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Finding Father - The Mom Diaries

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Summary: Answering Challenge 305 - This story is set after Xander loses his eye, but before the fall of the First. A shoebox is the beginning. AU (Alternative Universe) - AT (Alternate Timelines) - Non-Cannon

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered > Theme: Road Trip
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LilNezumiFR181028,50633433,94811 Jun 1024 Jun 10Yes

Road Trip “Take Two” Because “Take One” Was a Flop

Disclaimer:  See chapter one.  In future chapters this will not be repeated.


   Chapter Two - Road Trip “Take Two” Because “Take One” Was a Flop


The fall of the First Evil was assured and everyone headed out and away from the crater known as Sunnydale.

Spike was gone and burned in the blaze that killed the Turok’hans.  The vampire chose to sacrifice his un-life because it was the right thing to do.  It’s funny that his vampire morality dictated that he shouldn’t have done it, but whether he had a pesky soul or not, he would have.  It was just his luck that a soul required for the task and he had earned his the hard way. 

Anya fell at the school saving Andrew’s life.

All girls were ready to seek out a safe place to lick their wounds and heal. 

Buffy and Dawn needed the time to connect again as a family. 

Willow needed to heal from the extreme magical backlash that she used when calling forth all of the Slayers to fight and live.

The Slayers that were there for the last Sunnydale Apocalypse needed time to heal too and besides everything would take time to set up.

Giles needed to go over the Council records and to establish new protocols due the number of Slayers awakening now.

Xander wasn’t ready for what the others were asking of him just yet.  They wanted him to follow, like always and help out, like always. 

He needed the same time too or else he would break.  He had a family problem that he felt he had to resolve in order to move forward in his life.  He knew that he would go back and help the New Council that Giles was setting up, but first he needed to find his father.

The real one, the biological one, not the one he thought was his father.  The nasty brown envelope had revealed the awful truth.  He was the adopted son of Anthony ‘Tony’ Harris.  The diary and letters were his mother’s own notes on trying to figure out who it was.  It really looked like she had an active social life before Tony Harris.

The one that he thought of as father or dad actually was the one responsible for their deaths before the fall of the First.  Although both his parents had excessive blood alcohol limits, it was the driver that swerved who caused the accident.  His adoptive father was at the wheel.  They were almost able to save him, but his mother had died upon impact.

Xander didn’t know how to feel about that at the time.  He was practical about his emotional reactions to his loss of family and knew that in time he’d react with a bit o’ beer and tears, but that was not for now or at the time when they were in the middle of fighting another apocalypse.

He had a plan and with the help of his hacker-sided Willow friend.  He now had a map of locations to go to in order to find out who is his biological father.  There were about six possibilities left, according to his mom’s diary. 

Six cities scattered across the good ole’ U.S. of A.  So his plan was to drive a circuit and with his last stop being planned as Castle Rock, Maine before he took a flight to England and his new life as a Council Hunter and Watcher.

The first planned stop would be...


NEW YORK, New York


Xander was looking at the building with a strange quizzical stare.  ‘It’s a firehouse,’ he thought.  ‘They’re located in an old firehouse with an oddball sign that tells me that they investigate ooglies-booglies too.’

He was reading one of the many ad signs posted on the outside of the firehouse.  “Ghostbusters, Ghost Extermination for All your Ghostly Problems.”

“Hello there young man,” Dr. Venkman said walking with a squelching step towards him.  “Can we help you?”

Xander was stunned to see a man in a beige jumpsuit with a traditional white ghost with a red circle and a slash though it on his arm with the name Venkman in a rectangle patch on his left breast pocket.  It wasn’t really the suit that had him stunned because let’s face it looked practical.  It was more of the fact that the man looked like someone or something had hocked up green loogie all over him.

Another man was parking an old ambulance into the firehouse station.  He too was dressed in the same manner, although he was less messy.  He was pulling out several things that looked like smoking traps dangling from large cables.

“Maybe you should get hosed down first,” Xander said ruefully.  “Um... well I’m wondering if there’s an Egon Spengler here.  This was listed as his current work address.”

“Yeah, yeah, come on in,” Venkman said.  “He’s probably buried under the wires in that corner over there.”  He pointed a green slimed finger to the left hand corner where a huge machine was located. 

“If you’ll excuse me,” Venkman said heading towards the stairs at the back.

“Yeah, thanks,” Xander said rubbing the back of his head.  He took a deep breath and wondered over carefully to the corner.  He noticed that there was a pair of legs and old man type shoes sticking out from the bottom of the machine. 

“Ah-hem,” he coughed to get the attention of the person under there.  “Excuse me!  I’m looking for Mr. Egon Spengler.”

“That’s Dr. Spengler,” the man said rolling out from under the machine that gave Xander serious wiggins in not the completely evil sense, but in the slightly wrong sense.  “How can I help you?”

“My name’s Xander Harris,” he said holding out his hand.  The doctor took it and then Xander explained why he was there.  “My mother was Jessica Lavelle.  I was wondering if you remember meeting her or a Naomi Sandburg about twenty some odd years ago at the CBGB Club.”

“Follow me,” the elderly man said. 

He was getting older and had a limp that Xander noticed, as he was lead into an office area.  The man took a photograph off of the shelf and handed it to him.  Xander was surprised to see his mother looking so young with her arms around another woman and a man in the middle of the too.  That man looked an awful lot like a much younger version of the man standing in front of him now.

“Yeah,” Xander said brushing his finger against her face.  “That’s my mom.”

“Would you like a cup of tea?”  The doctor asked.

“No thank you,” Xander said.  “Look I don’t want to freak you out or anything, but you’re one of a... of a...”  He stopped and sighed.

“You want my DNA,” Dr. Spengler said.  Xander frowned in confusion, but the man continued.  “Don’t worry about it.  I’ve had this happen before, a couple of times.  My colleagues and I have had people come in to ask for DNA before.  Although I will say that this is the first time it’s not a request due to the fact that I donated sperm to a bank.”


“We’re geniuses, so we’ve donated our sperm a few times back in the day in order to preserve our smarts and give something back to the community and the world,” the older man explained with a certain type of arrogance that comes from being a genius.  Willow had this same thing too, although Xander doubted that she’d donate her eggs for the same reason. 

“However with those two...,” Egon said looking at the photo drawing attention to the ladies in it.  “Well it was during a time when I was a bit wilder in my youth.”

“Ah,” Xander said, but couldn’t think of how much further to proceed.

“The kids that usually come here looking for us were only wondering about family medical histories for their own future progeny,” Dr. Spengler continued.  “So are you here for the same.”

“I just need to know,” Xander said.  “I’m seeking closure.”

“I get that,” the man said.  “Your mother was quite adventuresome.  I just need to be sure, but you’re not here to hit me up for money or anything?”

“Nope,” Xander said.  “I need peace of mind about this before I move on to the next phase of life, whatever and wherever that may be.”

“Hey kid,” the Doctor said pulling him from his darker thoughts.  “I understand.  Here,” he scratched his head and dropped several flakes of skin and bits of hair into a plastic sealable baggie.  Then he pulled out a cotton swab tester box and swabbed the inside of his cheek.  “Get yourself a few of these, if you’ve got others to go to.”

“Thanks for the advice,” Xander said.  “Do you have a business card and do you want to know the results?”

Dr. Egon Spengler looked thoughtful for a moment and said, “Yes, I believe I would like to know, if I’m your father or not.”  He handed him a business card complete with phone number, address and email information.  “Here,” he said handing the photo back to Xander.  “Keep this too, just in case.  Oh, by the way can I ask you something?”

“Sure,” Xander said putting the card, the sealed baggie, the cotton tester and the old photograph into a brown envelope.

“Do you believe in paranormal entities?”  The Doctor asked.

Xander smiled and without hesitation, he said, “Yes... I do.  Do you?”

“It’s my job,” Dr. Spengler said.  “You won’t believe some of the things I’ve seen.”

“I can imagine,” Xander said standing up and putting out his hand to shake.  “Thank you for this and thank you for the advice.”  He tucked everything into his shoulder carryall and left the building with a feeling that there was a possibility there.  He was just glad that nothing too terrible came out of that meeting.

He got into his car, one that he had specifically bought for this trip with the Council funds that Giles had provided to him.  His road trip would include the business of finding Slayers and sending them in the right direction for help, but it was mainly to locate his biological father.

 His next stop...


KELLERMAN’S RESORT in the Catskills, New York


Before Xander left the New York state, he made a stop at the local archives to look up one Robert ‘Robbie’ Gould, only to find that the man had died during a drug bust.  Apparently the man was a scoundrel and had several women and kids in the system.

In this case Xander chose to wait for the results from the other potentials before returning to this one.  The man was a real work of art.  Back when he had still been employable he was a clean-cut youth, but was like dog in heat at some resort in the Catskills. 

It was a place called Kellerman’s and from his mom’s diary he figured out that this man was the one that had initiated her into the free-love lifestyle. 

Every summer since her ‘first time’ for three consecutive summers, she had met up with the charismatic waiter.  She was only thirteen at the time, but to her it was an adventure.  However the waiter should never had touched her because of her age.

Her father figured it out and had the young man fired from that place.  Other girls stepped forward and did the same, thinking that Jessica cared, but she didn’t anymore at that point in her life.

I’m glad that I never met him,’ Xander thought.  ‘That guy sounded like a real tool, real scum.

His next destination was in a nearby state...




It was a rebuilt warehouse that became a club for visiting bands.  He had read about some places, bars and such, creating an atmosphere where new up and comers as well as old style bands are permitted to come in and records sets.

The recorded sets allowed them to produce CDs for distribution to the public, radios station submissions and other things like online sales.  It was a new and growing fad for new bands to try out the audience aspect of the music business before committing themselves to that lifestyle.

Xander was there at the opening of the doors in order to look up a Frank Ridgeway.  Apparently he was another prospective biological influence, but the man was a rover.  He was a keyboardist and a wireman for several clubs in the area.  This is the third to last one that he was seeking and luckily the man was sitting at the bar taking a break.

“Excuse me,” Xander said to the man.  “Are you Frank Ridgeway, the keyboardist that played with Eddie and the Cruisers back about twenty some year ago?”

“Yeah, what about it,” the man said.  “I don’t know anything about where Eddie would be and I don’t want to tell you my story.  So go peddle your newspaper sob story elsewhere, junior.”

“I’m not a reporter,” Xander said.  “I’m looking specifically for you.”


“Do you remember a Jessica Lavelle or Naomi Sandburg back then?”

“Oh,” Frankie said.  “They get knocked up around that time?”


“So what about it,” Frankie asked taking a drag from his cigarette and a gulp from his beer bottle.

“I’m trying to find my biological father,” he explained.  “I’m not looking for anything familial, I just need some closure.”

“I get that kid,” the man said.  “So what do you need?”

“A hair sample and a swab would be ideal,” Xander said holding out a one-time use comb and the cheek swab packet that Dr. Spengler had advised him to get for his journey.

Frankie looked at the preparedness of the items, shrugged and ran the comb a couple of times through his hair.  He dropped it in the accompanying bag and the he popped the plastic top on the swab and rubbed the inside of his cheek.

“Had to do this one time,” Frankie explained.  “When Eddie went missing, the cops thought that some of the members of the band did it.”

“I see,” Xander said, putting the items away.  “Do you mind if I take your picture too, for reference only?”

“Whatever,” the man said.  “Just don’t tell me the outcome.  I don’t need to know.”

“I understand,” Xander said quickly snapping a digital image of the keyboardist.  “It’s only for me to know.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Frankie said.  “Now get out of here.  I don’t need any reminders of that time.”

“Thank you,” Xander said as he walked away.  He got into his car and sighed.  ‘I guess there are some that just don’t want to know.’

He started his vehicle and headed west in the direction of a family that might be able to help him locate another potential biological father.  Although he suspected that he may not like the next guy, seeing as the man was in the Military.

His next destination was...


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