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Living in a New World

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Summary: She just tried to awake the Potentials in Sunnydale…really that was all she wanted, but ….

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Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Xander left the teleportation circle in the cellar of their European Headquarters in Paris feeling dizzy and a bit sick. Damn how he hated those new circles. Sure they made traveling a lot faster and really helped their runs and other operations, but he would never like them and he now firmly understood Bones' dislike of Teleporters, in one of his favorite shows he'd liked to watch decades ago.

He looked around and wondered that no one was here to greet him. Just as he was about to start up the stairs, he heard the wailing sounds of their ‘Intruder Alert' wards that Willow had placed around every one of their buildings. He grabbed his Ares Predator and ran up the stairs.

As he reached ground floor he heard the telltale sounds of multiple gunfire. Carefully, so that his own people wouldn't shoot at him, he snuck to the direction of the firefight. As he turned slowly around a corner, he found a dead body. Fearing that it might be one of his people, he quickly knelt down and turned the body around. To his relief, he didn't knew the face and he guessed it must be one of the enemy intruders who'd caught a bullet right into his forehead.

Letting the body lie where it was, he continued sneaking down the floor until he reached the stair to the next one. He could hear shooting from further ahead and from upstairs. Guessing that whatever the intruders were looking for would be upstairs, he quickly took the stairs and as soon as he reached the top, he had to quickly jump aside, as a bullet hit the wall just an inch from his head.

He quickly looked into the direction where the bullet came from and saw two of his people fighting against three others, who were dressed completely in black. After he had assessed the situation, he carefully took aim and then fired his Ares. Just a moment later the head of one of the three intruders formally exploded as Xander's round hit it.

The other two intruders stood still for a second out of shock, which was enough for his people to quickly subdue them.

Xander quickly went to them. "Kara, Indra, what happened?"

The young woman with long blond hair answered him, after she had listened to the radio for a second. "Seems like a team of Shadowrunners infiltrated this house to kill or capture your wife, Mr. Harris."

"Amanda? Where is she? Is she ok?" Xander quickly asked, his voice filled with fear for his wife.

"She is fine, Sir. She took out the two who managed to come near her and she is currently in her office." She pointed at the two intruders they had subdued and said, "Seems like these two here are the only survivors of the Shadowteam. What shall we do with them, Sir?"

"Cuff them and then bring them upstairs. We will have a few questions to ask them," he said and then he quickly ran upstairs to his wife's office.

He reached it a few moments later and rushed in, just to hit a full stop because the tip of a sword entered his heart.


"Xander!!!" a female voice yelled and the sword was pulled away quickly.

He grunted a painful, "Urgh" and then looked up to see the most beautiful eyes he had ever seen tear up just as he crashed down to the floor. He managed to utter a very quiet, "Amanda," before the world went black around him.


Amanda looked shocked at the dead body of her husband for the last 35 years. She couldn't believe what had happened. She was just cleaning her blade after killing the two intruders and then she heard her door crash open. She only registered someone storm in with gun in hand and so she quickly struck with the sword in her hand and hit the intruder right in the heart only to recognize in that moment that it was her husband she had just stabbed.

She let her sword drop to the floor, knelt beside the body of her husband and pulled his head into her lap. After a few moments the tears started to flow.


Headquarters Slayer Inc., Seattle

Willow sat at her desk and was just relaxing a bit while traveling through the Matrix. She was still amazed every time she booted up her Slayer Inc. Mark X cyberdeck and then jumped into the virtual world of the Matrix.

As one of the few people still on Earth who could remember things like Windows or Linux, this world was simply awesome to her and she enjoyed traveling through it just for fun. Her main focus lay on her magic and all Decker stuff was mostly handled by Dawn and a few others, but she still enjoyed surfing through it.

As she wandered through one of the shopping districts in the Matrix she caught the reflection of her Matrix Persona and just had to giggle for a bit. Dawn had really found it funny to design her that Persona. She looked exactly like the actress who played Nymphadora Tonks in the old Harry Potter movies and she had to admit to herself that she liked that witch and was just saddened that she had such a small role and died in book seven. It was a shame, really. She walked through the district a bit more and bought a few things at the Victoria Secrets store with which she wanted to surprise her lover. She really hoped Faith would like it.

She dreamed a bit about what Faith and she would do after Faith came back from her run. She was still amazed that they were both an item now, considering how she had disliked Faith in the old Sunnydale times. Before she could continue her way through the shopping mall, she was suddenly yanked out of the Matrix. She looked around a bit disoriented at first and after a moment she could see one of the younger slayers standing beside her with panic in her eyes and the fiber-optic cable with which had Willow connected with her board in her hands.

Willow tried to keep calm and asked in a quiet tone. "What is it Lara? Why did you have to unplug me like that?"

"Sor..sorry Willow, but I had to, your wards signaled intruders and security is currently fighting off some Shadowrunners downstairs."

Willow looked surprised for a moment and then nodded in thanks to the young troll, who was the only one of her species to be called as a slayer so far. "Thank you Laura," she quickly said and then mumbled a short phrase in Latin. Suddenly a holographic image of their headquarters appeared in the middle of the room. She looked at it for a moment and quickly located the wards in question and then zoomed in on those rooms. "Curious, a small team of only four people and they have already been subdued by security."

She tapped the comsystem and spoke, "Red to Mac, please report."

Only a moment later she heard the voice of their head of security answer her call, "O'Neil here. Four intruders were subdued, but it looks like they were only the diversion. While we were busy with them, a second team was able to enter the lab complex and it seems like the target was Dr. Jackson. Luckily he had Sam and Vi with him at the moment and together they hold out long enough for a few of my men to get there. Sadly, all of the second team was killed in the following fire fight and Vi is currently on her way to medical because she was hit while protecting the Doc."

Willow was quiet for a moment, surprised some one was after Dr. Jackson. It seemed like they had a leak in their security, because Dawn had made sure no information about his location was available anywhere and if someone looked for it, they would be pointed to Europe.

"Mac? Bring those four into my office and we will question them together, even if I think it will be fruitless."

"Yes Mam, we will be there in a few minutes," O'Neil replied.


Meanwhile onboard of an Skorsky - Bell Tigerhawk Gunship

"Moonbeam to ‘Team Alpha' ETA to Colorado Springs 15 minutes. Remember, the town has been abandoned for a lot of years and our drones spotted a lot of critters, demons and other things we don't like in the vicinity, so check your gear a final time and be ready for touchdown." Faith heard the voice of Dawn say over the comlink. She quickly looked over her team and grinned. What she wouldn't have given for such a heavily armed team back in SunnyD. She quickly noted that Rhona, Temp, Adam, Leon and Claire were going over their equipment and then she started to check her own.

She quickly made sure that the two Heckler & Koch U S P 12s were ok and loaded, then tested the charge of her Ares Vibrosword and smiled. Willow always had the best gifts ever. With a smile she remembered her last birthday, when Willow had given her this nice blade as a present and then her mind wandered to the memories of how she had thanked her for that present. That memory was, even after several months, still able to make her wet.

Suddenly, before she could fall deeper into her daydream, she was yanked around in her straps and felt the Gunship make a hard maneuver. Then she heard the heavy machine guns opened fire.
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