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Summary: These are usually story beginnings that I just don’t have time for, and have been regulated to the back burner of my mind. Hopefully if I get them out here they’ll stop clogging my brain. Partial answers to challenges as well.

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Dumbledore sighed as he turned away from the small child that he was leaving on the doorstep of Lily's very muggle sister. There was only one child of prophecy, which meant that young Harry was not needed for the war that was sure to come. It was better this way if he was allowed to have a normal life. The Potters needed to ensure that their Prophecy Child was brought up and trained correctly. Making the family believe that the boy had died in the confrontation with Tom had been hard for him to do, but he had done what the situation required of him. For the greater good he had done something that others would not understand. The boy would be the martyred banner, upon which the rest of the family would gather around. It was a shame that he had to sacrifice a boy with such potential, but it was the best option. Besides he couldn't chance the boy going dark because of jealousy, nor could he chance the prophecy child becoming arrogant by thinking himself greater or more important than the other sibling. This way would be for the best for all concerned. He would just have to make sure that the boy never came to Hogwarts. Maybe as a way to counter what he had done he would send him to one of the other magical schools in the world. It would be a way that he could counter the thing that he was about to do. "Good luck." He told the child, as he vanished in a pop.

The babe slept peacefully seeming unaware of his being abandoned by one that his family had trusted over all others. "Pathetic." A voice growled, as an armored figure stepped into the lights. "You have a destiny far greater than what the old one hopes to deny you of boy." He bent down and gathered the child before levitating into the sky and disappearing into the sky. The residents of Number 4 Privett Drive were completely unaware of how close they had come to housing a being that was the exact opposite of all that resided in this area.

Albus Dumbledore calmly walked up the path to the mighty stronghold. The place looked like a mighty castle, but it had walls of steel and had all sorts of muggle devices sticking out at various places. Behind the old wizard came select members of the Order of the Phoenix. Sirius Black, James Potter, Lilly Potter, and their son the Boy-Who-Lived Richard Potter, Remus Lupin, Rebues Hagrid, Alastair Moody, Minerva McGonagall, and Nymphadora Tonks. They were here as a part of a peace delegation to a group that they knew that Voldemort and his forces we're trying to convince to get on their side. From what he understood this stronghold was a safe haven for various beings with creature blood in them that lived and fought together. He didn't understand it all, but he had to admit that it sounded interesting. He had managed to acquire an invitation for their group to enter this place during a social gathering of some sort. It had been just the thing he needed to present his case to leaders of this group. He was sure that with a few half hearted promises he could at the very least have them doubting in anything that Tom had offered them and what they could do. If nothing else he was sure that they would be able to overpower these beings should they choose to assault them.

As the group came to the door he saw that there were already two people there acting as guards. One was a tall dark haired man in a red body suit while the other was a man of Mediterranean descent who wore a black uniform and a heavy helmet that covered the top half of his head. The group was then escorted by a shaggy haired hunchback like man wearing a strange jester like costume. Once they were in the throne room, the man seemed to disappear in a as if he had run up a wall or something. If he had more time he would have investigated it more. Such a skill at disappearing could prove to be very useful. He figured that the strange man might be a descendent of some of the Lagoon Creatures he had heard of. As the Order entered, he had to admit that he was impressed. The place was filled with all sorts of colorful people either due to their physical appearance or the outfits that they wore. In fact Albus purple robes with shooting stars on them actually seemed to fit in better than Minerva's dark green robes did. A rather interesting thing to think about, and one he would have to be sure to bring up to her the next time that she complained about his clothes. His eyes were drawn to the throne, where a man in form fitting uniform along with a roman styled helmet sat and watched over the proceedings. He noticed that there was a large guard. The man was nearly as tall as Hagrid and that he had a feral sense about him that rather reminded him of his dealings with the werewolf Greyback. He wondered if someone had crossbred a werewolf with a giant and this is what happened. His eyes scanned the hall with interest. There were many animalistic people dotted around the room. There was a large green man, a young woman that looked like she was descended from some sort of feline lunar creature.

The man upon the throne waved them forward. Albus noticed that the were several lesser thrones sitting to the side. He wondered if there was a reasoning for the various symbols on them. One had a lighting bolt on it. The second one contained a pentagram. The third one had magnetic symbol on it. The final throne had a Triquetra symbol on it.

"It can't be." Lily Potter whispered as she saw the man.

Albus wished he knew what had caught his former student by surprise, but was having to approach the man instead. "Good day to you Mr. Lensharr." He greeted with a flourish.

"You may address me as Magneto, Albus Dumbledore." The man told the wizard. His eyes focusing not on the wizard but on the family behind him. "It has been some time since last I saw you Lillian." The man noted as he looked at the redheaded young woman.

Lily Potter grimaced as she stepped forward. "That it has father." She gritted out.

"Father?" The Marauders and Richard all echoed in surprise. Even Minerva's eyes bulged slightly at that bit of unexpected information. Dumbledore managed to school his face from giving anything away at this revelation.

"Indeed." Magneto nodded, as he looked the young woman over. "I have had several children over the years. One of them died due to a mob. Quicksilver is around here somewhere as are the Scarlet Witch and Polaris who are both currently getting dressed and talking to their nephew. Then of course there is Petunia who has been nothing but a disappointment with her narrow minded beliefs. Not that you have been much better Lillian."

"Lily what's going on here?" James asked his wife curiously.

"Just what it seems James, my father is the leader of this group." Lily returned tightly.

"You are disappointed in her?" Dumbledore asked curiously. "May I ask why? In my experience with Lily she has always been an exemplary person."

Magneto nodded his agreement, despite the sour look the redhead was sending him. "Lily was given a gift Headmaster, a gift that she squanders and hides away by living in your little secluded community. She could have had so much more had she tried. I tried to show her what her potential could be but she ignores it. Her siblings have also chosen to defy me in their own ways but they also do not deny themselves."

"That's because you and i have different beliefs on how one should use power." Lily cut in. "I don't have megalomanic ideals like you do." She spat at him.

"You would rather hide and do nothing though while others hide." Magneto growled. "You would let people die while you ignore their plight and pretend that you are not amongst their number? Your other siblings at least have the strength of self to fight for what they believe in. You have the power, but would rather hide and pretend you are normal."

"Uh, I know this is going to seem kind of random." James Potter cut in before his wife could say something that annoyed the strange and somewhat scary man. "But ah, I thought you were dead. At least that's what Lily always told me." He added in quickly on seeing the scowl that was being sent his way.

"As some annoyances have told me numerous times. I got better." Magneto returned, as he stared at James Potter in an assessing way. "It has been sometime since last I saw you young James Potter."

"We've met?" James asked in confusion.

"No, but I was there watching you wedding." The man explained, as he waved his hand and statues began rising out of the ground until they could see a reenactment of the Potter wedding.

"Damn, I wish I could do that with just a wave of my hand." Sirius admitted, as he stared at the miniature version of himself elbowing James in the side while mini Lily walked down the aisle.

"Enough!" Lily ordered.

"Make it stop, and not with that toy of yours either." Magneto added, as he saw Lily's hand dip for her side.

Looking angry Lily nodded, and waved her hands in the general direction of the statues. The statues quivered a moment before they seemed to melt and reformed into the floor.

James looked at his wife in awe, wandless magic was supposed to be really hard yet his wife and her supposed father did it with simple waves of their hands. "Um Lils, how did you do that?" He finally stuttered out.

"Its my gift James." Lily returned nervously. "I control Order. If things are taken from their natural way I can return them."

"Yes, just as I control Chaos." A voice noted. Everyone turned as a dark haired woman with wild untamed hair dressed in a red leather corset with a split end skirt entered the room.

"Wanda." Lily greeted. "If you're here that means that your brother is here."

"Pietro." Wanda noted. "Though I believe he is preferring Quicksilver right now."

"That's how you'd always manage to cancel our pranks no matter what it was that we did." Sirius accused, waving a finger at Lily as he finally realized the truth behind one of the woman's gifts.

"Yes that's true." Lily admitted a slight blush coming to her cheeks. "It also helps in my work as a healer in canceling curses."

Wanda smirked at her sister. "The only one that has ever been to get those types of spells to stick has always been me." She explained to Sirius with an amused grin. "I actually tried out some of your spells on her."

"I think that I'm in love." Sirius returned, as he gave his most flamboyant bow. "Sirius Orion Black." He introduced himself. "Also known as Padfoot, Marauder extraordinaire." He explained to her.

The woman smiled at him even as she eyed him up and down with interest. "Wanda Maximoff." She replied offering her hand to him. "Also known as the Scarlet Witch."

"A pleasure to make your acquaintance." Sirius returned accepting the hand and kissing it. He then gave her a rogueish grin before winking at her destroying some of the proper gentleman attitude that he had.

"These are my siblings." Wanda continued. "Pietro Maximoff my twin brother, or Quicksilver." She waved at a man that shared many of the same facial features as Magneto even with white hair. He was just more wiry than Magneto who had a wider chest and more muscle. "Then of course there is our other sister Lorna Dane or Polaris." Wanda continued, waving her hands towards someone behind them.

Lily turned on her heel as she saw a woman dressed in a dark green version of Wanda's outfit. "Sister." The green haired young woman greeted happily, as she rushed over and gave each of her sisters a hug. Lily gave her a brief hug surprised to see her little sister there.

Sirius looked over at Magneto. "You sir have my utmost respect, any man that can have three daughters that look like them has had to have bedded some of the most beautiful women in the world."

"Can't really argue with that one." James agreed as he looked the three over.

Magneto smirked at the two jokesters in amusement. "So glad to have your respect." He told them rather dryly.

"Sirius." Lily growled in anger and embarrassment at what the two men were saying.

"As happy as I am to see that you have managed to bring your family together, we do have some business to discuss." Dumbledore reminded the man.

Magneto looked the wizened old wizard over for a moment. "Headmaster the only reason that I granted you entry into my domain was because my daughter was among your number." The mutant explained to the wizard. "Until I am done insuring that my family is alright, this reunion will continue." He explained with a hard and steely voice that brooked no argument.

Dumbledore bowed his head in acceptance of what he had been told. "Very well then." He then stepped back to allow the reunion to continue until Magneto was satisfied. It actually gave him time to consider how he might use this to his advantage.

Magneto leaned back in his chair while Lily was forced to talk to her sisters. His sharp eyes focused in on James Potter, who swallowed nervously at the scrutiny that the man was leveling at him. "You Mr. Potter are something of conundrum, a part of me wants to dislike you for various things that you have done while another part of me thinks that you have proven yourself a man more than a few times. You are also a much better match than Severus ever would have been for my girl."

"Well of course I am." James shot back at him confidently. "For starters, I know how to wash my hair."

"Yes, Magneto nodded, "there are also things that I am not overly happy about in with you that you have done."

James nodded his acceptance at that. He did wonder how far back the mans knowledge went though.

"Finally there is the boy." Magneto noted, turning to look at the Potter scion. "A more than capable wizard, but other than that he has shown no other skills or abilities that would show to his lineage." He added sounding somewhat disappointed. Then again sometimes the two powers of two Meta-Human parents can cancel each other out or only allow one power or the other become dominant. It is rare when one gets a mixture of the two abilities." He mused as he looked the young man over.

"Which is the way that it should be father." Lily returned.

The Potter boy finally found his voice. "Hey, I have skills, they say I'm a natural on a broom and I can talk to snakes as well." He told them defensively.

"A type of beast speaker?" Magneto questioned, while not looking overly impressed he did seem to be more welcoming of the boy. "Not a complete waste, and with your magic you have other potentials. Then again, I imagine that is why you were chosen to be a part of this group." His eyes turned to look at the rest of the group. "Minerva McGonagall, Sirius Black, and James Potter are all beast shifters, Nymphronda Tonks is a shapeshifter a poorly trained one though, Rubeus Hagrid is a being of magical resistance and of great strength, Remus Lupin is a werewolf, and then there is your own ability." Magneto turned to look Dumbledore over with interest. "I take it this was your way of showing how you and your group allow for an equal integration of different types?" He asked knowingly.

"I thought it would be a good showing." Dumbledore returned, unconcerned that his manipulation had been sussed out. Even if the man knew what he was doing, it didn't mean that it wasn't working. "Are we now ready to begin our talks?"

"I will hear your request." Magneto agreed.

"We ask for your aide in the upcoming war with Voldemort, and if you are unwilling to aide us then an assurance that you will not join with the forces of darkness." Dumbledore explained to him.

"Had you shown up without the Potter family, I would have sent you on your way before you could make such a request of me and mine." Magneto assured him. "Instead you have managed the first test. You want either aide or you want us to ignore those with whom you refer to as dark. I will give you a year before I answer while I investigate the way in which you and the world you defend work and depending on what it is that I find will determine what my response will be to you and your world." He informed the headmaster.

"And how will you investigate?" Dumbledore asked curiously.

"Lillian Evans-Potter will be one source of information. For the next year she, her husband, and their closer friends shall be invited to live here. If a situation or mission arises that she need be gone for I will work something out with her and the rest of them." Magneto assured the Headmaster. "In return, I shall have a member of my organization come to your school to learn of how your society works."

"And will they be able to use magic?" Dumbledore asked the man curiously.

"Of course I can, I was trained by my aunt, Lady Harens, and Dr. Doom." A voice from above replied. Everyone turned to see two figures sitting on a ledge jump off. The pair came down and the only reason that the Order stopped from casting spells was the lack of concern from the other people that were gathered around the room. As they reached ten feet they slowed down and hovered before landing on the ground.

"You of course know Miss Hermione Granger." Magneto noted, as he waved towards a brunette who was wearing a skintight uniform that showed off the curves of her body that her normally bulky robes hid.

"No bloody way." Sirius noted, having seen a few pictures of the girl in question. Usually in the background but there. The confident girl before them didn't seem anything like the shy and studious girl that he had heard Richard and his friends talk about.

"Granger." An even more stunned Richard Potter responded dumbly.

"Potter." The girl greeted with an annoyed look.

"Miss Granger what are you wearing?" McGonagall demanded, as she looked the girl up and down in disappointment. The brunette girl was dressed in tight bodysuit with a low cut neckline that left little to the imagination. "You need to change your clothing to something more acceptable at once." She ordered her prize student. She was just restraining herself from transfiguring her clothes into more acceptable apparel.

"Don't bother Minerva, besides it at least covers her." Lily told the older witch with a tired sigh. "Compared to some of the outfits I've seen while with my family its not that bad. I mean its not like the Hellfire Club is here." She added in with a grimace as she thought of some of those outfits. They would be lucky to get Sirius out of the room if he had seen some of those people.

Minerva looked at one of her prize students with disbelief at the idea that the tight fitting clothes that the usually reserved girl was wearing were actually appropriate. The fact that it showed an indecent amount of cleavage as far as she was concerned meant nothing.

"This is Triquetra." Magneto explained, waving towards the other figure. He was a teenager wearing dark clothing with red emblems on them. He was also wearing a cloak and hood that matched Magneto's which hid his face from bring seen. "While they are at your school, Lilian will spend time here." The mutant explained now looking at the Potters so that they understood what was going to happen.

James Potter grimaced as he heard this somehow he didn't think that Lilly was going to be overly excited to hear about this. Unfortunately he could also understand it. Is that an invitation or a suggestion? He asked hopefully.

Magneto looked at James for a moment. "I would like to get to know you more James Potter. I would also welcome the chance to get to know my daughter again." He added as his eyes shifted towards Lily, who looked far from amused at this recent turn of events.

Lily looked discouraged at that. "So peace talks can only happen as long as I agree to live here for the next year?" She questioned curiously.

"Indeed." Magneto agreed. "So what do you say, is Arcane ready to return to the Brotherhood?"

"Father, I thought you had agreed to give that name a rest?" Wanda questioned him with a roll of her eyes.

"I have dropped the bad part, so its only the Mutant Brotherhood." Magneto explained to his daughter.

Polaris nodded her acceptance. "That is acceptable father, see that you don't forget it." The green haired young woman warned him with steel in her voice.

"One of the true disadvantages of children eventually they get it into their heads that they can tell you what to do." Magneto explained to the headmaster. "Even Lily has had her times of trying to tell me what she believed that I should do."

"Are we in agreement then?" Dumbledore asked curiously.

"Don't suppose my objection of having my daughter in a castle at a boarding school with her boyfriend counts as much of an objection?" A man in a red and yellow outfit with a strange backpack with tubes that went from it to his arms noted with a very noticeable Australian accent. "I mean pretty much every member of your family has had more than their fair share of romantic conquests. I'd rather my girl didn't join the list of those that your family has bedded."

"I'm afraid that there is little that I can do to ease your fears Pyro." Magneto told his long time ally. "You'll just have to get used to the idea of Triquetra and Pyra."

"Hard to intimidate the brat when he's in a weight class above my own." The mutant grumbled in annoyance.

"Well Lily do you agree?" Albus asked his old student curiously. He needed her to do this to advance their mission.

Lily crossed her arms and glared at Magneto. "I'll agree to this on the condition that its understood that I'm not a member of his Mutant Brotherhood, Acolytes, or any other group that may pop up and that I am not one of your soldiers. You also won't call me by that nickname. I am Lily Potter, I am not Arcane."

"I can agree to that." Magneto conceded to her.

Lily sighed as she allowed for her sisters to drag her into the room. She grimaced as she saw the familiar looking outfit that was sitting in her closet. She traced her hand over it for a moment before she pushed it as far away from her as possible. She gave her sisters a rather pointed look. "That's not who I am anymore." She assured them.

The two women shrugged their shoulders. "We told father that leaving those there would likely annoy you." Lorna informed her.

Wanda nodded her head in agreement. "Yes, but father has never been much for taking the advice of others."

"More likely he wants to convince me that this is where I belong, and is going to be throwing hints like this throughout the next year." Lily noted with a scowl.

"Trust me he has plenty of ideas on what he wants to show you to convince you where you belong." Wanda assured her sister. Thinking about them is not going to help. That's just the opening salvo." She added nodding towards the costume.

"Great." Lily grumbled wondering if she could convince Dumbledore to assign her some extra missions. Staying around here was going to drive her crazy otherwise. Besides the deal was that she had to live here not that she couldn't keep going on missions for thee order.

Dumbledore looked at the boy that had been forced into his school and sighed. He had thought that he could seduce him with something, unfortunately it seemed that the boy had never actually wanted for anything thanks to his grandfather. The boy had power and the training in how to use that strange power. He had hoped that he could entice him into listening to him by making him want to listen to what it was that he thought by offering advice. It had been how he managed to get Lily to come around to his way of thinking so many years ago. Lily had been so much easier to manipulate into the person that he had wanted her to be. The fact that he was a close friend with one of his seventh year students was something of a surprise. The fact that said 7th year was also his head girl was even more surprising. He had noticed that Minerva had been somewhat cool with what had once been her favored student ever since the year had restarted. He had also noted that Miss Granger no longer was hiding her skills or abilities like she had for so long. Fire creations were appearing all over the place. They hadn't had this much trouble since the Weasley Twins had been in school. It did annoy him to know that there had been such a powerhouse and he had been completely unaware that she was in his school. Had he known of her potential he would have tried to entice her much sooner. Starting so late meant that his hold wasn't as likely get as deep as it had with those he had been molding for many years.

"Well Charles?" Eric asked, as he looked at the telepath curiously.

"You were right Eric, someone has been doing some extensive mental reprogramming of Lily and James." Xavier agreed with his long time friend and opponent. "The Lily you knew, and the Lily we talked to are different. It is going to be difficult to convince them that we're telling the truth though." He warned him. "This could even explain the how and why she was so willing to let Dumbledore take her child. Something that we both know that she would never have allowed to happen before he did whatever it is. We will have to proceed carefully though. There is no telling how extensive the damage is."

"What do you think of James and his friends?" Magneto asked curiously, changing the subject to the other person.

Xavier frowned for a moment as he considered this. "At his core I believe he is more like Kurt, Bobby, or Remy. The same with Sirius Black although I think Bobby might be closer to him. Remus reminds me more of Hank or Kurt when he's in his more serious moods."

"Do you think that any of them had anything to do with this?" Magneto asked curiously.

Xavier shook his head. "No, I think that the loyalty that they feel for each other is to great for something like that to be allowed to happen. Whoever or whatever did this to them probably had their reasons for leaving their brotherhood together. I must admit I find this group of Marauders much preferable than the ones I normally have to deal with."

"Well they don't have Mr. Sinister dictating their numbers." Magneto pointed out to him. "Is there an X-Man that he hasn't at one point or another tried to manipulate or kill for whatever reason that he may think of?"

I'm beginning to doubt that. Xavier admitted tiredly.

Lily rubbed her head tiredly. Ever since Xavier had broken the mental blocks on her she had been reevaluating her life trying to figure out when things had changed when had she started letting the headmaster and his closest followers like Severus order her about like she was some errant student in need of good grades. As her mind went to Severus, she felt a stab of anger. Her old friend had led Voldemort right to them. It was because of him that he had even been searching for her children. She swayed a bit as she remembered something else, it was because of Severus that her mother and step-father were dead. They had been one of the proving tests for Severus. The people who had tried to treat him as family even when neither of their daughters had wanted anything to do with him. Her mother had actually cried the night that she had told him that he was no longer welcome in their house. She had forgiven him and had actually flirted with him somewhat. It made her sick and want to reconsider everything that she had ever thought or known. Reaching her room she rushed to the closet and stripped off the offensive witches robes she had been wearing and changed into her old Brotherhood uniform. While her time with the Brotherhood hadn't been the best, she hadn't been forced to think someone like Severus was misunderstood either. It did make her wonder what had happened to her son and how she was going to ever make things up to him. Even the knowledge that she had been mentally controlled didn't make things any easier. How far did the manipulation go, and who had all been in on it? She looked in the mirror for a minute. Her outfit was cut in a similar fashion to her sisters outfits. A tight fitting top with a skirt with a split end she also had a crown like headpiece. The last was a cloak that fitted on her shoulders easily. Arcane was back it seemed.

"Is this what you really want to do?" James asked her, as he leaned against the closed door and watched his wife as she made sure the armored costume fit. I mean trading one leader for another May not be what you really want your just trying to find something that you can still believe in." He tried to reason with her.

"Yes I think it is. I may not agree with all of his choices but at least he lets me think for myself." Lily returned to him.

James nodded his head in acceptance of that. "Fine, then we'll do it your way." He agreed as he gathered her up. I have to say that you look really sexy in that." He added with a smirk.

"Your going through a secondary mutation." Harry told his girlfriend as he wiped the sweat off her brow. "It seems that you have the ability to create fire now as much as control it."

Hermione giggled at that. "Dad, is going to be so jealous when he finds out." She told him with a grin.

"That he will." Harry agreed with her. His girlfriend had been powerful before, but now she was several times more powerful. It was as if someone had combined the abilities of both her father and the mutant Firestar. It made her pretty powerful in comparison with most other fire users. Heck she might be potentially as strong as the human torch who had been known to make fire creations from time to time.

Dumbledore sighed as he tried to figure what he should do now. Everything had gone wrong for him since the Mutants had become involved in their world. The British world that he had turned into his own personal fiefdom was now on the verge of collapse. Something that he had spent more than a hundred years on building would be gone in just a few years. Many of the muggleborn and halfblood witches and wizards were in fact leaving the safety that the wizarding world offered, and relocating to Genosha or to one of the various political safe places that these strange beings offered. He understood that there was a settlement near New York that was accepting their people without any care and another one in the Himalayas that had similarly empowered beings. With all of these people gone he had lost nearly half of his contacts throughout the Wizarding world. People that the Purebloods had oppressed had been some of the best informants as they were the easiest to convince to do things. While it was true that with them gone there were several new job openings. What the Purebloods didn't realize though, was that a majority of these job openings were ones that nearly all purebloods thought beneath them. He sincerely doubted that people like Marcus Flint would be content with being maintenance wizards. Nor could he see the likes of Cho Chang or Daphne Greengrass agreeing to man the counters at one of the many stores in Diagon Alley as a simple store clerks. No, he could see the destruction coming their way even though many of the Purebloods thought that he was a delusional old senile. The next few years of Hogwarts graduates wouldn't be getting jobs as Ministry Officials, Quidditch Players, or Apprenticeships. Instead they would get some of the worst jobs around, jobs that one would normally get a house-elf to handle. No one would understand how this had happened until they saw the numbers and realized and by then it would be to late.

Despite being able to see what was coming, the old headmaster refused to see that it was partly his fault that the world that he had helped to build was about to come toppling down around him and all of those that still remained. He would blame the mutants that had interfered with his dying breath most likely. Because he refused to believe that it was his actions that led to the destruction of his way of life.
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