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Summary: These are usually story beginnings that I just don’t have time for, and have been regulated to the back burner of my mind. Hopefully if I get them out here they’ll stop clogging my brain. Partial answers to challenges as well.

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HP-Non Cross

Not sure where this idea came from. I'm blaming Anime or Power Rangers though personally.

Harry hid behind a pillar in fear, the sorting hat on his head while Fawkes danced around the head of the giant serpent. He really wasn't sure what he was supposed to do now. He had to admit as far as weapons to use against the memory of Voldemort they didn't really seem like very good tools. The Sorting Hat rested on his head when Harry felt pain as something hit him. Pulling the hat off he turned it over and reached inside feeling vaguely like a muggle magician getting ready to pull a rabbit out of his hat. He recalled seeing some of the older years using expansion charms and switching spells to perform similar feats. His hand wrapped around something solid and heavy and pulled a giant sword out of the hat. "Great, what am I supposed to do with this?" Harry muttered to himself. "Use it as a toothpick? Why couldn't you have been a spare wand or a way to get to the adults?" He wondered.

"Put me back on Mr. Potter." The hat ordered. "Not seeing much harm. he followed the commands of the hat. "Good." The voice of the hat noted in his head. "We don't have much time Mr. Potter so listen to me carefully. I am going to teach you some runic magic. Its a spell that was originally used in Japan, but has been adapted by the Americans and English wizarding worlds. Normally I wouldn't even consider teaching you such a spell as this, as it is extremely dangerous. However, that being said, I don't see as we have much choice what with that giant serpent getting ready to swallow you. Just know this young Potter, if you do it wrong it could kill you even faster than whatever that snake will do to you. It will also be a lot more painful as well."

Harry nodded his head in acceptance. Anything was better than waiting around for the snake to eat him.

"Fine, if you want to take your chances then lets do it. Gryffindors charge forward and all that." The Hat decreed. "First, I need you to cut you hand on the sword. Go ahead and use the palm of your hand your going to need a lot of the blood to make this work."

Fumbling with trembling hands, Harry managed to slash his hand open with a wince. "Now what?" He hissed out in pain as he felt his blood leaking out.

Paint a large circle." The hat ordered. Harry followed the order and then began to trace out symbols in the circle. More than once he had to stop and open the cut on his hand again.

While he was doing that, the memory of Voldemort/Tom stood with his arms crossed and watched with interest. He obviously didn't think that there was much that Harry could do. "I do hope you are ready with whatever pathetic defense you have." The Heir of Slytherian drawled out at him unconcerned with what he was doing. "I shall enjoy taking the girl's life and power." He taunted as the snake came towards them.

"Now what?" Harry asked, glad that Fawkes had managed to blind the snake. He noticed that the snake's tongue kept darting in and out, and he remembered that snakes smelled with their tongues. All of the blood he had painted the floor with must be driving it crazy.
"Summon Fawkes over here." The hat commanded. The bird flapped its wings and landed on the shoulders of the boy."Good, now step into the middle of the circle look at Fawkes in the eye, and repeat after me."

"Goodbye Harry Potter." Tom told the boy with a cold smirk.

Harry nodded as he followed the order from the hat and stepped into the circle and looked at the bird who met his gaze. The two did their best to ignore the taunting voice of Tom or the sound of dry scales rubbing against the stone as the serpent began moving towards them. loricatus iunctura vultus! Harry shouted. The young boy felt something on the edge of his brain it was like he was seeing with a whole new set of senses and then the runes around him began glowing.

Tom Riddle scowled as he shielded his eyes. It appeared that Harry Potter had a few tricks up his sleeve after all. When the light faded he saw something that surprised him. Where the Potter boy had stood, there was now a large figure dressed in a mixture of bright red leather armor and chain mail the armor had shoulder pads that traveled down his biceps. In the center of his chest was the decoration of a golden bird while a armored skirt that looked like it was made of feathers came down around his knees, the boy wore leather pants with heavy leather boots, the boy wore a helmet with another set of feathers decorating it and the engravings of a bird head on it. In the hands of the warrior held at the ready was the sword of Gryffindor.

"Who are you, where is Potter?" Tom demanded of the figure.

"Later Tom, I have a snake to kill." The figure returned as it leaped into the air.

Tom watched slightly impressed as he saw that the figure was flying in the air over the creature. The Basilisk despite having been blinded was able to scent him and slammed its head into the warrior. The blow was enough to send the armored wearing fool flying into a wall. "So fall all those that defy the heir of Slytherian." Tom declared gleefully. "Do you see what I've become Dumbledore?" He yelled into the air. "I am truly the greatest wizard there ever was. Not even your champion can stand up to my power."

The wizard was distracted as he saw that the armored figure was brushing rubble off of himself rising back to his feet. He grinned as he watched the serpent swing its head to butt the figure back into the ground. His jaw dropped though as he watched the figure raise an open hand and catch the incoming head.

"Back off." The knight growled, as it then pushed back, sending the snake's head flinging into the statue of Salazar.

"No." Tom shouted in annoyance, watching the beast get so casually tossed aside. The knight knelt down and retrieved his sword. He then charged at the serpent. Tom could only watch in awe as the knight somehow managed to dodge all of his pet's attacks. The few he couldn't dodge he merely shoved out of the way. While the serpent was missing the warrior wasn't. Its body was covered in thin slices from the sword as the figure had flown back and forth around the creature.

Harry panted as he landed and looked at the fallen creature.

Tom scowled as he glared at the figure that had destroyed the beast. "You will pay for this." He promised. He then used the wand he had stolen to banish the tired warrior away. He summoned the diary to him and then fled deeper into the dark chamber. While he wasn't whole he was a lot closer than not.

Harry watched as the form of Tom Riddle triggered a secret passage and fled up the stairs. A part of him wanted to go after him but he was just so tired. He managed to pull himself out of the rubble and dropped to his knees. The armor faded and Harry found himself falling to the floor tiredly as his strength gave out. The last thing he saw was a flash of red feathers.

Harry groaned as he came to he looked up to see the sad eyes of Poppy.

"Mr. Potter." The woman greeted as she helped him sit up. "You've had quite an adventure it seems."

"What happened?"

"We were hoping that you could tell us." An oily votive returned.

Harry turned to see an unexpected figure standing there and leaning on his cane. "Mr. Malfoy." He greeted carefully.

"Mr. Potter." Lucius returned. "You were found by you friend Mr. Weasley and Professor Lockhart beside the dead form of Miss Weasley there was also a dead Basilisk in there as well. It looked as if someone or something had beaten you to within an inch of your life and then run away. So what happened?"

"Someone called Tom was in the Chamber." Harry answered him warily. "He said he was the younger ghost or spirit of Voldemort, and that he was using some sort of cursed diary to return to human form."

"That would explain why the girl appeared to be drained of all of her magic." A unknown voice muttered. Harry turned to see a large man with graying hair. Not as big as Hagrid, but still fairly large and muscular.

"You've heard of this sort of phenomenon?" A scowling Malfoy asked disbelievingly.

"Aye." The man admitted. "There have been known cases of cursed objects feeding ghosts or other such beings enough that they are returned to semblance of real life. I've never studied the process myself, only know that it takes some fairly dark magic to sustain a life."

"Who are you?" Harry questioned curiously.

"Newt Scamander." The man explained. "I was summoned by the Ministry to figure out what might be doing this. Have to admit I wasn't anticipating a giant Basilisk. Its Hogwarts after all. I was expecting a Medusa or a Cocktrice. Nothing like that though."

"Cocktrice?" Harry asked curiously.

"The cousin of the Basilisk." Newt explained. "They look more like birds though, and have even been mistaken for roosters before, you have to look for the tail to see the real difference. Full grown ones get to be about the size of a Wyvern or a large muggle transport. A full grown Basilisk was never even in the top ten of suspected creatures though.

Once Harry had been declared as fit, he was left alone.

"Well done Mr. Potter." The sorting hat noted from where it rested on a nearby stool.

"Thanks." Harry replied. "But I didn't save Ginny did I?" He had noticed that the adults had been very evasive on the matter of the other Weasley's.

"Unfortunately not." The hat agreed. "You can't always save the girl when you go and fight monsters though. You were very lucky when you saved young Miss Granger last year from the troll. It explained to him.

"So what now?" Harry questioned.

"Yes, I imagine that you have questions about what happened and the spell." The hat agreed. "If your wondering why you didn't mention the spell I taught you then I convinced you not to tell anyone. Besides I thought you might want to know a bit more about the spell. I would advise you not to tell anyone you don't trust about it though. Not even young Albus should be told about it." The Sorting Hat cautioned him.

"Not even the headmaster? Young Albus?"

"When you are a 1000 years old a few years like 160 doesn't seem all that much." The hat explained. "Besides as a pacifist Dumbledore wouldn't know what to use such a spell. Now this spell that I've taught you is powerful and dangerous if certain precautions aren't dealt with. After you leave here I have some book suggestions that you might want to investigate. The rules of this magic are this when your are merging with a magical creature is to make sure you have the permission of the creature and to know the time limit. You are a powerful young wizard Mr. Potter, however with Fawkes you can only hold that form for about five or ten minutes. A typical seventh year could probably manage the spells for thirty minutes to an hour. The professors could do it for a mixture of hours while Dumbledore could probably manage to go nearly a whole day. Once you've reached your limit you must let the armor fade or it will destroy you magical core. It's why most people prefer to use the spell with non magical animals when they use it. They have longer time in the warrior form. The power difference is noticeable though."

"So I can do this with other animals as well? Not just Fawkes?" Harry asked of his new teacher.

"Yes, just make sure that the animal has some sort of connection with you or you could lose yourself." The hat advised. "Now where was I? Oh yes with time and training you can become the animal. You're still a long way from that though. I know some of what Albus has planned for you and while I am sworn to keep the secrets of the head of the school I can do some things to help you. To better understand this spell I suggest that you take to studying the arts of the warrior. You will need to understand those things."

Harry nodded his agreement with that request. He was also wondering if he should switch up his class schedule some. He figured he still had time to change what classes he wanted to take for third year. If runes had this much power, then there was a chance that they could actually help him. He knew that Hermione would be ecstatic if he were to take one of the more challenging courses.

"So do I have to cut my hand open every time, or is there a better way to do it?" Harry questioned curiously as he flexed his hand a few times. He was somewhat amazed that there didn't appear to be any lasting damage to his hand.

"Planning on using it again Mr. Potter?" The hat asked curiously. "Blood runes can be very dangerous if your not careful. I taught you that spell because it was one of your only chances of survival. It is a dangerous branch of magic though."

"Well with everything that I have dealt with, it might be helpful." Harry returned in his defense. "Since I've started going here, I've fought a Troll and a Basilisk, and if we hadn't figured out Fluffy's weakness I probably would have had to fight him some way as well."

The hat chuckled good naturally at this. "You have a point Mr. Potter, you do seem to have a habit of finding troubles wherever you go. It seems as if even the wards of Hogwarts aren't enough to protect you. I wonder if you are perhaps cursed to somehow be drawn into dangerous conditions." It mused to itself.

"I'd rather not think about that." Harry returned. "Now do I have to cut myself every time?" He pressed the magical artifact.

"You will need an enchanted piece of armor to focus the spell through. Preferably one made from some sort of magic inducting metal. The goblins are skilled makers of such things so should be able to help you in that regard." The hat explained to him. "With that, you can trace the runes on it and not require to trace the runes out on you every time."

Harry nodded his thanks to the hat and laid back down to think of everything that he had learned thanks to the sorting hat.

Possible armors:

hedwig white armor flight capable enhanced sight

Buckbeak flight capable enhanced strength

Dragon full plate armor fire flight super strength capable

Crookshanks enhanced agility
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