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The Halloween Spell

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Summary: After Halloween night, Ethan was captured by the N.I.D who forced him to create a permanent Halloween spell which they can exploit. With the world’s fate in his hands, Ethan did the right thing for once in his life, and the world will never be the same.

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Chapter Two – Base Building & the Silver Surfer?

Story Title: The Halloween Spell

Crossover: Multiple

Author: Wraithrune

Summary: After Halloween night, Ethan was captured by the N.I.D who forced him to create a permanent Halloween spell which they can exploit. With the world’s fate in his hands, Ethan did the right thing for once in his life, by empowering those that may be able to stop the rogue agency. And the world would never be the same again.

Author’s Note: Hi guys, thanks for the interest you’ve shown. Just some notes to clarify why I took certain directions in the story. This is a predominately Stargate/Buffy the Vampire Slayer techno crossover. Some of you might have noticed that two of the games (Space Empire V & Supreme Commander) I’ve crossed in my story were still not available in the year 1999 which is roughly the timeline of this fiction. The problem is that in the real world 1999, our home computers can never support the graphic outputs from these two games. It’s only till 2003-4, that the graphic cards are able to support these two games.

But let’s for a moment imagine that in a world where there is Stargate Command. A world where for the past 2+ years, the Stargate Command had been bringing advance alien technologies back to Earth, with a group of dedicated government scientists working to reverse engineer the technologies. The resulting butterfly effect… wouldn’t that cause a leap in science? Especially computer science since more powerful computers would be needed to do the higher level simulations and calculation?

Let’s imagine the government having to release out some of their less powerful computer devices to the public market in order to generate income to fund their various black ops missions like SGC. Such an action would likely cause an advancement in the entertainment and gaming industry, bringing forth computers that would support games such as Space Empire V & Supreme Commander before their time.

;P Anyway, like I said, this is predominately a fanfiction, so let’s just imagine with me and have fun at the same time ok? :D

And guys, thanks for taking the time to read and review.


Chapter Two: Mission 0 – Base Building & the Silver Surfer?

Cramping almost everyone into Oz’s van was a task onto itself. Oz was the driver, while Willow rode shogun besides him. Faith, Giles, Cordelia and Buffy took their places in the back of the van. They were squeezed in together with the starship models turned real and a bag of never-ending gold. Cordelia was currently playing with the bag as she dumped out a pile of gold bars and watched as the bag refilled. Then there were the glowing green lantern rings which Giles had kept in a box, depositing in a corner of the van together with the green lanterns, and the small Central Power Core which glowed with a pulsing green light.

Faith knew full well the power those rings have, she did read some comics while she was living in Boston. But Giles had set a strict rule that they had to get used to their new powers and abilities first before they mess around with the green lantern rings. It made sense in a way, if they cannot even control their new abilities, trying to figure out how to use the green lantern rings would be a mess.

Currently, Faith had decades of memories from her Master Monk counterpart who was well versed in using one’s internal energies, called chakra, to unleash devastating attacks. The Master Monk also knew ways to use those energies to accomplish healing miracles, such as reviving the dead and restoring another’s magical powers. Her physical strength, stamina and speed seemed to have dramatically increased as well, something Faith was sure Buffy would have severe issues with once she knew.

Faith had tried out one of Monk’s skill back at the library. It was an attack called Aurablast, which was actually an ability that power up one’s own aura, and send it out around one’s body in a blast of energy. The resulting energy blast had destroyed a table and chair near her, and got her an admonishment from Giles about trying to be more careful with her new powers.

They had a surprisingly short discussion about what to do next. Apparently Xander with his original plan was to create a secure and hidden base of operations for themselves should his costume turn real. Faith had been a bit skeptical about Xander’s claims that he could build them a secure and hidden base in minutes, even though Xander had been telling them of his costume’s capabilities for days. But with Willow and Oz stating that it should be possible since they had done the necessary research on Xander’s costume, the group had come to a decision to try out Xander’s base building idea first. If that failed… well, they could always come up with new ideas later.

So right now, they were heading out to the desert near Sunnydale. They were to venture deep into the desert in Oz’s van where Xander would use his Armored Command Unit to build a base for them. Giles’ car was deemed too much of a road hazard to safely ride over the hot burning sand, which was why he was riding together with them. As for Xander, dressed in his Armored Command Unit, he was too heavy for Oz’s van to carry. Xander had triggered a cloaking device built into the armor which caused him to vanish from sight as he followed the van from behind, making good speed.

As they ride deeper into the desert, Faith looked out of the back window of the van and could see the massive footprints of an invisible armored Xander trailing behind. They had left the highway a while ago, so there were no worries that they would bump into anyone out in the wilderness.

“I know you are fascinated with the bag of never-ending gold Cordelia, but can you stop bringing out more of the gold bars? There’s barely enough room in this van as it is.” Giles said in exasperation as he tried to inch back from the pile of gold Cordelia was dumping from the magical bag in front of her.

“But can you imagine what we can do with an endless supply of gold?” Cordelia asked in a voice filled with awe. “There’s no need for us to work anymore, we could spend the rest of our lives in comfort.”

“Yes, and we will go shoe shopping once we’ve taken care of the latest human caused apocalypse.” Buffy said helpfully, trying to put things in perspective for Cordelia.

“You are not helping Buffy.” Giles said with a groan. “I didn’t turn the never-ending pouch real so that you can misuse it. The gold is to fund our current operations against the Watcher’s Council and the rogue military cells. It is supposed to be our backup in case Xander is unable to build those replicators things he was talking about.”

“Aww come on Giles, relax a bit.” Faith quipped from the back. “I think we should be allowed some compensation for all the world saving we have been doing. Just think of it as giving us salaries.”

“Salaries paid in gold.” Cordelia grinned. “I rather like that idea.”

“You would.” Giles muttered in disgruntlement before he was cut off by Oz’s voice.

“I think we’re deep enough in the desert.” Oz said as he stopped the van, turning around to face them. “I’ve been driving into this place for the past one hour. I doubt we would meet anyone here.”

“Good let’s get down then and wait for Xander to catch up.” Giles said as he opened the door of the van.

The group tumbled out into the hot blistering air. Cordelia frowned, snapping her hands in front of her, unleashing a wave of power as the air around them instantly chilled.

“You’re getting pretty good with the mojo.” Faith said as she relaxed in the cooling air.

“Thanks. This is a modified cone of cold spell.” Cordelia said with a shrug. “It is supposed to be an attack spell but it is more appropriate as an air cooling spell right now. I can probably hold it for half an hour before I need to recast it. Whatever Xander wants to build, he had better do it fast, because I can chill the air, but I don’t provide UV rays protection.”

“I hear you Cordy.” Xander’s amused voice said behind the van as his armored suited self appeared, turning off the cloaking device that had kept him invisible. Xander turned around in the Armored Command Unit as if surveying the surroundings before giving a nod. “This seems like a good place for the base. Stay where you are. I need a few minutes to construct my energy generators before I can build the base.”

Faith just leaned back against the van to watch the show while Cordelia climbed back in the van, muttering something about not getting sun burns while waiting for the doofus. As Willow, Oz, Buffy and Giles gathered behind Xander to watch what he was doing, two silver drones the size of a tennis ball flew out from Xander’s shoulder plating, hovering in the air before spitting out streams of silver threads in front of Xander.

As for Xander, he lifted both his palms thrust out in front of him as a thicker stream of silver threads poured out of his metal gloved hands. Faith lifted an eyebrow as the silver streams of threads solidify before their very eyes into a silver wire framework of what looks like a building. As more and more of the silver threads poured from Xander’s gloved hands and the two drones hovering overhead, the pre-exiting silver wire framework shifted forms into some sort of metal which quickly grew as more silver threads poured onto the structure and solidify into other materials.

The next few minutes, Faith watched in awe as she literally saw the five storey building build itself from the inside out. Less than ten minutes later, a completed dull gray metallic building stood in front of them, towering above them and nicely blocking out the sun, leaving them in the shade.

“This is Power Generator Plant.” Xander explained as he turned back to everyone, waving his hand towards the building. “I’ll need to build two more of these in order to have enough energy to build the base I have in mind. After the Power Generators are completed, I will need to build three Mass Extracters as well to provide myself with necessary building materials before building the base.”

“Mass Extractors? Building materials? What are you talking about?” Cordelia asked as she stepped out of the van, standing in the shade of the completed building.

“The Armored Core Unit builds buildings and units through highly advanced nano-technologies. The silver streams of particles I used to build the building are actually billions of nanites flowing and fusing together into different types of materials. I need energy to power the building process, and mass to create more of the streams of nanites.” Xander explained as he looked at Cordelia. “Give me another half an hour to build the Power Generators and Mass Extracters. I will probably need another ten minutes to build the base.”

“Astonishing.” Giles said, looking at the building and shaking his head. “Very well, now that we’ve seen your technology first hand, I must admit it would prove useful. But what kind of base are you thinking of building?”

“You will see.” Xander’s voice came through the helmet with a hint of laughter as he turned away, walking a distance away from the building to begin constructing the next Power Generator.

“I guess we’ll know what X has in mind once he gets to building the base.” Faith said with a shrug as she climbed back into the van. “I don’t know about you guys, but I am thinking of taking a short nap.”

Having the memories of a sixty-seven year old war veteran from the Cybran Nation was proving to be something of a nightmare to Xander. In the reality of the Supreme Commander game, the Cybrans, humans with artificial intelligence implants, were the underdogs in the fight against the Aeon Illuminate, humans who followed alien philosophies, and the United Earth Federation, humans who hated the Aeons and the Cybrans.

Both the Aeon and the United Earth Federation fought for an ideal that’s far from perfect while the Cybrans just wanted to survive in a world that condemns them as slaves to the human race. They fought to survive and be acknowledged as a sentient being, not for conquest or persecution of others. It was also one of the reasons why Xander had chosen to become a Cybran Commander instead of the other two as he was the more humane of the other two.

Matt Rowen, the Cybran Commander Xander had attained his memories from, had decades of experience leading massive robotic armies in guerilla tactics against the more powerful United Earth Federation and Aeon Illuminate. The scenes of massive robotic battles clashing on desecrated wastelands of numerous planets kept flashing past Xander’s mind with every step he took. The headaches had actually begun a few minutes after they had left Sunnydale and entered the highway.

An order to the Artificial Intelligence implanted in his head was all it took to shut down part of his memory receptors, numbing the pain, but it also meant that a large part of Matt Rowen’s memories was locked away from him. The memories might prove important in the days to come as Matt Rowen had decades of commanding experience that Xander and his small group was very lacking in. But as of current time, Xander had more important things to do then to deal with what seemed to be a minor memory overload. Not to mention the fact that Xander was dying to try out the advance technologies in-built into his Armored Command Unit. Though right now it would probably be more appropriate to call it the Armored Core Unit a body armor, seeing that it was now literally a suit of armor encasing Xander’s body, rather than a giant ten storey Command and Construction unit.

Xander had felt a bit of smugness at the realization that his plan had indeed worked. He had been worried that something might have went wrong especially since the Halloween spell was trying to turn his small Armored costume Unit into having the same properties and function of a ten storey high robotic unit with him inside. But it seemed that his worry was unfounded, though he could not help but feel a nagging feeling that something about his body had changed. In some ways, he felt… stronger and more alive. His A.I. implant was also working more smoothly than he had seen Matt Rowen attempting to do in his memories.

The A.I. implant worked as a large database where he could dump knowledge into and order the contents for easy reference, it also allowed him to achieve complex calculations in second, but such an act would leave him drained as his own bio-neurotic energies are powering the implant. Right now, Xander had given his implants the orders to shuffle through the different technologies he had uncovered from the numerous toy starships turned real. His orders were simple, find and reconfigure the necessary technologies that would be needed to build his “Dream Base”.

What Giles and the others did not know was that he planned to build a starship as their base and destroy the Power Generators and Mass Extractors he was building after he was done. After all, a moving base is easier to defend than a stationary base. A highly advanced starship would have a maneuverability that would be hard for Earth’s current technologies to attack against. With the blend of Star Trek, Star Wars, Andromeda, Master of Orion II and Space Empire V technologies he had gleaned from the small starship models turned real, Xander planned to build a starship without equal in this world.

Of course, retro fitting technologies from different sources together would take more than just a few minutes of modification and calculation, it would probably take him days to fully integrate technological devices from other TV shows and games into his new starship. What he was doing however was using the Andromeda Ascendant’s starship blueprint as a framework, while technologies from other sources would be built into his new starship via isolated networks.

It was a slap stick way of fitting numerous technologies into a ship without it ending up crippled. By Xander’s mental predication, there’s a 97% chance the ship would be able to operate, and only a 3% chance of error, and he was willing to take that risk. Xander shook his head. He had the technologies to create Ring worlds, planets and suns from the Space Empire V starships, but he had no idea what he would do with such technologies, even though it might prove useful for the human race in the future. As of now, cloaking devices, force shields and tough starship armors were being added to the ship’s construction blueprint and they were only the tip of the ice berg.

What he was going to build for the gang was probably overkill for dealing with the rogue NID agents and the Watcher’s Council, but the inner geek in him could not help but desire to build a starship without equal, in this world or galaxy. After all, he reasoned that once they were done dealing with those that had a hand in leading Ethan to his death, they could use the starship Andromeda to aid them in their demon fighting, or even go exploring the galaxy and look for alien lifeforms!

The very thought was enough to cause a grin to stretch across Xander’s face as he began building the third Power Generator.

It had taken less than twenty minutes for Xander to complete building all six buildings which towered around the group in a semi-circle. Armored Xander had walked to a patch of the desert not cluttered with buildings and had begun to send out a stream of nano-bots to build what Buffy suspects would be their base of operations.

Standing beside Willow as she watched Xander began building the famework of the base, Buffy sighed. Things were just progressing so fast, she was still coming to terms with the fact that she was now a powerful spellcaster, a Cleric with healing spells that were near miraculous, and the mortal enemies of all things undead. The fact that she could now consciously tap into a source of pure energy to power her spells was giving her a sense of unreality.

“He’s building the Starship Andromeda Ascendant!” Willow said with a gasp as the silver blue framework of what looked like a large ship formed in front of Xander, made up of trillions of nano-bots.

“A what?” Cordelia asked in confusion. “Isn’t that one of the starship models turned real?”

“Yes. The Andromeda Ascendant is a powerful starship from the Andromeda TV series. It is one of the most powerful ships in its world, with the capability to travel galaxies. It is also a warship with powerful weapons that could destroy planets and very tough armor.” Willow explained excitedly as she drank in the sight of the beginnings of their starship base in front of her.

“Well, we would certainly be very well protected in a starship with technologies that are much more advanced than those of Earth.” Giles said with an approving nod. “Though I wonder how Xander would hide the ship from public eye. Does this Andromeda starship have a cloaking device similar to Xander’s armor as well?”

“No, the Andromeda Ascendant in the TV series did not have that ability.” Willow said shaking her head as she continued. “But I don’t see that stopping Xander. Starship cloaking technologies are available in some of the Star Trek and Star Wars ship models which had turned real, and the Master of Orion II and Space Empire V starships most certainly have that capability. I did my research on them when Xander selected those ships. Xander could just implement technologies from other ships onto the Andromeda Ascendant if needed. At least that is my guess.”

“I think you are right.” Oz said softly beside her. “But I am more curious about what other technologies Xander might have gained from the starship models turned real. I have played the Master of Orion II and Space Empire V games before. Both features civilizations with powerful technologies, able to form new planets from asteroids and even create new suns, stellar storms and black holes. That’s not putting into account the powerful shield and weapon technologies both games have.”

“Good lord…” Giles said, his face paling in shock. “Perhaps I should have asked Xander to be clearer in his explanation of why he needed those toy ships.”

“Too late for that now.” Buffy said with a hint of dry humor. “Anyway it is interesting seeing our starship base build from the inside out at a fast forward pace. I can make out a lot of rooms and objects.”

“I hope he made my room bigger. If we’re going to live on the starship for a long period of time, I want it to feel like home.” Cordelia said, causing Willow to roll her eyes.

“There are hundreds of rooms in a ship the size of Andromeda and there are only 7 of us. I am sure you’ll get your pick of the living quarters.” Willow said dryly as she turned her attention towards Xander.

The others followed her example and watched in rapt amazement as within minutes, a completed Andromeda Ascendant hovered in the sky in front of them dwarfing the whole area in a cone of shade. Willow took a few excited steps towards Xander before giving a startled cry as shimmers of lights collates around all of them and the van. There was a sense of dislocation, and then she found herself standing in what seemed to be the bridge of the starship Andromeda, the consoles and control stations roughly similar to the one in the TV shows, though there are some slight modifications to the original.

Giles and the others were next to her, with Faith picking herself off the white plated floor which she had been lying on when they were all transported to this place. Xander in his armor was standing at the front of the bridge, with a large flat screen display showing the patch of desert in front of the ship, dotted with the six Power Plants and Mass Extractors. As the group watched in shock, the newly built Power Plants and Mass Extractors began to collapse into themselves, leaving behind black husks of metal in mere minutes.

“I’ve activated the self destruct for the Power Plants and Mass Extractors once our starship base has been completed.” Xander’s voice reverberated through the armor’s helmet as he explained. “It would too much of a chore to take care of them compared to the option of just building new ones should I need to. Hope you guys don’t mind me beaming you up to the ship. I’ve transported the van to the cargo bay as well where it would be quite safe.”

“Give me a warning next time.” Faith said stretching her muscles as she looked around the bridge of the starship with interest. “So this is a starship. Not bad, I never imagined I would be able to ride on a real ship that can take to the stars.”

“It is more than just a starship. This will be our base of operations.” Xander said in a humorous voice as he pointed to the screen that was showing an image of the desert. “Guys, I’ll like to introduce all of you to a vital member of our group. Andromeda, if you would please appear?”

As the group watched in amazement, the image of the desert flickered away to be replaced by a dark haired Asian woman on screen.

“Greetings, I am Andromeda.” The woman said giving them a smile and a confident nod.

“Xander! You’ve created Andromeda! A sentient A.I.!” Willow cried out in shock and fascination as she took a few quick steps towards the front of the display screen gazing up at the image of Andromeda’s avatar representation.

“Not exactly create. I took her pre-existing code from the toy ship Andromeda Ascendant and modify it so that she is now part of our crew and answerable to us.” Xander said as he reached up to remove the helmet of his armor.

What happened next caused Cordelia to screech in shock and Willow who was the closest to Xander to back away with a whimper as everyone gaped at him.

“What happened?” Xander asked quickly turning to look behind him. Finding nothing there, he turned back to see that everyone was staring at him with shock and fear… everyone except for Oz.

“Hey man.” Oz said simply as he pointed at Xander. “You’re all silver.”

“Silver? What do you mean silver?” Xander asked in confusion.

“If you will allow me Xander.” Andromeda said as her image winked out of the display screen to be replaced by a live image of the bridge.

Xander stood staring at the display screen in frozen shock as he saw Willow and the others on the screen, standing next to someone in the Armored Command Unit, with a face and hair that looked like pure liquid silver.

“Oh my god...” Xander said as his emotion receptors overload and his brain shut down, causing him to collapse onto the floor unconscious, with a heavy thump.

He was Orlin, once of the Ancient race when he was a mortal, now he was just an Ascended exiled by The Others for his crimes. The Ancients were once one of the most technologically advanced races in the galaxy before they discovered the secret of Ascension, a process when one leaves their mortal bodies and Ascend into a non-corporal energy form existing in another plane of existence.

The Ascended have a rule of non-interference with the lesser races, a rule which Orlin had broken four centuries ago. The planet Velona, which was now Orlin’s prison used to be home to a civilization. When they were under attack by the Goa’uld, Orlin had intervened by teaching the people of Velona how to construct advanced weapons to protect themselves. They managed to defeat the invading Goa’uld, but in later years, they chose to use the technological edge they had gained from Orlin to begin conquering other planets.

The Others, a group of Ascended Beings that watched over life in this galaxy and a few others nearby galaxies, had destroyed the entire civilization to “correct” Orlin’s mistake, sentencing him to live alone on the desolated planet. It was meant to be Orlin’s punishment for breaking the rule, a punishment Orlin had suffered for the past four centuries.

Only now… he was not alone. For a short time ago, a wave of energy had swept over him, taking away a small portion of his essence and in its place, a connection with a female of the human race was formed. At first he had thought it was an attack by The Others, a new punishment, but as he stretch his senses through the connection, he could see through the girl’s eyes, feel her emotions, and read every last of her thoughts.

She was Buffy Summers, a Vampire Slayer, from the planet Earth. She had been fighting the supernatural for years, and had only sent her undead boyfriend Angel into a portal a few months ago. She had agreed to go through the Halloween Spell again for Giles’ sake, and to protect the world from madmen experimenting in magic. She was dressed as a Cleric, a spell caster that supposedly got her powers from a deity…

It took Orlin only a moment to shift through Buffy Summers’ memories, to realize that she was the second evolution of the human race created by the Ancients a long time ago. Seeing the vampires and demons in Buffy’s memories caused Orlin to grimace in distaste as he realize that Earth was actually Terra, the once proud capital planet of the Ancients in this galaxy, but also the site of their greatest mistake.

A failed experiment researching into Quantum Mirrors, resulted in the formation of powerful dimensional wormholes that unleashed a nightmare of Elder beings upon the Ancients, and the beginning of the great plague. The Elder beings were only banished centuries later when The Others of that time intervened, sealing the Elder beings sealed away and taming the dimensional wormholes. The Others had kept a constant veil over the planet, hiding the dimensional wormholes and the minor dimensional beings that remained on Terra from the other races in the galaxy.

They had corrected the Ancients’ error, but had also not wanted to intervene too much by destroying the minor dimensional beings, seeking instead to observe how the humans on Terra would grow under this new environment. To the Ancients who later ascended and joined The Others, Terra was nothing more than a slap to their face, a literal fish bowl experiment by The Others who had ascended before them.

Orlin felt a miniscule portion of his energy pulled through the connection as Buffy Summers tried out her new Cleric spells which unknown to her was powered by a worried Orlin. That the humans of Terra would have gained such powerful manipulation of dimensional energies, such as that Halloween spell, and was even able to even affect Ascended beings were cause for concern. It was his duty to warn The Others… but should he really do that after what they had did to him?

His choice was taken away from him as a swirl of energy formed in the plane of existence he was in. Orlin found himself looking at one of The Others, one that he did not know of.

“Orlin Tersactea, you are hereby released from your exile. The Council demands your presence immediately.” The messenger said looking at Orlin coolly.

Orlin sighed, it seemed that The Others needed no warning… for they already knew…

Xander woke up to hands running across his bare chest.

“Cordelia! Stop that this instance!” Willow’s angry voice said from Xander’s side. “That’s my best friend you are molesting!”

Xander blinked sleepy eyes and found himself staring up at Cordelia who was leaning down to look at him.

“He’s my boyfriend, I can touch him if I want.” Cordelia retorted next to Xander. “And he’s awake.”

“Oh! Xander!” Willow said in relief. Xander turned around and saw her rushing forward, with Giles and the others by her side. Trying to leverage his body up, Xander froze as he saw his silver hands, half naked silver chest, and a pair of silver legs extending from a pair of blue shorts.

“Oh my god, that wasn’t a dream.” Xander said weakly as he slummed back on what he now realized was a medical examination table.

“Don’t faint on us again Xander.” Buffy said worriedly as she appeared in his line of vision. “You scared us half to death the first time.”

Xander closed his eyes, trying to calm his ponding heart before sending strength into his limbs, getting off the medical table and standing up.

“What happened to me?’ Xander asked in a defeated voice. In all his visualized scenarios of the after effects of the Halloween Spell, turning into a silver skin freak was not one of them.

Shimmers of light appeared before him and a holographic display of Andromeda appeared, looking a bit apologetic.

“To answer your question, the data from scans of your body reveals that you are now in essence an organic nanite being. Your cells are made up of interlinked blocks of nanites that can alter into different states of matter. That is one of the reasons why even though your body is changed, it retains the general appearance and feel of a human body. Your mind is subconsciously controlling your nanite body, giving it your original human form.” Andromeda said, the information hitting Xander like a ton of bricks.

“You mean I am not human anymore?” Xander asked incredulously. “This wasn’t supposed to happen! I was supposed to turn into a Cybran, a human with an A.I. implant after the Halloween Spell!”

“You misunderstood me.” Andromeda continued patiently. “You can become a human if you wish to, you just need to alter the state of your silver nanite skin to become the molecular structure of a normal human skin cell. Think of it this way. Your body is now in essence a collective mass of nano-bots, quite similar to the nano-bots used for building and construction used by your Armored Command Unit. These organic nano-bots that made up your body are under your full control.”

“You’ve got to be kidding me. I didn’t ask for this.” Xander said wiping his face tiredly, all of these felt surreal, like some bad dreams that would go away in a while.

He felt a tug on his arm as Willow rest a hand on it, an indescribable look in her eyes.

“Don’t worry, we don’t mind the new you.” Willow said reassuringly. Behind her Buffy gave a firm nod. “No one knew this could happen.”

“But why did it happen in the first place? I thought the Halloween Spell worked perfectly for all of us.” Xander asked, the nagging feeling of wrongness eating at him.

“It worked a little too perfectly.” Giles said with a heavy sigh as he looked at Andromeda’s avatar. “I’ve discussed the matter with Andromeda, and she pointed out something to me. Xander, during the casting of the spell, you never did give me any costume that will identify you as a human Cybran Commander.”

“But I did! The Armored Command Unit was Cybran in design.” Xander protested in confusion.

“Yes, the Halloween Spell was cast on the Armored Command Unit. The objective of the spell was to make the targeted object real and whoever wearing it as it is…” Giles trailed off uncomfortably.

“You mean… you mean… the spell treated me as if I wanted to be turned into an Armored Command Unit instead of a Cybran operating an Armored Command Unit?” Xander said weakly as he realized what Giles was trying to tell him.

“In a way.” Andromeda said with a nod. “But somehow, due to your living presence, the spell might have warped your molecular structure to become similar to the nano-bots stored in the Armored Command Unit. Resulting in your default appearance as a silver humanoid. This is not exactly a bad thing. According to my scans, you can change back to a pure human form once you mastered how to modify the molecular structure of all of your nanites. In theory, due to your unique structure, your body would heal from wounds easily as the nanites can just reform across any wounds…”

“Stop…” Xander said lifting a silver hand weakly, looking a bit sick. “Thanks for your help Andromeda, but I think I need some time alone now. If all of you don’t mind, please give me a few hours to think…”

“Xander.” Buffy said in worry but was stopped by a shake of his head.

“Don’t worry Buffy, I’ll be alright in a while, I just need sometime alone. In the meantime, why don’t all of you go and explore the ship? Andromeda can guide you.” Xander said with a wane smile as he gestured towards the avatar of Andromeda before walking out of the medical examination room.

There was an awkward silence as the rest of the group just stared at each other before Cordelia turned around and stalked towards the door.

“I’ve better made sure that idiot doesn’t do anything silly when he’s alone.” Cordelia said before she walked out, leaving the others behind.

“As for the rest of you, Xander has ordered me to give you a tour of the ship.” Andromeda said as she led the way. “Please follow me.”

“Oh… okay then.” Willow said trying to force a smile as she grabbed Oz’s hands. “Did Xander build any holodeck rooms in this ship?”

“Of course, I have 32 holodeck rooms spread out between 17 levels.” Andromeda said as she began giving the rest who had stayed behind a tour of the starship Andromeda Ascendant. “Let me show you the way to the closest.”

Help?: The Cleric from D&D got their spells and powers from deities. But I am unsure about Druids and Sorcerers, can anyone give me any insights as to this?
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