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Finding Father - The Mom Diaries

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Summary: Answering Challenge 305 - This story is set after Xander loses his eye, but before the fall of the First. A shoebox is the beginning. AU (Alternative Universe) - AT (Alternate Timelines) - Non-Cannon

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LilNezumiFR181028,50633433,94811 Jun 1024 Jun 10Yes

Luke, I'm your fath...? Ooops, wrong fandom!


   Chapter Eight - Luke, I’m your fath...?  Ooops, wrong fandom!


Blair looked up when Xander tore open the envelope in his hands and did the same.

The two switched the letters when they read the names within.  They had opened the wrong one, but due to the results, it didn’t really matter.


DNA Test Results (...i...)

Donor A: Alexander Harris
Donor B: John R. Smith

8 Alleles, in common
15 Autosomal STR loci, in common

97.90734% probability related biologically,
Conclusion, parental match


Dear Sir,

If the above confuses you, please let us assure that the information is accurate and has been fully tested. 

The results indicate that you are biologically related to Donor B.

Thank you for your patronage.


DNA Test Results

Donor A:  Blair Sandburg
Donor B: John R. Smith

8 Alleles, in common
15 Autosomal STR loci, in common

97.90734% probability related biologically,
Conclusion, parental match


Dear Sir,

If the above confuses you, please let us assure that the information is accurate and has been fully tested. 

The results indicate that you are biologically related to Donor B.

Thank you for your patronage.


Blair was sitting there stunned by the results.  He found him.  He found his biological father and he has a biological half-sibling by the same man.  This is... “Unbelievable,” he said.  “I never thought that I’d find him.”

Xander looked at the results and sighed in relief.  “No more testing,” he whispered.  “Thank all the gods that were.”

Spike being curious by nature, snatch the letter out of Xander’s hand.  “Well that’s good news,” he said a little bitterly.  “Now you can stop searching.”

“That also means that the Council can now call on me to go to London for assignment,” Xander said. 

The vampire knew that this would happen and didn’t like it because that meant his chosen human companion was going to be leaving him behind.  He didn’t want to be left again and just thinking about that made him scowl darkly. 

“Why?”  Spike asked loudly.  This caused Jim to jump as his hearing had been turned up again in order to try and find that undercurrent thump in the vampire’s non-beating chest.  “Why do you have to follow them?”

“Spike,” Xander said.  “Take it easy.  That was my plan back when I first started this trip.  I believe I’ve done a lot of good so far, but I think that I can do more.  You know that the outposts or schools or whatever they choose to build or call them, need to have someone looking into places that are useful for the girls.  I’ve helped to open three schools, including the one in Cleveland and several other small places or havens in different small towns in this country.  Places where the girls can gather together safely.”

“So why do you have to go to London? Why there,” Spike asked in a hurt tone.

“I can’t just do this only for the good ole U.S. of A,” Xander said.  “I want to open up places elsewhere too, like Japan or Africa.  I want to take on the little towns or countries too. Plus I’ve always wanted to see more of the world.”  He looked down at his hands and said, “I was hoping that you’d like to join me because it would be quite the trip.”

Spike was up and about leave, but stopped suddenly when he heard that.  He turned wide-eyed to look at the human that had been his friend for a long while now.  The human who somehow knew how to help him with his senses was asking him to journey. 

“I need to think about it,” he said knowing what he really wanted.  He just didn’t want to make a snap decision this time.  He had a few other issues to deal with before deciding.

First he just wanted to make sure he knew more about Guides and Sentinels first.  Oddly he could sense the connection that the other two men had and he wondered what would happen to him.  He knew that he needed a Guide, but somehow it felt wrong to think about that when Harris had been helping him all along.  It was a little like betraying the man.

The silence in the apartment got a little thick, so Blair broke it by asking Xander. “Do you know anything about the man that we’re biologically related to?”

“I can tell you that he was in a car accident about two and a half years ago,” Xander said.  “He’s currently in a long-term care facility near Castle Rock in Maine due to a coma that they can’t bring him out of.  Also I believe he has a gift of some kind.”

“How were you able to get the DNA samples?”  Jim asked, concerned about the legalities of it.  He is a cop after all.

“Whot gift,” Spike asked.

“I had permission from his father,” Xander said.  “Mr. Zachary Smith gave me written permission and the head of the centre allowed me to gather the samples.”  He paused for a moment, looking at Blair and then said, “Mr. Smith was interested in the results, positive or negative.”

“I understand that,” Blair said.  “He might be curious about any potential grand-children.”

“That’s the impression I had,” Xander said.  “Also his request probably has to do with payment to the facility or maybe to have someone responsible should something happen to him before Johnny comes out of his coma.  As for his gift,” he said looking at Spike. “I think that he has a psychometric ability because when I touched him briefly, that’s when he spoke.  Well it’s either that or his body was high-jacked by another power in order to relay the message.”

“I don’t like that,” the vampire said.  “I don’t like any higher power messing around like that.”

“If they hadn’t,” Xander interrupted.  “I wouldn’t have gone back to L.A. to seek you out.  His message was pretty clear, but I don’t know why.”

“What was the message?”  Blair asked.

Get Spike away from the Angel,” Xander said.  “It could have referred to someone we both know, whose name is Angel or it could refer to the fact that there was an actual angel-type entity where Spike currently was or it could also mean the City of Los Angeles.  The meaning of the message is really up to any of those interpretations.”

“A real angel,” Jim scoffed.

“Never laugh at supernatural creatures,” Spike said.  “If I exist, what makes you think that there aren’t other types out there?  Harris told you that there were demons and plenty of ‘em too.  Did you think that there was no good supernatural creatures out there because let me tell you, I have seen them and given them all wide berth.”

“Really,” Blair said getting excited at the concept of good and evil beings existing.  “That is all so fascinating.”

“Reign it in Chief,” Jim said.  “Even if we believe that there are such creatures in the world, we’ve never seen them and the chances of meeting any others are not likely, if Xander was telling the truth about places with Watchmen.”

“I was,” Xander said.  “Your city is safe with you in it.  You have a feel for what a demon is because of Spike here.”

“Not really,” Jim said.  “You said he’s a demon, but I have no evidence of that.  I can sense that he had no heartbeat, but there is some undercurrent thump that I can’t trace and he does faintly smell of death.  I don’t know if it’s his own scent or from the deaths that he’s caused.” Spike was surprised and it showed on his face.  “Yes, I can smell that, but that’s all I sense.”

“Spike,” Xander said in a questioning tone.

“Not a problem,” Spike said, vamping out and taking on his demon aspect.  “There’s nothin’ like the real thing in order for you to accept your senses.”  Little did the men know that bringing out vampire’s demonic aspect would cause a problem of Sentinel territorial proportions.

Jim immediately grabbed Blair and yanked him into a safe position behind him.  Spike did the same with Xander hissing at the other Sentinel in the room.  His human was in danger from that other.

Blair rested his palm on the lower back of the man in front of him.  Xander did the same with the vampire, letting his human heat indicate that he was there.

“Mine,” Spike hissed, moving towards the door to get away from the other Sentinel.  “You’ll not take him away.”

“I don’t want him,” Jim growled out.  “My Shaman stays with me, you can’t have him.”  He was growling at the creature in front of him.  His instincts were all calling out for the destruction of it, but he could sense the human Guide behind him and that Guide needed to get away.

“I don’t want your bloody Shaman,” Spike hissed.  “I’ve got me own.”  He was gripping Xander’s wrist harder than necessary and pushing him back towards the door to leave.

“Spike,” Xander said sharply, calling the attention of the vampire that was panicking.  “Ease up on the wrist dude,” he said shaking his arm.  “Ease up and change back, now.”  The vampire blinked, but there was something in the tone from the one-eyed man that had him wanting to obey.  “Change back now,” he continued.  “Calm down, they haven’t attacked, so just calm the fuck down.”

Spike blinked and shifted back to his human aspect.  Something primal could not disobey that voice and that calm tone.  It soothed the demon so much that it scared him more than the current problem with his hyped up senses. 

“Maybe we should go to the Watcher HQ,” he said softly.  “Somethin’s up with me demon.”

“Maybe they’ll have a reference to a demon with additionally enhanced senses,” Xander said and then he chuckled darkly.  “Maybe there’s a prophecy that you need to fulfill and the senses are needed as a part of that.”

“No bloody way,” Spike said.  “I want no part of any bloody prophecies.  Bloody meddlin’ things, always go wonky anyway.”

Meanwhile, Blair had managed to calm Jim down and found that it was much easier when Spike had reverted to his human form.

Jim was surprised at the changes that he could detect in his senses and from the vampire.  In his human form the man had no heartbeat.  He had some strange undercurrent thump, which could not be defined as a heartbeat and only a faint odour of death.  In his full demonic aspect, as the term being used and that Xander had mentioned, there was the odour of sulphur.  The non-human entity couldn’t even register as innocuous because his senses were telling him that extreme danger was there and that he had to move the tribe.

There’s no way to move the City,’ he thought.  ‘This must be why Xander had learned that towns protected by Watchmen were protected.  We can sense the full danger should something demonic ever enter their towns.’  He looked at his Shaman and sighed.  He knew that he was going to be interrogated about his reactions once the other two men leave.

“Sorry about that,” Jim said.  He still maintained his position in front of Blair, though and refused to move.  “Your entire chemical makeup changed and it was otherworldly.  That’s the only way that I can describe it.  It was completely unnatural according to the human baselines that I’m used to receiving from my senses.”

“I get that mate,” Spike said.  He too was still standing in front of Xander.  “Look, how’s about we call it a night.  I’m feeling more peckish now and we need to get information from others.”

“We can meet up at a restaurant or someplace else tomorrow,” Xander suggested.  “We’re only in town for a couple of days because we’re looking into a few things.”

“Looking into what,” Jim asked.

“Rumours of the girls we’re looking for,” Xander said.

“What girls,” Jim asked.


“Maybe you can tell us about it tomorrow night,” Blair said.  “Jim,” he said drawing the attention of his partner.  “I need to get a few notes and my journal for Xander about being a Guide and how to deal with a Sentinel.  It will be easier then reading the information from a lap top.”

Jim let him go now that his own senses were under control.  He kept an eye out on the other two men, while Blair retrieved the necessary items for his half-brother.  That thought just struck him.  ‘Half-brother,’ he thought.  ‘He’s got family now that he can visit elsewhere.

“I’m not going to ask him to follow me,” Xander told the larger man.  “I have things to do that are vastly different from his calling.  But I figure he’s welcome to visit L.A. whenever he’s in town.  We’ve got enough room for him and you, if you want to tag along.  You’ll sense more demons there, but if you guys stay in the Outpost then we’re in the safest zone possible and you’ll have next to nothing to worry about.”

“Next to nothing,” Jim said raising an eyebrow.

“There are no guarantees,” Xander said taking the books that Blair was handing to him.  “As a soldier and a cop, you know that there are no guarantees about safe places.  However the Outpost there is safer than your average human hotel.  We can make it Sentinel friendly for you and we’ll know how once we set up something for Spike.”

“Harris will call you tomorrow,” Spike said, steering the one-eyed human out of the apartment door.  “No Italian places.”

“Bye,” Xander said as he stumbled over the threshold.  “I’ll come back later to do that spell for you.”

“Can’t you do it now?”  Spike asked turning to look at him.

“I don’t have the stuff to do it now,” Xander said.  “I’ll come back during the day when Blair is here.  Is that better?”

The vampire nodded and led the way down the stairs and out of the building.


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