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Anarchy's Glee

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Summary: The life and times of a Glee club in Charming, CA.

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JmariaFR1533,430063,34312 Jun 1012 Apr 13No


Title: Anarchy’s Glee
Author: Jmaria
Rating: FR-15
Disclaimer: Cutter owns all things Anarchy, Murphy owns all things Glee.
Spoilers: Set in the first half of season one for both series.
Summary: The life and times of a Glee club in Charming, CA.
A/N: Did I mention the part where this is utter crackfic that kept me highly entertained when I had to fold the same towel five times over?
Also, this fic contains swearing, illegal & immoral behavior and just plain wackiness…much like the shows they represent (the first bit more on S.o.A’s behalf, but still wackiness ensues.)
This chapter is Glee heavy

Anarchy’s Glee

Will Schuester had only been back in Charming for a few weeks when he’d decided to take over the Glee Club that had brought him those few precious memories he still had of high school. It had been his one escape, his one safe place from the reality of Charming. An escape from biker gangs and brutality, drugs and other dangerous lifestyle choices.

Will listened as the five students auditioned, remembering how hard he’d thought his life had been at sixteen. How singing had seen him through the hard times.

“Pathetic little mouth breathers,” a condescending voice muttered from behind him.

“They’re students, Sue,” Will sighed, looking back at Sue Sylvester, the cheerleading coach and root of all evil at McKinley High.

“They’re a blemish on an already pustule ridden complexion of the average American overfed teenager,” Sue rolled her eyes.

“They’re good.”

“That’s what they say about all of the idiots who try out in droves for American Idol.”

“What do you want, Sue?”

“I want you to stop siphoning off my Cheerios funds, William.”

“Sue, I have nothing to do with that. Figgins decided that your budget needed to be cut to help the other programs out,” Will rubbed at the bridge of his nose.

“Yes, moments after Charming’s prodigal Samcro son returns home like the festering boil he is,” Sue narrowed her eyes at him.

“I’m not and I never was associated with Samcro,” Will’s jaw tightened. “I came back to fill my old mentor’s position. I didn’t come back to Charming for anything related to the Sons.”

“Doesn’t really matter, Shuester. Even if you did have something to do with Samcro, your pathetic little club won’t even make it to sectionals.”

“Those kids are amazingly talented. They could go all the way to nationals-“

“Apparently, you haven’t been reading up on California’s Show Choir handbook,” Sue gave him a tight smile.

“Where did you get that? I’ve been searching the library for days for that!” Will frowned.

“And you didn’t find it because I checked out all four copies and burned three of them with the intention of watching the tiny gnomes that infest your hair weep at the loss of your evil little glee club.”


“You only have five participating students. A minimum of twelve participants are required,” Sue flipped through the book and tore out the page, scrunching it into a tiny ball and throwing it at his face. “Therefore, you might as well just give in and leave my funding alone.”

Snapping the now defaced book closed, Sue strode around him and left through the door behind him. He listened to her verbally assaulting the student body in the span of time it took for the door to close behind her, stunned at her revelation.


“Does that mean there’s not going to be a glee club?” Kurt asked from the upper section of the auditorium where he sat with Mercedes Jones, his best friend in the entire school population.

“Hell to the no,” Mercedes huffed. “We need to get more members. You heard Mr. Shue at practice. Everyone who tried out got in. We just need to get bodies in the seats. Five down, seven to go.”

“We can’t make the people sing, Mercedes,” Kurt sighed. “Our club is doomed.”

We can’t make the people sing,” Mercedes smiled. “But you know people who hold a lot of sway in this town, Kurt.”

“Are you suggesting I use Samcro’s affluence as a bargaining chip for recruitment?” Kurt gaped at her.

“It’s a tricky play, but you’re tight with them all at Teller-Morrow, aren’t you?”

“Helping with the secretarial duties at the garage does not make me ‘tight’ with the sons,” Kurt rolled his eyes.

“No, but you know what they’re looking for in recruitment. You could offer to help boys we want in glee to give them tips on what would make them more appealing to Samcro,” Mercedes smiled brightly. “Think about it, Kurt. We’d knock Ms. Sylvester flat on her face. Someone’s gotta take her down a peg, why not us?”

“Because it could very well end with you and I being thrown in a ditch in the middle of the desert?” Kurt laughed nervously.

“The Sons aren’t that hardcore - are they?” Mercedes frowned.

“Who said I was talking about the Sons?”
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