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The Strangers

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Summary: Buffy and the Slayers travel to 3 different dimensions to close 3 portals. One portal is on Arda, after the War of Wrath, during the First Age.

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Chapter 1

Disclaimer: I did not own Buffy, Angel or characters from the Silmarillion and the Lord of the Rings. The Angel Academy and Institute are my own creation.

NOTE 1: This is a short AU of my story, the New Watcher. It takes place after the battle with the First Evil and after the War of Wrath in the First Age of Middle-Earth.

NOTE 2: If you want to know about the Angel Academy; Angel Institute and Angela Simone, read chapters 1, 2 and 3 of the New Watcher; read chapter 4 of New Life to see how Dawn got her wands.

NOTE 3: When Angela or anyone from the Angel Institute are speaking to any of the Valar or Maia, they are speaking in the angelic language, except for the meeting that will be held with the slayers.

When Buffy jumped off the tower to close the portal to save the world, no one knew that three portals, or “hot spots”, opened in three other dimensions.


Valinor - Halls of Mandos

Namo silently walked to the halls of his wife, Vairë, the Weaver. “What was that?” he asked.

“I don’t know,” she answered.

He watched as her skillful fingers told the stories of Arda as they unfolded, and waited for foresight on what just happened. He saw her weave a mortal girl who spent a short time in the Timeless Halls and was returned to her world with the light of Eru Ilúvatar in her fëa and his power and magic in her weapon.

He continued watching, and saw another young mortal girl with great power. Power he could not identify; but, could destroy all of Eru Ilúvatar’s creation, including Valinor and Arda.

The third young mortal girl also had great power and was standing next to the Chief Ainur.

As Vairë continued weaving, he saw there were no insights into what just happened and went to speak to Manwë.


September 2005 - Unknown Dimension - Unknown World

It took the slayers, along with help from the Angel Institute, six weeks to track down all the demons that entered this world through the portal, which was now closed.

Before they arrived, they were told that this planet had no population and that made their jobs easier.

“We’re ready to go,” Buffy said.

Whistler snapped his fingers and they disappeared.


February 2006 - Unknown Dimension - Unknown World

“That’s the last one,” Faith said.

“Let’s get the hell out of here,” Rona said, relieved to be leaving this place.

The slayers and members of the Angel Institute had encountered nothing but hostility from the strange aliens that inhabited this planet since they arrived. For 24 days they hunted down demons and stayed out of their way, if possible.

Whistler snapped his fingers.


Angel Academy for the Gifted and Talented - Mrs. Evans’ Office - June 2006

In attendance: Mrs. Evans, Rupert Giles, Angela, David, Buffy, Faith, Rona, Dawn and Whistler.

“We have one more portal to close,” Mrs. Evans said. “Whistler.”

Whistler told them where they were going.


Arda - First Age

The War of Wrath was finally over and the Valar and most of the Maia had returned to Valinor; and Melkor was cast into the Void.. When the sons of Fëanor stole the silmarils, one threw his into the sea and the other into the earth, along with himself.

Valinor - Halls of Mandos

Namo saw the different creatures his wife was weaving on the great tapestry and knew these creatures weren’t something Melkor made, but came from somewhere else. Where, he didn’t know.

He departed the room when Manwë summoned him to the Ring of Doom.

Máhanaxar (Ring of Doom)

“Eru Ilúvatar is sending his Herald to tell us what these creatures are; where they come from, and an army to destroy them,” Manwë told them.

“Why can’t Eönwë and the Vanyar destroy them?” Oromë asked.

“All those creatures have power,” Manwë answered. “Eru Ilúvatar told me the army he’s sending was specially created to destroy these creatures and have been doing so for many, many, many untold ages.”

“Where?” Tulkas asked.

“I don’t know. We’ll find out when his Herald arrives,” Manwë answered.

“Do you know when that will be?” Varda asked.

“No I don’t my dear,” he answered, and looked at Namo.

Namo told everyone about the three powerful mortal females.

“She died twice and the second time she spent six months in the Timeless Halls?” Nessa asked. If she was surprised, she didn’t show it.

“Yes she did, but, she only remembers being there, because Eru Ilúvatar erased her memory of her stay there,” Namo answered.

“Now we know why Eru Ilúvatar’s light is in her fëa,” Varda said.

“What about her weapon?” Tulkas asked.

“It has Eru Ilúvatar’s power and magic in it and he hallowed it. However, it wasn’t made in the Timeless Halls,” Namo answered.

“Where was it made?” Aulë asked.

“On her world, with Eru Ilúvatar guiding the hands of the female makers, many, many, many ages before she was born,” Namo answered.

“What kind of power does the young mortal girl possess that can destroy all of Eru Ilúvatar’s creation, including Valinor and Arda?” Yavanna asked.

“I don’t know, only that she can, and we will never find out what it is. She’s also a healer and magic wielder,” Namo answered.

“What can you tell us about the young mortal girl that was standing next to the Chief Ainur?” Oromë asked.

“She too is a mystery, although she has known Michael most of her life,” Namo answered. “She’s also Eru Ilúvatar’s Dooms Woman.”

Murmurs in the room.

“A young mortal girl who deals only with the Chief Ainur?” Vána asked.

“It’s Eru Ilúvatar’s Will,” Namo stated.

“Where they come from, they call Eru Ilúvatar, God; the Timeless Halls, Heaven; and Ainur, Angels. They make no distinction between a Valar or Maia,” Namo told them.

“They’re here,” Vairë said, with a thought from her halls as she was weaving their entrance into Arda.


The Valar and Maia watched as everyone gathered in one place and noticed the strange clothing, and that all the females wore pants. They saw that everyone had weapons and backpacks. Some of the males and females in the party wore, what looked like black cloaks with their hoods covering their heads, and each one had a strange piece of silver jewelry around their necks; some different than the others. They also noticed the different races and colors among these mortals.

After everyone gathered around the portal, Angela turned, pulled her hood down and looked into the Ring of Doom. “Hello,” she said in the angelic language with a bright smile on her face, letting some of her light shine through. “My name is Angela Simone and I’m Eru Ilúvatar’s Herald and Dooms Woman.”

None of them showed any surprise, if they were surprised, that Eru Ilúvatar’s Herald looked directly into the Ring of Doom. The rest of the males and females that were dressed the same way also pulled their hoods down and let some of their angelic light shine through .

“She a mortal,” Vána said, stating the obvious.

“She and some of the others are half-ainur,” Namo replied.

“How can that be?” Nessa asked.

“We will find out soon,” Ulmo said from his waters.

“Is she the one who’s known Michael most of her life?” Varda asked.

“Yes,” Namo answered.

“I am Manwë Súlimo, High King of Arda.”

“We’ve standing near the portal and we’re ready to close it. I know I’m to liaison with Namo and I would like for him to be here when we do,” she said to Manwë, in the angelic language.

Manwë nodded his head.

“Hello, Namo.” Angela said, when she felt an angelic spirit near her. “Only show yourself if you have a smile on your face.”

“Will this do?” he asked, when he appeared in front of her with a bright smile, looking very handsome.

“Yes,” she answered, with her own smile. “Let me introduce you to some people. This is Mr. Rupert Giles, Buffy Anne Summers and Dawn Marie Summers, they are sisters.”

They all said hello.

Namo saw the slayer scythe in Buffy’s right hand and he, and everyone in the Máhanaxar, saw Eru Ilúvatar’s light in her fëa.

“Dawn’s going to close the portal,” Angela told him.

Dawn walked over to the portal and Namo followed.

“What’s a portal?” Namo asked, looking at the yellow glowing thing.

“It’s what we call a hot spot, or a doorway that leads to all the hell dimensions,” Buffy answered. “The demons are entering Arda through this portal.”

Namo nodded his head in understanding.

“Dawn,” Giles saw.

Everyone watched as Dawn withdrew her wands and she glowed with the energy of the key. The mystical energy shot through her wands towards the portal, covering it entirely.

Namo watched as the young girl change into something he’d never seen before, and couldn’t make heads nor tails of what it was, and noticed that the things in her hands were made in the Timeless Halls. He relayed that information, mentally, to everyone in the Ring of Doom, who were also watching.

Dawn could feel the portal closing; when it was completely closed, she returned to her human form and the mystical energy stop flowing through her wands. She then returned each wand to its wand holder.

“It’s closed,” she turned and said to Giles.

Giles nodded his head.

“Aaron,” Angela said.

Aaron walked over and put his hands over the spot where the portal was-- white angelic power was released, which cleansed the desecrated ground -- and a large mound appeared with flowers all around and a small tree appeared in the middle.

Angela walked up and held out both her hands and what looked like stardust, was released, until it covered the entire mound. “This is for Yavanna. We wanted something beautiful to grow over something that was ugly. The tree is now known as the Yavanna Tree and can never be chopped down, and the flowers will bloom year around,” Angela said to Namo.

“Thank you,” Yavanna said to her mentally, in the angelic language.

“You’re welcome,” she replied verbally, in the same language.

“Now, all we have to do is find the nasty demons,” Faith said, with a grin.

“Ready to do battle Faith?” Dawn asked, with her own grin.

“Five by five,” she replied.

“Can you have someone draw a picture of each demon on a piece of parchment so we’ll know what type of demons we’re dealing with?” Angela asked Namo.

“Yes I can,” he answered.

“Thank you,” she replied.

“We’re going to set up camp over there. When the refugees arrive, we’ll have tents, food, blankets, clothes and medicine waiting for them. We’re also going to need a map of Arda, so we can locate the demons,” David said.

“When the host arrives in a week, they will have a map,” Namo replied.

“Thank you,” David said.

“There’s going to be a language barrier between us, the elves and the people of Arda; I’m going to use a language spell so we can communicate with each other,” Angela told everyone.

They all nodded their heads.

“Everything is set up,” Caridad said, looking across the field.

“I’m starved,” Rona said.

“Let’s go,” Buffy said, and the slayers followed their leader.

Namo turned around and saw a complete tent city and turned back to look at Angela, who was grinning.

“I know you have a lot of questions and we’ll answer them the day after Eonwe arrives. Eru Ilúvatar only wants the Valar and Maia in the meeting and no guards outside the tent. He also doesn’t want the men, women and children of Arda to know who we really are, why we’re here, or where we come from, except Elros, and he’s never to mention it to anyone. As far as they’re concerned, we’re just strangers passing by, who stopped to help. I was also told to pick up the map from Elros.

He also wants a protection spell around this entire perimeter to keep the demons out. Before we left our world, I was told to tell Buffy to bring the scythe. Evidentially, there was a demon that came through the portal that can only be killed with Eru Ilúvatar’s power. He doesn’t want anyone to hear the battle when she confronts that thing and he wants a silence spell around that entire area.

After we locate and kill the demons, Eru wants Manwë to blow their remains or ashes into space, as far from Arda as possible. He also wants him to collapse any cave they are hiding in and those caves are never to be opened again, as long as Arda exists. After Buffy calls that horrid demon, Eru Ilúvatar wants Manwë to blow its evil remains into the sun. He also wants Yavanna and Nienna to cleanse and heal all the battles areas. Eru wants no evidence that these demons have ever been on Arda, and we are going to burn all the buildings they are hiding in,” Angela told Namo.

Namo nodded his head and told her he was returning to Valinor, and will have one of his Maia’s bring her the drawings when they were complete.

She thanked him and he disappeared. When she arrived at her tent, she called her eagle to her and told her what she wanted done.

Later that night while everyone was asleep, Yavanna sang a beautiful song in front of her tree.
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