

Buffy nodded her head in understanding. "So now what?" She asked him curiously.

"Now we spend the summer getting to know each other." He explained to her.

Buffy nodded her understanding. "Where?" She asked nervously.

"Scotland." The man returned. "We leave after all of this paperwork and the funeral are done." He informed Buffy.

"I am at this hotel." He explained, as he handed her a card of the really nice hotel. "I can get you a room unless other arrangements have already been made that is?" He asked turning to look the various state representatives over curiously.

"No, we have everything we need. It will take us about a week to process everything though. So I would advise you against trying to leave town." The jude explained to them.

"Of course Mr. Greanleaf." Returned the judge, even as the figure began raising the hood of his jacket. The group walked out and soon were headed for the exit. The group could feel an assortment of eyes on them only none of them knew who they were watching.

Buffy spent the next few hours going through the motions of checking in and trying to spend som time with her father. The man seemed to be uncomfortable, as if everything around him was uncomfortable.

Once Buffy was sure that he was secured in his room for the night she headed downstairs. As soon as she was outside she made her way towards a place that she knew a lot better than she wanted to admit. She entered Willy's Alibi Room Bar, and focused on the bartender. "Willy." She growled darkly. Various demons and vampires that were chatting paused as they saw the angry swirl of blonde that was looking at the hapless bartender.

"Slayer." Willy greeted nervously.

"Who all was in on it?" The Slayer demanded, as she stepped into the bar. The various creatures focused intently on their drinks. They had seen rage like this in other beings that had lost their kin, sires, and any other terms of parents. The Slayer was usually dangerous enough on a good day. It was doubtful that anything would survive a confrontation with the Slayer when she was like this unless she got really sloppy in her fury. Not something that any of them wanted to find out.

The bartender swallowed nervously. He then reached a shaky hand to a shot glass and set it down in front of the angry young woman. "You sure you didn't already get them all already Slayer?" He questioned her almost hopefully.

The blonde snorted in contempt at the suggestion "Willy, I happen to know that at the very least The Anointed One is still out there unless you expect me to believe that the Mini Master didn't know about those plans. As I understand it the Master told him anything and everything. They were like a demented Batman and Robin or something. So where are they? You can tell me now, or through the screams of a broken hand." Willy folded at that and gave her an address.

Buffy smiled tiredly as she watched the factory going up in flames. She figured that she had done about all of the revenge that she was likely to get. She turned around to head back to the hotel to see something that she hadn't expected. Six vampires that she had missed were approaching her, and they actually seemed to know what they were doing. They moved like they were used to working together. She blocked one punch only to get rammed in the side by another one. She rolled with the tackle coming up on top. Normally she would have stuck her stake in the chest of the vampire. She had to continue her roll though as another one of them took a swing at her. Every time that she nearly had one of them they would tag anew member into the fight. None of them were really all that good but when you combined their skill they might be just enough to take her down. Then again Buffy wasn't so sure that she wanted to win the fight either. If they won then it would be over, and she could be with her mom.

Her suicidal thoughts were interrupted when an arrow came flying out from behind her, and skewered two of the vampires through the heart. Buffy was amazed, she didn't even think that she could have made that sort of shot unless they had been standing still. Something that these guys most definitely weren't doing. Using the surprise of the vamps she managed to dust two more and another vamp dusted thanks to another arrow. The last vampire took off running and Buffy threw her stake. She grimaced as she saw that her shot was off and would probably miss the heart. she felt another one of the arrows fly by her head and hit the vamp in the shoulder turning him slightly. Her stake hit the heart perfectly. Buffy turned to look over her shoulder to see who had just saved her. She was expecting Xander or Willow who had just gotten really lucky with their shooting, maybe even Angel or some new Watcher even. It was none of the though. Standing almost casually on a wooden fence holding a long bow, was the guy that was supposed to be her dad. She wasn't sure how the guy was balancing on the fence, as it would have taken even her several minutes to look even half as comfortable as he did.

"I must admit that you confused me." The figure admitted, as he stared at her. "While you are my daughter, I'm usually able to find the ones with my genetic enhancements and get them somewhere safe. When you were conceived there was none of the signs that you had the talents, which I figured meant you were likely Hank Summers descendant. Then I see this and I understand. The Eldar bound your true powers to make way for your potential. Then when things happened your heritage from my side came to the fore."

"So what, your saying my death did something to me?" Buffy asked him.

He raised his eyebrow at that. "Death?" he questioned her.

It was only for like a minute. She returned somewhat petulantly.

He nodded his acceptance of that. "Yes, something like that might have been the catalyst that is needed." He admitted to her. It could have been just the thing to release your other side."

The girl nodded her acceptance of that. "So, what are you then?" She asked somewhat worriedly. The man lowered his hood and then pulled his hair back so Buffy could see his rather pointed Spock like ears. She was so blaming Xander for making it so that her mind thought that as well.

"My name is Legolas Greenleaf." He introduced himself, giving a somewhat formal bow to his daughter. "I am one of the last of my kind, we are referred to in the world today as the High or Elder Elves. Long ago there were many of us, but we moved onto another dimension leaving a small handful of our kind left in this reality. I am one of the last of the royal elves that live here."

"So what am I?" Buffy asked curiously.

A half elf or an elfling are some of the names that are given in the English tongue. In Elvish you would be called a Peredhil, which is the official title that one refers to ones of your breeding though. Like elves, you reach adulthood and then stop aging for all known reason. After a time you are given a choice. Some have the speed, strength, agility, and connection to nature that true elves do others have some of the gifts and some have none of the gifts. I thought that you didn't have any of the gifts and thought it better to leave you be."

"So I'm not a Slayer?" Buffy asked curiously.

Legolas frowned as he looked her over curiously. He had known many Slayers through the years. Some were worthy warriors and some were not. Normally he would have said there was no chance but it could explain much as to why he had not known of her breeding before hand. "Unknown, we can check though there are certain tracking spells I have learned over the ages that should let me know if you are Peredhil or one of Sineya's."

"And who is Sin nay ah?" Buffy asked curiously.

Legolas scowled at that. "It seems that the Watchers are going through another stage of not telling those with whom they are sworn to watch and protect." He grumbled in annoyance. "Every few hundred years it seems that they begin believing that they are more important than the Slayer. In time I shall tell you the story of the first of the Slayers." He promised her. "We will need to find the medicine bag while we are at it as well."

"Medicine bag? Do I look sick?"

"A Slayer artifact that is almost as old as the Slayer line is." Legolas explained to the girl. "Within it resides certain items that help the Slayer know who and what she is."

"Doesn't sound like anything I've heard of." Buffy admitted.

"Then it is likely being held by someone who has some idea as to what it is, as the magic in it makes it so that it will head for the Slayer."

"A magic slay bag? Cool."

"So what am I?" Buffy asked him curiously as he rose to his feet after finishing the spell.

Legolas returned to the girl. You are Peredhil. The Elf Lord explained to the girl. You are stronger than any before you though so I believe that you were once of the Slayers as well. While you no longer have the spirit or essence of the Slayer within you, it left a piece of itself behind. This is something that I have never even heard of, or thought possible." He admitted to his daughter. "It is times like these that I do miss the council of ones like Gandalf and Elrond, they were much more skilled at this sort of puzzle than I have ever been. They would have been able to understand what this might mean."

"Just means that we'll have to fake our way through it without the wisdom stuff." Buffy returned with a shrug.

Buffy whistled as she looked at the small fortress that they found themselves in. "This place is amazing." She admitted, as she tried to take everything in. The place was like a giant wooden palace only the trees were still alive. It was even better than the old Swiss family Robinson house, and she had thought that was the ultimate tree house.

"Our people mastered the art of working with nature long before humans ever did." Legolas explained with a smile. "While this is the main fortress within these woods it is but an outpost, and it is nothing compared to the palace that is hidden away in another forest." He assured her. The pair were distracted as a group of figures with weapons drawn entered the room. Legolas rolled his eyes as he saw them. "Wait here." He commanded. "These are beings that sometimes need to be reminded that they are not the true masters of these wood. He then moved to intercept the group. "Bane!" He called, as he looked at one of the centaurs. "What are you doing here?" He questioned the figure.

"Master Greenleaf." The centaur grumbled a greeting. "So you've returned from your latest bit of business then?"

"Indeed I have." Legolas answered. "Why are your people in these halls though?"

"Merely making sure that none were trespassing. You have been gone nearly a century." The centaur pointed out to the Elf Lord. He turned to look at the girl that was watching from the side. "Another one of your half-breeds?" He asked looking towards the girl with a sneer.

"Indeed." Legolas returned. "Possibly more. Who is currently the master of the castle?" He questioned curiously.

"Dumbledore is the current Master of Hogwarts. He allows to much to happen under his command though." The centaur grumbled pawing at the ground in agitation.

"How bad?"

"He has allowed his half giant servant to unwittingly breed an Acromantula colony in the forest." The centaur reported.

"Was it done from ignorance or mischief?" Legolas demanded his eyes hard.

"For the half giant it comes from ignorance in the dangers that these creatures represent." Bane informed him. "His heritage makes it hard for him to understand these dangers that less resistant beings have to dangerous creatures. For nearly fifty years has he roamed these forests, and while he has a good heart he lacks the understanding that he needs on the dangers of some creatures."

'And the headmaster?'

"He cares not." The centaur returned. "He is one of those whom pleasing words come easy, but action does not."

"Another Sauruman." Legolas grumbled out unhappily. "Wizards that have honeyed words are the ones that one must watch the closest as they are likely to cause the most troubles." The centaurs all nodded their heads in agreement with this.

The first time Buffy had seen the kid she had watched from the tree tops as the strange creature fed off of one of the unicorn herd. Her father had trained her in the skills of a Ranger and she had taken to the lessons surprisingly well over the last couple of years. While it was to late for the beast, she could save the boy that was down below. Nocking an arrow into her bow she released it. She watched as it sped from her bow to land in the leg of the being. She already had another arrow nocked and ready, if it wasn't for the centaur Fur End getting in the way she would have taken it out. The centaur did manage to get the kid out of the way quickly enough though. The strange thing disappeared into the brush though. She wasn't interested in fighting something like that in there. She ran overhead in the trees acting as guard when the stick in the mud Bane appeared and began whining at the other centaur for allowing the kid to ride him. Something that even Buffy knew was considered the greatest of honors to be allowed to do. Her father had only been given the honor a handful of times over the years and it had only been with centaurs that he had close relations with in the first place. From the way that he described it, it had usually been battle conditions that such a thing had been allowed. It had only been her landing in between the pair of centaurs that had stopped them from trying to kick the snot out of each other. She had smiled at the kid for a moment before disappearing back into the woods. She learned later on that the kid had been returned to the care of the Half-Giant.

The second time she had seen the kid had been when he had come sneaking into the forest one night. To make it even worse he had been doing one of the dumbest things that she would have believed possible. He was actually following a trail of spiders with some redheaded kid that could have given Willow a run for her money on the carrot top nicknames. The pair of boneheads who were dumber than even the most stubborn dwarf, if her dad's thoughts on them were anything to go by. They thought that they could slip in and slip out of the forest after talking with the master Acromantula. All because they were friends with Hagrid. Buffy liked the half giant, but he wasn't exactly the best judge of characters. Particularly when it came to them being nonhuman. She had dropped on top of the old car and rode on the hood shooting arrows at the spiders as they moved around. When they had gotten out of the forest she had leaped up into a nearby tree and watched the car as it spat the two kids out. She knew that the green eyed kid had seen her, but she didn't really care.

The third time that she had seen him had been during a full moon. Buffy had watched as three kids had appeared out of thin air from the cover of an invisibility cloak, while chasing after a strange dog like creature that had been prowling the area between the school and the forest for sometime now. The group had disappeared into the base of the Whopping Willow tree. It was sometime later in which two different adults had made their way to the tree and followed after them. She was joined in her vigil by the boy and his bushy haired friend along with a Hippogryph. They of course were so intent on watching the tree that they never even noticed her sitting in a nearby tree. About an hour later the kneazle, three kids, and four adults had come up. That was surprising considering two of the kids were off to her right and surrounded by the adults at the same time. Some sort of illusion or something else that was causing this to happen. One of the adults was tied up and another was unconscious and being dragged along like a balloon. She had been surprised since she had only seen two adults to begin with. She supposed that it could have been something as simple as they had been at the other end of wherever the secret passage in the tree had led. That thought was put to rest when one of the adults had changed into a werewolf and the shaggy haired man had changed into a dog in an effort to protect everyone. What followed next was a fast paced few minutes. She had been forced to fire several arrows to herd the Lycan away from the kids. She had been to far to do anything but watch as the kid ended up saving himself and the dog-man from the Dementors with some sort of silver stag like thing. Once she had been sure that they were safe inside the castle, she chased after the werewolf. She didn't want him doing anything he would later regret.

The fourth time she had seen the kid had been when he had been out looking at the dragons. Sure he was technically under that invisibility cloak of his, but against her elf like senses it was pretty much useless. He had been listening in on the conversation with Hagrid and some huge woman that he was with that spoke in a really annoying french accented voice. She had seen him again when he and some piece of salty goodness had been moving a little to close to the edge of the forest. They had stopped just short of the boundaries though, and had stumbled onto some crazy guy that had been stuttering about something. Not really her concern though, as she had headed back into the forest.

The fifth year that she saw him, he had first been with Hagrid and the girl. She wondered if they were close friends or if they were something more since they always seemed to be together for these sorts of things. Hagrid had shown them the full blooded giant that he had brought home from his trip to the mountains. A mountain giant even one as small as Grawp really didn't belong in the forest, but her father was willing to allow him some time to find a new home. She knew that her father only had so much patience with such actions though. Either the giant would have to learn or find a new home. It was choice that annoyed a lot of the centaurs as well.

The next time had been surprising during the day. It was the first time she could recall seeing the boy during the daytime. Hagrid had been teaching them about Threstrals. Buffy had always been able to see the leathery horse like creatures. Her time in Sunnydale had seen to that. With him had been the redhead and the girl.

After that time she had seen the pair again had been when some really ugly woman that reminded her of some of the stories of Gollum or some demons had led them into the forest at wand point. Not something that she had wanted, and she had watched as the woman had forced them deeper into the woods. It hadn't taken long for them to be confronted by one of the centaur patrols. What had followed next was an angry exchange of words and the woman had pointed her wand at Bane. Bane may be a jerk but he was still a member of her father' s guard, so she had dealt with that threat by shooting an arrow through the wand and into a nearby tree. The centaurs had taken off with the pink clad woman. She had then listened to the girl as she made a rather dubious case as to why they had led the woman into the forest. Buffy wasn't to pleased, but she also knew what kind of punishment that the centaurs would do to her, and a young girl like her didn't need that to happen to her.

"That's enough." Buffy ordered as she dropped to the ground.

"My Lady." Bane growled, as he gave her the barest of a bow. "You heard what she said."

"Yes." Buffy returned glaring darkly at the girl. "It is not enough of a crime to give her unto centaur punishment." She told the centaur. "She is new to the world still and placed her faith in you as protectors. She knew not the crimes against us she was creating." She then turned to look at the girl. "Firenze is an outcast to these woods for a reason girl, I think that you should remember that." She then turned to look at the boy. "As for you young Potter, your excursions into the forest have been permitted so long for two reasons. One your age, it was not deemed right to kill a youth for adventuring as my father calls it. The second being that you have always been willing to fight your own battles before tonight. Force the people of the forest to fight your battles again and you will watch centaur justice on a your friend."

The boy swallowed nervously and the girl let out a fearful squeak, but they both nodded their heads in acceptance.

"Is honor satisfied now Bane?" She questioned in a voice that told him it better be.

The centaur didn't look happy, but nodded his head in agreement. "It is my lady."

"Then I shall guide them back so that you are no longer bothered by them."

"Thank you." The centaur returned as he made a gesture and the remaining centaurs moved off.

"Come." Buffy ordered. The pair followed the blonde in silence. They eventually came upon what she presumed were their friends. They had found the Threstral herd, and were mounting them to ride. As they mounted Buffy got the gist of what was going on. They were on a rescue mission to save shaggy or dog man as she had always thought of him. She knew that she would be in trouble, but figured that she might as well ride with them. Besides while she may still look like a teenage she was nearly 25. She figured that was enough time in which she could make a few decisions on her own. So she had ridden with them to see what would come of this whole thing. What had resulted was that it had been a trap. They had done their best and had managed to do a lot of damage. Since she didn't use spells but rune enhanced arrows her own attacks were the equal or greater than some of their attacks if she chose to push power into them.

The fight had been a mixture of things. The ministry had been forced to acknowledge the return of the dark lord fold the mart, he hadn't gotten his scaled hands on the prophecy, on the other hand it had cost the dog man his life, and the public outing of her as the new princess and heir apparent of the elves. Something that Dumbledore had made a really big deal about. Her father had nearly thrown one of his knives through the old man when he found out about that. Evidently that that was supposed to be something of a secret. In fact, Dumbledore was trying to use her involvement as an excuse to play the political game. Something that her dad had been working really hard on trying to avoid. Still war was here and now they were going to have to deal with what was happening.
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