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G.I.Jem More Than Meets the Eye

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Cobra Regenerated". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Scenes of the Past Unfold as Glimpses of a Universe Different from What is Known dangle through the Mists of Time Cobra Regenerated Reborn Tie-In

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Multiple Crossings > GeneralSithicusFR1554,810132,66414 Jun 1017 Jun 10No

Charities Begin at Home

Author's Notes: This is a side-project to my new Cobra Regenerated Reborn story. It's really just a bunch of crosses that take place prior to the beginning of the Halloween Extravaganza. Sort of a bunch of plot ideas that cross over Jem, G I Joe, Transformers and Buffy in the past. Plot Points that may be touched upon in the other story at some point, but for the moment they're just little plot bunnies that don't want to leave me alone. I look forward to many new reviews and the opporunity to express some interesting ideas.

Mind you these chapters will be short, since I can't type at any great length.

Disclaimer: All related characters belong to their respective owners. The author makes no claims otherwise, Buffy is property of Joss and ME Productions, Jem/Transformers and GIJoe is property of Hasbro/Sunbow/Marvel respectively.

Xander Harris was bored. He'd been sent to LA with a small contingent of Sunnydale Elementary School Students for some big charity event, but he really wasn't that interested in listening to the music being played. He was just glad that he'd get to stay in a hotel for one night rather than being stuck at home.

His father wasn't so bad - at least that's what he purposely kept telling himself - but a chance to spend a night in a hotel was kind of neat. It was all because the charity event was going to be held on a Saturday. That was just ultra cool in his book.

Sticking his hands in his pockets the nine year old moped slightly. His two best friends hadn't been chosen to be a part of the group. Jesse couldn't come because his grandfather had died and they were flying to the funeral in Ohio somewhere. Willow couldn't come because her parents didn't approve of Rock and Roll music.

His parents had just been glad to get him out of the house. They signed anything and agreed to everything. So here he was stuck in LA without any hope of his friends showing up, but that wasn't the worst part.

"Xander!" Cordelia snapped frustratedly. "If you don't stop that moping and come help me get Pizzazz's autograph I'm going to bop you one!" she stated in her bossiest voice.

Sighing Xander gave a quiet nod. "Alright, Cordy, jeeze what's so special about Pizzazz?" he asked taking the autograph book out of Cordy's hand.

Cordy glared at him as if he were stupid, which in her opinion he was. "Pizzazz is just the best, she's a rich girl, like me. Who started her own band, just like I plan to get into acting," Cordy bragged. "Now come on, The Misfits are going to get away while you're wasting my time!" she complained pushing Xander towards the stage area.

Xander tried his best not to fall over, but the way Cordy was pushing him made it almost impossible to keep his balance. He'd much rather be meeting one of the Autobots if he was honest with himself.

His shoe caught on another person's foot and he went tumbling down. Crashing into the hard marble floor with an oomph.

"You are hopeless, Xander Harris," Cordy informed smugly before rushing off to greet Pizzazz.

Fumbling to get back up, Xander was surprised when someone reached down and actually helped him up. "Sorry," he mumbled the hasty appology embarressed by his clumsy display. He didn't want to see who it was that he'd tripped over.

Laughing slightly the woman knelt into his line of sight. "It's perfectly alright. I should have been watching out for you kids, I'm so distracted all the time though I tend to let it slip from my mind," she said offering a friendly smile.

Xander gaped at the woman incredulously. None of the adults he knew back in Sunnydale ever treated him with any kind of respect or kindness. Unused to such displays and feeling humble Xander mumbled something incoherently and rushed off after Cordy. Since he still had her autograph book.

"Uh-oh. I know that look," the woman remarked to herself.

"Problems, Jerrica?" Rio asked coming up beside his girlfriend.

Jerrica shook her head. "Possibly, Rio could you do me a big favor and find out who that boy is? I think he might need some help," she said with genuine sympathy in her tone.

"How can you tell?" Rio wondered.

"Because he just told me it was all his fault in the first place and thank you for not hitting me," she explained softly.

"Right, well I'll see what I can do, you've still got to find Jem remeber?" Rio urged.

Jerrica nodded distractedly rubbing one of her earrings and hastily exited the room.

Rio would try his best, but unfortunately he hadn't got a very good look at Xander and thus the boy would not be taken from Sunnydale or prevented from meeting up with his destined path in life.

Xander also failed to get Pizzazz's autograph, which led to a very cold reception from Cordelia when he finally caught up to his friend.

To Be Continued
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