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You Rang?

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Summary: A deal made leaves a Scoobie under someone's control

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Television > Addams' Family, TheJediLaSombraFR1822,6760217,50014 Jun 106 Oct 10No

Chapter One

You Rang? by Jedilasombra

Disclaimer: Nothing recognizable is owned by me. All properties belong to their respective owners or rights holders.

A/N - Crossover doesn't start til chapter 2 or 3, so bear with me. Getting through some writer's block on my other stories when this came up. Hope you like. Criticisms welcome.

Faith gasped as she suddenly awoke from her coma. She took a quick look at her surroundings before she starts pulling tubes and wires off of her. Running on instinct, all Faith knows is she has to get out. There is a great evil in the area and she has to stop it. As she got off the bed, her legs wobbled slightly from disuse but Faith quickly balanced herself and made toward the door. She's about to grip the handle when it starts to open. Quickly, Faith backs up and hides behind the door.

A nurse entered to check on Faith since the monitors at her station indicated a loss of feedback. When she sees the empty bed, the nurse turned around to call security. Instead, she found Faith standing there. The nurse managed a quick gasp before Faith punched her, knocking her out.

Faith felt bad at having to hurt the young woman that had come in but her need to escape was much greater. Taking a quick look-over at the unconscious woman, Faith figures they are about the same size and began to undress her. After taking the nurse's scrubs, Faith dressed the nurse in her gown, placed the woman in the bed, and covers her with the blanket. With the decoy in place, Faith made a hasty exit from the room.

Making her way through the streets of Sunnydale to the apartment the mayor had given her, Faith made sure to avoid the routes she knew Buffy would take while patrolling. She wasn't ready to face her just yet but she would be soon. Buffy was going to be getting a heaping load of payback.

Reaching her apartment without any run-ins, Faith found almost everything exactly how she had left it but she got the feeling that someone had been there. The window she and B went through during their fight was repaired and the place was clean. Briefly, she wondered if Wilkins had arranged for the place to be maintained in case she ever woke up.

Thinking of the Mayor brought small tears to her eyes. It was obvious that his plan to ascend hadn't gone off as planned since the town was still standing. She had secretly hoped that he would succeed and would avenge her as she fell off the roof.

Faith sat down on her couch and pulled her legs up to rest her chin on her knees. It was all gone. The Mayor, the only real father figure she'd had, was gone and unable to help her. She couldn't stay here. If B had found her that one time, odds are she would check here once she learns that she was no longer in the hospital. B and her little gang of suck-ups. God, how she hated them. Thinking they were so much better than her. Oh yeah, they were going to get theirs soon enough.

A knock on the door snapped Faith out of her thoughts. She uncurled herself from the couch and went to the door cautiously. She opened the door, ready to go down fighting, when she saw it was a demon in some sort of uniform.

"You Faith?" it asked.

Faith looked at the demon skeptically and nodded slightly.

"This is for you." it said and handed over a small rectangle in a plain brown wrapping.

As soon as the package was in Faith's hands, the demon left without another word. Faith looked at the package in her hand as she closes the door. It's the size of a VHS tape and the only markings are some fancy writing that read, 'To Faith'. Shaking it a bit, the rattling sounds like a video tape. Shrugging, Faith tears the paper off and confirms that it is indeed a video cassette. Why anyone would send her a video cassette, she had no clue.

She quickly padded over to her entertainment center and put the cassette into her VCR. Turning on the TV as the machine spooled the tape, Faith made sat down on the couch again. Her breath hitched in her throat as the image of Mayor Wilkins appeared onscreen.

"Hello, Faith. If you're watching this then that means you've finally woken up. I'm sorry that I couldn't be there to ease you back into the world but I'm sure you noticed that things didn't go as I had planned. The main reason for that is you." Wilkins spoke.

Faith's heart fell at the thought that she had failed Wilkins, the man that had treated her with any kind of respect and dignity. Once again tears formed in her eyes.

"Now don't go thinking that you failed me. That's not what I meant at all. For over a hundred years, I had made plans and preparations for my ascension to demon hood. To me, people were cattle to be sacrificed at the altar of my ambition. Then you came along and I saw what I missed out on by not having children. You became the daughter that I never had or thought that I needed and as any good father should do, I wanted to give you the world. But I realized that a demon-ravaged world is not the one I wanted to give you."

At this point, the person on the tape paused as if collecting his thoughts. Faith took a closer look at the man she had come to think of as a father. He looked ragged, like he'd stayed up too long or hadn't had time to freshen up. It was kind of shocking to see him in such a state considering his constant emphasis on cleanliness. It broke her heart to see him like this over her. One teardrop slid down her cheek as she watched the man she had come to care for gave her his final words.

"I have to thank you for giving me back a bit of my humanity. When I received that call from the hospital saying you had been brought in unconscious, my heart froze. Seeing you lying on that bed, deathly pale and helpless, I never in my whole life wanted the ascension over with more so I could kill the ones responsible for putting you there. Doctors informed me that the blood loss and head trauma gave very little hope of you waking up. I pleaded for a chance at vengeance. Like a twisted dream, my hope was answered when Buffy was wheeled in, suffering from acute blood loss. Angel was with her. She was unconscious as well but she looked more alive and vibrant. I hated her more for that than anything. I remember thinking that it wasn't fair. Next thing I knew, my hands are wrapped around her neck and I'm choking her. I would have killed her too if Angel hadn't made a fuss and gotten the doctors and nurses involved."

Faith smiled through her tears at the thought that Wilkins had tried to even the score.

"I told the doctors to do their best to make you comfortable and that all the bills would be paid out of my personal account. I came back to my office and thought about what kind of future you would have after my ascension. I realized that it wouldn't be much of one at all. You'd be in constant battles with other demons trying to take your spot at my side. Not to mention the ones trying to kill me outright or the Watcher's Council. I couldn't do that to you. I sat in the darkness of my office trying to figure out a way to keep you safe when I heard a knock at my door."

"To make a long story short, I arranged to have someone watch over you until such time that you woke up from your nap." Wilkins continued on tape.

Faith smiled at her boss' generosity. She doubted anyone else would have thought to care for her during her coma. Not those bastards in the Watcher's Council and especially not B and her little band of do-gooders. They both would've been happy if she had passed away rather than woken up.

"Point in fact, the executor of my will should be arriving just about... now." Wilkins said just before another knock sounded on her door.

Faith looked skeptically between the door and the image on her TV, wondering how enchanted the tape really was.

"Go on, answer it. It's very bad manners to keep someone waiting, Faith."

Faith rolled her eyes at the admonishment she got from the tape before getting up to answer the door.

"I saw that!" Wilkins said.

Faith's smile widened as she opened the door to the person who had taken care of her while she was unconscious. Her smile quickly disappeared when she saw who was standing on the other side.

"Hello, Faith." The person said.

Faith looked in shock at the person. The dark business suit stood in sharp contrast to the image in her mind that she had of the person.

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