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You Rang?

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Summary: A deal made leaves a Scoobie under someone's control

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Television > Addams' Family, TheJediLaSombraFR1822,6760217,49814 Jun 106 Oct 10No


See disclaimer in first chapter.

"Xander?" Faith asked bewildered at first before her anger kicked in. Growling, she reached out, grabbed Xander by the jacket lapels, and tossed him inside.

Xander, expecting a punch, was caught off guard momentarily. As he sailed through the air, he managed to turn his body enough that he rolled with the impact so that he was on one hand and knee, ready to counter another attack.

Faith charged at him, intending to inflict as much damage on him as she could so he couldn't report back to his precious Buffy that she had woken up. She threw a flurry of punches and kicks but to her surprise Xander blocked them all. She had never known him to be that good at fighting but then it had been awhile so who knew what Xander had learned since the last time they had seen each other.

Xander continued to block all of Faith's attacks hoping that she would tire soon. He knew that he would be pretty sore in the morning but he had vowed to make it up to Faith for the way he...THEY had treated her before.

Faith started to get tired. Her body was not up to a drawn out fight yet. It was soft from lack of use and her stamina wasn't up to slayer level yet. Her breath was ragged as she backed off from Xander, still leery about his purpose.

"Are you done?" came a voice from the TV.

Faith eyes widened as she remembered that she had left the tape running the whole time. She moved toward the set making sure to keep Xander in sight the whole time.

"It's really rude for a hostess to attack a guest, Faith." Wilkins scolded before smiling, " but it's good to see you still have spirit. That's my girl."

Faith blushed at the compliment before realizing Xander could see her. She quickly tried to stifle it but it was too late. She saw Xander grinning at her.

"What are you looking at?" She said, feeling more embarrassed than angry.

"I don't ever remember seeing you blush about anything. It's a good color on you." Xander replied.

Much to her chagrin, Faith blushed even more. She turned away from Xander to get herself back under control.

Wilkins grinned at the interaction between the two. Maybe, just maybe, he had done good by Faith to have Alexander watch over her. Due to the pact signed by Alexander and himself, he knew that Alex would do anything in his now considerable power to keep her safe. Even if that meant sacrificing his friendship with the other Slayer, the watcher, and the little witch.

"Now then, let's get down to business.” Wilkins said from the tape, “Faith, I know you’re wondering why young Alexander here is the executor to my will. Let me tell you what happened after the knock on my door.”


A series of knocks emanate from the door to his office. Normally, this would greatly perturb Richard Wilkins but his current state of mind kept him from reacting in his usual manner. There is also the matter that the door was heavily warded from interlopers. Richard did raise an eyebrow when the door opened without his prompting and a couple casually strolled in followed by a very nervous looking young man.

"Richard, you weasel, how have you been? By the way, nice wards on the door there. Very painful but ticklish." said the greasy-looking man in a stylish three piece black suit.

"Indeed, darling. Reminds me of that time in Prague when that mob was chasing that adorable vampire couple and captured us instead. The torture was exquisite." A woman with luminescent skin, long black hair, and wearing a very tight fitting dress replied.

"Your right, Cara Mia. You really have to hand it to the people in the Old Country. They really know how to make someone feel unwelcome." The man replied with a whimsical smile on his face.

The banter between the couple brought a smile to Wilkins' face as he recognized two old friends.

"Gomez! Morticia! How nice to see you." Richard says before getting up and walking over to greet them.

"What brings you here if you don't mind me asking? I didn't think the Addams' went for the brightness of the west coast." Wilkins asks after exchanging pleasantries with his guests.

A fidgeting figure behind them draws Richard's attention and he instantly recognizes the young man. He is distracted by Morticia's response before he could act on his rash impulse.

"Curiosity mostly. We knew young Alexander here was graduating soon but the ceremonies these days are so dull. They lack the mayhem and blood lettings of the past."

"Indeed. I was the last man standing of my class." Gomez added with a wicked grin on his face.

"And what a sight you were covered in the blood and entrails of your fellow classmates, Mon Ami."

"Tish, that's French." Gomez says excitedly as he grabs Morticia's arm and begins kissing his way up from her fingers.

Alexander, Xander to his friends, groans and buries his face in the palm of his hand.

Richard smirks at the young man's discomfort. After all he is a friend of the Slayer that put his darling Faith in the coma. The thought of Faith lying helpless in the hospital dampened the mood of seeing his old friends a little.

"Gomez, time enough for that later. As I was saying, we had no intention of coming to Alexander's graduation but then he called and asked if we had any information about ascensions, it peaked our curiosity. We did, of course, but it's not something we give to just anyone even if he is family."

Richard looked a little surprised at that. In all the years he had control of the hellmouth, not once did he suspect the Harris' to be related to the Addams'. That would explain a great many things about the younger Harris. Things were getting interesting.

"We asked grandmamma about ascensions and she told us what was needed to accomplish such a goal." Morticia continued, "She also said that the ascended would require sustenance after the ceremony was completed and lots of it."

“And what better way to feast than with a captive audience.“ Gomez added with a smirk.

The smile was infectious as Wilkins smirked as well. He knew that Gomez and Morticia had an odd sense of humor that never failed to make him smile.

“What a feast it would have been, too… if I still planned to go through with it.” Wilkins replied.

“Oh?” asked Morticia, “Why the change of heart, so to speak?“

Richard smiled, “It starts with a girl.”

Morticia responds, “It always does.”

The End?

You have reached the end of "You Rang?" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 6 Oct 10.

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