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This story is No. 2 in the series "The Pack". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: A continuation of Buffy and the pack from "Off To See The Wizard"! Plus New pack members! Some femslash, but nothing explicit, some harsh language.

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ArjaiHFR181117,3440138,25112 Jun 1015 Sep 12No

Wonderland Ch. 1 Stars of the Classics


Chapter 1: Stars of the Classics

Disclaimer: I own nothing except the OC's and the plot such as it is. BtVS and Angel belong to Joss. ‘NCIS’ belongs to Belisarius Productions, and CBS. True Blood belongs to Charlaine Harris and HBO, 'Doctor Who', 'Torchwood', and 'The Avengers' belong to the BBC. I own nothing am nothing and am not making a sou from this, in fact I'm not even here (imitates beige lounge chair) I just do it cause I'm slightly(?) demented, and have no real life at all!

All in the golden afternoon

Full leisurely we glide;

For both our oars, with little skill,

By little arms are plied,

While little hands make vain pretense

Our wanderings to guide.

First verse "All in the Golden Afternoon" by Lewis Dodgson

Buffy lay quietly, trying not to wake up arming herself against the pain she was sure was going to come.. Then she realized, she didn't hurt at all, in fact she felt pretty damned good!

"Oh Shit," she said crossly, "Not again!"

This time, however, she was not on a steel autopsy table. On the contrary she was lying on a soft mattress. Then she realized that cuddled up next to her was a warm body., and it was very definitely a female body, a naked female body! Slowly opening one eye she turned to look at the body pressed up against her, only to discover it was Dre, her Dre!

"Good morning," said a female voice with a definite Scots accent causing Buffy to jump.

The voice belonged to a perky looking redhead that was standing by the foot of the bed.

"The Doctor said you'd be the first to wake up. He's sorry that it took so long to re-build the lot of you, but there were complications, and well he can explain it better than I can," the redhead smiled at her. "I'm Amy, Amy Pond, the Doctor's current companion."

"The Doctor has had me lay out some clothing for each of you and he was quite specific what each of you should wear. When you're quite awake, and dressed I will conduct you to the control room of the TARDIS, so you can meet the Doctor. I'll just wait outside while you both get ready."

Amy left, and Buffy got out of bed. The last thing she remembered was Rose pressing the self-destruct button on the Rani's TARDIS, thus the releasing the anti-virus, destroying the Rani's fortress, the Rani, and killing the last of the pack members in a Pyrrhic victory, but a victory none-the-less.

Next to the bed she found a white Victorian child's dress embroidered with blue butterflies, period underclothing, stockings, and white high button shoes for herself, a purple Edwardian tail coat, with red and white checkered vest, lavender and black pinstriped maxi skirt, red silk blouse, black & red striped neck scarf, underclothes, yellow socks, and red half boots for Dre . Oh and a large purple broad brimmed hat with a yellow ribbon band, scary looking red roses, and a white card marked "In this style 10/6" attached.

Though the other members of the pack were not in evidence she knew they were there, it was almost as if she could feel their presence.

She woke Dre with a kiss, which she returned. Then he realized she was alive again! She proceeded to demonstrate this to her and Buffy's satisfaction, after which they both got dressed in their more than odd new outfits. She helped Dre with her bow tie, and wondered how she knew how to do it.

Once they were dressed she opened the door. Amy led them down a corridor lined with doors. At each door she stopped and waited until the rooms occupant opened the door. Willow and Abby, Dawn and Moth, Pam and Rose, and one of whom she had never met before. The first, a beautiful 5' 8" lass had long dark auburn hair, sultry brown eyes, and a pouty mouth, who introduced herself as Emma Peel. The second girl was one who Buffy and crew knew well, her name was Winifred Burkle!

"Fred!, You are Fred? aren't you?" asked Willow.

"Yup, darlin' it's just little old me, no Illyria here, thank the Lord!"

Willow wore a long pink dress, with a long white satin cape, a gold tiara, soft white satin slippers, she held a wand in her left hand topped with a gold star. Abby on the other hand dressed in a blue pinafore, white apron, white knee socks a ruby slippers. Her hair was done up in pigtails, and in her hands she held a wicker picnic basket.

Rose was dressed in a brown 1890's ladies business suit, black high button shoes, white blouse, and black ribbon tie, and carried a brown leather briefcase, Pam at her side wore a white evening gown, and white satin shoes.

Little Fred wore ragged clothing, and a pair of women's work boots, the girl called Emma stood by her side she wore a white lab coat, a black maxi-skirt, black high button shoes and white silk stockings, she also wore a monocle.

Dawn wore a pair of denim jeans cut off at the knees, a faded red long john's shirt with the sleeves pushed up, and no shoes, on her head she wore a raggedy looking boy's straw hat, Moth was dressed similarly, but the clothes looked newer, and were in better repair, over her shoulder she carried a cane pole.

They walked into a large room that was lined with walls covered with shelves of books. Incongruously there was an Olympic sized swimming pool in the center of the room.

A tall gawky looking young man wearing a blue shirt, a brown sports coat, black pants, and a bow tie. He had a long face a lantern jaw, and an unruly shock of shaggy brown hair.

Rose commented under her breath "Still not ginger."

The Doctor looked at her sternly, and then she smiled at her, "How are you Rose?"

"Personally I'm fine, but I think we are all a little bewildered at what is going on." Rose wrinkled her nose at him.

"I must be elsewhere, and elsewhen solving a very perplexing concern with my companion, Ms Amy Pond. Therefore, I am presented with a conundrum I need to help the people of a colonized planet here in the year 5125! Your group has proved to relentless in their pursuit of victory. Frankly I need you, and your commitment," the seriousness on his face told of his concern and his sincerity.

"Ok," said Buffy, but if this is so far in the future WHY are we dressed in these old-timey clothes?"

"Five hundred years ago humans colonized a lovely planet that they called Heaven, it is the fifth planet from the star known as Proxima Centuri. What they did not know is that the planet was once the home of a ace called the Archonus. A race that had given up its humanity to become a race of soulless machines. Sadly when they went out to the stars, they were destroyed, by another machine race called the Cybermen. Behind them they left the master computer they called the World Mind. Over the millennia that the mind that the World Mind sat unused it became bit unstable. When mankind came here they brought electronic books of the classics of Earth with them. The World Mind read these books, and sadly became fixated on its favorites. Five Classics of the 1800's. The authors of these books...well, of topic. The World Mind stared sending dreams into the minds of the citizens of the colony. The dreams were just the precursor of convincing the colonists were the people in the books!"

"You are," he said pointing to the girls in turn, "Elizabeth, um...Buffy: Alice Liddell Hargreaves, Dre: the Mad Milliner, Willow: Glinda the Good Witch of the North, Abigail: Dorothy Gale of Kansas, Rose: the lawyer Joanna Harker, Pamela: Wilhelmina Murray-Harker, the monster, Emma: Baroness Victoria von Frankenstein, Dawn: Huckleberry Finn, and finally Timothea: Thomasine Sawyer."

"May I say...huh?" stammered Fred. "The Frankenstein Monster, little old me?"

"Actually, it somewhat fits, though you are no longer possessed by the Demon Lord Illyria, you do possess her strength, and stamina, though not her demonic powers." said the Doctor.

"The World Mind does not care about the sex of the characters, being a machine it has no concept of sex. Those persons who have been filling those roles have been placed into stasis until, the problem is taken to its final solution. Your job is to find the World Mind, and somehow cure it of its obsession. You must NOT destroy it for it, also maintains this world's viability as a home for humanity. If it did not the world Heaven would revert to its natural state: barren rock, methane atmosphere, seas of liquid nitrogen, and a surface temperature of near absolute zero!"

"I will deliver you to the planet's surface in approximately two hours, you will be given the books you represent, and some other peripheral companion's at that time. For now, please do not wander about too much and get lost. Amy can I ask you to stay with them and act as their guide, oh and Amy don't you get lost...again."
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