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Summary: These are usually story beginnings that I just don’t have time for, and have been regulated to the back burner of my mind. Hopefully if I get them out here they’ll stop clogging my brain. Partial answers to challenges as well.

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Everyone makes Duncan, Conner or Methos as Buffy's teacher this one would have her being taught by Amanda instead?

Titles: everlasting Slayer / supernatural immortal / eternal slayer / lightning & shadow/ who wants to live forever / same song second verse /

The usual don't own this stuff folks.

Buffy Summers shook her head as she felt the mother of all headaches come on. The blonde teenager had never felt anything like this ever come up before, not even when she was hunting vampires. She idly wondered if this was what Giles had been trying to explain to her about her ability to sense evil like vampires. Ever since she had come back from LA things had been different. It had taken her some time to deal with mess she had created with her friends by acting like such a bitch but she had mostly fixed the or at least rebuilt the bridges that she had messed up so badly.

She looked up as a woman dressed all in black came into view, it was as if this woman was the cause of her headache. She then watched in disbelief as the woman seemed to draw a sword from seemingly thin air. She had to admit that it was a pretty cool trick.

"I am Amanda." The woman introduced herself saluting with her sword before taking a ready stance.

"Okay that's a new way of introducing yourself." The Slayer noted, as she eyed the very sharp looking sword cautiously. "I'm Buffy. Am I suppose to know you or something?" She questioned. "And while its nice knowing who you are. What are you? You're making my Slaydar go wonky." The blonde growled, as she prepared herself for a fight. People that drew swords on her just weren't usually much with making with explainey and more to do with the violence. It was a whole cycle thing it seemed.

"You mean you don't understand?" Amanda asked in surprise, as she looked the Slayer over with a critical eye. Her stance didn't change much, but it seemed like she was more willing to hold off her attack for the moment.

"Would I have asked you if I knew?" Buffy shot at her irritably. Having people waving weapons in front of her face had a tendency to make her cranky. Something that she doubted that woman really wanted to deal with since a cranky slayer was an a annoyed slayer was a dangerous slayer.

"You have no idea what you are, do you?" Amanda questioned her.

"Sure I do, I'm the Slayer, and if you keep pointing that thing at me you're going to be the slayee." Buffy returned to the other woman confidently. The woman didn't look like a sword master to her.

"Sorry darling, but that feeling your getting that's nothing to do with being a Slayer, and everything to do with being an Immortal." Amanda explained, as she returned the sword to its sheath before making the weapon appear to vanish.

She really needed to see if Giles knew how to make swords come and go like that. The Slayer thought to herself. Buffy blinked at the woman in confusion as her mind caught up with what the other woman had just told her. "A what?" She asked dumbly.

"Simple really, it means just what it sounds like, living forever seeing the world experiencing all of its greatest pleasures." Amanda told the girl before her. "It does have the nasty side affect of having to deal with other Immortals always wanting to take your head off and end your life, but that's just a part of being the game." The woman noted with an indifferent shrug. "Besides, it adds a bit of excitement to life. And after a few hundred years that's needed." She assured the girl.

"Why do I have the feeling that this is going to be a long and crazy story?" The blonde asked as she looked the other woman over nervously.

"Because it is, but trust me darling it has all sorts of interesting parts to." Amanda assured her while flashing a smile at the girl.

"I just know I'm going to regret this." Buffy muttered as she followed after the woman.

"Awe don't be like that now darling." A smiling Amanda told her, as she twirled around before leading them away from the deserted street. "Come, there are certain things a person needs while explaining this properly. If I was Duncan I would get you some alcohol. We'll just have to make do with what the Starbucks has though." She offered with a pout. "I'll even buy. "She tempted the girl.

Buffy hesitated for a moment at that, the offer of free yummy beverages was one that was not to be turned down. Besides all she had to do was listen to what she had to say.No one said she had to do anything about what she wanted.

Buffy followed the woman placed her order and the two sat staring at each other while their beverages were prepared. Once they had their drinks Buffy watched their server sashay away. "Okay, we're now clear of any and all trouble makers or eavesdroppers. Now make with the splainey or I'm leaving." She threatened.

"Fair enough." Amanda returned to her. The dark haired woman then began explaining the life of the immortals.

Buffy could only sit there in disbelief as she heard everything that this woman was telling her. The fact that while she may look like she was in her mid-twenties was truly amazing when you considered she was nearly a 1000 years old. The lady obviously had a great moisturizer to be looking so great for so long. That or the healing factor that she had been talking about also worked on that as well. She had somehow been granted the power of the Immortals though. They were faster and stronger than a normal human, not as powerful as Slayer mind you, but still pretty impressive. She had even given a display by running a knife down her hand so Buffy could watch as the lightning bolts healed her hand.

The technical term was even pronounceable. The Quickening, which was the source of an Immortals power.It would explain the burst of strength that she had obtained after her drowning. It was her Immortal power combing with that of her Slayerness. It was like having a bit of a booster or something added onto her. Buffy mused as she looked down into her coffee cup as she tried to think what this might mean. "Okay, what's the catch to all of this great power that being an Immortal is?" She finally asked of the woman. She knew that there was always a cost for power like this woman was describing to her.

"Indeed there is." Amanda admitted, raising her cup in salute to the girl. Most newborns didn't figure that part out until later, or had been studying under a teacher already so that they already knew the other aspects to the life of an Immortal. The smile she had been sporting vanished. A part of being an Immortal means that you are a part of The Game.

"Something tells me that this game is a bit more than Candyland." Buffy noted dryly. "With higher stakes as well."

Amanda felt her lips tug into a smirk for a moment. "Indeed, it is quiet a bit more serious than that. The Game, as it is called by many of our kind. Is something that all Immortals must deal with. All Immortals must come together on the day of the Gathering and their will be a contest of strength and skill. Whichever Immortal is still standing at the end shall collect the prize."

"I thought you said we were Immortal though?" Buffy asked, not that she was overly surprised. As Giles liked to lecture everything had a weak point it was simply her job to find that weak point. Vampires were technically immortals as well except for when they were staked, trying to work on their tans, had to much Holy Water, or lost their heads.

"We are except for if we have our heads cut off." Amanda explained.

"Ah yes, when in doubt cut off the head." Buffy noted in a sage like manner. "If that doesn't do the job, then there are serious problems. I'm guessing that's why your carrying the sword?" She asked nodding toward the blade where it was hidden away from sight.

"Indeed." Amanda noted as her hand brushed the handle of her sword. "There are also a few rules about these fights that you must know about the Game."

"Of course there are rules, wouldn't want to go and make this easy on any of us." Buffy grumbled back to her in annoyance. "I'm not much for rules, but alright."

"Trust me, darling I'm not much for them either, but these are rules you will want to follow. The last person that disobeyed them caused something that we like to refer to as Pompeii."

"Like the island that blew up?" A suddenly pale Buffy questioned nervously.

"One and the same." Amanda agreed as she took a sip from her drink.

"So what were those rules?" Buffy demanded, suddenly eager to know them.

"There are Three Major Rules that should never be broken lest something bad happen." Amanda lectured the girl. "Rule 1: There Can Only Be One. After the gathering, you will be the only winner or you will be dead. When the time comes you will start actively seeking out other Immortals to do battle with. Rule 2: You are safe only on Holy Ground. No challenges can happen whilst on Holy Ground. Its a safety zone you might say."

"As long as vampires don't come after you there and considering how many of them like to hang out in cemeteries I would advise you to keep your weapons close. Because you probably won't sense them like you do me." Buffy warned the woman.

Amanda nodded her acceptance of that. She personally had never spent very much time on Holy Ground, and when she did it was usually inside the church. "Rule 3: No Two Against One. That one is more a point of honor or something though I'm afraid. There are a number who have bent and broken that particular rule with various tricks."

"So, there can only be one, no fighting Immortals on Holy Ground, and no team ups got you." Buffy returned, as she ticked off the rules back to the woman.

"So how did you die?" Amanda finally asked. She knew it was better for someone to confront the way and method that they died sooner rather than later. If not there was no telling how screwed up their heads might get. She had known more than a few Immortals that had gone insane because of that.

"I was fighting with a Master Vampire." Buffy admitted to the woman somewhat uncomfortably. This was really not something that she wanted to think about. Still it was better than trying to talk to Giles, Willow, or Xander about it. If she could ever pin him down she might have tried with Angel. If anyone knew about coming up to life it should be the ensouled vampire. Then again getting him to sit down and not disappear on her was always a trick. "He drained me of a large chunk of my blood and then he tossed me into this lake in the cavern I was in. I was out a few minutes and when I came to Xander was giving me CPR."

"So you didn't even realize that you had died then?" Amanda asked sympathetically wincing in pain. She felt somewhat guilty for having been the one to tell the girl that bit of information. She might have lived a much longer life here.

"We kind of guessed, but we were a little busy after that, what with making sure that the world didn't get swallowed by the Hellmouth and after that we had to party. You know save the world then go and party."

"An understandable philosophy." Amanda returned, agreeing with the theory whole heartedly. "One should always have a clear set of priorities. I am curious as to all this talk of vampires though." She admitted. "In all of my years I have never actually met a vampire."

"Doesn't surprise me." The blonde answered. "The really young and stupid ones hang out at places like Sunnydale, while the more experienced and skilled ones travel the world and actually know how to hide themselves. Even when you do see something, people usually convince themselves they imagined or dreamed it up. Or at least that's what I'm told."

Amanda nodded, she had used those same methods many times herself to hang around certain cities for far longer than she should. The fact that there were creatures out there that were hidden from her was interesting though. She wondered what other secrets were out there and what other stories were true. She had her doubts on vampires, but she would wait and see if the girl had any kind of proof before she said or did anything. It could a also be her way of coping as well.

"Now we need to leave town soon." Amanda informed her. "It was merely chance that I found you. The next Immortal you run across may not be so nice and may try and go for your head." She warned the girl. There was also the fact that she'd rather not deal with some of the people whose property that she acquired through some of her other skills. Some people were simply far to touchy about those sorts of things for some reason or other. Like Duncan and her stealing his plane some fifty odd years ago. It was hardly worth mentioning anymore. It's not like he didn't get out eventually anyways. To hear him talk about it though you would think that she had taken something a lot more important than she had. If there were dangers like vamp

Buffy shook her head at Amanda. "Look, thanks for the coffee and all, but I'm not like you. Me, I'm just a girl. A Slayer," she admitted, "but just a girl." She told the woman firmly. "Besides, I don't have the time to deal with your little war between each other or whatever. I have my own war to fight. You know the whole saving the world sort of stuff."

Amanda shook her head at the young girl sadly. "You might like to think that you can deny what it is you are, and even live a somewhat normal life but you can't. What happens when your friends and high school crush are old and gray and you still look like that." She asked, waving her hand at the girl. "Not that there's anything wrong with the way you look, on the contrary actually. How are your friends going to feel about it though?"

"Considering some of the things we've dealt with, I'm not all that worried about that." Buffy returned defiantly. She didn't mention the fact that with Angel Immortality would actually work in her favor. He might even be willing to do something now. She mused to herself.

"They may accept you now, even for a few years while they're all still young." Amanda returned to the girl. "There will come a time that things will be different though. Trust me dear, no matter how much you may like to think things will be the same they won't. There is also the fact that the head hunters will come for you."

"Head hunters?" Buffy asked stiffly, not liking how that sounded.

"Yes immortals that will do everything in their power to kill you and claim the prize. They also won't stop at you." Amanda warned the girl. "Everyone that you come into contact with will be a potential target for some of the less than admirable members of our kind. While you may now be immortal your life as you knew it is over."

Buffy glared at the woman. A part of her wanted to reach over and punch her as hard as she had punched the Master, but knew that she shouldn't no matter how tempting it was. Considering that she wasn't exactly known for her self control she figured that she should be thankful. Buffy decided to do what she always did when a problem showed up. She ignored it and hoped that it would eventually go away. A part of her knew she should listen to Amanda, but she wasn't interested. There was also the relief that she felt. If she truly was immortal, then there was one good thing though. It meant that she wouldn't die from some lucky vampire or anything like that. She would be able to do things that the normal person did like finish school and get a job. It was enough to almost make her wish that she was immortal. Although it did make her wonder if it didn't mean that she would be trapped fighting vampires and demons for the rest of her unnatural life. Would she be cursed for all eternity to keep fighting? She would have to see if she could convince Giles or Willow to look up anything that they might have on Immortals. If worst came to worst, she could even make with the research.
Chapter 2
The next day the blonde slipped into the library her mind still going over how to broach the subject of immortals with Giles. She figured she would just twist the truth some. It was a method that had served her well before, and she figured that it would work well here. She pasted on her best friendly smile as she saw Giles come out of his office. "Hey oh watcher of mine." She greeted the Englishman perkily.

"Oh Buffy you're here, excellent." Giles greeted her. "How was your patrol?" He questioned her.

"Fine for the most part, except for the part where I ran into someone waving a sword at me." Buffy returned to him.

"A sword?" Giles asked with interest. "Was it a special kind of sword, did it have any distinctive markings on it?" He began questioning her.

"And yeah, I'm fine, thanks for asking." Buffy snarked at him in return.

"Oh yes, I take it you were uninjured?" Giles asked her knowingly. He knew had she been injured that it would have been one of the first things she would have told him about. Most likely after she complained for five minutes about whatever fashionable bit of clothing that had been ruined by her latest fight. He would never understand why she couldn't wear more sensible garments while patrolling. It was a sacred duty not a beauty contest.

"Yeah anyways, this person pulled a sword on me and was talking about something called the game?" Buffy told him. "The way she said it, kind of made me think this was a capital letter like word."

Giles frowned as he heard what she was talking about. Much of what she said reminded him of other things. Things that he couldn't quiet put a finger on though. As if a half forgotten memory was trying to force its way to the top. He thought that it might have to do with some of the research that some of the other Watchers did. It was so hard to keep track of what everyone did sometimes. It sounded so familiar though. It would give him a chance to research this though. He would find out what this Game was and what it meant. "I will look into it." The Watcher assured the blonde. "Did anything else happen with this person?"

"No, we actually managed to leave each other without all of the violence." Buffy returned. "See, I can handle something's diplomatically." She shot at the Watcher with a cocky smile.

"Yes, and how much of it was because this person didn't decide to press the issue?" Giles asked while looking at her knowingly. In the time that he had known the Slayer, he knew that she was a rather impulsive and violent person despite what she might argue. The idea that she could deal with a confrontation peacefully was actually rather low on the list of things that could happen. Them again, it was more likely than Xander accomplishing such a thing. Mainly because Buffy would toss in a threat and give a display of her power, which was usually enough to drive most people off. Xander on the other hand usually tried to defuse the situation with a joke that more often than not annoyed people than it did anything to help fix the situation.

"Well maybe somewhat." Buffy admitted with a blush.

"Very well then." Giles returned. "I will see if there is anything about a person using swords and calling it the game. I'm sure I've either read or heard something similar before. We'll figure out who they are and just what it is exactly that they want on the Hellmouth." He assured the Slayer. "In the meantime, we should probably focus on your swordplay until the current crisis is averted. If the sword is their weapon of choice then it is best that you are prepared for whatever it is that they may try."

"Right." Buffy agreed with a grimace, as she looked towards the weapon cage where she could see some swords just waiting to be used. They weren't as elegant as the blade that Amanda had been carrying around last night, but they got the job done. "I guess I know what I'll be doing tonight then." She muttered unenthusiastically at the thought of more training being added into her regime.

"Yes, but it is necessary evil so that you are ready to battle the various denizens that are attracted to the Hellmouth and yourself." Giles reminded her stiffly. "While its true that you have managed to survive the other threats presented upon yourself, that is by no means an excuse to let up your guard. In fact it means that you should increase your training so that you are prepared for the next challenge that comes your way." The Watcher lectured his Slayer.

Buffy rolled her eyes at that. Giles was always trying to find excuses for her to up her training it seemed. The guy would probably go out of his mind if he didn't find an excuse to have her either research or train. It made him go all Watchery and research guy like. She would much rather go to the mall personally.

The pair were interrupted at the late arrival of Xander and Willow. The brunette and the redhead were usually late, as Xander usually delayed getting to school and Willow enjoyed walking to school with her friend as they had done for the past several years. If there was one thing that Willow enjoyed it was her routines. She was lucky that she lived in a small town. Had they grown up in Los Angeles like Buffy had, then Willow and Buffy might have been at Hemry while Xander had gone to another or they might have been in complete different social circles. Not that she would trade either of them for all of her 'friends' at Hemry. The sad thing was that in her own way Cordellia Chase was actually a better friend to her than most of the people that she had grown up with. Yeah she so needed some chocolate and to kill something and maybe not on that order either.

Buffy shook her head as she watched her friends mourn for her someone had come and challenged her last week and Xander and Willow had nearly become skewered because they refused to allow her to fight alone. Willow had been distracting him and Xander had tried to shoot him with a crossbow. Buffy had never been one for rules but she somehow doubted that breaking the rules for this would be as bad as not checking in with her mom. As it was the guy had backhanded Willow and Xander had a scar on the back of his shoulder. She couldn't risk something like that happening again, it looked like Amanda was right it was time to go. She had gotten Angel to help her to fake her death so that none of them were aware of where she really was. It hurt her to do this but she doubted that there would be any other way to go about it either.

"Hey, you ready?" Amanda asked her new student placing a comforting hand on her shoulder as they watched from a distance as the funeral proceeded. The turn out was impressive as it seemed that nearly the entire school body and 90% of the faculty had come to pay their respects to the girl that had kept their school safe. Even if they didn't know why they knew that she had guarded them in someway.The two had to stay somewhat hidden as they could see various demons were watching the funeral to see if it wasn't a sham.

Angel was in a nearby crypt to say his goodbyes to her before she left.

"No, but I will be." Buffy said as she shouldered her bag which had all of her most prized possessions in it. "So where do we go from here?"

"Well darling, I was thinking that it had been a while since I had been to see a friend of mine in Washington State and thought that Duncan might like to see me again. While we're there I'll have him introduce you to Richie. Who knows the two of you might be able t really connect." The woman said suggestively with a grin.

"Why am I suddenly afraid? The blonde Immortal joked as she followed her teacher out of the graveyard.

"We also need to get you to see someone about your hair, a new look is just the thing of thing that a girl needs after having to die like that." Amanda said knowingly as she looked the girl over. I happen to know of this great stylist that I've been going to for 40 years."

Buffy smiled as she looked around the dojo, the cute boy holding a staff was a sight she could get used to.

"Richie!" Amanda exclaimed as she looked the boy over before wrapping him in a hug. "Look at you, you're getting so big."

"Um thanks Amanda." The guy said with a blush.

"Amanda." A drool worthy guy with shoulder length hair greeted with worry and a grin. "What's wrong now?" HE questioned even as his eyes began assesing Buffy.

"Absolutely nothing at all this time darling." The woman promised him flashing a sexy grin at him. "I'm merely showing my new protégé the ropes and thought that Richie might be able to help her to adjust to what it is that she's going through. He's the youngest immortal that I know of that wouldn't try and take her head."

"Thanks I think." Richie said with a nod as he untangled himself from the woman's grip.

"You have a student?" The dark haired man said looking at the petite blonde worriedly.

"Yes, and I thought a bit of a tour before we began, besides she already has the basics of armed combat down all I have to focus on is to show her what it means to be Immortal."

"So," Richie said flashing his best grin at Buffy, "could I interest you in a tour of the city?"

"Really?" Buffy questioned with a grin, "Cause that would be so nice."

"Richie perhaps you should let them get settled in first." Duncan jumped in before his student interfered with Amanda's plans.

"Oh I don't mind Duncan let them go out and be kids instead of what they are, what's it going to hurt. Besides," Amanda purred as she leaned into Duncan, "it will give us some time alone. Besides what's it going to hurt?"

"That depends, how good at attracting trouble has she gotten? Your students always have the habit of learning your trouble making skills, and Richie is hardly innocent when it comes to finding trouble." Duncan returned t her solemnly.

"Don't worry, we'll both be on our best behavior." The blonde promised the long haired man while giving him her best innocent look.

"Yeah c'mon Mac, what's it going to hurt?" Richie pleaded with his mentor.

"Very well just go, but stay out of trouble."

"A Watcher huh?" Buffy said unimpressed at the introduction. "What do you know of the British Watcher's Council?"

"A bit why?" Joe asked her.

"Ever meet Merrick, or even better did you know Giles?"

"I couldn't tell you that if I wanted to." Dawson told the girl.

"Uh huh." The blonde returned to the man ignoring the way the other Immortals were observing her conversation with the Watcher. "Tell me what do you know about the Slayer?"

"The what?"

"You know the one born with the power to fight the creatures of darkness, Yada, yada, yada. She is the Slayer. Is any of this ringing any bells with you?"

"I'm afraid not."

"How about Vampires, the Master, the Order of Aureliuss, the Scourge of Europe?" Buffy began getting desperate as she saw the confusion he was sending her at these names.

"The Order was a documented group of thugs with unexplainable abilities." Dawson said glad that she was talking about things that he understood. "As for the Scourge they were merely a small branch of the group they were last documented as being at the Boxer Rebellion."

"Ask your bosses about the things I asked you and then we'll see. Just keep me out of it."

"What you think that there was more to them than I've been told?"

"I know so."

Dawson shook his head wondering about this new Immortal she was new to the game yet she fought with the ease of Duncan MacLeoud it was a confusing thing.

Buffy grumbled as she looked at the sign before her. Welcome to Sunnydale seemed to be mocking her. She grumpily drove across the city limit sign and headed into the town. She looked around in disbelief, she hadn't wanted to believe Angel when he told her that the town had changed she knew that he had promised to follow her after a few days but right now this place looked like the hellmouth had already opened. How had the first managed to do this to the small town? She shook this off and focused on finding the Slayer HQ. The sight of Willow's old house was odd, she wasn't sure how she should feel that her old friend was now playing housewife to the current slayer still she couldn't exactly complain now could she? She had left to learn more about who and what she was. The other Slayers Faith, who had died by the hand of the Boston Vampire Master Kakistos, Amber had died fighting the Mayor who had used her as a sacrifice, Autumn had been Spike's third notch he had added to the girl's humiliation by using her as a plaything for a month before he and Dru drained her too much. Within months of each other each of them had died none of them lasting very long. Each of their deaths had been avenged though, Giles had gone Ripper on Kakistos before packing up his bags and leaving Sunnydale, Oz and Xander had finished the Mayor off though by tricking him into swallowing some bombs which they then had explode, Angel had returned to the hellmouth after Autumn's death and killed Spike and taken Dru to L.A with him where she now worked alongside Cordy as a force of good. It didn't look like things were going to change, the life expectancy of a Slayer was getting dangerously low on the hellmouth until Kennedy had come along. The younger girl had blown into town much like Faith had and preceded to take command of the scoobies. Oz, Cordy, Angel, and Xander had all left and been replaced by Veruca a werewolf slut, Anya the former vengeance demon, Riley Finn a former special ops soldier, Wesley a Watcher, and of course there was Willow who was left over from the original group if the rumor was to be believed her once shy friend had become a powerful witch in her time away. That was all kinds of confusing since those same rumors had the Slayer using all of her team as sleeping partners whenever she felt like it. The only thing that seemed consistent was that the girl was the one on top the others were on the bottom.

Buffy looked behind her at the team that she had gathered with her to finish off the hellmouth and deal with guardians if need be Whistler said that the group was becoming a bit out of control which was part of why the First had managed to get a grip on her old stomping grounds. Former commando and fellow Immortal Graham Miller was there with Master Werewolf Oz, next to Oz was her old Watcher Rupert Giles. On a motorcycle outside was Gwen Raiden and one of her best guy pals and occasional sleeping partner, Richie Ryan. If she needed the help she could also get it from Angel and his team which consisted of the Ensouled vampire, Drusilla the Vampire Seer and extra muscle, Conner Angel's prophecy child and extra muscle, Cordy the part demon seer, Xander Harris, Charles Gunn and Fred Burkle a pair of normal demon hunters and a scientist. She also had the numbers for a half dozen more various types of demon hunters that could come and aide her if she needed it. Nick Wolfe and Amanda were at the top of the list to call if things got to bad. If it went bad she wanted her family with her, and who knows maybe she could get them to start talking again. She really hoped that they could work their differences out cause she missed the togetherness that they had almost as much as she missed seeing the light in their eyes.

Buffy waited as they parked and then got out. "Richie, Giles you guys are with me the rest of you stay alert." She commanded, four years in the foreign legion to erase her records had worked out well and given her the combat and command experience she needed it was just a shame that it had been cut short by getting shot. The two she wanted with her nodded while the others took defensive positions around the van. Buffy walked up the way and pounded on the door and waited for someone to answer.

The door opened and the two Sunnydale veterans nodded to the young woman that answered the door. "Giles?" She questioned in disbelief.

"Yes Anya I'm back," the British man said, "I thought I told you to call if there was ever a problem that you lot couldn't handle."

"Kennedy said that she could handle it and by the time we realized otherwise the phones no longer worked."

"I see," Giles said with a frown.

"Is that?" The woman questioned as she looked at the Slayer curiously.

"Hmm, yes this is…"

"We'll do the meet and greet inside Giles," the Immortal Slayer told the Watcher. She then looked at the scared woman and grinned. "Don't worry I'm not going to ask for an invite, but I am going to need you to back up so we can walk through."

"Oh right," the woman said backing up letting the trio through.

"Tell Kennedy we'll meet in the living room." The blonde told the girl who nodded in agreement before rushing to the kitchen to find the group with weapons ready.

"Giles is here and he has friends and they want to talk to us in the living room."

"Good I can always use more people." Kennedy said she turned to Riley. "Keep the potentials in the basement where it's safe, I'll see if this is for real or another trick." Riley nodded and headed towards the basement while the others headed towards the living room. Kennedy scowled as she saw that they all had their backs turned toward them so their entrance and the power they had went unnoticed.

"Giles?" Willow asked curiously.

"Yes Willow, it's me." Giles said turning around to face the group, "with everything that's going on with the hellmouth it caught quiet a bit of attention. I had to dig up the right kind of people to come and help though."

"And who are they?" Kennedy asked nodding toward the other two who were still looking at a picture.

"Well the young man over there is Richie Ryan, the girl though is..."

"Judging by her age another potential." Kennedy cut the old Watcher off.

"Not quiet," Buffy said as she turned to face the other Slayer.

"Buffy?" Willow said in shock.

"Hey Wills, guess what I'm immortal."

"Immortal?" The witch echoed in shock.

"Yeah, my teacher figured I had finally learned all there was to know and the Powers said that it was time for me to come back where it all started." Buffy returned with a grin.

"But, I was at your funeral!" The witch exclaimed as she fins
Ly caught up with what was happening

"Yeah that was a great eulogy you, Xander and Giles gave me." She assured her friend. "Do you need to hit me for this as well? I know it made Xander feel better."

"Xander knows?" Willow asked in disbelief.

"Yeah he was in LA when I was picking up Gwen and Oz."

"Oz is here, and who's Gwen?"

"A friend I left outside when I was sure that there wasn't going to be a fight when you saw me. Now then tell me what the dealio with the first is this time."

"No way," Kennedy growled out, "if you want to help fine, but I make the rules not you. You left, this is my town not yours."

Buffy laughed at the little girl before her. "I could care less about this dump, I just don't want to wake up with hell trying to come in through my window." The girl glared and summoned her power to her the combined power of her double Slayer essence. The Shadow Men had made her the most powerful and it was time for this has been to see that.

Buffy smirked at the other Slayer, her power was almost the equal of her own. Her power though was natural combination of time and Quickenings and she was in complete control, the other girl had trouble controlling the power that she had as it had just been roughly slammed into her. This was going to be a fun fight, she could hardly wait to toss this girl on her ass.

Buffy looked up as the first finally managed to make its presence known. Wondered when you were going to show up she said as she drew Conner MacLeoud's Katana from its sheath. "So, who are you going to have sneak up on me while we chat?"

"You really take all of the fun out of this you know." The First said, "if you're that eager though I'd like you to meet Caleb." Buffy looked up as she felt the strongest Immortal ever and looked up at the figure as he grinned at her. "So much for my advantage," the girl complained as she looked at the giant sword that her opponent carried in his hands.

"Well, well if it isn't the First of the evil little whores." The Immortal mocked, as he swung his sword a few times in anticipation of the upcoming fight.

Buffy swallowed nervously, not even Duncan and Methos had as much power as this guy had. Considering that one of them was the most powerful Immortal and the other the oldest of the Immortals that she had ever met. Now she was supposed to beat a guy that outclassed them in raw Quickening? Sometimes being the good guy really sucked. The Slayer thought, as she prepared herself for the fight of her life.
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