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The Halloween Spell

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Summary: After Halloween night, Ethan was captured by the N.I.D who forced him to create a permanent Halloween spell which they can exploit. With the world’s fate in his hands, Ethan did the right thing for once in his life, and the world will never be the same.

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Multiple Crossings > General > Theme: HalloweenwraithruneFR15422,905510719,54912 Jun 1030 Nov 10No

Chapter Four: Keeping the Balance

Story Title: The Halloween Spell

Crossover: Multiple

Author: Wraithrune

Disclaimer: This is a crossover fanfiction. The rights for Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Star Trek, Star Wars, Andromeda, Master of Orion II, Space Empires V, Dungeons and Dragons, Stargate, Supreme Commander, Final Fantasy Tactics, Heroes of Might and Magic series, Green Lanterns and Superman belongs to their respective owners. I am just a fan dabbling in creating an alternate playground for their existence.

Summary: After Halloween night, Ethan was captured by the N.I.D who forced him to create a permanent Halloween spell which they can exploit. With the world's fate in his hands, Ethan did the right thing for once in his life, and the world will never be the same again.

Chapter Four: Keeping the Balance

In the Deeper Wells, where the Elder Demons remained sealed...

He stirred slowly... as he quietly began to gather back his strength. Not the titanic strength and magic he used to possess, but a mere pittance, only able to slightly open his eye lids... to see a never ending darkness.

But even though his vision was useless, he knew where he was. Just as his strength was returning, so was his magical essence. Even now, he could sense that he was in some kind of stone sarcophagi, a mystic sarcophagi that was somehow constantly draining away his strength and essence, trying to lull him back to an eternal sleep.

But he would not be denied, holding on tenaciously to the tiny flare of power that still remained within him. Somehow he had awakened, and he would no longer be content with being sealed in this mystical prison.

Even now, with his rapidly expanding magical senses, he could sense others of his kind, the planewalkers that used to be allied with him, lying in other stone sarcophagi nearby, forever sealed in eternal sleep. His last memory had been of his kind waging a fierce war against the mortals who called themselves the Alterans. The planewalkers had been winning the war, he was sure of it, especially after they had unleashed the mystical plague on the mortals... But now, he was trapped here, having no idea of what had happened that caused him to end up here.

However he knew one thing, He, Kronos, the most powerful planewalkers of his time, would find a way free of this prison and unleash vengeance upon those that had sealed him away...

One hour before...

“So you are able to create a holographic environment based on my memories?” Faith asked carefully as the hologram of Andromeda appeared beside her, preparing to assist her. Faith had requested Andromeda's aid minutes after she had entered the holographic room and discovered she had no idea how to operate the damn thing.

“Yes, the races of Master of Orion II succeed in mapping the neural pathways of several sentient beings, humans being one of them. I foresee no problems using the neural scanner to recreate a holographic environment based on your memories.” Andromeda reassured her as she gestured to the panel besides the door of the holographic room, which had opened up to reveal a small rectangle space. The small space contained two devices, both of which looked very much like plastic head bands. “Just place one of the neural scanners around your head and initiate scanning, the A.I. controlling the holographic room will do the rest.”

“This room is controlled by a different A.I.?” Faith asked curiously, looking around the empty dome shaped room that was the size of a school classroom. The place could probably fit thirty people standing, and still have space for a bit more.

“The original Andromeda Ascendant, or rather the people from her universe never developed holographic technologies to as fine a degree as those in Master of Orion II or Star Trek.” Andromeda explained, turning to face Faith. “As such when Xander created the holographic room, it is isolated from the rest of the ship's mainframe, powered by its own power source. An A.I. was created just for the purpose of maintaining this room, as well as several others similar to it on the ship. It is simply to ensure the ship runs more efficiently. I'll however be at hand to render assistance at anytime.”

“Okay, that's cool with me. So when do I meet this A.I.?” Faith asked with a grin.

Faith instantly jumped backwards in surprise as a cascade of lights formed into the figure of a tall young brunette, who was smiling at her. The new holographic figure was dressed in black skin tight jumpsuit that showed off a lot of her figure and cleavage.

“I am Lilith. A.I. in charge of the holographic rooms on board Andromeda. And I serve to make your dreams come true.” Lilith said with an enticing smile.

“Lilith's A.I. matrix is a bit... simpler than mine.” Andromeda said with what seemed like a forced smile. “But Xander programmed her to be able to attend to all the needs of users using the holographic rooms, so there's no need to worry about her capabilities. I'll leave you now in her care, if you need to contact me, just give me a call.”

There was a soft chime of lights as the hologram of Andromeda disappeared.

“Ah that stuffy bat's gone at last.” Lilith said as the last motes of holographic lights disappeared. Lilith wrapped her right arm around Faith's shoulder startling her.

“You're solid!” Faith said in shock. She could literally feel the weight of Lilith's arm around her.

“Ah yes. That's because you are in a holographic room. Unlike the normal holographic emitters installed at all levels of Andromeda, the emitters in the holographic rooms allows for solid holographic projection.” Lilith chortled with a tinkering laugh. “Come now my girl. Don't you want to try out this room? I can bring all your fantasy to life.”

Faith chuckled as she picked up the neural scanner and placed it on her head. “Cordelia's going to burst a blood vessel if she knew Xander was the one that created you. In the meantime, I've a memory I want to replicate in a holographic projection. Andromeda said to place this neural scanner thing on my head. What do I do next?”

“Just concentrate on the memory and I'll do the rest.” Lilith said, giving Faith a mischievous smile.

Faith nodded and concentrated, bring up her memories. Not her own memories of course, Faith never had much memories worth reliving in the holographic room. Except during the time when Dara, her first Watcher had found her... But her counterpart, the one that she had momentarily became through the Halloween spell, one Rapha Galthena, had some treasured memories of her brother and her companions.

Rapha Galthena never had an easy life. She possesses a very rare ability called Sky Mantra, which along with her brother Marach's Nether Mantra was coveted and exploited by Grand Duke Barrington of Riovanes. Enslaved, she later freed herself and her brother by joining up with one Ramza Beoulve to save the kingdom of Ivalice from powerful demons.

Though the journey had been tough, the friendships she had gained through the numerous battles against all odds, had bonded the group of guerrilla fighters. Though the group was condemned by the people of Ivalice, they ended up becoming their saviours.

Light streamed in the holographic room, and Faith found herself looking at a scene of battle, over a grass plain, where Rapha and her friends were battling against a horde of Bombs, fire elemental monsters that could self destruct. Sounds of shouts and fighting blasted out in the holographic room. Faith looked on at the scene brought to life from her memories. Even as she watched the tightly knit group defend each other against the monsters, Faith felt a watery gleam crossed her eyes.

Perhaps, one day, she would be as close with her present companions as Rapha was to hers. Right now she felt more like an extra tag along, the backup Slayer that joined Buffy's group. She had to admit, there were days since she came to Sunnydale, when she was simply consumed with jealousy over what Buffy had. But that was a mote point now. The group, at least Giles, was willing to accept her as part of them, by letting her join this new mission of theirs.

Faith looked down, summoning crackles of white lightning to her hands as she called to her Sky Mantra magic, the magic belonging to Rapha. Xander's intention for Faith had been for her to gain the powers of a Monk from the Final Fantasy Tactics game. Faith had certainly gotten the Monk powers and skills, with involved power chakra skills that could heal wounds and revive the recently dead. Because Rapha had been more than just the last female survivor of the Galthana clan, inheritor of the Sky Mantra magic. She had also been trained as an exceptional Monk.

“So Lilith. You say the holograms are solid. How much punishment do you think they can take?” Faith asked with a grin, even as she rushed forward to defeat the holographic monsters.

Present time

Xander looked down at the console in satisfaction. The display of statistics seemed normal. In the past hour, Xander had activated all of the Androids on board Andromeda while monitoring their status closely to ensure that nothing goes wrong. Giles and Oz had long retreated from the Android Hangar. Giles had mentioned that he was going to find something to eat while Oz had left to look for Willow.

“Xander.” A stream of lights announced the arrival of Andromeda even as her voice came out of the local speakers first.

Xander looked up from the console he was monitoring to see a worried frown on Andromeda's holographic image.

“What happened Andromeda?” Xander asked looking at the A.I.

“I've been doing some research about the N.I.D, and have located some interesting information from various network sources.” Andromeda revealed. “It seemed that the U.S. Government had a group of people handling extraterrestrial travels.”

“What!” Xander exclaimed in shock, looking at Andromeda in disbelief. “What are the information you've found? Give me a few minutes to get into my Armored Command Unit before you show me.”

“If I can have your permission, I'll like to try something.” Andromeda said hesitantly. “Since you are basically a nanite being, it might be possible for me to wirelessly transmit the large chunks of information into your nanites. That might allow you to digest the information more easily.”

Xander pursed his lips before nodding. He would have to deal with his new body sooner or later. It might be better that he find out what his body could do now rather than later.

“Very well. I'm ready.” Xander said standing rigidly in front of Andromeda. For a moment, nothing happened. Then he felt a strange sensation as if something was caressing his body. Instinctively, Xander 'reached' out towards the sensation and suddenly, he was 'connected' to Andromeda's external ship matrix.

“Passing you the data.” Andromeda's voice resounded in his head. And then information exploded in his head.

Top Secret

Stargate Command Overview

Stargate Command (abbreviated to SGC) is a top-secret United States Air Force military organization tasked with operating the Stargate device and all matters pertaining to things offworld, such as threats to Earth or missions to procure new technology from extraterrestrial civilizations. It is based inside the Cheyenne Mountain Complex in Colorado, codenamed "Area 52"....

... an archaeological dig in Giza, Egypt in 1928, where Professor Paul Langford discovers an artifact, a large metal ring with symbols all along the edge with nine chevrons, that has been protected by coverstones...

... Dr. Jackson finds the translation of the hieroglyphs on the inner track as "door to heaven". Later discovered to mean "Stargate." ...

... Dr. Jackson discover the point of origin for the Stargate... gate is activated, wormhole established to another planet...

... On the planet known as Abydos, the Stargate team encountered the Goa'uld Ra.. battle when Ra attempt to enslave them...

... Goa'uld Ra destroyed... Later discovered that the Stargate leads to multiple planets instead of just one planet after Goa'uld Apophis attacked...

... Formation of the Stargate Command...

Mission Report 01290

Samantha Carter

... On planet P3X-774 SG-1 was tasked with locating a being with ability to appear and disappear at will...

... Later discovered that P3X-774 was the homeworld for the Nox a seemingly primitive yet advanced people that are pacifists in nature... powerful healing abilities... cloaking abilities... large advanced floating city...

... encounter with Apophis and his Jaffa who were also after the Nox... managed to turn them back to the gate...

... Nox returned SG-1 to the stargate... Nox stargate presumed to be buried after SG-1 left...



Top Secret

National Information Department Overview

National Information Department

... National Information Department (abbreviated to N.I.D) is a top-secret United States Information....

Mission Report 12324

Col Matt Wilson

... under orders to form a research and investigative unit on sub-terrestrials... primarily scouting of Sunnydale as prospective base completed...

... Initiative program given green light... orders to begin secretly building the base under a frat house... Two year duration construction project...

Headhunting possible research candidates for project...




Hundreds of documentations in digital form flooded Xander's mind. A lot of them pertaining to the Stargate Command, while there were also a quite a handful on the N.I.D.

Knowledge of the Stargate Command, the Stargate device which allows wormhole travel to other planets, the Alliance of Four great races which the Nox, Ancients and the Asgards are part of, the mysterious Ancients who built the stargate and disappeared, the Goa'ulds who were parasitic aliens that took over human bodies, the Tok'ras who were Goa'ulds that refused to forcefully take over human bodies...

Then there was also knowledge of the N.I.D cells scattered around the country, their various missions, even one of their budding program, something called the Initiative that was supposed to take place in Sunnydale.

The heady sensation of processing the large chunks of information in just a few nano seconds caused Xander to loss control of his sight and other basic senses. For a moment, he was lost, swimming in data, in fact he was data... Then with a snap, he was back in the Android Hangar, Andromeda standing worriedly beside him.

“Wow. That was something different...” Xander said shaking his head even as he tried to deal with all the information at the same time. “Well first thing first, we need to inform the others. The Stargate Command is interesting and all, but the data on the N.I.D takes precedence. Currently Stargate Command seemed to be taking care of the alien threats admirably, which means we might not have to take direct actions. However, with what you've gotten on the N.I.D, we already have the location for three of the rogue cells that are doing research on the Halloween Spell. We can...”

“A moment please.” Andromeda suddenly interrupted, a frown on her face. “My mainframe just got back to me. I've been running scans over the surface of Earth on my own initiative after learning of Stargate Command. It seemed that the problems with aliens might be closer to home then you might think.”

“Show me the data.” Xander said bracing himself.

Giles stepped into the command deck to find that Xander and the others were already gathered before him. In fact looking through the viewing screens of the command deck, he was shocked to see the blackness of space, and a large rotating planet that looks like Earth, instead of a desert view.

“I must say Xander, I came as soon as I got Andromeda's message. But what matter was so urgent? And why are we in space?” Giles inquired looking at Xander's face which showed a grimace.

“We are in space because Andromeda had discovered something which she needed to confirm. Since we're all here, I'll tell all of you what Andromeda had discovered while snooping around government servers as well as scanning Earth.” Xander said, turning to look at Buffy and the others who were looking at him curiously. “Aliens are real. In fact our government has a department called the Stargate Command that deals with travelling to other planets via a wormhole device.”

“What!” Willow and Buffy exclaimed in shock. Cordelia just stared at him with mouth agape, while Faith just give a smirk.

“Always knew the stories about the Roswell Greys were true.” Faith said with a grin.

“Well... I'm not sure about the Roswell Greys, but there's a group of aliens called the Asgards who looked like them. So I guess that's where all the urban legends started. You can find a copy of all the information Andromeda found in the communication consoles at each of your assigned rooms. Andromeda can show you where those rooms are later.” Xander said looking at Giles who looked like he was having a headache. “What's more important is that it seemed that the existence of aliens is more deeply ingrained in Earth than anyone, even Stargate Command had thought.”

The large screen in front of the command deck flickered to an image of what looked like a map of Earth, with several red blinking dots highlighted at certain locations of the map.

“This is a preliminary scan result of Earth's surface.” Xander said gesturing to the map. “Basically what Andromeda did was a passive scan of Earth's surface for any noticeable power source. After isolating the man made ones. Imagine our surprise when we found... let's see, 12 unknown types of starships, maybe the size of a scout or frigate hidden just in Egypt alone, under sand or pyramids, 1 alien base in Antarctica, 1 submerged city in the Bermuda Triangle... and various others.”

“Oh!!” Willow said in excitement. “So there are aliens living among us right now?”

“Most probably. Though from what I could tell from the scans, the starships, base and city located has not been accessed for the past few hundred years.” Xander said to the visible excitement of Willow and Faith. “I'll need a more detailed scan from Andromeda to check if we've any aliens hidden in Earth's population, which would take a while. Especially considering the fact that we can't use our more powerful scanning devices which would disrupt communications worldwide. Human technologies as of current time, has no protection against the energy wave emitted during an active scan from us. We'll have to limit the power of our scans.”

“So what are we going to do about these information?” Oz asked, a picture of calm beside the excitable Willow. “We've still got the N.I.D and Watcher's Council on our plate.”

“Well, I've been thinking. With our current powers and technological edge, we can deal with the N.I.D and Watcher's Council with just a small team, maybe 2-3 of us, assisted by Androids. In fact, I think Giles should head the team that deals with N.I.D and the Council, while I back him up. We've discussed a bit, and Giles had some ideas about what to do with them” Xander revealed, looking at the girls, since other than Oz, they had no idea what he was talking about.

“In the meantime, I was thinking of having a second team keep an eye on any foreseeable alien problems, as well as salvaging what the aliens had left behind, so we can find out what's going on in the intergalactic scene.” Xander said turning to look at Oz. “I was thinking of heading this team together with Oz's help since it's more of a salvage and research operation. The rest of you are welcomed to join us.”

“But Xander, I've told you that the Superman I've become is not familiar with alien technological knowledge.” Oz interrupted with a frown.

“Yes I am aware of that. But I've a solution to the technological problems, for all of you.” Xander said, taking out a small bottle which contains what looks like pills from his pocket. “Andromeda has finished compiling the genome results. Overall it seemed positive, though there is one potential problem we've found. I'll tell all of you the results first before revealing my proposed solutions. Oz, it seemed that silver is deadly to you, in fact even more deadly to you than your werewolf counter part. Computer simulations of your genome revealed that skin contact with a bit of silver could lead to you having severe allergic reactions, silver within you would most probably kill you.”

“Great.” Oz said sarcasm heavy in his voice. “So instead of Kryptonite, I'm allergic to silver.”

“I can think of several workarounds to this problem.” Xander said in reassurance. “One involves the use of an adaptive forcefield that only activates when silver is near. That might protect you from the silver weakness. Thankfully, for the rest of you, though you might not be 100% human now, the change in genome structures does not seemed to have any major side effects.”

“I guess we should be thankful for small favors.” Cordelia said grimly.

“That's one way of putting it.” Xander said with a nod. “To continue what I was going to say, I have a solution for our technological problems. The genome tests revealed one thing. All of your neural pathways are still human or close to human in nature. This bottle of pills in my hand actually contains artificial implants, each of them able to store up to 950 zettabytes of data. It comes with a smart A.I. and is able to enhance your currently capacity of knowledge by a lot.”

“You want us to put A.I. implants in our head?” Buffy asked, looking at the bottle of pills doubtfully.

“Yes, I've already copied the basic technological knowledge needed to operate the devices on this ship into the implants. I've also inputted basic science and maths of the Andromeda verse.” Xander explained, noting that Buffy and Giles in particular seemed reluctant to try out the idea. “What you do with the rest of the space in the implant is up to you. You can store the scientific theories of maybe Star Trek and Master of Orion II for instance, that would help if you're researching something like the alien starships we're planning to salvage. Or you can wipe out the data and fill your implants with First Contact protocols if we're in a situation that need us to seek out an alien race. Alternatively, you can also forgo the implants and learn things the hard way. This is just a solution to speed things up.”

“Well I'm in.” Faith said instantly. “It certainly beats having to ask Andromeda for help with every little thing on this ship.”

“Me too.” Willow said, looking particularly giddy at the thought of so much knowledge at her finger tips.

“I don't have much choice do I? I don't want to be the only idiot around a bunch of super smart people.” Buffy said unwillingly.

“The implants don't actually increase our intelligence, it just increase our capacity for knowledge.” Xander tried to explain. “Though I guess those two factors are so closely inter-linked that it wouldn't make much difference.”

“What do we need to do then?” Giles conceded with a sigh, seeing no way out of it.

“Just take a pill and swallow. The A.I. implant in the pill will do the rest.” Xander said handing the bottle to Giles. “In the meantime, since we're not starting operations yet. How many of you want to join me in inspecting those alien ships. I'm am having Andromeda beam up the smaller ships into the hangar bays even as we speak. The bigger ships... well, I guess we'll have to get hold of them the hard way.”

“You really have to ask?” Faith said with a grin as she pop a pill into her mouth. “I'm in. I want to see what those alien ships really looked like.”

“Foolish Children. They knew not what they have done.” The Elder said, as the Ascended gathered in the Energy plane, circling around the energy mirror that reflects the events on the physical plane. The mirror was particularly focused on a small group of humans in one of the most advanced starship in the Milky Way galaxy.

Orlin shivered, still in his energy form, a globe of white hot energy that resembles a squid, like many of the other Ascended. But The Others were different. First races of the Ascended, their energy forms resembled that of a whale, dwarfing over the forms of the other Ascended, most of whom were from the race that called themselves the Alterans in their mortal lives. The Elder in particular, the First of The Others, looked like a whale shaped cruiser sized starship. And it occupied much of the energy plane they were currently in.

“Their action, that one quantum manipulation of such chaotic nature, had disrupted the veils between realities. The amount of chaotic energies tied to their living core weakens the veils even further.” One of The Others said, its voice audible to all the millions over Ascended gathered. “Even now, the planewalker that called itself The First Evil, is prowling around the weakness in the veils.”

“That punitive planewalker is no match against even one of The Others, or several of the Ascended.” The Elder intoned dismissively.

“But the mortals are no match against it! We might be immune to its manipulations but...” One of the Ascended, most probably an Alteran in his previous life, spoke up but was silenced by a blast of energy from The Elder.

“SILENCE Janus. We Ascended have sworn to maintain the Balance in the parts of the galaxies that we occupied. We are however not protectors or nursemaids for the mortal races.” The Elder said angrily. “Those mortals have made their mistakes, by letting The First Evil have a chance to enter. That's their mistake, they would have to deal with it should the planewalker managed to cross over here. We would however be here to correct the Balance at the end, should there be a need.”

“You can't be serious!” The Ascended named Janus continued to argue. “This is the same thing like what happened with the Quantum Mirrors all over again! You're not going to act until millions have died, until the Balance had been shifted so far into the other side that it's not going to matter much in the end when we correct it!”

“Already a few thousand years since you've Ascended and you still remained impetuous. You have great power Janus, that's the only reason you're tolerated, do not attempt to go against the rules or you'll be descended.” The Elder said calmly before continuing. “However that's not why we are gathered here today. The Children who had wrought the quantum manipulation on themselves are now the epitome of Chaos, which needed to be Balanced out. Their presence weakened the veils of reality. I fear not The First Evil, but should the veils continued to deteriorate, we might get more than just planewalkers crossing the veils, we might get a creature of the Abyss.”

Orlin shivered. The Abyss was a plane of existence far below the physical and energy plane, and the creatures living within that plane of existence supposedly treat Ascended as their meal time treats. Creatures of the Abyss were on a whole different level of power as the mortals were to the Ascended.

“We need to infuse an equal amount of Order into the physical plane than.” One of the gathered Ascended remarked. “Which object should we use? Perhaps the doorway of the Deeper Wells?”

“No, we'll use this.” The Elder said. The energy mirror flickered and show the interior of a vehicle, where seven glowing rings, lanterns and a glowing power core sat on the floor. “These artifacts are one of those created by those Children through their quantum manipulation. They hold great power, and should act as a Balance against them. Janus, you argued for the mortals to be saved? Then I give you your chance.”

“What do you mean?” The Ascended Janus asked in a more subdued tone of voice.

Around Orlin, the other Ascended kept quiet, it was obvious that The Elder had manoeuvred Janus into doing something it must have intended for him all along. But none there dared to speak up, at least not in the presence of so many of The Others.

“There must be a Balance. As there are now seven living epitome of Chaos running around in the mortal plane, so there shall be seven epitome of Order to Balance them. This will cancel out their individual energies and stop the deterioration on the reality veils.” The Elder replied. “If you so wish, you shall return to your mortal form as one of the seven and be in charge of the other six. Using the seven ring artifacts, you will be granted powers enough to act against those chaotic children if they fall out of line. And of course, those rings would grant you much needed power against The First Evil should she cross over.”

“You are asking me to descend.” Janus said incredulously.

“Temporarily of course, until the crisis is over.” The Elder said calmly. “We will Ascend you back to the Energy plane when all of this is over. Unless you choose not to do it?”

Orlin grimaced. It was obvious what The Elder was doing. Janus was probably the most vocal against the actions of The Others, and now they were sending him away to certain death. The Elder's promise of re-Ascending Janus once the crisis was over was highly suspect. Even if The Elder did keep its promise, it already ensured that Janus would be gone from the Energy plane for an unknown period of time. Effectively silencing the more powerful and more vocal of the gathered Ascended. Part of him wanted to speak up, but the wiser part knew that he could also suffer the same fate.

“Very well, I will do it.” Janus said after a pause. There was hardly anyway out for him. He was the one that called The Others to do something about The First Evil. Now he was given a choice to do something about it, if he did not do it, he would effectively be a hypocrite, whose words would mean little among the other Ascended in future.

“Good. There is however one clause. Once you've descended and regain mortal form, much of your Ascended memories will be wiped away. You'll only retain memories of the threat of The First Evil and the need to Balance out those chaotic Children, as well as the memories of your mortal life. Of course, you'll also be given knowledge of how to use the rings. We've altered the rings with individual traits, so knowledge of how to use them is crucial.”

“Very well. I am prepared.” Janus replied, calmly accepting his fate.

“Then it shall be.” The Elder said.

Orlin could only watch in horror as the massive energies of The Elder wrapped around Janus' energy form which... vanished... having descended. Somewhere in the physical plane, Janus probably regained back mortal form.

“Now, let's move on to the more important things.” The Elder said turning to Orlin, as if the descension of Janus was but a small matter. “The chaotic quantum manipulation attempted by those children had... changed one of us, namely Orlin. The quantum manipulation had tied him to a mortal. Allowing her access over his energies, as well as allowing him control over her. This would make for interesting observations as to how our Ascended energy forms worked...”

A streak of light fell across the sky. There was a loud thud as something fell into the Amazon Basin, the thick forested area, and created a small crater within it.

If anyone had been watching, they would have seen a naked brown haired man getting up groggily, seven green rings, lanterns and a power core by his side.

“The First Evil's coming.” Janus said to himself as he tried to sort through his jumbled memories. He knew he had descended, but not why he did it. However the memory about the planewalker gave him his clue. There was a flash a starship... and then he saw seven humans, most are teenagers while one was an adult. “Chaos... dangerous, I need to... counter them?”

Janus felt a sense of confusion descending upon him. What was so dangerous about those innocent looking teenagers? Looking down, he saw the green rings beside him, and instantly knowledge about them flood into his mind.

“Rings of Order, to Balance the Chaos.” Janus said, trying to dig out some more memories from his dazzled brian.

One of the ring chose this moment to float up, eye level with him. Janus took it and put it on his right ring finger.

“Janus Ambrusia recognised as ring owner.” The ring said, startling Janus.

“Ring owner.” Janus mused, looking at the other rings. He was quite sure the other rings needed to be distributed to other people as well. “Who do the rest of the rings belong to?”

“Ring bearers for other rings are not yet selected.” The ring on his finger revealed. “Awaiting your orders.”

“My orders ehh?” Janus said in amusement. “Why the first thing is to find some clothes and some place to stay.”

He tried to search his mind for any important information. He knew he was in Terra, the current timeline was around a thousand years since he ascended, which meant that there are very few places of his people still standing... except...

“Olympus.” Janus breathe as he remembered. The legendary Alteran city ship hidden in thick mountain ranges. The one that was abandoned thousands over years ago during the great plague. Before the Alterans had fled to another galaxy. It was also the city ship that later became the temporarily home of the Alterans who had returned to Terra, before they Ascended.

Janus looked at the ring on his finger. He had knowledge of how to use it and what it can do so he... Green light flared from the ring as Janus willed a green suit around his body. A globe of green light then encased the other rings, lanterns and power core on the ground as Janus began to fly into the air.

He knew where to go now. And then he would find new ring bearers to help save the world from The First Evil... and maybe those humans that his memories had labelled dangerous.

edited 01/12/10
A big thank you to weirdbutgifted for helping me spot so many of my spelling and grammatic errors. :)
Thanks to Sdarian for sporting my mistake with naming the Ancients :)

Author's Note: Apologies for any spelling mistakes. My Microsoft office just expired >.< and I am using Openoffice. The problem is the spell check doesn't seemed to be working for me. So I have to do it the hard way by proof reading a few times, but I am pretty sure there are still mistakes hidden within. (My spelling is not very good by the way.)

So if any of you spot any errors, drop me a message and let me know. Thank you!

The End?

You have reached the end of "The Halloween Spell" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 30 Nov 10.

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