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Neville's Summer

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Summary: What a difference a summer can make for Neville Longbottom....hehehe

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Harry Potter > Faith-Centered > Pairing: Neville LongbottomYourDoomedFR151644071,16312 Jun 1012 Jun 10Yes
Disclaimer: I do not own anything From Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Harry Potter series. I own nothing and I am not making any profit or anything else.

Challenge Response to number 959 a drabble challenge in which four random letters and a number where chosen. Randomly selected for myself is: nflm5. 500Words. Faith/Neville and I think my random words will be Martial Arts and Leather. Then I did it again and got 100words and TTCD….which I used as training, Teacher, Clothes, Dangerous. Total of words went over but whatever.

It would come as a shock to everyone in the Wizarding world to see his current state. There would be shocked gasp, mothers covering their children’s eyes and the stink the Purebloods would make would certainly be entertaining. And his response of “Go fuck yourself” would probably not help either. He was sixteen years old and for the first time in his life he had had a great summer. Four months of having fun, being trained by someone really powerful and to top it all off he had became something….powerfully erotic.

Four months of nonstop training had toned up his body to something girls would say is yummy. Toned and firm body now lay behind a new set of clothes. All types of form fitting Clothes that ‘she’ bought for him. He had leather pants that hugged his lower body in delightful ways. Leather biker boots adorned his feet. He now own tank tops, cut offs, outfits of leather and mesh. He owned chains and his hair was now styled in this just gotten shagged style, mainly because he had.

At the end of his school year he watched everyone go home, or watched as they had made plans that they were looking forward to. He had to go home to his overbearing grandmother and demented family members that had once thrown him out a window. No, Neville Longbottom decided that this summer he was going to have fun. He had sent a letter to his Gran explaining that he would spending time at his friends house this summer. He told her she should take up that offer that her other widowed friends had given her of spending the summer in France. He was sixteen and damn it, a war was going to be hitting them hard and he wanted one first and last hoorah.

He never expected to run into her though. He never ever thought he would catch the attention of a beautiful woman like Faith. It seemed one minute he was fixing to walk into a muggle mall the next he was being pulled into a leather store by this amazingly sexy woman. Suddenly she was all over him caressing him in places he only dreamed of a woman touching him. They talked later, eating at a bistro down from the mall.

She was there for the summer on some business, though what business called for her to dress in leather like she was had been a little baffling but he understood secrets and didn’t harp on the subject.
She spent her free time with him. She trained him in martial arts, showed him how to build muscle but not overly so. Faith had taught him how to be agile, faster, and flexible. Faith had showed him how to walk on the dangerous side but to always know how to get out or protect yourself if it got too dangerous. He taught her about flowers, herbs, and what can save your life in a pinch.

Yes, his summer was amazing. Training, shopping, piercings and two tattoos were things that he did in the day but at night Faith was a different animal. Steamy nights in London when Faith and taught him about lust and pleasure. Yes, his Faith was the epitome of a teacher who was really really REALLY dedicated to her student.*a gasp, a moan slick skin sliding against each other* Yes the Wizarding world wouldn’t know what hit them. A new Neville Longbottom was….coming.

The End

You have reached the end of "Neville's Summer". This story is complete.

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