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A bet on the hellmouth ends in suffering.

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Summary: Xander loses a bet against impossible odds, this forces him into accepting Dawn's choice in costume. Dawn has a warped sense of humor.

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Stargate > Xander-CenteredMistofRainbowsFR181237,6052517890,58014 Jun 1011 Jul 10Yes


Willow glanced at where their new gate was set up in the basement of the Summers Castle, “Are you sure it’s safe?”

Samantha chuckled, “Yes, assuming that no one gets close to it when it’s just forming. Now stop complaining. I mean seriously, you have a gate for your personal use, I’m jealous. So where’s the first place you want to go?”

“I don’t know. Xander wants to pick up her ships from that world you saved.”

“To be fair it was sort of our fault it was in danger in the first place.”

“After that we’ll probably head to Atlantis and check things out.”

Sam sighed, “I’d love to go with you, but I’m needed here.”

Willow smiled, “You can come for visits.”

Sam smiled, “Sounds lovely.”

“So, you up for a rematch against Faith? Jack‘s manning the grill.”

“Not really. As for him manning the grill, what choice did he have? I mean seriously the only other option was Daniel and of the two, Jack is the better bet.”

“Let’s go eat now that you have the gate hooked up.”


Daniel chatted with Jack as the other man tended to the steak on the grill, “So you think they’ll let us visit Atlantis?”

Jack shrugged, “Not sure, but probably especially if we bring the steaks.”

“But it’s the lost city, I mean just think of the possibilities.”

Jack held up his hand, “I know, but we have important work here as well. You’ve got some vacation coming up.” Jack glanced over at where a naked Miss. Calendar was sparring with an equally naked Faith. “There are much worse places to spend vacation.”

Daniel nodded, “Very true.”


Sam glanced at the sky; it was mostly overcast but still fairly warm for spring. Not quite warm enough to be running around in as little as Faith had on but then again she wasn’t a slayer in the middle of sparring. She had decided that shorts and a t-shirt were fine for outdoor use. Besides, if they really wanted to see her naked again, they could bribe her with more research data, either that or a trip to Atlantis. She glanced at Jack before looking back at the girls sparring. “I think you’re losing this time Faith.”

Faith grumbled, “Yeah, stupid regenerating vampire.”

Jenny smiled, “Just be happy I’m the only one of my kind.”

“Believe me we are.”

Willow giggled as she watched the girls spar, “At least it’s helping your endurance Faith.”

Sam chuckled as they continued fighting as she headed toward the grill. “Come on Willow, stop ogling the cute girls.”

Willow mock sighed, “Fine, we should grab a steak before they get done.”

Sam stopped in front of the table by the grill, “What do you have?”

Jack gestured to the spread, “Hot dogs, burgers and steak, take your pick.”

Sam glanced at Willow, “I think I’ll go for a steak.”

Willow smiled, “Same.”

Jack nodded, “Two steaks coming right up.”

“So, are you enjoying yourself?”

He glanced at Willow after handing her and Sam their steaks, “Yep, it’s a nice day to grill stuff.”

Sam chuckled, “Not to mention the scenery is nice?”

Jack shrugged, “Daniel said it was better the last time.”

Daniel blinked as everyone around the grill looked at him, “Ah, well that is to say… ah hell. Damn it Jack.”

Willow chuckled, “And the word smith is stumped and speechless, call the record books.”

Sam blushed slightly, “Thanks.”

Daniel smiled, “You’re welcome.”


Willow glanced at the Gate. She glanced back at Buffy, Dawn, Joyce and Jenny. “Take care of Giles, and don’t let anything bad happen to him. We’re just a call away. If anything happens, come get us.”

Dawn blinked back tears, “Come home soon.” She ran over and grabbed Willow in a hug. “No dying.”

Willow nodded, “It’s rule number one.”

Willow glanced at Giles as he walked back into the room from checking on the Gate’s power supply line that ran directly from the arc reactor. “We’ll be fine Willow. Just make sure you stay safe.”

Joyce grinned, “We’ll keep the world safe. You go learn about the new one.”

Xander nodded, “Thanks Miss. Summers.”

Jack watched Faith, Willow, Tara, and Xander walk through the stargate carrying their luggage with a rather large rather strange looking person sized coffin or box floating along behind them like a pet. He glanced at where Daniel was almost twitching next to him, “No Daniel.”

“But Jack…”

“No, let them get everything set up and such. Then maybe you can go visit.”

Sam sighed, “But it would be so much fun.”

Jack nodded, “I’m sure.”

Daniel sighed as the gate shut down. “Next time.”

Giles smiled, “Next time, I’m sure they would like some help. We’ll see how things go. Anyways if you want to step through the gate to another world, we can power it down so that you come back at your normal gate.”

Sam nodded, “That would beat having to make the flight back.”

Jack glanced at his watch, “Isn’t SG3 due back in like an hour?”




Life was great for Emma, at least today. She had finished her art homework early and ‘auntie’ Sam was coming for a visit, not only that but she had a flying lesson scheduled with her ‘Uncle’ Sheppard later. She glanced up at ‘Uncle’ McKay’s polite cough to get her attention. “Hi.”

Rodney McKay shook his head, “Hi? That’s all I get? You were supposed to be in the jumper bay five minutes ago for your flying lesson with John. He asked me what was keeping you.”

Emma blinked as she looked down at her watch, “I was drawing and lost track of time.”

He shook his head, “You better hurry, if you don’t then Apple is going to get there first. And you know what will happen then.”

Emma sighed; Apple was her nine-year-old younger sister, the very same sister that had no issues with trying to tag along everywhere with her. However, to be fair she wasn’t as bad as Maya her eight-year-old sister, she liked pink. She still thought that she must be some type of throwback or something. There was nothing else that could explain such horrible fashion sense. “Okay, sorry uncle.”

McKay handed her a data pad. “Think you could run this by the earth expedition’s office?”

She nodded, “Sure thing. Bye bye for now.” She blurred away faster than McKay could see.

He shook his head before heading back to the cafeteria, which was two doors down from the school. It had been a bit strange being assigned here when a group was already using it. Nevertheless, they had found ways to work together over the last five years he had been there. They had been focused for the five years before that on learning as much about the city as possible, so it had been an easy fit. The Iron Core people did the defense and research while the Earth Atlantis expedition dealt with searching out the Pegasus galaxy.

Other than the annoyance of having to make all incoming gate trips by way of an alpha site with a modified DHD that physically could not record outgoing or incoming addresses in its computer banks, things worked fairly well. If forced he was mostly annoyed because he hadn’t thought of that security precaution. There was also the mandatory five-hour class on what you could and couldn’t say to the natives when dealing with them for the first time. For that very reason, very few of the personal going through the gate actually had the gate address to Atlantis, while everyone had the address to the alpha site. Most of the people other than Sheppard and himself had considered it overkill, but after they had encountered the wraith and witnessed a feeding, everyone stopped complaining about the security. In fact, they had asked the Iron Core group about setting up better security at the alpha site. McKay shook his head as he headed to the cafeteria avoiding several little munchkins while he walked. The munchkins were mostly though not all from the Iron Core group. The children were all wicked smart and fairly polite, it was almost enough to get him to change his stance on children as a group.

John Sheppard smiled when a blur resolved itself into Emma, “You’re right on time.”

Emma blinked, “But McKay said I was five minutes late.”

John shrugged, “I just finished helping Apple with her preflight check list. Care to help your sister out and show her a take off?”

Emma glanced at the Puddle jumper, “Sure, why not. She can be my co-pilot.”

John chuckled, “So what am I?”

“My crazy old Uncle that is standing over me making sure nothing goes wrong?”

John chuckled, “I see how it is. They grow up so fast. So what do you have to do after this?”

“I get to spend some time with Auntie Sam, then I have science with Miss. Burkle, after that combat practice with Illyria.”

John shivered. Illyria gave him the heebie-jeebies. She wasn’t exactly normal even by the Iron Core department standards. The official story was that she was some type of clone of Miss. Burkle. However, that didn’t exactly explain everything. However, people had stopped asking years ago, after that one incident with a scientist that had managed to annoy her spending the day having flashbacks and a mental breakdown that had forced them from the program. It had been posted shortly after that as a rule, no trying to take DNA from any Iron Core personal.

Emma poked John in the side lightly, “So are you coming or not?”

John blinked, “Yeah, just thinking. So what are you doing after combat training?”

“Mommy Willow is cooking tonight, so stuffing myself with cookies and relaxing.”

John chuckled, “Sounds like a plan.”


Dawn smiled as she watched Sam’s five year old daughter Meredith playing with Abigail. She was just happy that she had managed to talk Sam into having a child a few years ago. It gave her daughter another sister to play with, not that they didn’t have plenty of other siblings to play with. It had taken Giles a while but he had finally created an artificial womb that was compatible with magical children, so while they still used Glory’s eggs, often mixed with Willow’s or Tara’s DNA as a base, they could now produce more than one child at a time. She had a goal to see if they could fill the city up in a generation. She was just glad that one of the first things they had done after raising the city and hooking up the power was to get the city’s holographic teachers back online. “So what do you think?”

Sam smiled, “I’m just glad that you can take care of her most of the time.”

Dawn shook her head, “It’s no problem, Abigail wouldn’t know what to do with herself if Meredith wasn’t around to play with.”

Sam chuckled, “Yeah, well that’s because Daniel’s rug rat is too interested in his book.”

“Don’t forget that Jack’s is a couple years younger so she’s still with the little munchkins at day care.”

Sam nodded, she had just been happy to be able to convince Jack that maybe it was time to give having a child another try. It had only taken her two years of asking for him to agree. What no one outside of the Iron Core division knew was that Jack’s child was actually both hers and his; their DNA had been combined with the typical Glory/Willow base to form their child. It might not be a child that she carried to term but she loved her all the same.


The End

You have reached the end of "A bet on the hellmouth ends in suffering.". This story is complete.

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