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Summary: These are usually story beginnings that I just don’t have time for, and have been regulated to the back burner of my mind. Hopefully if I get them out here they’ll stop clogging my brain. Partial answers to challenges as well.

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What I've Done

Stories from here that have been completed or are WIP.

Multi cross:Buffy made a deal with Mephistopheles to protect her mother while she was in surgery, the hellmouth is gone and Scratch has come to collect on the debt that is owed him. He has several souls for the Slayer to collect in his name.
Crosses: Ghost Rider-BTVS-The Shield-Pretender-Charmed-Full House-Crow Stairway to Heaven-Supernatural-Walker Texas Ranger-Highlander-Casper-Haven-Ghostbusters-House M.D-Witchblade.

Slayer Rider.


SGA/X-Men: Mutants have been rounded up and shipped off world to the Pegasus galaxy. Mutants must now work with humans to protect their new lives and home.

Atlantis Defense Mutated


Multiple Crossings: The balance has shifted and heroes need more power to answer the change. The Gods of Old have awoken and have begun to choose their Champions for the coming war. People become Super heroes without using the YAHF method.

Excaliber: The Sword is Drawn


Supernatural Based Sequel
Excalibur: Soulfire


Excalibur: Sentinels


BTVS/Myths & Legends: Before the final battle of Sunnydale Willow uses a spell to summon the heroes of the past to combat the First. The spell brings her the American Legends to battle the First and its forces.

American Legends.


Intersting side note to my Legends fic. I found out that Fess Parker, the guy that played Davey Crockett and Daniel Boone died like three days before I posted it on Now is that freaky or what?

Marvel/HP cross: Fudge expells Harry Potter, so he takes his life into his own hands and heads elsewhere to learn magic under Dr. Strange, Sorcerer Supreme. After he learns he returns to a war infested United Kingdom and kicks butt. Some DD bashing.

Strange Apprentice.



Multiple Cross: The scoobies wear DC based costumes and go out into the Marvel world.

Greywizard's version.
Capes and Other Accessories

My version.
Scooby Titans


This is a Rant if you don’t want to read this part go to the line break. I am so sick of Xander becoming Superman and Buffy becoming Black Canary. How many flipping fics like that are there now? To make it even more annoying to me at least now we have Cordy as Wonder Woman, Dawn as Supergirl, and Joyce as Power Woman in some fics. So Buffy gets a marginalized power up while Xander becomes the major power house and now to add to the mockery we have Dawn and Joyce with that amount of power? What kind of idiocy is going on here? I mean it was bad enough when all those people were having Xander become the Green Lantern last year. The most weak willed Scooby has the will power to command a Lantern Ring? Yeah right. Now everyone is on the Kryptonian kick! This is the end of my Rant.

Multiple Crossings: Was HPMAXBTVS. Hp trio in Sunnydale on Horux hunt on Halloween. Both trios dress as killing heroes from Marvel comics and end up keeping skills and abilities. BS 1st Spiderwoman/ XH Punisher/ WR Black Widow/HP Wolverine/RW Moon Knight/ HG Psylocke.

Marvelous Killers


Peter Parker falls through a portal and is de-aged and his memories are fragmented. He befriends Naruto, is claimed by the Aburame Clan, and joins team 7. What will the change of a Spider befriending a Fox have? During the: Hunt for Sasuke.

Konaha Spider


Marvel/BTVS: The Scoobies respond to Glory by reactivating the old Halloween spell to give them the power to meet the Hell Goddess on a closer level of power.

Marvelous Response


Crow/BTVS On Halloween in an effort to save money the Scoobies dress as Crows becoming alternate Crow versions of themselves from alternate dimensions. Now there's some new Big Bad's and its up to Spike, Giles, and Angel to fix the spell before its to late.

Murder of Crows


Stargate MultiCross: The Goa'uld invasion of Earth causes various groups to reveal themselves so that they can defend the Earth. The Goa'uld are going to see the true power of the Taur'i.

Goa'uld Invasion
Considering Reboot


BTVS/Winx Club: For Halloween the girls dress as the W.I.N.X characters.

We are the W.I.N.X

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