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The Strangers

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Summary: Buffy and the Slayers travel to 3 different dimensions to close 3 portals. One portal is on Arda, after the War of Wrath, during the First Age.

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Chapter 10

Disclaimer: I did not own Buffy, Angel or characters from the Silmarillion and the Lord of the Rings. The Angel Academy and Institute are my own creation.

NOTE 1: This is a short AU of my story, the New Watcher. It takes place after the battle with the First Evil and after the War of Wrath in the First Age of Middle-Earth.

NOTE 2: If you want to know about the Angel Academy and Institute, read chapters 1 and 2 of the New Watcher; and read chapter 4 of New Life to see how Dawn got her wands.

NOTE 3: When Angela or anyone from the Angel Institute are speaking to any of the Valar or Maia, they are speaking in the angelic language, except for the meeting that will be held with the slayers.


When Angela left Eonwe’s tent, she walked to the lake and said her good-bye to Ulmo and told him she was concerned with what she heard regarding the Valar meddling in human affairs. Namely, giving them the island of Númenor to men. She warned it would be a disaster for them and told him how Eru Ilúvatar destroyed their world after the second fall of the angels.

She also told him that if Númenor was destroyed, it would be by water and, if that happened, she told Ulmo to tell the Valar: “I TOLD YOU SO!” She told him that it was unfair for the Valar to treat the Edain differently than other men, and, in the end, other men would come to resent and hate the Edain.

“How do you know this?” Ulmo asked.

“It’s human nature,” she answered. “Which is something none of you understand. In ages to come, the Edain will completely parish and become a forgotten people. It’s the way of things for us Ulmo. Things change and never stay the same and empires rise and fall because it’s inevitable, and our world is littered with fallen empires.”

“I will remember your words,” he said.

“Please do,” she replied.

“What happened with Enoch?” he asked, and she told him and much more.

“It was nice meeting you and I love you Ulmo,” she said.

“I love you too,” he replied.


The following morning the Host of the Valar and the Edain started to break camp before sunrise.

Angela and members from the Angel Institute said good-bye to Elros and the Edain and helped the sick into wagons. They also gave them tents, food and clothing for their journey and they were grateful. They watched as Elrond and Elros said their good-byes and noticed Elros’ horse was saddled with the saddle they had given him and he was wearing his new boots and ceremonial dagger, along with his elvish sword. They found out that Elrond has accepted the position as Gil-galad’s Herald and he, Celeborn and Galadriel would be heading across the mountains.

When everyone was ready to depart, Angela, members from the Angel Institute and the slayers were standing outside their tents watching. After Eonwe got on his horse, he looked to his right and saw Angela giving him a bright smile and waving good-bye. He smiled at her and nodded his head. They watched as Eonwe lead the Host of the Valar south, with the civilians bringing up the rear.

“Let’s break camp,” Giles said, after the last group disappeared out of their sight.

After everyone retrieved their weapons and packs, everything disappeared and they saw Namo talking to Angela.

“In case you’re wondering what was written on the parchment I received from the Powers, they want me to pronounce a doom when we return home,” she told Namo with a smile.

He returned the smile.

“Whistler is bringing someone to us,” Giles told them.

Whistler appeared with Maglor a few seconds later.

Maglor was dirty and his clothes were in tatters. His hands still burned from the touch of the silmaril and when he saw the Lord of Mandos, he bowed.

“Maglor, son of Fëanor, you are to go with these people to their world to become a Watcher. You will never return to Arda, and if you die on their world, you will not be called to my Halls, but, go beyond the circles of the world and be judged by Eru Ilúvatar. THIS IS YOUR DOOM!”

Maglor was startled and looked at the strange mortals, dressed in strange clothes.

“This is Eru Ilúvatar’s Will,” Namo told him.

Maglor bowed again to the Lord of Mandos.

“We’re leaving now,” Angela said to Namo. “Tell that lovely wife of yours we said hello.”

“I will,” he replied.

“Whistler,” Giles said.

Whistler snapped his fingers and everyone disappeared.

Namo returned to Valinor.


Angela Academy for the Gifted and Talented

Maglor looked around the strange room and saw an older mortal women walk towards him.

“Hello Maglor,” Mrs. Evans said when she approached, letting some of her light shine through.

Maglor saw she was part Ainur and bowed .

“Come with me,” she said, and Maglor followed her out of the room.


“Whistler bring Simone Doffler and her slayers here,” Angela said, and Whistler snapped his fingers and Simone Doffler and her slayers appeared in the room.

They looked around the room and saw Giles, Buffy, Faith, Rona and other slayers in the room, along with strangers they had never seen before. When Simone tried to attack Buffy, she realized she couldn’t move.

“What’s going on?” Simone asked defiantly.

Murmurs from the other rogue slayers.

Buffy had her arms folded over her chest and was smiling.

“I receive orders from the Powers to pronounce all of your dooms,” Angela said to her.

“What doom?” Simone asked with a sneer.

“Whistler take all their slayer powers away,” Angela said.

Whistler snapped his fingers.

“You’re no longer slayers,” Giles told them.

Simone was furious and attacked Buffy.

Buffy punched her in the face and she flew backwards, knocked out cold before she hit the wall.

“They know to much,” Buffy said.

“I know,” Angela replied. “Whistler erase their memories as slayers and their knowledge of the Watchers, Watcher’s Council, slayers, witches and warlocks; and everything they’ve done after they became slayers, and then send them all home.

“You can’t do this to us,” a rogue slayer said.

“Yes the Powers can,” Giles told her.

Whistler snapped his fingers and they disappeared.

Simone Doffler woke up in an ally not far from her home wondering how she got there. She looked at herself in a broken mirror and wondered how she got a broken nose, split lip, and black eyes. I must have been in another fight, she thought.

She walked to the nearest hospital emergency room, not remembering anything.


When Mrs. Evans and Maglor returned to the room, everyone noticed his hands were healed, but the ugly scars would remain.

“We’re ready to go,” Giles said to Whistler.

When Whistler snapped his fingers, Faith and her slayers returned to the hellmouth; Rona and her slayers returned to Rome; Buffy and her slayers returned to their compound, and Giles and Maglor returned to the Watcher Council Headquarters.

A Watcher told Giles where he could find Ethan Rayne and a butler showed Maglor to his room, where he could bathe and change clothes.

“How is he doing?” Giles asked when he walked into the cottage.

“Not great,” Willow answered. “We took all the mirrors down and he’s in the sitting room drinking himself to death.”

Giles walked into the sitting room and saw Ethan gulping down a scotch and the horrible black boils on his face and hands; his permanent sneer, and his hair was sticking out.

“Hello Ethan,” Giles said.

“You did this to me you bastard,” he replied

“You did it to yourself Ethan,” Giles said.

Ethan Rayne drank himself to death and died six months later.


Ruper Giles married a few years later and had a son, Simon Giles, who also became a Watcher.

Buffy Summers married at the age of 29 and had fraternal (un-identical) twin boys 2 years later and was happy she didn’t have any girls.

Faith Lehane married Robin 3 years after they returned from Arda and she too had a son.

Dawn Summers married at the age of 24 and had 2 daughters and 1 son.

Angela Simone-Masterson married at the age of 26 and had 2 sons and a daughter and named one of her sons Eonwe. Her husband, Robert, thought it was a strange name.


When the Valar rewarded Númenor to the Edain, Ulmo was the only one who raised an objection, but did as they commanded.

Elros Tar-Minyatur became the first king of Númenor and ruled the remnants of the Edain and true to his word, he wore his ceremonial dagger to every official function. When he went riding, he had his horse saddled with the saddle that was given to him as a gift and he also wore his riding boots.

In 422 of the Second Age, Elros Tar-Minyatur, High King of Númenor, died.


Lindon - 422 Second Age

Elrond was in his office writing correspondence when he felt the connection between him and Elros sever forever, and knew Elros had died. When his saddle, boots and ceremonial dagger appeared on his desk, he broke down and cried. After he gathered himself, he remembered what Angela told him and got up from his desk to retrieve his own dagger and the small package. When he sat down sat back down, he unsheathed his dagger and cut the plain brown paper open and opened the oblong box.

He took the strange necklace out of the box, which was heart shaped and made of pure silver. He opened the clasp on the side and gasped when he saw a small piece of parchment with his brother’s picture and the name Elros written in Sindarin at the bottom. Elrond put the silver chain around his neck and watched as the paper and box disappeared. He said a silent thank you to Angela, even though he knew she was long dead, and now had his brother close to his heart forever.


Ulmo kept watch on the Númenóreans, as he did all of Arda and once again, the Valar had forsaken these lands. He watched as the Númenóreans sailed eastward and set foot on Arda once again and taught men many things, for which they were grateful. After the Númenóreans departed, Ulmo watched as the men on Arda grow, prosper and build kingdoms of their own. They had finally cast off the shadow of Melkor and Ulmo was happy for them. Unlike the Valar, Ulmo knew men were made of sterner stuff.

As the years went on, Ulmo observed that many Númenóreans left Númenor voluntarily and settled on Arda, just as Angela said they would because they would become restless and need more room. Ulmo observed how proud and greedy the Númenóreans became as the years wore on and began to take, instead of give and treated the men of Arda harshly. The men of Arda, in turn, began to recent and despise the Númenóreans because of this. Just as Angela had foretold.

He knew when Ar-Pharazôn captured Sauron and took him to Númenor, that their days were numbered and he also knew the Númenóreans has turned their backs on Eru and began to worship Melkor.

When Sauron convinced Ar-Pharazôn to set sail for the Undying Lands, Ulmo knew he was on a fools errand. When the Númenóreans stepped foot on the Undying Lands, Ulmo wasn’t surprised when the Valar laid down their government of Arda and put in Eru’s hands the fate of the Númenóreans. He watched as the world changed and Númenor sank into the sea and Eru Ilúvatar take Valinor into another realm.

After everything had settled down, Ulmo told the Valar and Maia the conversation Angela had with him all those years ago.

“How did she know?” Manwë asked.

Ulmo told them after the second fall of the angels, Eru Ilúvatar destroyed their world and them with a great flood or the great deluge, as she called it.

“Everything she said came to pass,” Olorin said.

“She pronounced their doom,” Namo stated.

“When I asked her how she knew, she said it was human nature, which none of us would ever understand, and empires rise and fall and human worlds. It was the way of these with them and nothing ever stays the same and she told me her world was littered with fallen empires. She also had a message for the Valar, which was: I TOLD YOU SO!”

“She was Eru Ilúvatar’s Herald,” Yavanna reminded them.

“Also his Dooms Women,” Ulmo replied.


Valinor - Year 3021 - Fourth Age

Two weeks after Elrond settled into his new home with his wife, Celebrían, he walked to his office with the last gift Angela had given him. When he entered, he sat down at his desk, took the dagger out of its sheath and cut open the brown paper. He was surprised to see parchments with drawings of the feast all those ages ago. There was one with him and Elros; another with Elros in the chair laughing; one with Elros, Angela and himself; another with Eonwe and Olorin; one with him and Elros looking at the gifts he was given, and many more.

He remember having a conversation with Mr. Giles about the slayers and looked at all those young girls and his heart ached for them. After he looked through the drawings, he realized there was a drawing of everyone who was at the feast and looked at all of them again and smiled at the memories and said another silent thank you to Angela.

One day he hoped to show these parchments to Lord’s Olorin and Eonwe.


Valinor - 5,000 Years Later

Olorin saw Bael talking to another elf and remembered Angela, and realized he hadn’t thought of her in ages. He then remembered what she said to him and Eonwe all those years ago; that they would forget men and never look back at Arda and she was right. Something inside him told him to visit Lord Elrond and to bring Eonwe with him.

“Hello Eonwe,” Olorin said when he appeared before him. “I am on my way to see Lord Elrond and I would like you to come with me.”

Eonwe knew Olorin was the wisest Maia and he wouldn’t make this request without a reason and agreed to go with him.


“Come in,” Elrond said when he heard a knock on his study door.

A servant entered and told him Lord’s Eonwe and Olorin were here to see him.

“Send them in,” he said.

When Eonwe and Olorin entered, they noticed Elros’ saddle, boots and dagger on a small table near the window.

Elrond got up from his chair, said hello, and bowed to the two Maia. It had been many ages since he had last seen them and he offered them tea and they accepted. “What do I own this honor?” he asked with a smile, taking a sip of his tea, after the servant departed.

“I saw Bael today and I remembered Angela; whom, I’m sorry to say, I haven’t thought about in ages. Then something inside me told me to come and see you and to bring Eonwe along,” Olorin answered.

“I have something to show the two of you,” Elrond said with a smile and got up from his desk and walked over to the table where Elros’ gifts were and opened the drawer, and took out parchment papers.

“This is the third gift Angela gave me,” he said, and handed Eonwe the parchments.

After Eonwe looked at each drawing, he handed them to Olorin.

Olorin noticed Eonwe smile when he saw the drawings of Angela and ran his hand lightly over the parchments. “This was her way for you to remember your brother,” Olorin stated.

“I know and I’m very grateful to her,” he replied.

They talked for another hour before they departed.

“You have never forgotten her, have you Eonwe?” Olorin asked.

“No I haven’t and I never will,” he answered. “She stills baffles me to this day.”

“Yet you love her,” he said.

“Yes I do,” he replied.

“I’ll tell you a secret, she loved us too, especially you,” Olorin said.

Eonwe looked at Olorin with a perfectly raised eyebrow.

“She was your meant Eonwe, but, because of your circumstances that could never be and she knew it,” Olorin said.

“I thought when two fëa’s were meant that was forever,” he said, realizing now that’s why he never forgot her.

“She was human, not an elf and humans die. At the feast, I asked a few of the half-Ainur about their customs when it came to marriage and they told me their marriages were arranged and they only married another half-Ainur because it’s Eru Ilúvatar’s Will. If she married and I’m sure she did, it was arranged to another half-Ainur.”

“She didn’t love who she married?” he asked.

“No Eonwe, she loved you and only you. I’m sure she learned to love her mate, but in a different way. Remember, they have no choice in the matter,” Olorin answered.

Eonwe nodded his head in understanding. When he returned to his home, he saw something on his desk and sat down and opened the plain brown wrapper. He found a few pieces of parchment and studied each one. One was of Angela with her newborn son, whom she named Eonwe; another was of her other children, another son name Michael and a daughter name Grace. The last one was a picture of Eonwe as a grown man.

“I love you too,” Eonwe said, and wept.

The End

You have reached the end of "The Strangers". This story is complete.

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