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The Halloween Spell

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Summary: After Halloween night, Ethan was captured by the N.I.D who forced him to create a permanent Halloween spell which they can exploit. With the world’s fate in his hands, Ethan did the right thing for once in his life, and the world will never be the same.

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Multiple Crossings > General > Theme: HalloweenwraithruneFR15422,905510719,54912 Jun 1030 Nov 10No

Chapter Three: Dealing with the Consequences

Story Title: The Halloween Spell

Crossover: Multiple

Author: Wraithrune

Disclaimer: This is a crossover fanfiction. The rights for Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Star Trek, Star Wars, Andromeda, Master of Orion II, Space Empires V, Dungeons and Dragons, Stargate, Supreme Commander, Final Fantasy Tactics, Heroes of Might and Magic series, Green Lanterns and Superman belongs to their respective owners. I am just a fan dabbling in creating an alternate playground for their existence.

Summary: After Halloween night, Ethan was captured by the N.I.D who forced him to create a permanent Halloween spell which they can exploit. With the world's fate in his hands, Ethan did the right thing for once in his life, and the world will never be the same again.

Chapter Three: Dealing with the Consequences

The holographic image of Andromeda was her silent guide as the ship's A.I. pointed towards the direction Xander had taken. Cordelia's soft footsteps echoed in the empty corridors of the ship, as she passed numerous doors leading to unoccupied rooms and unmanned ship console stations. The brief walk really highlighted the vastness of Andromeda and the emptiness of the ship, especially as the current human crew numbered only seven. Of course, a faster way would have been asking Andromeda to beam her to Xander's current location like they had done when they rushed Xander and everyone to the medical lab. But with Xander's current emotional turmoil, it might not be wise to just pop in on him like that. Not to mention she need time to think about how to comfort Xander.

Cordelia knew she might be a snob sometimes, but she's not totally blind to people's state of emotions, and she did love the doofus a little... well maybe more than just a little, but the main point was that she cared about him. That meant that the worry she had over his current state of mind override her own initial awe of gaining her new super powers. The strong connection to nature, to life on the planet which powered her druidic spells was pulsing within her even now.

“He's behind this door.” The holographic image of Andromeda intoned softly as they stopped in front of a large sliding door at the end of the corridor. “It leads to the viewing deck. Just lay your hand on the panel beside the door to open it.”

“Thank you Andromeda.” Cordelia said with a polite nod. “I'll handle the rest. Give us some privacy.”

“Of course. I'll activate the ship's privacy settings in the viewing deck during the time both of you are inside.” Andromeda said before flickering into strands of light and disappearing totally.

Cordelia took in a deep breath before opening the door which slide apart soundlessly. Stepping in, she took in the sight of a large rounded room with glass-like panels lining its curved side, which was facing out of the ship, allowing a clear view of the midday sun and the blistering hot desert below them. The room was large enough to occupy ten to twenty people comfortably and was furnished with cushioned benches, as well as some kind of dark grey metallic looking tables.

She touched one as she walked passed, feeling a hard plastic texture instead of the cool metal touch she had been expecting. She made her way to the front of the viewing deck, close to the transparent glass-like windows where Xander was standing close to, looking down at the desert. Sunlight sparkled off his half naked liquid silver body, making him looked like some sort of Greek Parthenon statue... in silver form.

“Andromeda's current hypothesis about my current condition is not exactly correct you know.” Xander spoke up suddenly, not turning around, even though Cordelia was sure that he had heard her arrived. “Somehow the Halloween spell not only granted me an organic nanite body, but also the memories of a Cybran Commander who was operating the Armored Command Unit. If Andromeda's theory that the spell target only the Amored Command Unit costume was true, I would not have the memories of a sixty-seven year old war veteran in my head, just an organic nanite body.”

Cordelia just stopped silently by his side, gently leaning against him without saying a word. She could sense that right now, Xander doesn't need comforting words, just someone to listen and be there for him.

“I think that somehow my presence in the Armored Command Unit as it was turned real modified the Halloween spell, even though I was not wearing another costume inside the Armored Command Unit to specify that I wish to turn into a Cybran Commander. It seemed that my very desire and intent might have triggered the spell to pass me the memories of a Commander.” Xander said before giving a bitter laugh. “Now that as I think back, I'm still amazed that we've gotten off so lightly. We've no idea of the full capabilities or aspects of the Halloween Spell, yet we just dived into using the spell. We must have the luck of fools not to be altered into something more inhuman than me...”

Cordelia wrapped her arms around Xander as he began to shiver.

“What am I going to do Cordy?” Xander asked brokenly. “What am I going to do?”

And Cordelia had no answers.

“... and this is the hydroponics room...” The holographic image of Andromeda said as she guided them into a brightly lit room spanning the rough size of a swimming pool, lined up with rows and rows of empty trays. “Of course as you can see, no hydroponics farm has been set up yet.”

“Wow. This place is huge.” Buffy said as she looked around the large room. “From what I can see, we're seriously lacking in manpower to man even a few of the rooms on this ship. Science labs, Astrophysics labs, Internal Habitats spaces and now this...”

“Ahem, our main priority is stopping the Watcher's Council and the N.I.D cells. Crewing this big ship isn't exactly our main priority.” Giles interrupted with a grimace.

“Aw... But Giles, a fully operational starship. Can you imagine what we can do with it?” Faith argued as she turned to look at him, speaking up from beside Buffy. “It's too bad we can't just go around hiring people to fill up this ship.”

“Crewing the ship would not be a problem. Andromeda has a complement of 1150 smart androids created from the Master of Orion II technology. Each of the androids currently falls into four general classes. Android Scientists with programmed scientific skills and behaviours to manage the Science labs. Android Farmers to handle any matters dealing with food production, management of produce and crops. Android Workers to handle any industrial matters, from manufacturing products, to maintaining infrastructures. Specialised Android Engineers meanwhile handles ship to ship matters, including managing ship stations such as engineering bays and life support.” Andromeda explained with a smile. “The only reason you do not see them around is that Xander has not yet given the orders for them to activate and take up their respective roles on the ship. They are still kept in storage in the Android hangers situated on each level of the ship.”

“A thousand over androids to help man the ship...” Giles looked a bit disturbed. “These Androids wouldn't by chance be sentient would they?”

“No, they are not sentient. They are in a sense customised to achieve certain skills with tremendous results. There are also other highly customised Androids that were programmed with certain... uncommon skill sets in the Master of Orion II technology base... such as Androids Infiltrators. Xander however felt there is no need for those Android types on the ship for current time been.” Andromeda revealed as she turned around. The door of the room opened and the holographic image of Andromeda moved out, motioning the small group to follow her. “Now, I'll bring you to the mess...”

The image of Andromeda who had been tilting her head, flickered and freeze for a moment, before the image came to live once more. She smiled as she saw their questioning looks.

“I have just received a communication. Xander has asked me to bring all of you back to the medical lab.” Andromeda said as she pointed down the way they had came. “It appeared that he wish to do some tests. He needs all of you to be there.”

“What sorts of tests does he want to do?” Willow asked curiously. She was still worried about what had happened to Xander.

“He would like to ascertain that all of you...” Andromeda paused for a while as if searching for appropriate words before continuing. “Are still human.”

It was a nervous group that returned to the medical lab after Andromeda's announcement. Buffy was not sure what she should be feeling after hearing that Xander had suspicions he was not the only one altered into a non-human form. She still looks and feel human as did the others, but she could not help wondering if there was a reason for Xander's request.
It had been a short walk back to the medical bay, so almost everyone had declined Andromeda's suggestion of her beaming them back to the lab. As Giles had stated, they still have their own two legs, and it is best if beaming is only reserved for emergencies.

Buffy was the first to enter the medical lab. It was a large room with a row of ten beds at one end, and a smaller room at one end. According to Andromeda when they had first come to the lab, the smaller room was meant to be an office for the doctor in charge of the medical lab. There was also a medical examination area filled with equipments and the two medical examination beds. Cordelia was standing beside Xander who had clothed himself in a plain white t-shirt and a denim jeans, but it was the troubled expression on her face that gave Buffy pause. Cordelia seldom looked troubled, at least not in the time that Buffy knew her.

“What's this about Xander?' Giles asked as the group filed into the room looking at Xander... who gave a grim twist of his mouth.

“After what happened to me, I've been pondering over the effects of the Halloween Spell and begin to think that we might have swallowed more than we could chew.” Xander said grimly. “I asked Cordelia to be tested mostly to alleviate my worries, but we discovered something... disturbing...”

“I am only 73% human.” Cordelia said darkly, her eyes burning.

“Cordelia only carrying 73% of the most common human gene markers to be exact.” Xander explained to the shocked group. “The rest of the gene markers do not match up with anything on earth. It isn't an accelerated evolution of a human gene either. In fact it is so far from human gene types that it is most certainly alien. This gene change is what I suspect allows Cordelia to access her druidic powers, or nature source as she told me. I suspect that other than Giles who became a metahuman after the Halloween Spell, the rest of you possibly possessed some percentage of non-human genes. For all we know, there might be food or activities you could not consume or do without dire circumstances. We need to map out all of your genomes and run them run them through several medical simulations to ascertain that there will be no serious side effects.”

“But maybe all druids are supposed to have that kind of strange gene structure. We don't have to assume the worst.” Willow argued, a frown on her face as she looked at Xander.

“Willow, look at it this way. We do not know much about the limitations and consequences of the Halloween Spell. For all we know, instead of changing all of you into perfect replicas of your Halloween counterparts, it just modified your body so that you can do something similar to what your counterpart can do, as well as giving you their memories. Look at what happened to me... My point is, Superman is a full Kryptonian, but will Oz be similar? Or just some sort of Kryptonian/ Human hybrid after the Halloween spell? What are the consequences of this new gene structure? Add in his werewolf affliction...” Xander's dark silver eyes looked grimly at everyone. “That's what we need to find out. That's what we never thought about when we did the spell. We need to find out if we're exact replicas of our Halloween counterparts, or just some sort of in between with messed up genes that would end up with us having other physical limitations. Like being allergic to chocolate for example.”

“Then it would probably be best to test me first.” Oz said stepping forward, a serious look on his face. “We knew what I went as. If I still have human genes...”

“That would mean the Halloween Spell did not make a full transition.” Xander completed Oz's statement with a nod. “And we need to find out what to expect. I need you to lie on one of the medical examination bed, Oz.”

Giving a calm nod, Oz climbed onto the bed closest to him and lie down. Xander took up a medical tablet from a table and began pressing some orders, causing the medical bed to light up with a soft golden glow that dimmed after a while.

Xander looked at the results of the scan and sighed. “Oz is a human and alien hybrid. My suspicion is correct. The Halloween spell did not convert us fully into our costumed counterparts. Cordelia, Oz and maybe the rest of you guys might be some sort of in-between hybrids, or even something completely alien, bearing only similar powers of our Halloween counterparts.”

Giles felt old and weary beyond his years as all of their results were displayed on the tablet in Xander's hands. Of the group, only Faith and himself were still fully human, albeit the fact that both of them were considered metahumans with evolved genes. The others...

“I'm sorry.” Giles said wearily as he rubbed his hand over his face. “This is all my fault, if I had not pulled all of you in...”

“Don't say that Giles.” Buffy said with a shake of her head. “We knew the risks and we took the chance.”

“Buffy's right Giles.” Xander said with the side. “I have no regrets that we took the chance, just that we did not think carefully of what might have happened. Anyway it is too late to worry right now. For all we knew the alien genomes that all of you possessed might be fully compatible with your human genome. There might not be any side effects. It'll take an hour for the medical simulations to run through all possible scenarios that might happened with the new genome maps, until then, I suggest that everyone take a break and use the ship's facilities before going back home. It's only three-thirty in the afternoon right now, we can decide what to do with the Watcher's Council and the N.I.D tomorrow once everything has settled down.”

“It's still afternoon?” Faith asked amazed. “After all that's happened, it felt like hours had passed. And to think we've only gotten our powers this morning.”

“It certainly felt like a long time since then.” Buffy said with a sigh. A thought struck her, causing her to freeze and turned to Xander wide-eyed. “Xander! How are you going to go home or even go to school when you look like this?”

“Andromeda did say I might be able to gain back my human appearance once I master how to manipulate my nanite body. But in the meantime if I need to go to town, I can always wear a holographic device to project a human appearance.” Xander said with a shrug. “There's no need to worry about that. Now that I've Andromeda, I don't think I would be returning home much, I could always tell my parents that I have landed a decent job and am moving out. My father might be happier with that prospect. As for school... Buffy, I have close to 2000+ years of technological knowledge from various universes at my finger tips, with maybe the calculation abilities of millions of supercomputers... once I've figured out how my nanite body works and how to access it. What can I learn at school that can interest me?”

“But! But...” Buffy trailed off looking bewildered as to how to continue. She turned to Willow and Giles for help, but Giles just shook his head and gave a sigh.

“What else can you learn from school indeed.” Giles said looking a bit haggard. “Xander, you are correct in a way, but school is more than just education, school is also a place where you can still socialise and be a teenager.”

“Giles, I have the sixty-seven year old memories of a Cybran Commander.” Xander revealed to Giles' shock. “I don't even feel like a teenager now.”

“But I thought Andromeda said the only changes were your organic nanite body...” Giles said looking at Xander wide-eyed.

“I did not inform Andromeda of everything when I created her. She has no idea about my additional memories when she made her hypothesis on my condition.” Xander explained, pressing his silver lips together. “Her hypothesis is half correct. With only the Armored Command Unit costume acting as the focus of the Halloween spell, I was treated as part of the costume, turning into a creature made of organic nanites. However, the fact that I might be alive, with my own thoughts and desires, might have guided the Halloween spell to grant me the memories of a Cybran Commander, even though I wore no costumes to signify that link.”

“Then it's not just the costumes that guided the spell.” Giles said with growing horror.

“Our own intent and desire might have been used as a secondary focus for the spell. Now that I have time to think about it, it actually makes perfect sense. Without using our desires and intent, how would the Halloween spell decide what a costume represents in the first place?” Xander said with a grim look. “That's why I was so cautious once I discovered Cordelia's non-human genome. We've been very lucky that we've used the Halloween Spell blind and changes in our genomes are the most serious of alterations that might have happened to most of us.”

“I never suspected or knew...” Giles said with a shudder and guilt flashed across his face. “But then chaos magic was always the wilder and most unpredictable of all magic types, I should have been aware of it, but I've just let Ethan's memories and emotions guide me... This can never happen again!”

“This is also one main reason why the Watcher's Council and the N.I.D must never get their hands on the completed spell.” Xander said gravely. “Who knows what manners of horrors or chaos they would unleash with the spell.”

“That's why we're here aren't we?” Faith broke the sombre air with a cocky grin. “I don't know about you, but I highly doubt they could stand against our combined powers and the technological might of Andromeda. In the meantime, who wants to join me in the holographic rooms? Andromeda was talking about holographic games during the tour...”

Oz watched as everyone scattered to explore the ship. Other then Faith who wanted to explore the holodeck, most had express the wish for some alone time as they deal with their Halloween counterpart's memories. Willow lingered at his side, but he could see the strained look in her eyes. She had been closed mouth about what kind of D&D Sorcerer she had became, and it was obvious she still need time to sort through her new memories and powers.

“Go.” Oz told her with an understanding nod. “I need to talk with Xander about some stuff.”

“Kryptonian stuff or more serious stuff?” Willow asked looking at him worriedly.

“Both.” Oz said simply. Currently only Willow and Giles knew that the Superman that he had became was a younger version of Clark Kent, one who had lived in a town called Smallvale. While he still possessed Superman's incredible strength and speed, as well as other powers. He was noticeably lacking in the more technological aspect that the other versions of comic book Superman possessed.

It was something that Xander needed to know since his original idea was to have Oz act as a secondary support in the technological expertise of the group. But the second reason was that Oz was worried. The bomb shell that Xander had just dropped on them, added with the fact that they still have to take action against the Watcher's Council and the rogue N.I.D cells, meant that the group would have to make some tough decisions. Decisions that the girls with their black and white outlook of life might not agree to.

While Superman had a no killing policy, and Oz emulates Superman's powers and memories to a certain extent, his own pragmatic outlook to life enabled him to have no such qualms if it comes to protecting those he loved or to save innocents.
He had seen Xander whispering a few words to Cordelia before moving away from the rest of the group once they had stepped out of the medical lab. Giles had trailed after him shortly, most probably to ferret out if Xander had hidden any information from them.

“If you're sure you don't need me...” Willow hesitated, clearly troubled about whether she should stay with Oz or finds some quiet sport in Andromeda to think.

“I am sure. Don't worry, it's going to be just a short chat.” Oz said reassuringly.

“Alright then. Come and find me when you're done.” Willow said, giving a small smile and a nod.

Oz watched as Willow skipped down the corridors after Cordelia, Faith and Buffy before turning in the direction where Xander and Giles had went. Walking steadily down the corridor, Oz tracked the pair who was long gone from view by smell and hearing. The thick hulls of Andromeda were interfering with his X-ray visions, but it did not hamper Oz too much since he could rely on his other senses.

He stopped shortly outside one of the numerous silver grey doors and hovered his hand over the door panel to open it. The door slid apart to reveal what looked like a hangar of some sort, with numerous rows of egg shaped pods the size of a small man. Inside the pods, through the clear glass of the pod panels, Oz could see silver human shaped androids nestled within. Xander was standing in front of a console at the middle of the room, with Giles beside him, though it looked like the older man had interrupted Xander while he was in the midst of doing something else.

“... we can talk about this later. But you're right, we need to trash out a plan on how to deal with the Watcher's Council and the N.I.D. soon” Xander was saying before he turned around at the sound of the door closing and wave at Oz. “Good to see you buddy. I assume you and Giles are looking for me regarding the same purpose?”

“If it is about how we're going to deal with our opponents? Then yes. I don't want to say this in front of the girls, but we might have to make some unpleasant choices about how to make sure they will never use the Halloween Spell. The spell is just too dangerous a tool for its knowledge to spread.” Oz said solemnly as he walked towards the two men, one a statue of gleaming silver, the other looking worn and tired.

“You mean you want to kill them.” Giles stated simply before giving a sigh. “There might be no need for that if I can just wipe their minds.”

Xander stared at Giles in shock. “If you were Professor Charles Xavier, I doubt he would even agree to use his powers in that way. That’s going to be a lot of people whose minds are going to be altered.”

“Charles is Charles, I on the other hand will make my own choices. And anyway, I think you under estimated what Charles would really do if those he loves were threatened.” Giles said wearily. “Furthermore, I have no wish for any of your hands to be stained by human blood, even though those men or women might not be totally innocent in their deeds.”
There was a moment of contemplative silence before Oz shifted his body, looking towards Giles.

“What you suggested is certainly another possible route. In fact it would probably solve most of our problems.” Oz agreed as he looked at Giles with a hint of respect. “With Andromeda's transporter technology, once we have identified who those involved are, we could beam them up, drug them and let Giles mind wipe or implant false memories into their minds.”

“And since I have a large technological base, I can simply create cloaked infiltrator bots to gain access to any of the N.I.D bases.” Xander mused. “We virtually do not have to involve the girls at all.”

“A pity we have no idea that the massive technological databases from the small starships would work beforehand.” Giles said with a hint of regret on his face. “If so, there would not be a need for Buffy and the others to go through the Halloween Spell.”

“We can't turn back time. And our new abilities might be a blessing in disguise even with our changed genomes.” Xander said with a shrug. “In the meantime, I still have to activate all 1150 androids on Andromeda. It's high time this ship comes to full operations.”

Qara Moonstone... Willow said the name softly in her mind, as she sat in the mess area on the floor she was in. She had gotten a cup of coffee to compliment a light lunch of turkey bacon and potatoes as she seat at one of the tables next to the port windows, allowing her a clear view of the desert below. The bright light of the afternoon sun streamed down on her as she contemplated who she had briefly become.

Qara, daughter of the headmaster of Neverwinter Magic Academy. A brash and arrogant young girl who views her abilities at much higher level than her peers. Which was true in a way, Qara was extremely powerful, resulting in her having trouble controlling the amount of power she has, which usually ends up causing more trouble for her. She had somehow ended up following a group of heroes to defeat the King of Shadows, a powerful entity who seeks the destruction of their world. But at the last moment, she had betrayed her companions, siding with Black Garius, a powerful Luskan mage and the leader of the cult of King of Shadows.

Qara had been seduced by the promise of incredible power that would be granted to her and had hardened her heart. She had used her most powerful spells against her once friends. Her last memories which had been passed to Willow was of Qara lethally injuring Khelgar Ironfist, a dwarven fighter, who used to be one of her closer companions...

Willow blinked away the shadows of memories with watery eyes. It had been horrifying to watch in her own head how a powerful young sorceress had been so easily swayed to the dark side. Yet Willow did not shy from those memories. Instead she was mentally reviewing each and every one of Qara's past actions, determined that she would not repeat the same mistakes in her own life. Even now, she could feel the surge of powerful magic within her, magic that could annihilate a small army. Willow was determined that she would never use her powers against Xander and the others in that way, not as Qara had done to those close to her.

“So that's where you were moping.” Cordelia's dry voice cut through her thoughts as she walked in. “You have a seemingly constipated look on your face. It's certainly not doing your image any good.”

“I was just thinking.” Willow shot back in irritation. Cordelia and her were like oil and fire. Though Willow now tolerated her because she was Xander's girlfriend and occasional helper of the group, the grudge between the two which had started back from their childhood could not be overcome easily.

“There seemed to be a lot of that going around right now.” Cordelia said rolling her eyes as she made her way to the replicator machine at the far end of the mess area. “I just walked passed Buffy who had her head in the clouds, sitting like a zombie in the longue. She didn't even notice me.”

“That's a surprise. Your very presence could wake the dead, or send them running.” Willow said glowering at Cordelia, annoyed that her personal thinking time was interrupted.

“Very funny Rosenberg.” Cordelia said as she inputted some commands into the replicator machine. There was a flash of light and then Cordelia grabbed hold of a tray of food that had appeared, beginning to walk towards the table Willow was seated at.

Willow closed her eyes with dread. Somehow, someway, Cordelia was doing more than intruding on her personal time out and seemed determined as hell to force herself into Willow's personal space. Cordelia settled down in the seat opposite Willow, placing down her tray before giving Willow a frank look.

“So what were you thinking about?” Cordelia asked, her eyes observing Willow.

For a moment, Willow considered telling Cordelia it was none of her business. But then Cordelia was trying to be civil, if the bitch queen could do civil, then so could Willow. Never let it be said that Willow was the lesser women. Besides, she certainly did not want Xander to have a tarnished image of her if Cordelia complained to him.

“Just thinking about my Halloween spell counterpart.” Willow said simply as she concentrated on finishing her food so that she could walk out of the place faster.

“Oh who was she? My Druid counterpart knew of a few sorcerers in her time.” Cordelia asked with a look of interest in her eyes. “Though Elynia Goldthorn was a bit of a recluse. She's a nature fanatic, filling her time with tending Loyren Grove not far from the city of Waterdeep. It did help hone her powers to ridiculously high level.”

“Oh.” Willow said, surprised that Cordelia was even willing to share whose memories and powers she had inherited. “My counterpart was Qara Moonstone...”

Cordelia's eyes softened as she looked at Willow in suddenly understanding. “The daughter of the headmaster of Neverwinter Magic Academy. I... that is Elynia heard rumours she was one of the heroes who were killed fighting against the King of Shadows. Elynia don't know her personally, but for a time, the bards were all singing about the great battle. Did you have the whole batch of memories including her dying?”

“What?” Willow asked in shock looking at Cordelia. The Qara in her memories was most certainly a traitor, surely even if Qara's companions won the battle, they would not have covered up her actions? Even now, reviewing Qara's memories, she could see the betrayed looks on Qara's companions’ eyes as she turned her spells against them. “Cordelia... why don't you tell me what your counterpart knew about the battle against the King of Shadows?”

Something does not seemed right...

Gigabytes of data bounced off the satellites hovering over Earth in a constant undetected stream as Andromeda hacked into Earth's internet system, pouring over every last byte of data that the internet possessed, as well as all of the data in the computers connected to the network. She was doing this on her own initiative. Now programmed to be loyal to Xander and the others, she was determined to make the accomplishing of their goals much more easier, by doing some information gathering. Especially since Xander had modified her original behaviour matrix, making her more independent in making her own decisions.

Hacking into the United State government's mainframe, Andromeda began a rapid search for all data concerning the N.I.D.... nanoseconds passed as Andromeda paused at a large chunk of data concerning a Stargate Command?...

“Oh my.” Andromeda said in surprise within her data matrix as she poured over the data. Her understanding of this world was based on the information Xander had passed her, as well as data gleamed from the internet. During her search in the World Wide Web, she had not come across any hard evidence of alien life forms on this planet until now...

Andromeda sent a silent command to route some of her sub-routines to focus on finding more data for this Stargate Command, while she focused on the N.I.D. It was only half an hour later when one of her sub-routines pinged her. Data found regarding Stargate Command had been surprisingly little even in the government servers. Finding out the location of Stargate Command itself had been easy, but it was no help as the place utilised a closed network system which was not connected to the internet. Their luck had turned around when one of the sub-routine had found a computer belonging to Senator Robert Kinsey connected to the internet which contained a large archive of Stargate Command's mission files and N.I.D. Black ops files. From the data obtained, it seemed that Senator Kinsey had come by most of the Stargate Command mission files quite illegally.

It took another half an hour for Andromeda to download the files into herself, due to the latency of Earth's satellites and Senator Kinsey's computer system. Another five minutes was taken for Andromeda to digest the contents and...

“Seems like we have a problem.” Andromeda said grimly as she pinned down the location of Xander and sent a hologram in the image of herself to inform him of what she had found. Andromeda then sent a command to her engines as she gently propel herself into space, careful to make sure that the cloak engines were functioning without any issues. A second command sent through her command matrix caused the ship's sensors to activate as powerful passive scans began to wash over Earth's surface.

As she sent herself into orbit around the planet while scanning it, Andromeda began to receive more and more abnormal pings of data, regarding alien objects and structures that should not be there in the first place.

“Xander's not going to be happy when he hears about this.” Andromeda said to herself as she reviewed her scan data.

The people of Earth were not alone. In fact they might not even be the first sentient beings to evolve on the planet.

And the Aliens are out there...

Author’s Note: When I was creating the Druid and Cleric counterparts for Cordelia and Buffy, I was more interested in both girls having Druid and Cleric spells instead of researching a proper counterpart for them. So yes, both their counterparts are OC characters and would not play any major part in the story other than to provide some back story.
Qara on the other hand was from the PC game Neverwinters Night 2. Near the end of the game she’ll either turn bad or stay with you, but either way she’ll still die. (If what I got from Wikipedia is correct, I never completed the game) I thought her character is quite suitable to be some sort of anti-role model for Willow. Who knows? Maybe Willow might actually be more cautious in using magic.

Ps. Regarding the Androids, Master of Orions II actually only have three types of Android citizens. Android Scientists, Famers and Workers. But I was thinking, if they could have Androids specialising in these fields, then it probably makes sense to apply Androids in other fields of operations. So yes, Android Engineers and Infiltrators are OC add-ons of mine in this story.
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